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Duck and Cover
Apr 6, 2007

Come talk about all the annoying bad interfaces you've come across.

Star Renegade

Click and move? Sure that's fine. You have to click on the little blue things by entrances/exists to move to the next area. Want to move to an area two bridges over? Two clicks. It adds up. It's picky about where you click for objectives too. The menus feel somewhat alien to navigate. Oh you want information that enemy? Sure thing hold z and click, hold x afterwards gets you more information that could easily fit on the previous page. Keep holding z or it'll kick you out of the mode. Now alternatively you could accidently trigger the mode by using the wheel button (laptop) which to get out of you have to use the wheel button again. Escape/delete doesn't work.

Also this poo poo which is every time you boot up the game.

Why yes I do think I should be able to press escape.

They did manage to do one thing right. Save and quite to desktop which I've seen absent before.

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Lawman 0
Aug 17, 2010

Is it cheating to say dwarf fortress? :v:

Duck and Cover
Apr 6, 2007

Lawman 0 posted:

Is it cheating to say dwarf fortress? :v:

Yes, same to all of the ASCII games.

edit: Well it's fine as long as it's exceptionally bad for what it is.

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Gaius Marius
Oct 9, 2012

I love Shin Megami Tensei the series and the titular game. I've gone to bat for it many times on these here forums. What I cannot support is it's map.

SMTI is a first person dungeon crawler, most of the difficulty comes from having to explore around the dungeons. The fights and bosses are mostly easy as hell. Now this wouldn't be a problem except two things. One you have to cast a spell to get a minimap, a spell you don't always have access to. Two it takes two menus deep to get into the map. Three, this is the big one, the goddamn map rotates with your character position. So if you face north everything is as it should be, but turn west, poo poo now everything is hosed up. On a goddamn grid why you would do this is beyond me.

This is two floors of a dungeon, there are 14 floors in total. Now imagine trying to navigate 14 floors of that bullshit with a bullshit map constantly spinning around.

Feb 6, 2015

Imagine I posted Shadow Empire's aircraft design screens here. You have no idea how far your plane will go until you have made every drat selection. Then you get to go back to the start and guess what is limiting your plane's range. Do you straight up need a bigger engine? Is your fuel tank too small for the engine you do have? Or maybe your wings are fouling things up by being too big/small. No I don't plan on putting a cargo hold on this fighter, or an anything that isn't a drat cargo plane.


Mar 22, 2003

Amused? I think not.

I always felt the UI for Star Wars: Rebellion was in violation of the Geneva Convention. It just sucked the fun out of an excellent game.

I realize it came out in '98, but so did Starcraft, Half-life, Baldur's Gate, and others.

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