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Jan 20, 2010

The real power behind countless overlords

M'Brace Fortune, Mi'qote Astrologist (lazyishlord)
(I think you're just waiting on me to make picks, so here's my character concept. I'll keep working on the mechanics. Probably a warlord or an invoker, whatever fits best).

"Your horoscope for today is... unfortunate, but happily short-lived."
Orokos with no magic items

Fate is a fickle mistress. None know this better than M'Brace Fortune, or just Brace to his friends, for he has devoted his life to that most fickle of mistresses . He has followed the guidance of the stars and the cards ever since leaving his home. They have led him back and forth across the land like a wind-tossed leaf. Most recently they have brought him to Revenants Toll. The cards predicted a calamity would follow if the Crystal Tower, whatever that is, disappeared. He left at once, to do what he could. The reflection of the Crystal Tower in the stars flickered in and out of existence, leading him towards the city.

Brace arrived in Revenants Toll too late. Too late by at least a year, according to the locals he talked to. The Crystal Tower had disappeared the previous year, while he was still navigating the twists and turns of his many fateful encounters along the way.

Fate is a fickle mistress, and this is not the first time she's shown him her harsh side. A little thing like arriving a year late is really a rather mild setback. At least this time Lady Luck didn't set the house he was sleeping in, his bed, and all his clothes on fire. Brace thanks the gregarious locals for the information and then reads the cards to see where he should go next. "Ah, excellent," he thinks to himself, "assistance, opportunity, and limitless danger are just three blocks East and one block North. How fortunate I am to find all three things so close! The Cards are kind today."

I've got lots of hopefully amusing one-liners in mind about fate, fortune, and tarot card references.

~Gear wishlist~
Guardian's whistle for the movement options
Battle Standards because handing out buffs is fun
Lamp of discerning for the same reason and also because it floats.
Factotum helmet because I am addicted to skills
Harper pin - nice encounter power

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