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Mycroft Holmes
Mar 26, 2010

:wotwot: To the Moon! For Queen and Country!

It is October of 1958 and NASA has just been created. You are to be its administrator, guiding this new agency to peacefully explore space for all mankind. The Soviets are ahead of you, having launched Sputnik in 1957. It is your job to ensure US domination of the Space Race and a technological lead over the Soviets. Your current goals are to launch a series of satellites, the Explorer series, into orbit to determine facts about space and earth orbit ahead of manned launches. Your other goal is to put a man into orbit before the Soviets.

Dr. T. Keith Glennan:
Serving throughout WWII as a leader of various scientific establishments, then as the head of an engineering school, Glennan was Eisenhower's choice.
-Trained engineer (+5 to Engineering rolls)
-Friends with the president. (+5 PP per turn)

Resources: 200
PP: 30
Free dice: 2

Infrastructure: Launch pads, research facilities, ground control. All the bits that don't actually go up with the rocket. 4 dice

Goddard Space Center: You need a place to perform vital functions of the space program such as technology development and fabrication, planning, scientific research, technical operations, and project management. Build a facility. (20 resources per die, 0/150, provides 1 more free die)

Manned Spaceflight Network: You need communications and telemetry for any flight into space. Build a network of ground stations to communicate with spacecraft. (10 resources per die, 0/100)

Astronaut training center: You need a place to train astronauts. Set one up. (15 resources per die, 0/150)

Heavy Engineering: Tanks, structure, nozzles. Basically this is where all the heavy structural elements come from. 3 dice

Atlas man-rating: The Atlas missile is the only thing that can get a man into orbit. However, it is not reliable. Perform the necessary R&D to man-rate the missile. (40 resources per die, 0/300)

Satellite launcher: The Juno I is a piece of crap. Design a more reliable rocket to launch satellites. (30 resources per die, 0/250)

Saturn: Design a bigger rocket for major space launches. (40 resources per die, 0/500)

Light and Chemical Engineering: Computers, sensors, rocket fuel. 3 dice

Mercury capsule: You have to build and design a man-rated capsule for spaceflight. It needs to hold one person and enough food, water, and oxygen for one day. (20 resources per die, 0/150)

New fuels: Experiment with new, more efficient fuels for spaceflight. (5 resources per die, 0/50)

Quality assurance: Rockets are complicated. Establish quality control for rockets to ensure reliability. (5 resources per die, 0/50)

Computing: What it says on the tin. Rocket goes up, this helps you model how and where it comes down. 2 dice

UNIVAC II: You need major computing power for designing rockets and calculating trajectories. Get some. (10 resources per die, 0/150)

Early orbital transponders: You need better satellites. Spend some time building advanced transistors. (10 resources per die, 0/80)

Human computers: You need math checkers for your computers. Hire some. (5 resources per die, 0/50)

Launch: This is where your players prepare launches and send them off. Launches are resource intensive, but offer political and economic rewards. 2 dice

Launch Explorer 6: Launch the first NASA satellite (20 resources per die, 0/100)

Test launch an Atlas: Launch an Atlas to test it. (20 resources per die, 0/100, +25 bonus to man rating)

Bureaucracy: This is where you can deal with the rest of the government. 1 dice

Assimilate other space projects: There exist other space projects and laboratories that can be transferred to NASA control. Get the Army to give them to you. (-10 PP, DC 30, 1 more launch die)

Budget increase: You’re only getting $100 million this year. Ensure you get more next year through a propaganda campaign. (-10 PP, DC 30, 100 more resources next turn)

Open NASA to black staff: A number of intelligent people happen to be black. Open NASA to them. (-20 PP, DC 50, 50 more resources)


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