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Pvt. Public
Sep 9, 2004

I am become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds.

Frozen Peach posted:

Hellhounds worried me when James first pitched the retheme idea, because when I think of hellhounds it's usually a bit more dark/edgy. Other interesting theme ideas were an intergalactic petshop, which now I'm very glad we didn't go with because Alien Petshop launched on KS the week before we did.

I absolutely love the Hades/Hellhounds theme now, especially once he linked the artists he had in mind.

This exact discussion happens when it comes to talking about games for the shop to carry. There's always a question of "is this too much/will it discourage families from being customers/will the theme be palatable to most of our customers". This is doubly important post-COVID since a lot of new people have become customers and ensuring the customer base doesn't retreat due to the "atmosphere" of the store.

In your specific instance, I can say that the art style does the heavy lifting when it comes to selling people on the theme and setting. The concept of the game, too, also helps but the art really erases any concerns most people would have about the game's theme and setting, otherwise.

I'm not a fan of Tom at all, and I think your criticism of leaving the question dangling is quite valid. However, I will say that the industry does have a track record of letting games get put out that are poo poo games that just have great art/minis and not much else to them (or are just clones of other games) so I don't entirely fault him for not assuming the game was given love of mechanics and playtesting that the art was given, but he of all people should know that those kinds of clone-y "only sells on the art/minis" do tend to come from a small handful of established publishers and not many KS-funded games. The KS-funded games that are true duds never deliver, I've found. The ones that tend to just be bad games are the ones that never have review videos to put into their campaign (which can show a lack of planning and execution) or are really just art projects that a game was glued onto to sell more units. Those tend to stand out pretty glaringly as they generally also fail to provide much information about the gameplay itself, as well. In the end, I doubt it'll do any damage to the campaign, since the thing he could have done that would have done damage is to actually call it bad.

I will say, of all the times we've played it, the vast majority have been 3-5 players. I believe we played 6 once, but I don't recall it being a diminished experience in any way. I'm super happy to see the game make it!

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