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Oct 27, 2008

Ba-dam ba-DUMMMMMM

Edit: I completely missed that SMEGA_MAIL had made their own podcast thread while I was working on this one. Mods, feel free to close and gas this one if you want- I'll post my content in their thread instead.

Hello! If youíre reading this, it means that you have a boring office job, a dog to walk, a long drive, open-heart surgery to perform, or maybe just want to drop some cool little factoid at the next party youíre at. If thatís you, then podcasts are your friend! Hereís a list of GIP favorites organized by category and with links to the Apple and Spotify links (as applicable.) If you have any suggestions, :justpost:

I thought about going by category, but thereís considerable overlap between some on the topic they cover, and where they differ is usually the background of the host and the perspective that theyíre coming from. So hereís a bunch of poo poo that I listen to, and things that other goons have recommended as well. If you like a podcast, consider supporting them by subscribing to their Patreons or kicking them a few bucks. Iím deliberately leaving off podcasts that everyone knows like Democracy Now, This American Life, Left, Right or Center, 99% Invisible, etc. but feel free to discuss them here as well.

Updated Regularly
Lions Led by Donkeys: Apple Podcasts, Spotify An irreverent military history podcast led by Joe Kassabian. Mixed with equal parts shittalking humor, good research skills and great writing, Kassabian retells some of the biggest military blunders in a fun and compelling way.
What a Hell of a Way to Die: Apple Podcasts, Spotify Two disgruntled Army vets talk about current events from the perspective of their service in a way that wouldnít be out of place in our monthly CE thread.
Popular Front: Apple Podcasts, Spotify Hosted by Jake Hanrahan, Popular Front looks different elements of modern conflict/war and brings on guests who are knowledgeable about the topic at hand.
QAnon Anonymous: Apple Podcasts, Spotify Blending humor with excellent research skills and occasionally on the ground journalism, QAnon Anonymous has covered the whole QAnon bullshit since its inception. Now that Q hasnít posted in months, the show has increasingly focused on following up on key players and the batshit insane directions this already batshit insane ďmovementĒ has taken.
Behind the Bastards: Apple Podcasts, Spotify Hosted by potentially soon-to-be-former goon and current Special Activities Division operator (according to CSPAM I guess) Robert Evans, this show tells the story of some of the worst people in history, ranging from mere war criminals to modern tech bros.
The Dirtbag Diaries: Apple Podcasts, Spotify Combining rich storytelling with a wonderful subject matter, the Dirtbag Diaries tells its listeners and contributorsí stories of outdoor adventures and mishaps in a fun and engaging way. You donít have to be a backpacker, mountain biker, rafter or climber to appreciate this show, but it certainly helps.
Reply All Apple Podcasts, Spotify A podcast that mostly deals about the intersection of technology and society, often in very funny ways. Recently underwent a major :hooboy: moment of its own but is now back to updating pretty regularly. The older material is still well worth listening to.
Bikes or Death: Apple Podcasts, Spotify I hesitated to post this one given its somewhat niche subject matter, but if youíre into bikepacking or bike touring, this is a great podcast that not only has a lot of good information in it, but also features some of the biggest names in the sport right now talking with the host as if theyíre old friends, and in many cases they are.
Backpacker Radio: Apple Podcasts, Spotify A podcast all about backpacking and outdoor adventures. The hosts are decent, but the guest stars are where it really shines.
Worst Year Ever: Apple Podcasts, Spotify Join host Robert Evans as he lends his years of experience as a grizzled SAD operator to his incredulous succdem lib cohosts as they dissect current events. This one can be hit or miss and frankly is more dependent on the quality of the guest than the interplay between the hosts, but more often than not, there are great perspectives and insider information offered here.
Well Thereís Your Problem: Apple Podcasts, Spotify A leftist podcast about engineering disasters. Admittedly this one hasnít grabbed me as quickly as its high reviews suggest that it would, but the hosts seem to really know their poo poo.

Updated Periodically
Dan Carlinís Hardcore History: Apple Podcasts, Spotify Recently described as not a podcast but an audiobook updated quarterly, Hardcore History tells the stories of historyís most cataclysmic events in a long, gripping and captivating way. Archival material goes back to 2013 and itís definitely worth the listen if you have an interest in history.
Q Clearance: Apple Podcasts, Spotify Hosted by Popular Frontís Jake Hanrahan, this show could be seen as the Cliffs Notes to QAnon Anonymous by looking at critical moments in the Q Anon saga. The first season examines the origin of Q Anon, the second season (ongoing as of late June 2021) looks at how diehard Q believers have been acting since the January 6 CHUD attack on the Capitol.
Spooked Apple Podcasts, Spotify sSpoOooOokY stories about g-g-g-g-ghosts! Probably the best scary stories podcast out there, with listener submitted tails and excellent production values. Apparently thereís more content available if you pay for it via the Luminosity app, but whatís freely available is a lot of fun.
Bundyville Apple Podcasts, Spotify A (to date) two-season podcast about the Bundy family and their intersections with/motivation of the far right in the US. Really good, albeit somewhat terrifying, listening.
Scene on Radio: Apple Podcasts, Spotify This is a long-form podcast that examines a different topic in each of its four seasons (to date), including whiteness, masculinity and the entire concept of American democracy. This is thought-provoking and at times difficult to listen to, but itís good stuff.

So there you have it. Please feel free to contribute with your own recommendations and reviews- I'll save the next post in this thread for the next batch of recommendations. Happy listening!

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