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Jan 6, 2010

Anime is Bad.
Except for Pokemon, Valkyria Chronicles and 100% OJ.

Oh man its been so long since I got to do 4e, and I was just lamenting it. I gotta think on character, I should have the builder around here somewhere...

If I do come up with something, I'm on your time (minus half the year lol) and either Saturday or Sunday would be best for me.

edit: Ok I dug the builder out and am trying to decide between a pretty standard Lalafel Black Mage (Not certain on which class just yet) or figuring out how to cook up an Au Ra Warden (maybe doing gnoll for the race, trying to think up how to skin the class.)

Tumet Bartu, Gnoll Storm Warden Au Ra Dragoon

(Character Sheet)

"Be still. The beast is nearby, hunting. I can feel it."

The aching of the land was something Tumet could always feel, in the earth, the plants, the mountains. It was in great pain, and struggling to recover, and that feeling pulled at him, drew him out into the wilderness and towards places of pain. Sometimes it was a physical scar marring the earth, remnants of the calamity rendered in great stones hurled from across the world, and other times it was beasts of the forests or plains, driven mad or desperate by the state of the world. The day came that he returned from one such trip, greeted by the sounds of his people in mourning.

A pack of crazed monsters had attacked a foraging party while he was gone and were driven off after a hard fight. A fight that stole their chief, Tumet's father, from the tribe along with his elder brother. By rights he was entitled to the position of khan as the oldest remaining child, but he pulled away from the tribe instead, passing the title on to his uncle in his stead. Withdrawing further into the wilds, hunting for weeks or months at a time and only staying in camp for scant days, even that eventually became too close for him to stand. So he left, receiving a new name from his mother as he departed homelands that were no longer home, and setting course for Eorzea, following the pull of the wounded earth to somewhere he could help.

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