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Megaman's Jockstrap
Jul 16, 2000

What a horrible thread to have a post.

Elevator Pitch
Lemnis Gate is a unique Strategy FPS about playing the same 25 seconds of a match multiple times with different characters, reacting to future possibilities and dealing with past problems. It's extremely original and uses looping mechanics from games like Super Time Force to create a very unique experience in the FPS space. I'm gonna be honest with you: this is not a mass-market game, but if you're in the target audience it's gonna hit REAL hard and you are going to love it.

Lemnis Gate is $19.99 on Steam and in the Xbox and Playstation stores. It's also free on Xbox Game Pass. It releases on August 3rd September 28 2021. It's got 20% off for the pre-sale, so it's around 16 bucks. Not exactly a huge buy-in to try this concept.

Game Overview

I'm not going to bore you: the story context for this game is forgettable dross and doesn't matter. You're here for the gameplay and my friend, you are in for a treat.

It's hard to explain so just watch this extremely good summary by a strategy YT'er who loved the game.

You can also get a couple of mainstream journos talking about it here (spoiler: they had a blast):

You play as hero characters every round in Lemnis Gate. You can't ever pick the same character twice in a match, and each one has a different primary weapon and different tactical ability. You will not be able to play as all these characters in a game so choosing which characters to use on which turns can make a big difference.

  • Kapitan: Generic marine character with an automatic rifle (with large clip) and a Frag Grenade. A good all around character but not great at any particular tactics.
  • Rush: Speedster. Very fast run speed, has the ability to dash forward quickly. Twin SMGs do good burst damage but have a costly and frequent reload. Great for getting somewhere quickly and either grabbing an objective or eliminating an enemy character.
  • Karl: Helpful support robot guy. Primary is a laser gun with low DPS but it's hitscan, continuous, and pin-point accurate. Secondary puts out a shield. The shield either lies on the ground creates a dome that absorbs damage or you can attach it to a character and it doubles their health. This can save a character from death and cause all kinds of problems for your opponent.
  • Deathblow: AOE and fragger. Has a rocket launcher that shoots slow but has good splash and does great damage. Has a proximity mine secondary that is great for area denial or killing clumped up enemies.
  • Vendetta: Engineer. Can place Turrets. They don't hit as hard as in TF2 but they do steady damage over a decent distance and Vendetta can drop a lot of them (although it takes a bit and remember, only 25 seconds!). Shotgun is pretty good but has massive falloff, so don't expect to do a whole lot beyond 12 feet or so.
  • Toxin: Area control. Has a goo gun that puts toxic crap on the ground that hurts anyone that walks through it, except Toxin. Secondary is a teleportation grenade, so Toxin can show up places they shouldn't very quickly and deny a lot of the map to the opponent.
  • Striker: Sniper. 2 shot sniper rifle with aiming laser and insta-kill headshots with a decent reload. Secondary ability slows down time so you can make those sick 360 no-scopes. Usually Striker shows up on the final 2 turns of the game and ices particularly problematic enemy characters, so remember to use cover when moving around when possible! It might save you on a future turn.

Other Stuff

This is a smaller game without a lot of presence so I'll maybe put some beginner guides or whatever in here later.

I'll see you at the 'Gate.

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Nov 10, 2012

So this is an FPS where you and your opponent take turns editing the same replay by adding new characters to gently caress up each other's sick frag videos. Don't think it's my kind of thing, but it's a very cool concept.

Megaman's Jockstrap
Jul 16, 2000

What a horrible thread to have a post.

That's certainly one way it can go, but intermediate players tend to do stuff that doesn't "make sense" on their turn, like suddenly turning around and firing at nothing, or continuing to shoot players they killed, or running over to objectives that don't exist anymore.

Then in later turns, if things change these "random" moments can sometimes have big consequences. They could end up shooting an enemy that has a shield on them, and those extra shots still down them. Or the enemy team could have killed one of their fraggers, but those random bullets still get the job done. That kind of thing. A big part of the game is thinking about not just reacting to your opponent, but making the most out of each turn so that as things get hectic and the causality of early rounds starts breaking down, you still have guys on the field who will run routes that can possibly get the job done.

Playing purely reactive is not a terrible idea but it is a strategy with some weaknesses, just like any other. You really can seize the initiative, make big plays, and swing momentum. I forgot to mention but this is on Xbox Gamepass so it's free if you've got that.

Redeye Flight
Mar 26, 2010

God, I'm so tired. What the hell did I post last night?

I'm game for something new and spicy. Once I get paid I'll give this a look-see!

Megaman's Jockstrap
Jul 16, 2000

What a horrible thread to have a post.

There have been a couple of dev streams on the official channel and they've revealed that if you're playing on console, there's local multiplayer and you can hot-swap the controller between rounds. One of the few local multiplayer games that allows one controller, so that's nice.

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