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Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Music (Wildstar: Systemic Domination)


Game Thread

It is the 36th Century of the Galactic Coda(GC), or 3500 GC, marked by the period when beginning space travel and communication led to civilizations of Apracis' two arms becoming aware of one another.

You are a citizen of the Vular Imperium, named for the homeworld of the Drow. Based in the Relan Arm of the two armed spiral galaxy Apracis, the Imperium is a like-minded gathering of civilizations rapidly expanding and colonizing under the wisdom and patience of Archmagister Vicar Tulen. The Imperium unites many species into a greater whole that brings peace and prosperity, even in the face of unworthy foes such as the Plisean Alliance of the Pelan Arm. Although the Vular have brought many into their fold and uplifted them they are subject to constant tests by the expansion efforts of the Pliseans and their campaigns of sabotage, as well as widespread propaganda against races that "emerged from the darkness", mockery reserved for old cultural leanings towards being denizens of sub-surface societies, or an "Underdark." It is now a mark of pride that the Vular and their allies are the best prepared to thrive in the "darkness" of space.

(Untrustworthy conmen masquerading as scholars of Plisean origin would conclude that the Apracisian Galactic War was caused by several planetary landgrabs starting at the center of the galaxy and pressing into the Pelan Arm to subjugate civilizations that were formally recognized as neutral but traded freely with the Alliance. Although the Imperium has successfully ascended many pre-spacer civilizations and accelerated their development they have always done so only with vassals. Vular conquest is often cold, efficient and ruthless and resistance to it leads to almost ritualistic demonstrations of breaking the spirit of the native populace, followed by a period of punishment and appeasement by assimilation. Further resistance points to the culture ultimately vanishing under the notion of "fighting to the last.")

It is 3522 GC when a proposal is made by the a young cousin of the Archmagister: House Tulen will sponsor a colonization effort of another galaxy, an undertaking that will involve an undetermined amount of time in deep-space travel and suspended animation for the colonizers. Although FTL travel is possible it requires specific support: the Capital Ship used will be capable of the voyage but will have to travel some part of the journey the "old-fashioned way", reach the destination, colonize it and build a new link in the chain of supported FTL travel, creating a new source of expansion for the Imperium and making passage possible at an acceptable pace.

In truth this project was seen as a win-win by the powers that be: a potentially irritating future claim to leadership would excuse themselves for what would likely be most of a generation or longer and the Vular would begin their divine mandate to rule the stars. In the grand scale of the budding galactic empire a few Houses and 100,000 citizens departing wouldn't be noticed in the coming war effort: this accounted for maybe a single city's population on a core world. It is not without some unspoken cunning that Lyseithe of House Tulen presented her case. Separated from the Vular hierarchy by the infinite expanse of space this New Vular would be something that the minor Houses could make their own.

So it is that in November, 3526 GC that the Sominaia, or Dream Weaver in older tongues, would depart on a one-way jump (Scholars on both sides of the conflict would agree that the Apracisian Galactic War began a year later sometime in 3527 GC.) Starlight 1 Recruit and Game Threads


It is February 20th, 3598 GC. You have recently been awakened from a long sleep in suspended animation, dreaming pleasantly and knowing your place in the void of non-existence. The Priests and Technicians assured all that the technology was not only failproof but that the experience would be enlightening. Now you are conscious, you have needs. They are met by the Sominai, a state of the art capital ship, a space-faring city, with resources and facilities that make it fully self-sustainable for an active century and several times that with minimal support from planetary resources or with a majority of passengers asleep.

: A pleasant female voice chimes in across the whole of the ship, SomAI delivering messages for the day to all public space. Private spaces and bedrooms are not broadcast to but all PDAs and computers receive companion voice files. "Good morning, citizens. It has been twenty seven days since a spiral galaxy, Malinastra 64 or M64, was discovered. Astromancers of House Faertala have determined that the local solar system supports at least four garden worlds. Eligibility for land claim lots is still not under consideration and planetfall is forbidden without approval from House Tulen. Communications will remain internal until such point as our safety can be guaranteed. Thank you for your patience and please be prompt in your duties today." The familiar hologram winks from monitors in every hall. "And don't forget that House Oussghym is always looking for people who don't mind walking a few extra miles in their shoes! Apply to be a Parcelman" The hologram raises a playful wagging finger. "Or Parcelwoman today!"

It's true that everyone was awakened, planets have been discovered, habitation could begin immediately. However only a few elite squadrons have been permitted to depart the ship to land and scout, to even hunt and return with wildlife samples and discovery of new food and material sources after extensive biological safety protocol testing. The stories the best of House Gulgos tell still get them free drink rations at the bars, but even they have nothing to say about scouting and communications probes returning ample evidence that this galaxy has intelligent life, that one of the distant planets in the local system held a space-faring civilization. Although not all of the garden worlds are occupied most have at least one outpost or traveling station. Thus the debate rages among Sominaia's rulers: when to colonize, where to colonize, if to colonize. Once the ship lands and begins to commit its great factories it will almost entirely transform from city-sized ship to permanent city. It is not a step to be undertaken lightly. House Krodven seems to be perpetually running test drills.

The mood on Sominaia is good despite this. The thrill of discovery invigorates all, the hope of the future drives all and warms their hearts. You agreed to leave the Vular Imperium and Apracis itself for this opportunity. Whether you were deep in the machine of the Vular bureaucracy or an allied race drawn into it, yours was to seek a new beginning not mired in endless tradition and authority. Lyseithe of Tulen is young but has great counsel at her side, bolstered by Houses Gulgos, Krodven, Oussghym, Faertala, and Ariness, among others.

Whatever will come with the Sominaia all are confident it will succeed and ground will be broken on your new home soon...


You are a member of House Ariness, leaders of spiritual faith and scholars of the meta-physical and unknown. Although a small house all within Ariness are known for unique quality of character, insight and expertise, making them common companions and confidants in all of the other houses. Sometimes derisively called "servants to all" it is understood that a common band of reliability is shared by members of Ariness. They are led by a noble Drow family and accept all into their fold.

Aside from House Tulen itself the four Major Houses are Gulgos, Krodven, Oussghym and Faertala. Gulgos has the largest number of beastial peoples and excels at environmental recon and the handling of fauna, Krodven is the largest military organization on the Sominaia, Oussghym is responsible for matters of diplomacy, communication and even routine messenger work and Faertala dedicates itself to technological advances, maintenance of the Sominaia and support related to some magical works. House Tulen leads all Houses and provides support and half of the new Empress' retinue, the other half being drawn from every House.

Vular faith centers around four mysterious figures known as Thalotl, Osyth, Vaetin, Cethri, based on observations that have been made during rituals and long chronicled acts of true faith. These four as well as other worthy figures from loyalist races joining the Imperium are honored and their impact and presence can often be felt or understood by the faithful. Even the most dedicated atheist accepts the physical proof of the Ascended aboard the Sominaia, exceptional people who through some series of tests by the elites were chosen to undergo an unknown ritual and imbibe material gathered from "other realms."

Currently there are a handful of 3rd Generation Ascended in the four major Houses as well as Tulen itself and some surviving 2nd Generation. Surviving the ritual gives them powers beyond mortals and the 2nd Generation are said to defy the limitations of reality and physics as localized magical phenomenom. It's known that 2nd Generation accepted the most of the gift that any mortal can without a guaranteed fatality. 3rd Generation are their offspring or those who accept the new rituals with far better rates of survival. There may be several dozen 3rd Gens active at once, as many as 100+. There are three known surviving 2nd Gen aboard.

It is whispered that House Ariness will soon be worth of their first Ascension, marking a great gain in their House status. Surely you will be able to prove your worthiness, support your House and see your people prosper in the New Vular.


Current Stardate: February 20th, 3598 GC
Proposal of Sominaia Voyage: 3522 GC
Last Known Stardate: November, 3526 GC, one year before the Apracisian Galactic War in 3527 GC


Music (Warframe: We All Lift Together)

Howdy. I want to run a sci fi game in Strike! If you've ever played Rimworld then think of that: survival on a dangerous world. The game will start on your colony ship with some support, at least!

Players: I don't know yet. Depends on interest.
App Deadline: Saturday, July 7th, 8 AM EST.
System: Strike! Quick Rule References give you an idea of what it's like, basically a general-use system with D&D 4e-lite tactical combat at times. I will be learning this system along with you and there's back and forth between player and GM. I'm also open to changing my mind on a lot of things, the only set in stone things are some plot elements on my end.
Setting Expectations: I want a setting with some lethality and consequences. I don't believe players should be punished or always having a real hard time but you shouldn't always feel heroically invincible. Getting shot at by the smallest, most pathetic humanoid you've ever met still features the risk of a bullet taking out an eye. Mistakes or terrible fortune in dire situations can lead to serious injury and loss of equipment. Think of it like Rimworld: not every loss is a failure of the player but a tragic story. And the story will usually continue after a setback.
Format: Thread-based Play by Post with a Discord. Sometimes I like to do a conversation or even a combat in real time and add it to the thread later, though that can be asynchronous too.
Rule Variants: Subsystems Chasing and Tactical Combat.

-Skill Learning Aptitudes: Need multiple 6s to spontaneously learn a Skill. Players have Physical, Mental and Social Skills. You can learn each at the rate of 2 successes per learned Skill(or 2:2:2) or favor one while dumping another(or 3:2:1.) It requires some dedication to pick up a new talent. Going with the default Skill Learning after all.

-Extra Skill Tiers: Heroic(GM discretion) and No Skill. No Skill is reserved for very complicated things no novice could attempt, like a computer-illiterate trying to hack something with keyboard alone.

-Hindering: Like Reverse Helping. Somebody opposes you but not as overtly as they could. If they out-roll you then -1 to your d6 Result

-Grittier Injuries: Location based damage. This will be played by ear but come up if relevant. Stepping on a land mine will lead to damage and trouble with legs, for example.

-Positive Conditions: In general. Proper preparation, beneficial circumstances, shooting up with space stimulants.

-Custom Conditions: I'll be homebrewing most of them adlib instead of always using the default "-1 to everything", though these also come up in Tactical Combat already as Effects. Being lit on fire could make you flee, apply a DoT, and even after
the battle combine with your Strikes for lingering pain.

-Special Ability Feats: Huge, Wrestler and Stealth allowed. Flyer, Cleave, Long Reach and Superhuman are gear only.

I'm open to suggestions or corrections. My main aim is to have a system that can be run quickly but has some interesting back and forth with the challenges of surviving on a strange alien world.



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Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Deadline: Saturday, August 7th, 8 AM EST.

Chargen Guide
Online Charsheet Maker

Standard Level 1 Rules. Origins can be anything you want(see first post above) but are subject to GM approval if wildly unusual or impractical. Larger creatures(Huge Feat) are allowed, larger/smaller creatures that function as normal are allowed. Pick a Class/Role for Tactical Combat. By default you have 10 HP, 6 Speed and 2 Action Points. Kits are allowed but some General Advances are not.

General Advances: Expert, Master, and Favored Enemy are fine, Special Communication(GM approval needed), Special Helpers(same), No to Emotional Power.

Feats: Special Ability Feats Huge, Wrestler, Long Reach and Stealth allowed. Flyer, Cleave and Superhuman are gear only.

Starting Gear: This is independent of starting wealth! You can assume your character has portable tools necessary to do what they have Skills for, to a point. A forger has a document-making kit/computer set-up, a blacksmith may be limited to forge availability. The setting features high tech. You do not have to be high tech. A character skilled at swordsmanship can use an iron saber or a molecular edge interchangeably.

Pick two items that confer some interesting advantage, like a Grappling Hook, Sentry Gun, or your favorite Spear. These represent items of particular personal importance and comfort in use and do not have to be literally better than similar pieces or magically/technologically enhanced. Pick 2, doubling up is fine.

Weapon: Describe to me an item with a practical benefit and I will assign it some passive benefit or actively used power.

Utility: An item that can grant an Advantage or protect against a Disadvantage in certain circumstances, that can help clear Conditions, that can grant Skills when using the item, or can even grant a Trick(with the usual AP cost!) or otherwise provide a cool passive benefit or a very advantageous active benefit when used(for example, a deluxe tent with simple AI support that enhances sleep while traveling and provides a buff after resting fully without interruption.) Note that this may be a consumable(or a few of them) if the effect is particularly good like "drink to clear all negative Conditions instantly."

Special: I'm using a variant rule that affects learning new Skills. You need multiple 6s to learn a new Skill. Players have Physical, Mental and Social Skills. You can learn each at the rate of 2 successes per learned Skill(or 2:2:2) or favor one while dumping another(or 3:2:1.) It requires some dedication to pick up a new talent, or you can be a genius at one and have trouble with another.

When chargen is finished you should roughly have:
7ish Skills
0-2 levels of Wealth (you may have more/less Wealth/Skills if you exchanged one)
2 Complications
2 Tricks
1 Feat
Some amount of Gear + 2 Special Pieces
1 Kit and 2 Advances from General or your chosen Kit
3 Relationships, 1 Friendly: 1 Neutral: 1 Hostile


I'll use a character I made as an example.


Dai Mei Zhen, Bureau of Intelligence Lieutenant
The Buddies Blaster

(Note: Does not actually have Elven/pointed ears.)

Fiend! Banshee! Walking Curse! The illustrious Mei Zhen Dai has been the bane of spies, smugglers and vagrants for decades! Seldom seen coming until she is upon her target with condemnations and brandished rifle, she is a former die-hard rebel youth turned Republican loyalist and a stalwart prosecutor, an intelligence officer still taking to the field after the battles that birthed Cathay. There's said to be no district too rural, no city too shadowed and no official too obstinate to deter this mole hunter. Intimidation has a hard sell against her hardened marksmanship and loyal companion Jún-Jun, the latest in a long tradition of investigative partners.

Born a single child to a withering branch of the old Dai clan under the Jinlong Dynasty, Mei Zhen was doted upon and viewed as a blessing for surviving an early childhood illness. Her attitude was further warped by the odd happenings and secrecy surrounding the small Dai House, a clandestine family of bureaucrats and merchants slowly fading from the noble lines. But the Dai are above all crafty. Observant. Patient. When revolution swept the land the Dai were there at every step providing intelligence, material, housing, passage, angry young soldiers. They betrayed all that was ancient in Jinlong to be one of the roots of the new Republic, their influence growing enormously as they always stood poised to sweep through the burning remains of the old Houses of Jinlong. Now Dai stands strong and Mei is one of many deep-seated career officers in the new republic, all burning with the zealous pride that can only come from a convert.

Mei herself is a cynical, shrewd person with a good head for observation. She made waves in her early years by busting the source of exam-time stimulants from out of country, awarded honors by the school for her noble character. Her upbringing in military academy was brief with high marks and a tendency to volunteer in the kennels until interruption by civil war. A fearless soldier with a background in subterfuge, Mei assisted in damning her family's rivals and forged her fledgling military experience when fighting took to the streets, showing an ability to win out-gunned and out-matched so long as she could robotically load and brandish her rifle. The grateful leaders of the new republic made Dai a cornerstone of their new upper class and Mei enjoyed tutelage under her former rebel leaders in higher education. A lifetime of prestigious honors was guaranteed to a promising intelligence officer graduating with valor already demonstrated on the field!

And it came! But not all wishes are well granted. In her early 40s, Mei Zhen is a bitter and paranoid woman who uses alcohol, persecution and work to smother her life's regrets. She has seen her peers advance their careers through deeper webs of nepotism and opportunity, seen her friends start families. She hides the physical weakness she has carried since birth, masking it with the aid of Vril-infused supplements. Her meticulous dedication to propaganda ideals has kept her in good shape all things considered, her discipline a constant in good times and bad. She dedicates herself utterly to defending her republic from criminals and outsiders, seeking joy in every wrong righted by her own brand of calculating justice.

(I'm open for adjusting things to avoid being too hardline against the rest of the party.)



Friendly: Making her bones in the decade following the formation of the republic, Mei's proficiency at sniffing out Jinlong loyalists and outside agitators benefited those who served alongside her. One would be her longtime friend Xifeng, tasked with interrogating and processing Mei's captures. When the business of war is good, the executioner profits.

Neutral: Mei's steady but controlled rise in the Republic is a necessary product of the bureaucracy. At the head of this would be her superior officer, who holds her future in their hands.

Hostile: Growing up as a young teenager, Mei suffered the jeers of more successful families over the weakness of her own. Now that the position has been flipped certain grudges may surface. And because of the way Mei and the Dai affected that change, any of them could burn with fury.


Become High Ranking Officer
Glory to House
Glory to the Republic
Get Married

Dai Mei Zhen
Background: Intelligence Officer
Origin: Turncoat Scion
Level 1 Bureau of Intelligence Lieutenant (The Buddies/Blaster)

HP: 8/8, Speed 6
Buddy: 5/5, Speed 10

Move(At-Will): Hide
At-Will(Attack): Team Attack(Enervating, Scary), Recall Buddy, We Are One, Command Buddy
Role(At-Will): Terrain(3x3 Obscure)
Encounter(Attack): Boosted Buddy(Enervating, Scary)
Encounter(Trigger): Consistent Attack
Passive: Multi-target, Stealthy

Kit: Gunslinger
Dueling, Always Carry A Spare

Military Training
Animal Handling

Code Breaker
Can shakedown anyone of lower authority


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Look Around You
Jan 19, 2009

You're just lucky my jaw is broken!

Well. I can’t not apply to a game based on My Own Original Setting Do Not Steal…

Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Reyla Ariness, Voice of the Departed
The Necromancer Defender

In ages long past, people often wondered about their fate when their flesh failed them. Cycles of reincarnation. Feast halls of heroes long past. Peaceful gardens. Torment eternal. So many theories, so many views. These cannot be tested, of course, given the difficulties inherent in measuring and returning data from beyond the material plane, but there are some simple facts that can be established. The soul is a tangible force, an energy that can be stoked and snuffed, but most often expresses itself in the form of environmental residue after the passing of the containing flesh. Consciousness and memories seem linked to the soul, echoes contained in the residue, but of course, advanced automatons and artificial intelligence have proven that the existence of a soul is not necessary for said consciousness to occur.

The soul can be manipulated. The flesh can be manipulated. And, one day, perhaps that will provide a window into what truly lies beyond this plane.

Reyla is among the number of scholars and manipulators of the soul and flesh. Necromancers. It's a path with no little stigma, though the empire has proven more enlightened about the resulting practicality. Undead thralls prove effective labor in harsh circumstances where risking living resources is untenable. Retrieving knowledge from untimely losses, as well as any handy masses of soul residue, has maintained progress in many academic fields. Some of the advantages have been replicated or surpassed with technology, to be sure, but a zombie will always be an order of magnitude cheaper than a mechanical servitor... and, in essence, a renewable resource.

Of course, there's a reason that House Ariness has joined the flight of the Sominaia: ambition. Reyla is no exception to the general drift of her family, though her position is somewhat tenuous. She is, by birth, the third daughter in line to rule. For all that Ariness projects an aura of relative benevolence and trustworthiness to the rest of the empire, it would be a fatal mistake to assume that extends to its own family politics. The family has made their fortunes in being indispensable. Reyla has come to the conclusion that she needs to do the same, lest one of her elder sisters maneuver to remove a potential rival to power. It's no secret that the house is near seeing its first ascension. If she could ensure that she was the one to undergo the ritual...

Well, suffice to say her position would be secure. Even the most hateful of her relatives would be forced to accept her as a necessary pillar of the house's fortunes.

The problem, of course, is ensuring that she gains the opportunity. The calculations and maneuverings surrounding the prize are too complicated to summarize in any sane timeframe, but Reyla has learned one thing from her friends in the lower houses: sometimes the simplest solution to a delicate problem is to flip the table. All the calculations in the world won't mean a thing if she can win enough respect and renown planetside. If her exploits become the house's pride, then it would only be natural that she see her efforts rewarded. And if they aren't... well, sometimes one must simply cut the gordian knot. Accidents happen. Other candidates may prove unworthy or unable to accept the honor. A shame, really.

Now, the biggest and most immediate problem is that surviving long enough to win said respect and renown is no guarantee. Leaving aside the matter of her sisters and their catspaws, there's also the stories that the Gulgos scouts have brought back. To this end, Reyla has begun some experimentation in the grand tradition of mages and scholars everywhere: self-improvement. Her experiments and aims may well point towards lichdom, though she likely hasn't realized it. It's been quite some time since the empire had a credible report of one appearing, likely due to technological solutions to many of the problems normally addressed by housing one's soul in a vessel and rejecting mortality.

For now, however, she's simply layered enough enchantments to render herself... not quite undead. Her flesh tends towards being a mite clammier than the environment would suggest, she only seems to tire when her brain realizes that she should be tired, and she's known to disappear into her lab for days on end without emerging for food. A well-placed blade or bullet will see her as dead as anyone else, at least for now, but she's certainly able to make it a more dicey proposition than the typical assassin or alien beast might anticipate. Add in a natural talent for maneuvering vitality from one vessel to another, and she's quite capable of holding her own in a scrap.



Friendly: During the endless pleasantries and political maneuverings in the lead-up to the Sominaia's launch, Reyla developing a rapport with a fellow noble of the minor houses, Karmine Reyarch. Karmine was in a similar position to Reyla's own, ambition without the access to power to match, though her own talents lie in a more martial direction. Perhaps landfall will see both of their ambitions blossom.

Neutral: Reyla, as loathe as she is to admit it, is not a self-taught prodigy in the matters of life and death. In other academic fields, perhaps, but... no, she studied with one of the foremost necromancers in the empire, Lemais Faertala. Their relationship is a very formal sort of mentor-mentee, but Lemais does know her name and look over her research. Not many can claim the same.

Hostile: In any family, there are often undercurrents of wondering who the favorites are. In the houses, it can be a matter of life or death. The second daughter of House Ariness, Circa Ariness, has a vested interest in keeping Reyla beneath her on the totem pole.



Secure her position in the Ariness family.
Publish original research on the precursor species.
Form a power bloc with scions of other minor houses.

Reyla Ariness
Background: Scholar of Necromancy
Origin: Scion of House Ariness
Level 1 Voice of the Departed (Necromancer/Defender)

HP: 10/10, Speed 6

At-Will(Attack): Speak With Dead, Deadly Poison, Terrifying Visage
Role(At-Will): Mark, Assess
Encounter(Attack): Command Undead, Life Drain
Encounter(Trigger): Call That A Punch?
Passive: Mark of Death, Lesser Gift of Vampirism, Defense Boost, Stickiness Boost, Resilient

Kit: Sorcerer, Scholar
Kit Expansion (Scholar)

Academic Writing
House Politics
Magical Theory (Sorcerous)
Minor Houses (Connections)
Necromancy (Sorcerous)
Unnatural Stamina (Sorcerous)

Can always leverage her name for access in high society.
Can always speak with the dead.

A very tasteful skull-adorned staff (weapon)
A high-quality, fashionable survival suit (utility)

Haunted (Literally)
Third Daughter

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Feb 13, 2009

Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 WATER monster you control (except this card) to Special Summon 1 WATER monster from your hand. The monster Special Summoned by this effect is destroyed if "Raging Eria" is removed from your side of the field.

Three Glass Bells, Clear Tone Verve; Enclave Deputy Therapist -- "Bella"

Unimaginable horror. Thousand-year wars. Worlds burned down to ash. And, whispered in hushed voices, the inevitable victory at the end of all and through to the beginning, one of the few apparent certainties common to any form of prophecy or time travel. Ever-present, spread across the stars, slippery, insidious, the Illithid are everyone's problem. Or, at least, they were.
Three hundred years before the expansion of space travel among the Vular, there was an incident, a "private matter," a civil war, that resulted in the eradication of the elder brains, a draining of the spawning pools, and what is generally known as "The Culling of the Prideful." Illithid plots and interference seemed to disappear almost overnight, left only to the occasional lone flayer. Millions of thralls, across all manner of worlds, were cut loose, most meeting dire ends.
The Gith attempted to catch as many as they could, and the consistent story was this: the flayers were being hunted, their communities destroyed, apparently by their kind. Some were upset that their vengeance was stolen taken from them, but most were pleased.
The rare handfuls of psions were overwhelmed by the psychic backlash, particularly the near simultaneous eradication of all (?) of the elder brains, and the widespread slaughter of the rest of the flayers as well. And, yet, when it was over, it was as if a thin film of grime had been scrubbed clean from their minds, a vague and mild sickness clearing over.

Then, silence. The Vular turned to the stars, and over time met the other races, most of which had the same stories about their own nearly forgotten nightmares. Illithid ruins were sometimes unearthed, strange places with lingering psychic disturbances, mutated remnants of thralls, and on rare occasions a "prideful" flayer who had escaped the purge and gone insane. In the emptiness of space one could find their ships, ships that had been functional for thousands and thousands of years, immense stations scoured clean of life, libraries burned, laboratories wrecked beyond repair. It was clear that the Illithid had been present for a long time, an overwhelming, hidden threat, that even in the worst of situations they could have still retreated to the depths of space. Yet, they hadn't.
Time passed, wounds healed, memories faded, until the threat of the mind flayers lingered only as the Gith's ghaik, as fearsome masters of psychic power that had somehow met a sinister end. In time, they were known primarily as the creators of certain rare items: crystals, foci, and crowns, among select collectors, a seal of quality. Sometimes a lone flayer would appear, a myth out of storybooks, furtively running from unseen hunters and then disappearing.

Then, after even those stories faded, remembered only by the most ancient of the elves, the Illithid returned. Calmly, slowly, and softly.

What had the Illithid been up to? Cleaning house, apparently. Illithid don't "do" religion, but a number of prophecies (or, in Illithid parlance, "known facts regarding the future that was the past") coincided to suggest that changes needed to be made, and the Prideful needed to be Culled. It's something of an open secret that this process either resulted in or was instigated by the discovery that the brains of dead Illithid deposited into the elder brains' pools were not in fact incorporated into the supposed community gestalt but instead simply eaten. Someone feeling especially crass might suppose that was the "real reason." Overall, the main effects were that the Illithid had been drastically, drastically reduced in number, somehow, by a very select group, who had been taking their time firmly cementing their new order. The true motives and methodology of this group remain unknown--plenty of people maintain all sorts of conspiracy theories.
Regardless, small groups were being sent out to re-establish a presence. In some regions of space this was done secretly; the Pliseans, and particularly the Gith, remembered the flayers, and would never accept anything besides complete eradication. However, whatever inscrutable cabal that was in charge of the remnants of the Illithid felt that the Vular would be amenable to diplomacy and coexistence, and after long and careful backroom discussions they were given a place. A very minor, very carefully delineated place, but still something. You could go to their little enclaves, bring them someone with severe psychic damage, perhaps from some accident or the machinations of some rogue psion, and they would give their mind a gentle scrub, piece together any broken parts, and send them on good as new. If you were daring (or desperate) enough, you could even go in yourself, and have wires uncrossed, springs unwound, let yourself be functional again.

Of course, there were questions. Doubts. But, to an extent, the wisdom of the Magisters couldn't necessarily be called into question, unless the suggestion was that a small group of mind flayers had somehow made the entire ruling council of the Imperium their thralls. The flayers seemed to have very modest goals, to have a very modest presence, and it was also clear that there was still a core of them in deep space who were remaining at arm's length. The small enclaves they establish are made up of young Illithid, educated and indoctrinated very particularly, and there have been vanishingly few "incidents," always with extenuating circumstances. And, otherwise, questions are easy to wave away.
Do the flayers still eat brains? No, apparently; it is not needed. Or, perhaps, yes, the same way a vampire might drink spiced wine and hog's blood, or the way someone with some degree of psionic aptitude might elide the need for food with the sustenance power. Regardless, they no longer keep people in pens anymore. They could still eat brains, and it would be nice, but a lot of people could do a lot of very nasty things that they'd enjoy.
Can the flayers make thralls? Certainly. Magicians of tremendous power can bind others to their will, faithful priests can impose edicts, there are all kinds of ways of enforcing a charm or geas or the like. Illithids are naturally powerful psions, and most psions have ways of compelling actions and enforcing obedience. Do flayers pluck hapless victims and permanently chain them down as thralls? Certainly not, that seems like a violation of rights. Perhaps in rare circumstances, but only when acting as agents of the state, handling a delicate prisoner perhaps.
What about those elder brains? The spawning, the pools, the tadpoles, aren't the flayers piloting around corpses of victims? No longer; those practices were a matter of convenience, but there are always workarounds, substitutions and fallbacks. The exact methods are private, and have been demonstrated to certain trusted parties, but are something along the lines of "a fake meat suit."

And what is a small enclave of Illithid doing onboard the colony ship? Contingencies, apparently. It may be beneficial, apparently, to have a small number of Illithid onboard, in this new galaxy. They won't be spawning any more, unless and until it's determined to be a necessary aspect of colonization. There are no obligations, except that a small group of flayers who have been "prepared" for establishing the spawning process are to be kept in suspended animation indefinitely and until the council determines they should be brought out.
Nobody expects that to ever be necessary. Repeatedly, the flayers who negotiated the enclave's inclusion were very clear that this would only ever happen if deemed appropriate by the entire colony's council, and that the small enclave who would be thawed out ahead of time would simply be present if needed, as a contingency. For what?
Nobody's really quite sure. Not even the enclave members or chief, who are content to be psychic healers if needed and otherwise passive observers, and perhaps advisers on certain obscure matters regarding psionics.

Bella, or the psychic impression of three glass bells with a pleasant yet strong tone, is a "deputy therapist" of the Sominai Enclave. In practice, this means she is responsible for field activities and most house calls. There are two other deputy therapists, one chief therapist, and three assistants. Seven active members of the enclave and the five kept in suspension for future spawning are the entire extent of the Illithid brought on the colony ship, and the chief and assistants are at least unofficially going to be kept under constant supervision.
Bella has previous experience as a ranging deputy therapist across the Imperium. Mind flayers don't do "freelance" or "self-employment," but ranging deputies are the closest thing, having permission to move freely. Their primary responsibility is providing psychic therapy to those who have suffered from extreme maladies and have been unable to visit an enclave, but flayers are still a target of immense suspicion, so although she consistently and enthusiastically offers her services, very few take up the offer of psychic surgery by monsters who historically bound others to their will. Instead, most ranging deputies end up solving obscure psychic problems, things like very old and out-of-control experiments or stray psychics who have started enthralling others. Those sorts of issues almost always end poorly, but Bella always works to stay positive.

By any standard, Bella is quite young. Like any modern public-facing flayer, she was spawned recently, and spent an "apprenticeship" as an assistant at an Enclave she was assigned to, for perhaps six years. After their apprenticeship ends, most flayers are shuffled around to work at larger institutions, and some are promoted to be deputies. "Deputy therapist" is essentially the end goal of most flayers, with only chief of an enclave or a research position remaining as advances. Bella worked as a deputy for a few years before her wanderlust and general positivity was recognized and she was sent off as a ranging deputy. This lasted a decade, with surprisingly few real incidents, before she was recalled for the colony project. Historically speaking, a twenty year old Illithid would've been considered the same as a two day old fresh from sprouting out of some poor victim's face, essentially identical developmentally. Even the chief of the Sominai Enclave is barely fifty, a deputy with glowing performance who was marked for her own promotion.



Friendly: Bella's hit it off with the chief therapist, Mild Pepper Freshly Ground. Pepper is somewhat out of her depth, having expected to head some more minor enclave. She accepted the assignment, of course, but didn't quite realize the depths of politics that would be needed. Bella's the most gregarious out of the enclave staff, and Pepper is somewhat counting on Bella to get some good results to help keep the political pressure light. Neither of them are quite sure what the results need to be about, but they need good results, and Pepper tends to deal with problems by being cheery and up-front. It's why Bella and Pepper like each other.

Neutral: One of the deputies is sort of a nonissue, Powdery Wax. She's fine, but the sort of fine where it doesn't even count as a "Neutral Relationship." The other, however, is Hollow Sky Yawning. Sky is... extremely professional, and also very intense. Intensely... blank. He's very unresponsive, very hard to interpret. It's a great quality to have as a therapist and probably a good counterbalance to Bella and Pepper's... relentless optimism, but it's still enough friction to make Bella feel guilty and vaguely, indescribably resentful.

Hostile: Some of the neighbors freaked out about the "monsters" they'd be right next to during the trip, and more importantly during this transition period. Not sure what they're on about, considering they're Derro. Sorry, that's a little uncouth, but the point is that they seem to have unusually strident concerns, probably based on some obscure religious point.


Maintain Unwavering Professionalism and Cheer
Recover Psionic Oddities
Support the Enclave
Explore! New Things! Yes!

Three Glass Bells, Clear Tone Verve - "Bella"
Background: Deputy Therapist
Origin: Mind Flayer
Level 1 Restrainer (Magician/Controller)

HP: 10/10, Speed 6

At-Will (Attack): The Instant Repulsion Psi Pulse, Margul's Toxic Missile
 Mind Drill, The Excellent Prismatic Spray Shock Spike, Sap Strength
Encounter (Attack): Practical Dome of Preservation Reflex Scream, Horwell's
 Offensive Amalgam Full Dread, Furz's Undeniable Command Sudden Betrayal
Encounter: Rally, Lucky Dodger, Lucky Escaper
Encounter (Reserve): Soporific Decree
Encounter (Trigger): Freeze!
Passive: Star Magic Signs, Control Boost

Kit: The Psychic
Reliable Telepath, Suggestion

Conflict Resolution
Wealth [1]

Can always de-escalate a tense situation.
Maintains an impenetrable poker face. 

Hazardous Environment Suit - Significant protection against environmental dangers,
 such as toxic fallout, natural fires, and hot and arid locations. 
A Variety of Drugs - 3 doses of highly potent drugs:
 Wellutrexa - Clears any mental Condition and protects against it for hours.
 Vio-Lysurge - Induces intense hallucinations and confusion, and unpredictable actions. 
 NoSass #9 - Wildly improves the subject's mood, encourages complacency (noncombat). 
Injector Gun - A dart gun that can administer drugs at a distance. 
 With a payload, has 1 Damage (optional) and the Effect of administering the drug. 
 Without a payload, acts as a normal Ranged Basic Attack with 2 damage. 

Edit: Updated my character sheet.

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Mar 25, 2011

Summoner Leader

True service can last for lifetimes. And this could not be truer than in the case of SEBASTIAN, the first and foremost servant of the House of Ariness since its obscure origins. Originally built millennia ago, the ancient droid served the family from generation, to generation, to generation, watching their leaders rise, fall, succeed, fail, be born, and die, yet always accompanying and serving them with the same devotion and elegance. Even though a machine body can decay, he would change his metallic shell, for twelve iterations until his current one, each of them designed by him in his eternal quest for true perfection.

Of course, even though he is motivated first and foremost by his devotion towards his Masters, the Butler also possesses his own interests and obsessions as well. A fan of art and aesthetics, he holds a great interest in the traditional artistic endeavors of the Imperium, and possesses a great collection of such objects on his quarters, some of them even rousing the envy of heads of other houses... Or at least it's what he thinks. In truth, SEBASTIAN's antiquity and slightly outdated (as well as his mechanic stubbornness) makes him a veritable oddball when it comes to taste, a subject of slight derision and fun among the younger employees, although he seems oblivious to them.

SEBASTIAN accepted the opportunity to work on New Vular as a way to further his devotion to the house, especially after an embarassing (for him) incident in which his previous body was destroyed by a thief that entered the Ariness house and did what he believes to be the most heretical endeavor possible, to steal one of its most priceless artifacts and one of his favorite objects d'art, the ancient statue of Pabubabu, a (hideous) icon that dated from the prehistoric dawn of Drow history.

Positive: Lady Reyla Ariness. Being tasked with protecting the young Lady and serve her to his utmost, the robot butler's unwavering devotion shall be taken to its extremes on such a honourable task.

Neutral: Every great household not only has a chief Butler but also a Head Maid. Christine Epsilon, the second most senior member of the staff is a professional ally yet a bit of a pain in SEBASTIAN's rear end. Sarcastic, flippant and resentful of his status as a senior (as well as the fact that he is bringing several members of the Maid staff with him), the two have a strained relationship.

Hostile: Thief X, a mysterious bandit of unknown race, gender or origin who has sown terror among the Imperium due to his habit of doing perfect heists and taking priceless artifacts. The one responsible for destroying SEBASTIAN's 11th body.

To further the glory of House Ariness and turn it into a Major House.
Becoming the "Perfect Butler".
Collecting and spreading "high culture" and "aesthetics".
Recovering the Icon of Pabubabu

Background: Robot Butler
Origin: Organizer
Level 1 Head Servant [Summoner/Leader]
HP: 10/10, Speed 6

At-Will(Attack): Scout Drone, Trooper Drone
Role(At-Will):  Assess
Role (Encounter): Tactics, Heal
Encounter(Attack): Summon Water Maid, Summon Earth Maid.
Encounter(Trigger):  Try Again!, Rally.
Passive: Summoning, Reliable Summoner

Water Maid - [Marina]
5 HP 6 Speed
At-Will (attack): Drowning
The Elemental’s square and all adjacent squares are obscured. The Elemental’s attacks ignore the obscuring.
If an attack misses the Elemental, it may shift one square.

Earth Maid - [Sierra]
5 HP 6 Speed Resist 1
At-Will (attack): Quake
If a creature attempts to leave a square adjacent the Elemental it must make a saving throw. If it fails, it falls Prone.

Kit: Boss
Gang: Maid Squadron [Profit: Keeping Things Clean and Orderly.] [Skill: Cleaning, House Repair] [Flaw: Overly Literal Orders]
Territory (Home Improved) [Ariness Mansion] [Ideologically United] [Self-Sufficient] [Easily Defensible] [Favoring the Gang]

House History
Machine Repairing
Wealth [1]

Can upload his consciousness into other machines.
Machine body has surprisingly large storage capacity and has several housekeeping implements and tools.

Portable Kitchen and Cleaning Utensils 
Dirtiness Detecting Eyegear and Lenses
Ultimate Cleaning Laser

Cranky Old Man
Prime Directive (Obey Ariness house leader)

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Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

I like these apps and can see the Illithid lore being adopted into the core Vular Imperium(advanced interrogators + war crimes friends) and the actually benign small unit aboard Sominaia.

To demonstrate what I want gear to represent in this game I'll write up some now. The idea is that utility or defensive gear gives you an edge, new weaponry is like picking up a new attack power. This also means that if you can carry it all that you can have a little toolbox assortment of guns, or that you can swap weaponry with others without too much trouble usually, but it also means that being disarmed or losing your weaponry loses that weapons functionality. Some gear may have limitations(a rocket launcher would be heavy, hard to use and restricted by ammo) and as always all of this is subject to adjustment later.

Sebastian: I only see your default starting "tools to do my job" so pick 2 special pieces.

Bella: A Variety of Drugs starts you with three doses of fast-acting substances with no long-term effects. 1 will clear any mental Condition and protect against it for hours, suitable for combat use and can be consumed or injected. 1 will cause intense hallucination, confusion and unpredictable actions if you can get it into the target via injection or consumption. 1 will immensely improve the mood of anyone who consumes it, though not to a combat grade and not via injection. To aid in this you start with an Injector Gun that is usually reserved for prison guards. It can be used for Ranged Basic Attacks that deal 1 Damage + Effect(use normal combat rolls, i.e. a 3 is Damage OR Effect, 4-5-6 are both) and these are your starter drugs, though if a drug isn't at combat grade it may not have a hard tactical combat application or a reduced one. Depending on what you feel comfortable taking or scavenging from the environment additional drugs can be discovered. The Injector will deal 2 damage(as normal ranged basic) if you have no specialized ammo available.

Your Hazardous Environment Suit provides significant protection against environmental dangers including toxic fallout and natural fires. It's particularly effective in case of extreme heat/desert environments.

Reyla: Thalotl is the Muse of Rocks in the Void, an earth-aligned deity in the Vular faith. He recognizes the hardy and blesses your ancestral staff and allows you to perform an At Will Melee Basic Attack that deals 2 Damage with Effect: Corrode Armor, adding +1 Damage to the next two sources of Damage taken before the Start of Reyla's next turn. This can be used in a Charge. This is an example of House Ariness' exceptional and blessed equipment production.

Your survival suit allows you to 1/Day(or so, longer than 1/Encounter) enhance your Defender bonuses to Resist 2 on Damage 3 or above for the rest of your current Encounter. The cooldown timer represents a need for the suit to either be manually mended and maintained with outside material or to allow enough time to pass for the nanomachines in it to reproduce. They harden in response to trauma..

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Dr Pepper
Feb 4, 2012

Don't like it? well...

Yvonnel Orlyund of House Faertala
Image Source

Youngest daughter of a small branch of House Faertala, Yvonnel was raised with a strict sense of duty. She would aid her house in leading the Vular Empire to prosperity. From birth she was raised to be a perfect represnetive of her Hose. She learned rhetoric, science, even some basic magecraft theory.

Needless to say as she grew older she chafed against these expectations. Why couldn't she just do what she wanted? While she was allowed to learn swordplay and even some military tactics. But then her parents used this as an "in" to set up an arranged marriage with some guy from House Krodven!

This would not stand. Yvonnel needed to get away, soon, and fast. But it wasn't like she had access to enough of her parents resources to flee the empire. So how was she going to get away?

Luckily, Sominaia served as a wonderful way to get away. Not only was it "respectable" to go out and help the Empire find new worlds, but she was decades and lightyears away from that overbearing jackass.



Friendly: Her childhood friend Lady Rille Nesz of House Tulen. Inseparable since childhood, it was Rille who helped arrange for Yvonnel to be brought aboard the Sominaia.

Neutral: Sir Byrris Diluae, appointed head of Sominaia's branch of House Faertala. He is aware that Yvonnel practically snuck aboard this ship to escape some responsibilities. But what's done is done and as long as she fulfills her duties he will turn a blind eye to this fact.

Hostile: Sir Houndaer Rrostarr of House Krodven. Younger brother to Sir Kluthruel. Kluthrel was the very fiancee that Yvonnel had ran away from. Needless to say he is not pleased to see his Ex-Sister-in-Law gallivanting here, embarrassing his brother and her family.

To forge a life free of her obligations.
Find romance not arranged by her parents.


Name: Yvonnel Orlyund
Background: Noble who signed up for the colonization effort to escape an arranged marriage
Origin: Drow Noble of House Faertala 
Class: Duelist
Role: Leader
Kit: Face

HP: 10
Speed: 6

At Wills:
"I'm not letting you slip away." (Switch Target)
"Do not ignore me." (Demand Attention)
"I can see your slip ups." (Exploit Weakness)
"I am your opponent!" (Get over here)

"I Shall Handle This!" (Duel)
"My skill is unreachable by the likes of you" (Perfect Defense)


Connections (Nobility)
Modern Swordplay

Noblesse Oblige

Cold Reading

Vibro-Adamantium Rapier
House Faertala Crest Necklace

1. "I'll lead the way!" - Can always inspire people working under her.
2. "House Faertala Training" - Can always understand technology.

Nov 18, 2009

Dralvas Ammetu of Clan Ammetu
The Martial Artist Striker

Long ago the Vular Imperium discovered the planet of Imutash, a heavily forested world located close to the galactic center closer to the Pelan Arm than to the Relan Arm. The surveyors found the planet to be hostile to all outsiders as there were many megafauna species populating its surface and the native sapient species distrustful of those unlike themselves, due to these factors it took many attempts for a colony to be established without either the native fauna destroying it or various groups of Inmutashi making it their own. Once a colony was well-established trade with the Inmutashi quickly followed with exotic goods imported to the surface of Inmutash while the Inmutashi sold the unique resources of their world to the offworlders.

From an early age, Dralvas showed the potential to be a great warrior of their clan. Once they were of age they enrolled in the army academy on Inmutash and quickly settled into the military life as it was little different from how their clan conducted themselves. As soon as they graduated they were bundled off-world to pursue the ambitions of the Empire. This life went on for a few years until a horrible incident on an innocuous planet left half their squad either injured or dead and as the scout most of the blame laid upon Dralvas's head alongside the squad commander who had chosen them as the scout.

A few years after being discharged from the army Dralvas was looking for a job to help keep them above water and avoid tax collectors wanting to recoup money owed. This was when a House Tulen representative looking for individuals experienced in combat found Dralvas, and after a few hours of back and forth nailing down the particulars an employment contract was signed and the Inmutashi Dralvas Ammetu was brought aboard the colony ship Sominaia alongside others of similar temperament who had signed on as protection and scouts for when a suitable planet was found at the end of the ship's journey.


Friendly: Areshbad Ammetu is Dralvas's cousin who had pursued the trader life rather than the military life, something which saddened the clan as they were proud of all their military members and had hoped that Areshbad would follow in their footsteps. Dralvas on the other hand saw that Areshbad would struggle in life if they went into the military and supported their choice to go their own way.
Neutral: Calag Duranki is Dralvas's alcohol supplier and often lends a sympathetic ear to any woes that Dralvas wishes to unload on them, but only as long as their tab has been paid, something that sometimes doesn't happen for a few months.
Hostile: Inan Ninnaba blames Dralvas for half their squad being killed and/or injured on a mission they were assigned to. Dralvas had been sent ahead of the squad to scout for any enemies or traps and had not found any sign of either so had headed back to the squad. Halfway to their destination, they were ambushed by an enemy squad of similar size to their own and had to fight for their lives. Once the battle was over all the enemies were either dying or dead, but Dralvas and Inan were two of the six soldiers of their squad who had not been badly injured or killed in the fight.


To find the excitement they once felt whenever they were out on a mission

Background: Veteran
Origin: Monster-person
Level 1 (Martial Artist/Striker)

HP: 13/13, Speed 6

Stances: Scorpion, Flickering Flame, Tempest
Class (At-Will): Change Stance
Role(At-Will): Assess, Quick Shift
Encounter(Free): Focused Attack
Encounter(Trigger): Strike Back
Passive: Damage Boost, Huge

Kit: The Brute
The Alexandrian Solution
Rub Some Salt On It

Appropriate Weapons
Old War Friends (Connections)
Clan Ammetu Elder (Connections)
Wealth (1)

Can always win a clean fight by turning it into a dirty one.
Can move quieter than something their size should

A pair of elaborately carved swords (weapon)
A roll of fabric that is used to muffle any sound (utility)

Anatomical Complication

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Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.

"A good landing you can walk away from, a great landing you can reuse the ship."

Cpt. Penelope Kentuckyan-Krodven is the current house record holder for number of good landings and, due to constant transfers, has seen a large amount of settled space, usually in pieces streaming past the cockpit at several times the speed of sound.

Coming from one of those dreadful families you get when you cross broke nobility and up-and-coming bougie scum, Penelope was informed her life was now about making her new half-sister, the actual heir, look good. Her parents supported and demanded their kids excel with an intensity that wrapped back around to child abuse. Grades were high but character development was...mixed. Watching the rest of her siblings discover various important life lessons like "the highest blood-alcohol level a drow can reach before toxic shock sets in is less than you'd hope but more than you'd expect" and "You don't actually need to wear clothes when climbing up a ten story building to scream and throw bricks at the police", Penelope decided the best way she could help her family was by being as far away from it as possible.

Ranking dead last in the Imperial Naval Academy class of '34 ("Fly High Bot Flies!"), Penelope was entered on a fast track of being a midshipman on a variety of laundry ships and salvage scows pulling away the chunks of broken ships in the aftermath of combat.

"Fortunately" a series of especially vicious bush (asteroid?) wars annihilated a bunch of the hard chargers, and assorted scandals and political slap fights torpedo'd the careers of many more. Penelope found herself seconded to pilot school and later carrier-side fighter command. This proved more accommodating of her natural tendencies such as murdering people at a significant fraction of C and red-ing out and beasting on townies trying to jump her when planet side.

The last assignment had proven to be the most problematic. Being acting XO on what was basically a bunch of guns and fighter hangars clustered around an anti-matter engine, Penelope had strong opinions when Captain Wynona Dryder decided the quickest way to glory was showing that enemy battlestation whatfor by ordering the battle carrier to do a mini FTL jump right into boarding range. All official records indicate she was heroically rendered unconscious in a flurry of enemy fire that somehow only did blunt force trauma to the back of her skull and left the rest of the bridge intact. Inquiries were quickly raised and even more quickly dropped.

Quotes from the hearings included "Sometimes the biggest gun you got is the one between your legs." and "I'm a firm believer in introducing others to the existence of higher powers: Gravity, thermodynamics, entropy..." and "Everyone's always like 'hrm yes hrm, history is a trail of dead men, yes quite' until you go out and actually try to make one, and then suddenly I'm the bad guy here?"

Penelope was informed to seek assignment elsewhere, and the colonial expedition agreed, the best place for her was as far away as possible.

Friendly: Commander Wynona Dryder: No seriously Penelope crushed her skull and she spent 18 months eating through a tube and knows Penelope did it, but understands sometimes you need to try to murder someone to save them. While there is a long unfortunate history of best friends trying to murder you in the empire, apparently you can try to murder someone to become their best friend. Yes it is extremely hosed up.

Neutral: Penelope tries to not be one of "those" officers, but the ship janitor Gil is not pleased when she does things like try to help and overloads the recycler and floods the entire floor underneath. This would probably be "enemy" but at this points he's dead to any emotion stronger than "vague annoyance." At least she thinks his name is Gil? Maybe that's the name of the company he works for. Its for the best, Penelope's best relationships have always been with people she never learned the names of.

Hostile: Penelope's stepmom Cheryl-Blossom Katnyss-Krodven keeps obsessive tabs on what her adult children are doing regardless of where they are and sees fit to send passive aggressive messages when warranted. While floating in a life pod, Penelope has distinct memories of her mom's note that maybe she should lower her standards to find someone that'd actually marry her reaching her two weeks before the house sent a message to confirm help was coming. There were also the periodic unannounced visits, sometimes in the middle of secure military installations. The relationship is absolutely hostile but Cheryl-Blossom thinks she's being helpful by being harmful. Yes, it is also very hosed up as well.



Penelope Kentuckyan-Krodven
Background: Fighter Ace
Origin: Hung out to dry
Level 1 Shapeshifter/Blaster

HP: 10/10, Speed 6

At-Will(Attack): Blurred From, Primal Compulsion+See Below
Role(At-Will): Terrain Boost
Encounter(Attack): (See Below)
Encounter(Trigger): Consistent Attack
Passive: Multi-Target Boost, 

Hawk ("Normal" Flightsuit usage)
A/W: Fly, Diving Feint
En: Hawk's Transformation

Bull (Ground Based jet assisted brawling)
A/W: Bull Rush, Nimble Charge
En: Bull's Transformation

Mammoth (Extend the atmospheric flight wings for smashing people into the ground, you goddamn lunatic)
A/W: Pushy, Stompy
En: Mammoth's Transformation

Kit: Gunslinger
Blurred Vision, Steady Hands| Trash Talk

Flight & Piloting
Vehicle Weapons
Scum and Villainy 

Always walk away from a vehicle crash
My ears are bleeding: Can always engage in vile, unhinged verbal abuse and/or ranting that will keep a crowd watching in horror.

Feat: Sprinter

The Hat
The Flightsuit/jetpack

Skilled gently caress-up

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Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

I am reading and loving these apps. I will post more gear by the end of tonight.

Look Around You
Jan 19, 2009

You're just lucky my jaw is broken!

(image found here)

(image found here)

Verilasa “Veri” Qvalitris

“So, you wanna know more about me, huh? Didn’t get enough from that creepy background check? Was my official super fancy Vular Citizen Score not high enough to let in without a screening? Or did you just wanna see my pretty face?

“I bet it’s the last one, huh? Anyway, I’m sure you got in your records that I was born on the homeworld. Didn’t stay there too long though… we ended up moving to Everia, you know, one of the later colonies not long after... Mom and dad were part of the second wave, while things were still setting up… I was still in middle school then, still pretty young, you know? Had an older brother too, Nelvis, by one year.

“Anyway, so… mom is a security administrator… she got assigned to Everia after the local plant life--you know, the stuff Everia’s famous for now--ate the guy who was in charge of security before while he was out doing an inspection on the edge of the colony. Mom was… real hard on us. Never let us relax, Bs in class just weren’t good enough, gotta do this club and that activity and learn this thing after school… never a break… you know, the sorta thing that a mid level administrator in the Imperium does to--for their children to keep the family trajectory going upwards. Lots of yelling, lots of shame, to say the least.

“Dad… dad was dad. Worked as an engineer. Quiet, calm, collected. Tried to balance mom out. Didn’t usually work, but… he tried at least, and that’s what matters, right? Taught me more fun stuff like tinkering with robots and how to shoot in case anything came after the colony… you know, when he could pry us away from under mom’s eye watching us do schoolwork or extracurriculars. I’ve gotta say, I took to tinkering than the symphonies and stuff mom made me join.

“Nelvis enlisted in the marines instead of going to university, something mom hated. She was always afraid of how it’d look on the family having an enlisted kid. I was more worried about his safety. Turns out I had reason to… since he… he died in service. Somehow. The military still won’t tell us how or where. Never even got to see his body… we were devastated.

“Okay, well... enough about Nelvis, I can’t talk about him too much without crying. Anyway… after I finished high school, I went to Detherin University on the homeworld to follow in dad’s footsteps as an engineer. Learned a bunch about electricity and computers and robots and stuff. After I finished my undergrad and a masters, I took my test to become a licenced engineer… passed it the first try too! Ended up working for the state robotics industry. I was hoping to work on fun stuff that would help people out, but… they put me in the military subdivision instead, Making combat drones and stuff like that... Not quite what I was hoping for out of school. And honestly? Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but… I’m not too keen on senseless killing. I lost my brother to the military, I don’t want anyone else to have to lose anyone like that. I mean, if my stuff can save lives on colonies, that’s great. And… I guess maybe if we carry a big enough stick those assholes on the other end of the galaxy won’t try to gently caress with us anymore, you know? Like, maybe if we look strong enough, they’ll back off a bit instead of trying to fight us, right? At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. I don’t wanna be responsible for senseless death. I don’t want anyone else to lose their brothers, or kids...

“Anyway, after a year or so there building things to take lives… I heard about this colonization effort. Figured I’d be able to sign on and out as a mechanic here, you know, build and maintain helpful robots around the colony… and I guess defense systems and stuff too. Sounds real fun and seems a lot better than building WarBot6000 or whatever and making more people lose family, right? Plus, honestly... it was cool being part of a newer colony, and being on a brand new one seems even better!

“So yeah, anyway! That’s how I ended up here. I hope you’ll have me on board, I’d love to help everyone here stay safe and make a prosperous colony to make the Imperium proud I guess!

“Oh, I guess you wanted to know a list of contacts too, huh? Illiris Dravin, my old classmate going back to middle school is my best friend... and well… don’t tell anyone but I maaaay have had… or have... a bit of a crush on her…

“My relationship with my parents I’d say is pretty neutral. I mean, mom sucked growing up but she’s mellowed out with age… and my success I guess. Dad’s great, he’s always been there but he’s so quiet that sometimes he just may as well not be there!

“As far as someone I despise? I’d say that my chief rival going through school was Ovtavis Relisan; she was in the military officer’s corps in university. Made a huge deal about it too. Just rubbed me the wrong way, you know? And it felt like a waste of an education to me too, I guess. Like… if you wanna fly some dumb fighter, why are you studying robotics in the most prestigious university for it in the Imperium?

“Oh, and you wanted to know my motiviations? I want to help people primarily… I’d like to prevent needless death and keep the colony sustainable, hopefully by avoiding needless and wasteful overexploitation of resources!. We’ve got to be smart about how we colonize here so we don’t just burn ourselves out of existence!

“Well, that really should conclude the interview, I hope..? I hope to hear back from you with a start date so we can get this colony going! Glory to the Imperium and the House (...I guess…)!

Background: Master Engineer
Origin: Colonizer
Level 1 Robotics Engineer [Summoner/Controller]
HP: 10/10, Speed 6

At-Will(Attack): Punisher Drone, Trooper Drone
Role(At-Will):  Sap Strength
Role (Encounter, Trigger): Freeze!
Encounter(Attack): Summon Feegles, Summon Nymph
Passive: Control Boost, Summoning, Reliable Summoner

Kit: Tinker
Advances: Portable Workshop, Reverse Engineer


Wealth [2]

Can quickly create and repair machinery, especially small robots.
Can modify and hack software, especially with robots.

Robotics kit
Dad’s Rifle

Overly bookish

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Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Drafting up some more gear. A reminder that I can change these if they're disappointing and you think "I'll never use this", I changed the skull-covered staff shortly after posting it! If you read your gear and think "that's cool" or "that's useful" then it's good starter gear, if it feels lacking let me know, and keep in mind equipment isn't life in Strike. In fact you can pass it off to other people and get it back or even lose it, as well as readily get more while playing! So I hope these are fun starting tools and toys.

1/Day (or longer than 1/Encounter) items won't be locked strictly to the passage of days, so it'll be me playing by ear as the game starts. Could be 1/Adventure, or every few fights, or so on... but I'm giving it out for effects I think are strong enough for a bigger cost. If you save them for emergencies or Big drat Enemies that'd be pretty foolproof.

Dralvas: Your elaborately carved swords slice through the air faster than anything their size should, owing to their craftsmanship. They have an At-Will Power that does a MBA to the first Target and Cleaves the second, dealing 1 Damage to another Enemy Adjacent to you. If Scorpion Style is active this will also spread the DoT.

Your fabric roll enhances your Stealth, transforming a 2 into a 3 and a 3 into a 4 on the Skilled Skill Check. If an Unskilled(Stealth) ally uses the fabric it will turn a 3 into a 4.

Yvonnel: Your Vibro-Adamantium Rapier is dedicated to sounding out flaws in enemy defenses, particularly in the material of their equipment. It has an At-Will MBA that deals 2 Damage and Effect: makes your next Attack VS the same target roll with a +1 Attack.

The crest of House Faertala entitles you to one favor from the Astromancer oracles and seers and their absolute privacy and secrecy in the matter. There are some limitations involving the privacy of others and even yourself such as not asking about times of death.

Sebastian: The Ultimate Cleaning Laser grants a Ranged 5 At Will Attack that deals 2 Damage with Effect: Superheat metallic/heat-conductive material. It will also have greater effect on particularly virulent foes. Nothing cleans like total thermal flash-frying.

Your immaculate custom eye lenses have Advantage in studying and breaking down materials in equipment, structures, ore and so on. This can be beneficial to Machine Repair or helping others.

Penelope: The Hat can 1/Day(or so, longer than 1/Encounter) take an Attack that Misses you and instead Hits another Enemy in the range of their attack. Fate is a fickle mistress, even for so nice a hat.

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Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

I wanted to remind apps that I'm letting you chargen with 1 Kit, 2 Advances. I want it to feel possible to try out a General Advance without hamstringing the progress of your Kit goodies.

Also if you like your gear, let me know. If you don't like it, let me know. If you're silent I'll assume I did a masterful job and all is well. :tipshat:

Sep 8, 2007

All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare.

Narinth dal Krodven, The Imperium's Huntress

It's not something the propaganda machine would tell you, but Narinth -- yes, that Narinth, the poster child of the Imperium's military exceptionalism -- hasn't always been of House Krodven. She was in fact lowborn, her immediate family one of addicts and petty criminals living in the slums of the Imperial Capital on Vular. It was the kind of environment that would sooner eat you alive than allow you to leave, but there were a scant few potential avenues for escape. Whether she knew what she was getting herself into or not, Narinth chose to enlist in the military to get away from it all. She never once looked back.

By the time she had completed her basic training one of the most grueling meat grinders in the history of the Imperium's expansion was well underway, and it was thirsting for fresh blood. The eight year long conquest of the Minotaur homeworld of Traxxos. It was time for Narinth to cut her teeth.

As part of the infantry, she touched down right at the cusp of a brutal counteroffensive towards the end of the war. Barely had she planted one boot in the mud before she saw her commanding officer and the dropship they arrived on explode in a ball of fire and shrapnel. Under the cover of a state of the art planetary shield (suspected to have been smuggled in from the Plisean Alliance), the Minotaurs quickly took back lost ground, and Narinth and the other remaining greenhorns in her unit found themselves stranded deep in enemy territory.

With lines of communication to command cut off and their morale shaken, the recruits debated giving up and surrendering to the enemy. The sickening crunch of a cracked jaw later and they saw things Narinth's way. Together they waged a successful guerrilla campaign, striking at fuel and munitions depots, airfields, bridges, and many other strategic targets over the course of several months. Each victory came at a cost, however, and the attrition they suffered due to inexperience was severe.

It is said -- by sources that you would be wise to question, mind you -- that by the time they came upon the target that would mark the turning point of the war, only Narinth remained. That she herself strode into the labyrinthine facility, armed with naught but rage, and carved a bloody swathe through its defenders, leaving them broken in her wake as she, swift and unrelenting, pressed on to the facility's core where the planetary shield generator was housed, and then tore it to pieces with her bare hands.

Whatever actually happened, we do know for a fact that she was the one responsible for taking down the shield and letting the Vular fleet in orbit resume combat operations, ultimately bringing the war to a close half a year later, with the Imperium standing victorious.

It was in the wake of that war that House Krodven took an interest in her and adopted her, in a bid to add the glory she earned on the battlefield to their House. By how few seem to have heard the truth of her humble origins, it would appear that their plot succeeded perfectly.

You know the rest from there. After receiving the highest honor awarded by the Vular Imperium for her actions, she was hand-picked for Imperial Commando training and joined their ranks, and has taken part in countless planetary invasions, resistance crackdowns and counterinsurgency operations since.

So raise your glass to the Imperium's "heroic" butcher! May you never stand in her way.

Narinth dal Krodven, Personal Log. September 13th, 3526 GC. posted:

My request for transfer to the Sominaia mission has finally been approved. My superiors have been resistant to the idea, but they could not deny me in the end. In just a couple of months, I will be leaving this galaxy behind. Gods know I couldn't have left it in a worse state, with no small thanks to my own deeds. War on a galactic scale is coming to Apracis; of that I have no doubt, but after a century of fighting I am weary and I will take no part in it.

If the Priests are to be believed, a few decades spent in suspended animation will help clear my head and bring me closer to the answers that I seek. I do not share their optimism. I suspect I am bound for nightmares for the full duration. But I will endure. Like always.

I will not be standing with my sisters and brothers in House Krodven once I arrive. As part of my transfer I will instead take my place under the banner of House Ariness. It is my hope that under their leadership I will find the guidance that I need, for this journey will be as much a spiritual one as physical for me.

As I sit here and write this, I can't help but wonder... will there be peace in the next galaxy?

And if so, what place will there be for me?

Serve the Imperium.
Crush all opposition.
Nothing will stand in my way.

Find new purpose, seek meaning.


Friendly: Quarra Quandar, a fellow Imperial Commando. Twenty years her senior, Quarra was the one that personally oversaw Narinth's training. They have fought side by side on many occasions and Narinth has grown to trust her as far as she trusts anyone. A bit of a hot head, but an exceptionally skilled warrior.

Neutral: Thurbrek Vengestone, Narinth's preferred duergar weaponsmith. Has a side hustle as a moonshiner. Proud of his craft and happy to see his works being put to good use. Less happy to see them constantly being brought back for repairs after being handled roughly in the field by Narinth.

Hostile: Ristel Krodven. A politician through and through. He took Narinth's decision to serve House Ariness as a personal affront, and will most likely attempt any sort of underhanded tactic to bring her back into the fold, or just to make her life miserable.

Narinth dal Krodven
Background: War Hero
Origin: Lowborn/House Krodven
Level 1 Imperial Commando (Archer/Striker, or anything that's not Warlord, Summoner or Buddies)

HP: 10/10, Speed 6

At-Will (Attack): Aim, Flare, Pin Down, Area Denial
Role (At-Will): Assess, Quick Shift
Encounter (Attack): Trick Arrow
Encounter (Trigger): Strike Back
Passive: Blitzer, Damage Boost, Melee Shooter, Danger Sense

Kit: The Brute
  • And Look Good Doing It
  • Danger Sense (Poached from The Seer)
Skills (Physical/Mental/Social 1:2:3)
  • Brute Strength
  • Guerrilla Tactics
  • Intimidation
  • Master at Arms
  • Military Contacts (Connections)
  • Pain Tolerance
  • Situational Awareness
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Ultra-Violence: Can always impress, dismay or frighten with a show of violence.
  • Heavy Lifting: Can always lift an object or obstacle if anyone can.
  • Wealth: 1 (Poor)
  • Double-barreled Shotgun
  • The Imperial Order of Apracis
  • Melee Shooter
  • Short fuse
  • Drenched in blood

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Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Tomorrow is most of the last day to app. I plan to wake up by or after 8 PM Eastern on Saturday and post my picks.

Here's what we have so far, added to the 2nd part of the OP:

No Warlords, Bombardiers or Buddies. As a Buddies player myself I consider this mildly shameful, tsk tsk. There's also no Rogues and Psions from add-ons on the Strike site but I can see trying the core game out first before the expansions.

Anyways I kid, play what you like. Roles seem mostly balanced even with two of a class so only diversify if you need those precious contrarian points that I totally don't base 50% of my own chargen off of.

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Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Penelope: Jetpack/Flightsuit allows 1/Enc Move to Move Speed 9 with Flight. Jetpack is fairly limited and clunky out of combat, allows limited flight and hovering with up to 3 "charges." The Encounter boost represents juicing the fuel intake with some dodgy nanites and chems.

Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.

forgetting to load it with a jet fuel-motor oil mixture and it coughing, wheezing, dying 500 feet above ground.

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Howdy applicants, I'm taking all eight of you onboard. My original notes for this game idea was to consider taking many people, maybe even up to 12 or more, so long as I could use a faster system and some abstraction at times to make it easier to run than my ridiculously over homebrewed and multi-system'd other game I am still running. Eight players seems pretty doable with Strike!, the big tactical combats I'm accustomed to running and my ideas for some decision making later in the campaign. I also aim to keep the game moving briskly even if a player needs some downtime but more on that later.

The direct bloodline member of House Ariness is Reyla Ariness who is supported by her immensely loyal head of housekeeping SEBASTIAN XII and personal psychiatrist Bella. Other members of House Ariness include the military scout Dralvas, maintenance worker Verilasa and transport pilot Penelope. She is friends with two members/liasons of the major houses, Yvonnel of House Faertala and Narinth of House Krodven, though Narinth has entered into service of House Ariness recently.

This means that seven members of the party directly live in and serve the heads of House Ariness. Yvonnel can choose to as well but can live in and serve under the city district of House Faertala. I'll post more and the IC thread later today but for now feel free to ask my for any clarifications you need.


Everyone: You have been awake for a month same as the rest of the ship. For now what are your brief(or not, if you want!) impressions of the others? Feel free to team up and write out more advanced relationships then "just met this idiot for the first time in my life, send me or them back to Apracis."

Narinth: For gear your Double-Barreled Shotgun is an illegally modified version of the standard Vular Enforcer. It has an At-WIll Power: Range 3, Damage 4. Special: Must be Reloaded(Standard) after 2 shots. A simple, no-nonsense weapon for obliterating anything that gets too close. It does not interfere with the ability to use the rest of your class powers when unloaded, only itself.

The Imperial Order of Apracis is a medal of honor in the Vular Imperium. It can be invoked to gain one Advantage in an Encounter on a Social Role with those who respect it in special circumstances, though results aren't guaranteed if you misjudge someone's respect for the Vular military.


IC thread will go up sometime today, this remains the OOC thread.

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Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Pogs for y'all. If you want to make your own please use a blue border. Blue = PCs, Green = NPCs, Red = Known Hostiles.

: Reyla

: Bella, Bella In Combat/For Real


: Dralvas

: Penelope

: Yvonnel

: Veri

: Narinth

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Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?


: Marina
: Sierra

For Veri

: Fly Bot

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Game Thread is up.

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Veri: A standard issue Robotics Kit that grants Advantage on Skill checks made to repair advanced machinery and robotics. It has two charges due to limited use nanites and some plasteel thermal gel.

Dad's Old Rifle is an illegally smuggled Vular Imperium Standard Issue Service Rifle for citizens drafted for their mandatory service, usually the moment they graduate high school assuming they have no nepotism at play, high society connections or further higher education. Dad found he was good with his hands and took on the engineering and a scholarship after he got out of the military but somehow got his old rifle back with him for the occasional hunting trip with his pals. It has a custom modification that allows it to fire at a ridiculous, accelerated full-auto. Knowing Dad he probably feared that one day a large mammal or reptile would get the drop on him.

Enc/1: Roll 3 Ranged Basic At-Will Attacks against a single target, each dealing 1 Damage. These Rolls can trigger your Control Boost on 3s/6s with the Slide limited to 1 Square. The Rifle must be repaired after an Encounter to restore this Power for the next Encounter or the weapon is at severe risk of damage.

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Weekly Bump.

A reminder to PCs that Strike is very open to player suggestion and outside the box solution. Consider your known Skills, risk using unknown Skills, you can burn AP for Advantage on Known Skill rolls or to use Tricks, and your Wealth, Connections and Kits are valid paths as well. You can also take Complications to get AP and make your life a bit harder.

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Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

Thinking about it awhile my initial fear that wild 6s would fly recklessly as PCs threw Unskilled Checks around all over the place is unfounded and as Socker pointed out a possible source of bad luck streaks for the party where some characters learn a bunch and some never learn any.

So going back to Strike's default of learning Skills on Unskilled rolls: if you get a 6 on an Unskilled Skill Check you can learn the Skill OR get a bonus at that moment. Just one needed. Forget the 2:2:2 or 1:2:3 stuff, I'm striking it from the OP.

Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?


Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?


Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?


Jun 28, 2008

Didn't you mean to ask about flowers?

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