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Old Crows
Aug 15, 2011

You can run, but you'll just die tired...

I'll de-Goon the thread from the start. "Since he's white, tell him to start dilating his prison pocket."


My son (24) seriously hosed up and has probablyruined his life. Completely stupid and senseless act and the typical "if he had just stopped and thought about this for a moment." This was something him and his best friend had done to each other. No anger. No hostility. No crime was being committed like a robbery or anything. No intention of hurting anyone. Just stupid.

Him and his best friend would sometimes point a gun at each other loving around like "bitch go make me a sandwich or grab me a drat beer".

This was not a regular thing, far from it, but from what I've learned from the police investigation, maybe a handful of times and as you've probably guessed, his best friend is dead as a result of his stupidity.

The detectives that interviewed everyone charged him with reckless conduct/involuntary manslaughter but the DA upgraded the charges to aggravated assault/murder. He is looking at 30 years no chance for parole with the upgraded charges. He hasn't gone to trial yet so there may be a plea deal offered but I'm not sure as this really is a cut and dry case. He called 911, he rendered aid, he explained exactly what happened so there is no "investigation of evidence" for a trial. Even if charges are reduced, he'll still do time and as tough as it is for me to type this, he should. There is a price to pay for that level of stupid. There is so much more but that's the abbreviated background.

Tell me what it's like in prison. What advice would you give to someone just entering the system?


Nov 5, 2009

Ask Why, Asshole

I cannot imagine what it is like to be in his or your shoes, I'm so sorry.

The prison experience is going to vary, protentially drastically, depending on the prison. What state did this happen?

Feb 20, 2013


gently caress, I am so sorry.

A few years ago someone did a thread on this, here, that had what seemed like good info.

Old Crows
Aug 15, 2011

You can run, but you'll just die tired...

Thanks for the condolences and the link. My search skills suck.

It is definitely difficult and makes you appreciate "one day at a time" as we wait for trial, opportunity for a plea bargain, something. It's the helplessness of legal limbo and not knowing if, but when, the axe will fall.

It happened in Georgia.

Old Crows fucked around with this message at 21:46 on Jul 26, 2021

Apr 3, 2021

Old Crows posted:

Tell me what it's like in prison. What advice would you give to someone just entering the system?

May 16, 2009

Old Crows posted:

Even if charges are reduced, he'll still do time and as tough as it is for me to type this, he should.

no he shouldnt. he hasn't gone to trial yet? what is his attorney saying?

Mar 27, 2004

Has he been vaccinated yet? Covid is all over the prison system, it would be a good idea to get that taken care of while (if?) he has the chance.

Apr 5, 2004

rock out with your stock out

I have a buddy who is in prison for attempted murder (he swears up and down hes innocent), and while its miserable and awful, he seems to be making the best of it. Hes always had a super positive mindset and active brain, and it seems like a lot of it is (obviously) the mindset you have and maintain. Hes going on 4 years of 15ish.

The good:
-hes always been a musician, and hes worked his way into the music room, and is even in charge of some of the equipment. Hes in several jam groups, is able to study theory, send me compositions etc.

-lots of time to read. This is kind of a no-brainer, but my buddy is contemplating switching careers because of all the reading hes been doing into certain fields.

- Dude is jacked now.


- he is a mega-racist all of a sudden, and apparently its impossible to stay impartial in prison. He was a garden variety liberal before, and now is inching towards white power bullshit.

- lackluster medical care. The poor diet aggravated several conditions, which were treated too late and have long lasting implications. Hell probably always have some facial droop due to nerve damage from a lovely surgery. He also got COVID.

- no desire to rejoin society. Not really a con, but hes just really checked out of returning to normal life experiences, at least at this point.


Aug 2, 2008

I went to prison in 2006. I was in for growing/selling weed. It was in Ohio and every U.S. State has it's own prison system. YMWV slightly.

*If* he is convicted of those charges as is, being aggravated and with a gun.... he is truly hosed and very likely will go to the prison system population (Maximum Security) that is one notch down from the absolute worst (SuperMAX or Administrative Security).

I was in Medium Security. It's basically a human warehouse for mid and low level criminals and for those that have served long-term time and have a very good, and long, prison behavior history. In a medium security prison, just imagine the typical/average H.S. bully. Now, 1/2 of the prison population is that kind of person, pretty much. They will do bully-like BS 24/7 as long as they can get away with it. They know if they are caught violating rules too many times, they will get reclassified to a higher security risk/class and will be transferred to a prison that's much worse than their current situation. The fear/thought of this reclassification is what keeps most of the massive massive massive Medium Security prison population under control. There are a few though that give zero fucks about reclassification. They are kind of rare though. The other 1/2 are honestly trying to stay under the radar and GTFO ASAP by any logical and reasonable means. Weapons (think shanks) are very very rare in this population. Fights are seen almost daily. You could go many months or years without getting into a fight. Prison rape in this population is basically zero. Any rear end involved is given.

In a MAX security prison, many of those bullies now have no limits. For those folks, there is no punishment. Their normal situation is their worst situation. For them, anything loving goes. *If* your son is convicted of those trumped up charges as is, this is where he is going. This is loving gladiator school. He will fight. It is common and it is unavoidable. He will see fights several times a day. He can go weeks/months till he is involved in a fight. He will become a racist and I'm, not talking about this CRT bullshit. He will pass along drugs and maybe even do them too. He will stand watch (looking out for COs on patrol) for others very often. It is VERY RARE but he might be called on to give up that rear end too. I do stress that it's rare, not as hyped as it is on TV. Still, most rear end there is given, not taken. It certainly gets taken (thinking two or three times week, out of a population of 2000+) though.

Nearly any cheap Attorney is better than a Public Defender. Do not use a Public Defender. Money talks and bullshit walks. Well, "bullshit" does more time, in this scenario. That's more accurate. Attorneys that are part of Groups or Firms will get you more for your money but it's still all about money. Your budget has a good bit to do with how your son gets convicted. Your State and County politics has a lot to do with how he is charged and how hard they fight for those charges.

This is too late to say this but I'll say it anyhow ; Talking to the cops is the absolute worst thing he (or any suspect) can do. No matter if you are innocent or caught red-handed guilty. There is nothing the cops can do to help him out of trouble... nothing. They can help him into more trouble though. When there is interaction, there are one of two outcomes. The suspect's situation remains unchanged or gets more complicated. Just remain respectful to them and only talk to the Attorney. Talking to other inmates is just as bad as talking to LEOs.

Tell him to get loving hard... really. Think pushups, pullups, burpees and boxing. Get stamina up and punch power. If he goes in "soft", he's hosed... in more ways than one. I could do 100 perfect military pushups without stopping, pausing or breaking form. I was able to max out the U.S. Army PT Test for Pushups and Sit-ups. Unfortunately, I was poo poo at running. (By the way, I was in the Army many years ago. Totally not related to my prison situation though. So, I know all of this firsthand. Not from watching TV shows/movies... and TV gets it mostly wrong.) He needs to be able to hit like a freight train. No matter what, there are always bigger fish in the pond but going in as fish food is the worst you can do.

Try to get his medical sorted out and fully documented. If he has any medical issues, it should be well documented in his medical history. Jail/Prison Doctors themselves are okay but they are under the massive thumb of a profitable institution. Medical history will go a long way to help with him getting proper care. Well, kind of. I still shouldn't call it "proper care" though. Medical care in prison is poo poo. Prisons are there for profit. But it's hard for a prison bean-counter or even maybe the prison Dr. to say that a reputable family physician is full of poo poo and prove it. This is one of the few tiny subjects an inmate could sue a prison over.
An example ; I have pretty bad IBS. I wouldn't say severe but it is life-altering for me, if left untreated. I need meds several times a day, every day. It took about two months till my medical history was finally fully reviewed by the prison medical staff. They ignored my pleas till that paperwork came in. Then and only then did I get some of the care I needed to have.

Try to get his court costs and any other fines/restitution paid off. In most States, an inmate cannot have money on his/her account if they owe any money. Without money on that inmate account, he cannot get commissary. The ability to buy commissary goes a very long way. It's a world of difference living without commissary or living with it. If the prison system still accepts/uses a care package program, put it to maximum use. It's a ripoff in some States but it is the corrupt world we live in. Sometimes, the inmate can keep his items he has in jail when he gets transferred into prison. In my State, it was the only way to get street shoes in prison. You had to transfer into prison, from a jail that allowed its inmates to keep/wear street shoes. Most often, the prison would allow the shoes if they fit within a few guide lines. Sometimes, you are allowed to send an inmate envelopes, when you write to him. Find this out and be very careful about following the details the jail/prison has allowed. Should they be embossed or stamped, how many can you send inside of the mailed envelope you're sending to him, should they be fully addressed, can you get away with addressing his "lopes" with pencil and addressed very lightly, if they must be pre-addressed. Try to buy special envelopes that will allow you to mail him those lopes as standard full size lopes without folding them. Lopes are basically another form of money/trade for him. His commissary is a form of money/trade too. Sometimes, you can give him items during a visitation but this is becoming very rare now though.

Most COs are just as corrupt as the inmates. The jail and prison systems are a massive corrupt institution that has only one goal, make a profit. They take in humans, warehouse them and then get paid for it. The cheaper they can warehouse a human, and the more often they can take in humans, the more profit they will earn.

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