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Mycroft Holmes
Mar 26, 2010

:wotwot: To the Moon! For Queen and Country!

Mine is Jesus Christ Superstar. Great soundtrack. Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables are both good as well.


Big Beef City
Aug 15, 2013
Can't post for 19 days!

Mine is The Skin Flute staring your mother

Aug 17, 2003

I am the man of la Mancha… my dream is impossible!

Skin flute
He got no eyes
But he still staring
At your mom’s tonsils

Big Beef City
Aug 15, 2013
Can't post for 19 days!

My Fair Lady but the reason she can't speak is because she's gobblin' knob.
"The rain in Spa-agblabljlblshl"
"I think she's got it Higgins!"

my dog died im sad
Jun 29, 2015

I've always enjoyed The Music Man.

Edmund Sparkler
Jul 4, 2003

It's okay to watch child porn if you don't touch your dick, just raises awareness man.

Butthole Boogie Blues

Mycroft Holmes
Mar 26, 2010

:wotwot: To the Moon! For Queen and Country!

my dog died im sad posted:

I've always enjoyed The Music Man.

That's a good one. "Ya got trouble" is a good song.

Jun 29, 2008

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes

How do you measure? Measure my balls?

Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

willy wonka and the chocolate factory. the one with gene wilder

Kirk Vikernes
Apr 26, 2004

Count Goatnackh

Springtime for Hitler

Robin Williams
Aug 11, 2018

by Fluffdaddy

Ronnie Dobbs The Musical

Apr 29, 2009

Self Defense
Nil Satanus carborundum

Yeshua akbar!
(Xtian anarchisto, no bombo)

Sweeney Todd.

Aug 9, 2009

"You are the best poster... do not let anyone say otherwise."

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

JC Super Star is ok too with Ian Gillan of course

free hubcaps
Oct 12, 2009

how to succeed in business without really trying is v good

Jun 29, 2005


The Blues Brothers is about the only "musical" I can stand. But, to be fair, I don't seek them out to begin with.

Blue Footed Booby
Oct 4, 2006

got those happy feet

Slippery Tilde


Sep 4, 2006

The Doomstar Requiem.

Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

Kirk Vikernes posted:

Springtime for Hitler

gene wilder makes any musical better

Jul 5, 2006

Soiled Meat

I love the new cats movie and I'm sorry. I know it's wrong, but it's just so perfectly offputting

Dumb Sex-Parrot
Dec 24, 2020

I have only seen two musicals live, so going by that metric it's a stiff competition between Starlight Express and a musical about Moses. I forgot its name, let's call it Moses The Musical.
The only thing I recall from Starlight Express is people were on rollerskates and we were in London, for Moses The Musical I remember the pharaoh looked and acted a lot like Elvis and he absolutely stole the show.

Gonna go with Pharaoh Elvis The Musical.

Alternatively there's always AD/BC:

Mar 30, 2010

The Lazy Satanist

The Wicker Man

Feb 11, 2019


Wicker Man is a good one. How do? How do? Check out my boobs! How do?

Umbrellas of Cherbourg

Jun 14, 2005

Pretty sure I'm the only person in the world who really loves Oliver! the musical.

rap music
Mar 11, 2006

i can't stand singing and tbh i am afraid to look into this being a symptom of autism

Lord Decimus Barnacle
Jun 25, 2005

Hell Gem

I like the pick of destiny and South Park bigger longer and uncut

I never saw the Book of Mormon but I listened to it and enjoyed the catchy songs

Das Boo
Jun 9, 2011

There was a GHOST here. It's gone now.

yikes! posted:

I love the new cats movie and I'm sorry. I know it's wrong, but it's just so perfectly offputting

I went to see it in what turned out to be a packed showing where everyone showed up to joke and cheer and sing along with it. It was the single best movie-going experience of my life.

But Little Shop of Horrors is the best musical.

May 23, 2014


May 23, 2014

Maybe I like The Wall more than Tommy

I don't really like musicals tbh

Hector Delgado
Sep 23, 2007

Time for shore leave!!

Popeye cause I was a little kid and it was on all the time on cable back in the day.

neato burrito
Aug 25, 2002

bitch better have my chex mix

Fiddler on the Roof and Book of Mormon. Cats and Phantom can suck a hard one.

Sep 11, 2001

~*Suck My Balls*~

Fun Shoe

The south park movie.

Devils Affricate
Jan 22, 2010

I liked Phantom when I was a kid, but now the plot just strikes me as being utterly joyless and inane. The songs aren't even that good.

Little Shop of Horrors is pretty much the pinnacle of the genre. I also love Rocky Horror Picture Show but that one is a flawed film to say the least, and it tends to put people off. Book of Mormon had some great musical numbers but overall I found it to be pretty overrated.

e: does The Forbidden Zone count as a musical?

Dec 11, 2006

Cannibal! The Musical

hands down.

Mar 24, 2005

*hic* Gotta finish thish . . .

Doctor Rope

My favorite classy musical is West Side Story, but my REAL favorite musical?

mobby_6kl posted:

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.


Speaking of musicals, Rent has some of the most impressively terrible songs I've ever heard in my life.


Loden Taylor
Aug 11, 2003

I just watch Ligeti's "Le Grand Macabre" on repeat.

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