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Dec 15, 2007


Extremely interested in this. Sundays are probably the best day for me. I'll probably be throwing a defender together, something Gunbreaker-esque. Just need to reinstall the character builder first.

Rajko Daliborsch, Hrothgar Gunbreaker

Cresting the hill, the tawney Hrothgar looked onto the walls of the city that had just come into view. Revenantís Toll, onetime base of the legendary Scions of the Seventh Dawn and now home to the Garlond Ironworks. It had been too long since he was last here. For many years his clan had helped procure supplies for the Ironworks. It had made sense, afterall, his forefathers had only managed to make it to Eorzea in the final days of the 7th Astral Era thanks to the close connection between the Ironworks and the Bozjan Resistance. Several families had been in Eorzea on behalf of the Resistance looking to set up trade and supply routes when the Black Rose was released. The spreading Calamity had made intercontinental communication much less travel all but impossible. His clan had been one of those families suddenly cut off from their homeland. The people of the Ironworks had always been kind to them, and in return the Hrothgar clans who were now trapped in Eorzea had attempted to repay that kindness wherever they could.

As for Rajko, he loved seeing the city, and not merely because it had long been a beacon of peace and stability in the darkness of an Umbral Era. The city was rich with history, it was one of the few to survive the calamity mostly intact. More than that, these were grounds where the great heroes of the 7th Astral Era once walked. Even since he was a child, he had on occasion experienced visions, memories he knew were not his own, memories of a past before his birth. They had been frightening at first, but they had quickly become more exciting than frightening. They were a window into times and places he had only ever heard of in stories. He had always loved the tales of the heroes of the past age, the men and women who had valiantly fought against the Empire, who had stood up to protect the weak and the vulnerable. He had dreamed of one day trying to follow in their footsteps.

Life hadnít always been easy, but over time the clans had carved out a niche for themselves. The Ironworksí grand project meant they were constantly in need of supplies both common and rare. Hrothgar made excellent guards, and the clans developed a lot of expertise in delving into the pre-calamity ruins in search of the remnants the sages of the Ironworks required. Rajko followed in his fatherís footsteps, becoming his apprentice. He learned the art of the Gunbreaker at his fatherís feet, and his enthusiasm for the study of history and magic made him a natural at delving into old pre-Calamity ruins in search of the items the Ironworks required. When it was time for his father to retire, he received the gunblade that had been in his family since the Resistance days, the same blade he proudly wields to this day.

Now that the Ironworks finished their project, the need for the same level of supplies has dried up, leaving the clans in something of an identity crisis. Many in the clans are shifting to mercenary work protecting caravans as trade slowly began to crop up again or other similar tasks. As for Rajko, he plans to follow in the footsteps of the heroes of old he admires. This world is in need of heroes, and if he can do his part to help protect the weak and restore peace heíll do so gladly. Moreover, perhaps he might also find out the source of his memories of the past and what has become of the homeland his forefathers had lost.

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