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Morning Bell
Feb 23, 2006

Illegal Hen

I like newsletters, I used to like newsletters before they were cool & now they're cool & there's heaps of them.

Why Newsletters Are Cool

A newsletter is a blog you email to people! Emails are nice and intimate, it's like getting a letter from a friend who you don't know and have a weird parasocial relationship with, it's a one-person podcast in words, I get LiveJournal vibes from newsletters! I was on LiveJournal at 16 years old and it shaped my life. Will newsletters do the same for Zoomers? Unlikely, but watch the Zoomers carefully nonetheless.

Newsletter Platforms

You can use MailChimp you can use Substack, Substack is really popular, apparently it paid famous bloggers to migrate to their platform & now Hot Take Machines have Substacks to serve their spicy goods. All these services are essentially websites that will take care of the mass-email-everyone part of the newsletter, host it, maybe hosts comments even. You can even host your own newsletter mail-out-errer on your super slick private server, if you want! I honestly have no idea which of the newsletter platforms is better. Please somebody smart tell me their individual merits!? Why on earth is everyone on Substack?

Good Newsletters

For book reading people, Bookbear Express is tender & wise, it is in fact the best newsletter

Also for book reading people but more chaotic, Drei Cafe is a literature newsletter that started as an Australian lockdown blog. The author is me, it's mine, it's my newsletter, I talk about nicotine gum and Tolstoy and Philip K Dick.

I am a big fan of The Whippet, a "fun facts" newsletter, kind and witty and not cliche.

I do not like long newsletters or 'takes on modern phenomena' newsletters except for The Convivial Society, where a man well versed in Ivan Illich's works writes about technology and its effect on our lives, like how we lost the night sky (I swear he has original clever things to say).

I would love to hear if you run a newsletter or like a newsletter!!


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