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Heavy Metal
Sep 1, 2014

America's $1 Funnyman

Saw Pig with the boys last night, hell of a film. Masterpiece. This is a movie that just really delights and surprises me, so good. Speaking of expectations and Wick etc, I was expecting something like a contemplative quirky drama, maybe a little like say Nebraska (2013) or something.

Based on the first trailer, the description of it as a drama, and people saying not to expect Wick etc. Like mentioned earlier in the thread, it's not John Wick, but it's not entirely in the other direction. But the Wick thing is just a fun side topic there. And I do love John Wick.

Long story short, it was different than I was expecting, and delightfully so. We do have heartfelt drama, but we also have a more I'd say genre film/entertainment value style vibe to it as well. Like a pulpy neo-noir-esque yarn, with a guy going around asking "Where is my pig?!". Which of course, is just awesome. And the quirky buddy stuff, the character study stuff, a bit like the DNA of fun indie movies like The Station Agent, Sideways, etc. The movie has a bit of everything, is different, while also hitting cool notes we know. And just a great vehicle for the ever great Nic Cage.

This is good stuff. In a totally out there comparison, I'll say for me this is the Dom Hemingway of the year. That being for me one of those surprisingly delightful movies with a mix of some of these kind of elements of comedy, drama, slick pulpy entertainment, and raw indie charm.

Also, what's the deal with the 7.0 on imdb, that's a tad low for a gem like this. But, Repo Man has a 6.9, maybe this is the sweet spot for cool unique films like this. Plus the aforementioned Dom is way too low too. Okay, making sense of numbers is above my pay grade.

Here's to more from this writer/director!

Heavy Metal fucked around with this message at 11:24 on Aug 21, 2021


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