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Dedman Walkin
Dec 20, 2006

Some musical compliment -]My Rolls of Where it goes through, What it Runs On, and the Grand Prize

The Train to Hell is always on time. Damnation is always efficient. And it's not like anyone's crazy or fool enough to hitch a ride or hold it up, right? No, especially not as it's crossing over from Texas to Dis, as it shifts from our realm to the Burnt-Over Lands. No one is brave, crazy, or desperate enough to hitch a ride on The Devil's Own Train, right?


I don't know how they did it - perhaps a daring leap off an overpass, perhaps cunning lasso work, perhaps an inside job (there is a demon amongst them), but three figures are currently catching their breath on the caboose. Always close yet far in the distance, thunder rumbles and the occasional sharp snap of lightning hits - the end result of the train burning it's fuel of petrified human hearts.

Three souls at the end of the train line. Before them, who knows how many cars full of all manner of nightmare and strangeness. And at the far end, just before the infernal engine, the train car with their ultimate reward:

Six fresh (some would say still bloody) wings ripped from the backs of angels. Absurdly rare, incredibly illegal. Oh the things they can be used for (or be sold for)!

So, our three desperados. One long train a'running.


Welcome to the Soul Train. Time to hold it up.

Our Desperados:
Sing Along and Paradine, the Redeemed Fury
Dog Kisser and Bariolage the Fiddler
Antivehicular and Niemand the Sawbones

Go ahead and post your charsheets. Remember your scores of Lover and Sinner both start at 3. Also feel free to answer some of my questions:

* How did you three meet OR who thunk up the plan to rob the train?
* How the hell did you get on the drat train?
* What's the one ...strange thing about the caboose that's just nagging at you?


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