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Jul 8, 2010
I wasn't thrilled to see the Mavs trade Seth Curry but I got the rationale, any offense with Luka will probably be pretty good, decent-to-good shooters will probably overachieve if they're wide open all the time, and the defense was a huge problem. But then J-Rich had his worst outside shooting season and was probably #3 on the defensive pecking order by the end of the season. It wasn't a deal I'd have pulled the trigger on but I was cautiously optimistic it could work early on. No way to defend it at this point, though. And even putting aside Curry and J-Rich's relative overall merits, it really illustrates the need to have roles for your role players, instead of just cycling through 6'5" guys and hoping good basketball will happen

I know it's easier said than done and everyone wants players like this, but you want to surround Luka with shooters and rim runners and bigs that do Lopez/Adams poo poo, that kinda thing. Very specific jobs around your star. Would Delon Wright do any of that? J-Rich? Trey Burke (they gave Trey Burke a three year deal btw lol)? The Mavs just kinda acquire dudes, whoever's still standing around after the rest of the league's picked

MourningView posted:

Having another option for creation would be great but the other option has to be actually good. They're not taking the ball out of Luka's hands in crunch time to run pick and rolls with Josh Richardson

I mean I get what Lockback's saying, a big part of the Clips G6 and G7 win was owed to trapping Luka and daring the rest of the Mavs to quickly and successfully execute the 4-on-3 and they almost never did. A handful of times it resulted in a KP dunk or something but mostly whoever got the ball would stand there confused and then either throw it out of bounds or wait for Luka to get free and reset the offense. It is a point of concern. And obviously it's a glaring need for the bench--I like Brunson a lot but he isn't a playmaker really IMO, he's more a small bucket-getter, a spiritual successor to Barea.

But you're right as well, and I'm always kinda amazed how many Mavs fans I hear out in the internet wilds that think there'd be some innate spiritual benefit to parking Luka in the corner 15 times a game to watch shittier players run bad offense

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Jul 8, 2010
I always liked both Harris and Howard but they were also more than 15 years ago at this point. Since then, 1st round only:

2005: No pick, traded for the rights to Pavel Podkolzine
2006: Maurice Ager
2007: No pick, traded as part of a package for Erick Dampier and scraps
2008: No pick, Jason Kidd trade
2009: Rodrigue Beaubois

2010: Dominique Jones
2011: Traded the pick (Jordan Hamilton) for Rudy Fernandez, who never played for the Mavs and was traded in December for a 2nd round pick
2012: Jared Cunningham
2013: Shane Larkin
2014: No pick, Lamar Odom trade

2015: Justin Anderson
2016: No pick, Rajon Rondo trade
2017: Dennis Smith Jr
2019: No pick, Luka Doncic trade
2020: Josh Green

Jul 8, 2010

Lockback posted:

A bunch of those picks were late 20s where you probably aren't getting much but that's still really really bad.

It'd be wishful thinking to hope that your Pick 25s will regularly be rotation guys, let alone starters and all-stars, but you can't just be drafting new DNP-CDs every single year forever, occasionally interrupted by a trade for a vet that doesn't want to play for you

Jul 8, 2010
The Dallas Mavericks are loving morons

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