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Aug 12, 2011

I am Centurion Titus Polonius. And the only trouble I've had is that nobody seem to realize that I'm their superior officer.

Mycroft Holmes posted:

Hello! I'd like to run a PbP here using GURPs where you or your character find themselves somewhere in Middle Earth. I am not a Tolkein expert, so bear with me as I use wikis. I can provide all required PDFs, just PM me. All characters are 150 points base, max 25 disadvantage, 5 quirks. If you need help making a character, PM me. All characters must be NORMAL! This means no super soldiers, no wizards, just normal human beings. I'd like 5 players before we start. It should go without saying that your characters will have no knowledge of LOTR. Post your character sheets here, please.

I am definitely interested in this! I do have a quick setting question, more to do with the modern world the characters come from: Is it essentially just like our world but without LotR? Or are there bigger differences?


Aug 12, 2011

I am Centurion Titus Polonius. And the only trouble I've had is that nobody seem to realize that I'm their superior officer.

A few character creation questions: Would the characters be considered at a higher TLs than Middle Earth? Should we take the High TL advantage, or will it nor be important? And should we take equipment? I'm not terribly familiar with the isekai genre, would just what the characters have in their pockets on on their person be with them?

Aug 12, 2011

I am Centurion Titus Polonius. And the only trouble I've had is that nobody seem to realize that I'm their superior officer.

Here's my dude:

Caleb Graham is a grad student in the History Department at his local university, and in his off time does HEMA and has started to dabble in reenacting. He just got done with what he considers the most fun class to teach: showing up with Anglo-Saxon huscarl's armor. His enthusiasm for his subject, while sometimes a bit much, and his willingness to drop everything to help students make him a popular instructor.

Caleb Graham, 150 Points
510, 155 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin

Attributes/Secondary Attributes [124]
ST  11 [10]      HP 11 
DX  12 [40]   Will 13
IQ  13 [60]      Per 13
HT  11 [10]     FP 11

Damage: 1d-1 Thrust, 1d+1 Swing
Basic Speed: 5.75
Basic Move: 5
Basic Lift: 24

Cultural Familiarity: 
Modern USA

English (Native/Native) [0]
Old English (Native/Native) [4]

Advantages [15]
Attractive [4]
High TL [0]
Language Talent [10]
Signature Gear [1]

Disadvantages [-27]
Honesty [-10]
Post-Combat Shakes (9 or less) [-7]
Selfless (9 or less) [-7]
Careful [-1]
Tends to forget that not everyone is as nerdy as he is [-1]
Likes to recite Old English poetry [-1]

Skills [38] 
Bow 11 DX-1/A [1]
Broadsword 13 DX+1/A [4]
Carousing 12 HT+1/E [2]
Cooking 12 IQ-1/A [1]
Diplomacy 13 IQ/H [4]
Fast-Talk 13 IQ/A [2]
First-Aid/TL8 13 IQ/E [1]
Hiking 11 HT/A [2]
History (Early Medieval England) 13 IQ/H [4]
Leadership 13 IQ/A [2]
Linguistics 12 IQ-1/H [2]
Poetry 12 IQ-1/A [1]
Public Speaking 13 IQ/A [2]
Shield 13 DX+1/E [2]
Singing 12 HT+1/E [2]
Survival (Woodlands) 12 Per-1/A [1]
Swimming 11 HT/E [1]
Teaching 13 IQ/A [2]
Writing 13 IQ/A [2]

	Micro-flashlight (TL8)
	Swiss Army Knife (knife blade, corkscrew, etc)
Backpack, 16.5 lbs
	Water Bottle, 2.5 lbs
	Laptop, 5 lbs
	Books (Tolkien translation of Beowulf, Anthology of Old English poetry), 5 lbs
	Notebook, 1 lb
	X2 Energy bars, 0.5 lbs
	Small first aid kit, 1 lb

Signature Gear: 
Duffle Bag, 
	Anglo-Saxon tunic, pants, and shoes, 6 lbs
	Mail Hauberk (DR 10* on Torso, Shoulders, Upper Arms, Elbows, Thighs, Knees), 31.5 lbs
	Helmet with Aventail (DR 10 on Skull, Nose, Cheeks, Ears, DR 10* on Neck, 5 lbs
	(Armor stats taken from Loadouts: Low Tech Armor, and modified according to the rule on page 65 of High Tech)

Thrusting Broadsword (1d+3 cut or 1d+2 imp, Reach 1, Parry 0, ST 10) (TL8 reproduction statted as Fine-quality in line with the rule on page 274 of Basic Set: Characters) 3 lbs

Kite Shield (DB 3, DR 4, HP 21, Cover DR 9), 18 lbs  
I was worried that this character might seem too metagamey, but I do know people like this IRL. But let me know if I ought to change anything.

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