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Dr Pepper
Feb 4, 2012

Don't like it? well...

"Hear. Feel. Think."

Two hundred years ago the world of Hydaelyn collapsed into ruin. The Garlean Empire, in a desperate bid to conquer Eorzea once and for all used the devastating weapon the White Rose. The results were catastrophic.

Freezing the Aether of anything exposed to it, the resulting deaths and crop failures lead to riots, the collapse of magitechnology, and the fall of most of the civilizations upon the world as the necessary Aether to support them was locked in a cold stasis.

However, the world continues on, and no tragedy can last forever. As the 8th Umbral Era continues on, people have come together to work and rebuilt. To work to make a better world. In the past two hundred years three new nation states have emerged from the ashes of the old.

Revenants Toll, one of the few bastions of the 7th Astra Era, tirelessly protected by Garland Ironworks, it's people have tirelessly worked for Freedom through Technology, and recently have opened their doors far and wide after the mysterious disappearance of the Crystal Tower.

The Free Nation of Idylshire, founded by the Goblin Slofix Cointoss the city built on the ruins of an abandoned colony only grew in strength and prominence after the 8th Umbral Calamity, a hardy folk already used to eking out an existence in harsh lands, they have only thrived and now much of Dravania is littered with Idylshire settlements.

New Grdania. The 8th Umbral Calamity devastated the Twelveswood, weakening the Elementals that manifested there greatly. Now the Elementals are forced to work directly with mankind. Merging their aether with the leaders of this new city with their main goal being to restore the nature to how it should be.

You are an adventurer. Having left your home to journey to Eorzea, the land where the world is being reborn. But, of course, as you reach this land, a strange power awakens within you...

What is this?
This is a Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition game set in the world of the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV.* To be exact, it takes place in an alternate timeline where the apoclypse happened and the player character died 200 years ago. So don't worry about not being super familar with the setting or even having played the game before, it's 60% a new setting with the game itself being the setting's backstory. You'll be playing as an adventuerer wandering into Revenants Toll as big plot things start happening.

*4e is an MMO at last.

What's it going to be for?
Discord for voice and Roll 20 to play. Ideally once a week on either a Sunday, Wednesday, or Saturday in the evenings. I'm in the Arizona time zone so that will come into play for if you want to sign up.

Discord Server

So what's the character creation going to be like?

You'll be starting at level 4, with standard magic item and wealth for a character of that level.

Naturally though there are some bonuses to this game

28 Point Buy (6 more points than usual)
Inherent Bonuses
Free Expertise Feat
Free Improved Defenses
Melee Basic Attacks use your highest stat.
Any Superior Weapon has a +3 Proficiency Bonus
All Superior Implements have the Accurate property in addition to whatever property they normally have.

Naturally Eorzea does not have the usual D&D races. As such any "race" you pick can be reskinned to fit FFXIV's world, and in fact let me get a list of the playable races in FFXIV (and two others) so feel free to pick any D&D 4e race that kind of fits what you're going with them as a character.

Hyur are diverse peoples with no central cultural identity. Average in height and build compared to other peoples, they tend to spread out. They are broadly divided into two tribes. The Midlanders who tend to leave in the southern parts of Eorzea, and the Highlanders who tend to inhabit the more mountainous regions.

Miqo'te live more wild lives, appearing similar to Hyur but possessing cat-like ears, fangs, tails, and claws, the tribes follow where the hunt goes. They are divided into Seekers of the Sun, with a patriarical setup where each tribe is headed by a single breeding male, and Keepers of the Moon which is matriarchal and live more nocturnal lives.

Elezen are tall, slender, and with pointed ears. The race that has lived on Eorzea the longest, they are well known for their skils in archery and swordplay There are two distinct tribes of Elezen. The first, the Wildwood Elezen, mostly descend from the remnants of the Holy City of Ishgard, and regard their history of knighthood and dragons with a mixture of reverence and atonement, The Duskwight Elezen, who survived the destruction of Gridania and now are the most populous Elzen tribe in Eorzea, many of of whom are concerned with New Gridania's rise.

Lalafell can perhaps be underestimated by newcomers who had never encountered one. Being short of stature compared to most people. This is done at their own peril as the Lalafell are cunning, strong in magecraft, and have been expert merchants and craftsman since the 6th Astral Era. Once there were two tribes of Lalafell, the Plainsfolk and Dunesfolk, but the distinctions are long gone. It is whispered that amongst the Lalafell of Thanalan the royal family of Ul'Dah still lives, and the Sultana will one day rise to claim her throne again.

Roegadyn hailed from the northern seas and have settled into the coastal lands. The 8th Umbral Calamity destroyed much of the lumber needed to make ships, as such much of the culture surrounding these peoples has faded to legend. Still, the Sea Wolves have been working to bring back the era of great pirate kings and queens again, as the world begins to shrink once more. Meanwhile, the Hellsguard have continued to live lives of developing strength within the harsh volcanic land from which they hail, the world ending hardly changing them at.

Au Ra Hail from Othard to the east. The effects of the 8th Umbral Calamity spread far and wide, and the two former clans of Raen and Xaela have largely faded as the two clans were forced to unite to survive. Few live in Eorzea, so what brings once here?

HrothgarHail from Ilsabard, the former home to the Calamity bringing Garlean Empire. A tribe with mostly men, the rare female Hrothgar is not expected to venture out. With the males of the tribe expected to bring back wealtth and stability to help their tribe survive in this harsh world.

Viera Are an isolated people. Living exclusively within their forests. Any Viera who chooses to leave is cast out, and can never return. In doing so they pick new names to show the world.

Goblins are a clever people, inventive and constantly innovating their technology. Once considered a "beast tribe" (an outdated term) with the rise of Idylshire they are the seen in many places as the face of the New Eorzea. "A Goblin's Face" is a well known idiom for an unknowable mystery. As their sensitive noses inspire them to keep on protective masks around other peoples.

Finally Garleans are few in number, and not popular beside. Many Garlean clans have faced anger and even lynch mobs with them being the face of the Umbral Calamity. With many traveling Garleans hiding their "Third Eye" that rests upon their forehead. However, Revannts Toll is well known for offering safe havens. After all, the famous Cid Garlond and his partner Nero were Garleans as well. It should be noted that Garleans can not use manipulate aether like every other race on Hydaelyn. So if you choose to play one then expect a bit more reskinning to play any non-martial class.

Here's a link to the various races naming conventions
And Hrothgar And Viera

Next up, the Echo, again
But of course you aren't just ordinary people. You have been granted the Echo. A mysterious power said by some to be a gift from the Star herself. The Echo manifests in many forms, with examples such as:

The ability to see people's memories of the past
The power to predict the future.
Being able to sense the souls of living things and follow the trail they leave in the world.

All users of the echo can understand any spoken language.

But you, yes you, get to pick some vague prophetic power for your character to have. Use the examples above as a guideline. This can be talked about and adjusted later.

How long are signups lasting

About a week, then we'll discuss scheduling and set up the discord and continue things from there. Post up your character sheet and basic profile

Dr Pepper fucked around with this message at 16:44 on Sep 30, 2021


Dr Pepper
Feb 4, 2012

Don't like it? well...

Infinite Karma posted:

This sounds great, I haven't played 4E in so many years. Are all the classes and feats released over the years kosher? I'll have to look over everything to know what I'll build, but I figure triple-checking doesn't hurt.

I do not care what you use. There's nothing utterly game breaking in 4e nearly on the level past or later editions.

Dr Pepper
Feb 4, 2012

Don't like it? well...

DoubleDonut posted:

They're not playable in-game, but would an Ishgardian elezen be okay? I'm free any of those times mentioned, fwiw, and I've got a few ideas I'm gonna mull over for a day or so before submitting.

Ishgardian Elezan are just Wildwood Elezan in Knight cosplay so if you wanna say your Elezan character is decended from Ishgard that's fine

Heck I said in the OP that most of the Wildwood around Eorzea at this timelime are decended from Ishgardians

Dr Pepper fucked around with this message at 05:07 on Sep 29, 2021

Dr Pepper
Feb 4, 2012

Don't like it? well...

Since I have some response to this game

I now have the discord Server we'll be speaking with on

Dr Pepper
Feb 4, 2012

Don't like it? well...

Yeah holy crap 12 apps that's enough for 2-3 games.

Alas, I am but one GM.

:siren: I will be making decisions on who to more forward with tonight :siren:

Still got a few hours to edit/submit something. And put in the times you'll be available here:


Dr Pepper
Feb 4, 2012

Don't like it? well...

Ok so after a lot of thought I have selected a group to actually play this game. This was a hard and painful choice. The Full Party we have in this Tabletop MMO are

Rajko Daliborsch - by Valhawk
Jophrey Lethe - by Lzzy
Sam Lightrook - by Lightrook
M'napha Reach - by Otherkinsey Scale
Celia Darkhart - by Unknown Quantity
M'Brace Fortune - by LLSix

Ya'll have great submissions and this was painful. If any slots open up later you guys will be first on the list to be called back

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