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Jul 31, 2012

This is far and away the chillest thread on the forums atm, fascinating, beautiful and educational.

The sea is deep, dark and delightful

(Note: Lots of embedded videos per page)


Jul 31, 2012

Wroughtirony posted:

I'm thriving on my new meds, happy in my relationship, our cats are happy and healthy, and I finally have a job I actually look forward to going to every day. I have my holiday travel booked and will get to spend some quality time with family (born and chosen) this December.

And getting in super late on PastaChat, the ideal pasta for sauce delivery has been created:

A funny thing happened a few months ago. I emptied out a box and found a printout of a forums post with a surprisingly familiar username on it. It was a post on cooking your first roast chicken that you wrote in that E/N thread about a stupendously incapable couple many years ago. My cooking has always been very bad but I did follow the instructions and dined on very acceptable chicken for the rest of the week. I don't think I posted about it at the time, so here's a very belated thanks for helping a random stranger stop being a manbaby :)

bulletsponge13 posted:

My friend is totally cool with me buying her toddler daughter dumb dinosaur toys.

I never had babies, so I am excited to buy dumb stuff.

I bought my brothers kids a couple of kites for Christmas today. I forgot just how fun it is to wander round a toy store. I consider myself lucky that I only ended up buying a small model plane for myself, I felt a sudden urge to buy a lego cargo ship in a box the size of a vacuum cleaner that luckily passed.

Jul 31, 2012

A little while back I kind of accidentally invented a system that has had some quite positive effects. I have a bunch of very broad categories e.g.
- Fitness
- Survival Chores e.g doing the dishes
- Long Term Chores like cleaning the oven
- Garden
- Passive relaxation
- Hobby or Project relaxation
- Life Admin
- Reservist Admin

On any normal day, I try and do four items. Including the relaxation is important because when you blob out and don't do much, hey you've completed a quarter of your goals and are now relaxed enough to do something else!

I've been doing it about a month and I find that I feel less like I'm treading water, and I've got a few things done ahead of time. If I'm feeling tired I just find really simple things to do, and If I have lots of energy I do some extra. Generally it has been quite positive not only in getting things done, but also in reframing what I have done to realize that I am achieving things that I want to. It's also been quite a lot easier to stick to than I thought.

Jaguars! fucked around with this message at 08:22 on Oct 2, 2023

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