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Oct 9, 2012

Jokatgulm is tedium.
Jokatgulm is pain.
Jokatgulm is suffering.

So I'm switching jobs and industries and it got me thinking about, what habits I've picked up at work that have carried on into my private life. In Swedish the term " arbetsskada" (lit. work injury) can be jokingly used for this but I don't know if English has a similar usage.

I'm leaving my position as a tram conductor where I had to say "Thank you" after checking a ticket, unfortunately it has carried on to the rest of my life where I also say it when I have my own ticket checked, including at the automated turn stiles, because they play the same noise.

I also used to work at the Swedish postal service sorting mail and it took me a year after I quite before I could remember 5 digit combinations for more than a few seconds, because most of the work was read a post code, type it in on a keypad and then send the package away, so having to keep the number in mind was a problem. I'm however still incapable of not reading any text I see after having to find and read the destination as quickly as possible.

I'll probably find some other things as they come up in totally useless situations.
But post your own if you have any or any specific things you really have to keep distinct because it's important for work yet no one else cares.
Keep the real injuries, physical or mental out of this thread though.


Leper Go-getter
Nov 7, 2010

I am barely capable of feeling or expressing emotions other than stressed.
I think it's from 15 years of feeling like a constant underachiever, getting tasks added on while I'm doing poo poo and not seeing the finish line.
Thats my funny work habit, allways working or having to be aware of more poo poo that i could be doing. And then clocking out and not wanting to see or know a single coworker and their right wing shittakes for EVER or until next shift haha lads amiright get hosed.

Ugly In The Morning
Jul 1, 2010

So pat yourself on the back and give yourself a handshake
'Cause everything is not yet lost


I worked in sales in my first job out of college and still, eight years after getting laid off, still occasionally answer my phone with my greeting from that job.

oh dope
Nov 2, 2006

No guilt, it feeds in plain sight

When I first started my job as a mail carrier, one carrier told me about the time another, older carrier found a very old and extremely expired Slim Jim in his mail truck and ate it. Later that day they had to call an ambulance because he was in the bathroom screaming for help and making GBS threads himself to death.

Jun 30, 2006


My first couple of jobs were working at a discount deli and wiping tables at a cafe, leaving me with the following:

1) Intense hatred of anyone who picks stuff up at a store and just puts it back just anywhere in the shop when they decide they don't want it before they get to the checkout. I get especially angry if it's something from the cold aisle that could go off, and it's just left out on a regular shelf.

2) If I'm eating at a cafe/canteen (not a fancy place) I like to pile up the plates nicely and do a pre-wipe of the table to make it a little easier for the server. I also get mad at other people if they leave piles of poo poo all over their table and don't even try to clean before they leave.

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