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Aug 17, 2007

You're fucking subhuman

Luke Aston, the Neighbor

I've lived in Winford my entire life. Things were going okay, until my dad got laid off from his job at one of the factories. He's an accountant, and it turns out less businesses in Winford meant less need for people with his skills. My mom's job at the library was barely keeping us afloat, until Phillips came in and started a big business here. Now my dad is back at work and we're back to where we were. My older brother Desmond should be able to move out if he gets accepted to any of the colleges he applied to, and Mary is starting her freshman year.

Me? That's....well, I think I'm figuring that out. Desmond might be leaving Winford if he gets into the right school and part of me wants to follow in his footsteps. But everyone I know is here, and maybe with Prometheus coming to town things might get better. Hell maybe I can get a job there as well - even see if I have my dad's knack of money management.

I guess I got 2 years of school to go through and see where I want to end up. How hard can it be?


Name: Luke Aston

Look: Easy-going, hopeful eyes

Origin: Boy next door


Hot 2 , Cold -1, Volatile 1, Dark -1


Lucky I Guess

When you remain oblivious to troubling or supernatural occurrences, take 1 Forward.


Offer someone a String on you in exchange for a favour, gift, or second chance. (Or third, etc)

Nap Fan

As soon as you fall asleep somewhere, choose two for the MC to detail when you wake:
  • something was left for you,
  • someone’s there,
  • someone’s been trying to contact you,
  • something’s been broken,
  • you had a nice dream.

Sex Move:

When you have sex with someone, tell them something you don’t want them to know.

Darkest Self:

You feel... you feel like a monster. What kind of monster do you feel like? A werewolf, a vampire, a ghost, a queen... it can be anything you can think of. Tell the MC, and they’ll hand you that Skin or the closest thing to it. It can be different each time. Read their Darkest Self: you are drowning in metaphor. Choking on it. Your body isn’t supernatural, but you’re gonna take it right to the line. You become that Darkest Self.

Your Backstory:

You live next to someone; your bedroom windows face each other. You leave your blinds up. Each gain 2 Strings on one another.

You made out with someone a while ago. Gain a String on them and give them 2 Strings on you.

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Aug 17, 2007

You're fucking subhuman

Ferrosol posted:

So you're not sure what you want to do with your life. Relax you've got time. Is there anything you definitely don't want to do?

I don't want to waste my time. I don't want regrets. I want to look back at the time here with happiness and as a stepping stone to...whatever I do. I don't want to lament about missed opportunities, but I don't want it to be the best thing that will ever happen - I'll have my whole life ahead of me after graduation.

Most of all, I can't disappoint my family. With how we had to work together when my dad lost his job, I know they're done a lot of us. I just want them to feel it's worth it.

Ferrosol posted:

Do you get compared to your siblings a lot? What do you do to try and stand out from them?

I guess Desmond would be the one I get compared to the most - I think Mary is probably getting compared to me and Desmond. He's pretty smart and is looking at good schools for law. I get decent grades, but when I stumble on tough tests or projects...well my parents aren't slow on telling me how Desmond got through his rough patches.

Mary is a bit more introverted. She spends a lot of her time on the computer/phone. But she knows a lot about how those things work. I use them, but when things get too complicated I'll ask for her help.

Me? I'm....hmm. I guess I'm a bit more outgoing and approachable. I get invited to parties around school and I really like socializing with everyone there. Maybe I'd make a good salesman?

Ferrosol posted:

What's your favourite place to hang out at in Winford?

There have been a couple attempts of outsiders trying to set things up in our town, but either they pass or it dies over time and they bail. There was a film being made here - they bought some empty land and set up a movie theater that the film would take place in. As far as I can tell things were going well.

And then they weren't.

The people just left. The police shut the fake theater down and investigated it. Later, we heard there was a death on set, some accident.'s kind of weird you know? It just doesn't feel like the right answer. But no one really knows what went on down there. And it's got a bit of a reputation.

So that's where I go. It's not an actual theater of course, but I like going to the one room for movies they set up and watching something on my phone. Like I'm going to the theaters to watch LetsPlays or people picking locks really quickly or reviewing fast food. Something kind of nice about having your own place, you know?

That's not too weird, is it?

Aug 17, 2007

You're fucking subhuman

[] [] [] []
[] [Serina] [Luke] []
[] [] [Shankar] []
[] [] [] []

Aug 17, 2007

You're fucking subhuman

Boy has life gotten a lot more complicated. A minor thing - my new neighbor Lola keeps looking through my blinds. I know it's my fault for leaving them up and it's not like I haven't seen a bit of her either but still. I think we just don't talk about what we see.

But the bigger thing do I put this? I was at a party, had some drinks, and talked to Shankar. Don't know too much about him, but he's a local as well. We leaned against each other because we were tired

and then one of us

not saying who (Shankar) leaned in and


we kissed. It was shocking, it made me frightened, it felt so nice I never wanted to stop. And then we did. And then we walked away from each other and haven't talked to each other since. I want to get this situation under control, figure out....where we are. Who we are. I don't even know anymore man. But he's shutting me out. I think he has his own problems. Well, I dunno. Maybe he'll be more willing to sit down and listen if I help him out there.

gently caress.

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Aug 17, 2007

You're fucking subhuman

Ferrosol posted:

Why does David Mason keep trying to make friends with you? Why have you turned him down so far?

David...he means well, I think. He'll talk about injustices in America and social justice and all that...but it feels like he wants me around to balance out his friend group. All of them are white (and maybe straight? I still don't know if I'm something else) and seem to tolerate him. The last time he tried to bring me around, he brought up Black Lives Matter and asked about my views on it and one of his friends started going on about how Not All Police are bad and wanted to debate me and I just...left.

Maybe you understand where I'm coming from? I dunno, I think David could be a good person with the right knowledge - it's just that right now I have too much going on in my own life to be his hip black friend who teaches him about racism or whatever.

Ferrosol posted:

Hannah Pope has been absent for a while. Why have people been saying she’s been absent from school and how do you know it’s not true?

Hannah...I don't know what's she's up to. Or rather, I can guess and it's not good. Most people think she's getting ready to drop out and has stopped caring about showing up. But I know more about what's going on.

See, we were meeting together to work on a recent group project. And when heading to her house, I noticed her car trunk was open and there was something inside covered with tarp. I wish I could say the wind blew it off, or I noticed something off, but an open trunk with something being hidden away? I got curious. And I found drugs. There was weed, of course, but I think there may have been cocaine as well. Some pills of various colors in bags, some other powders...I don't know and I didn't take a good look. I put the tarp back and slammed the door shut in panic.

If she's been picking this up, that would explain absences. Selling it maybe, although I don't believe anyone goes to her for that. Part of me wonders if I should do or say something, and another part of me wants to pretend I didn't see it.

Ferrosol posted:

Alex Marsh used to bully you right? How did you get him to stop?

I broke his nose.

Okay, it's a bit more complicated then that. See, I figured he might give up if I didn't let it get to me. But it did, and and he didn't stop when I pretended it didn't. I shoved him once, and we both got detention. So I sat there, and I thought. I didn't want to fight back, because who knows what would happen...and what trouble I might get into if I fought back. But he continued to bully me and so I just got fed up and socked him in the stomach. He wasn't expected that, and puked all over the classroom.

We both got detention again, and my parents were called in. I think Alex thought I wouldn't do it again. So the next time he started shoving me around I punched him in the face. While he was screaming in pain I told him, "If I'm going to have to decide between letting you ruin my life and getting punished for hurting you, I'll take hurting you every god drat time."

He realized I was serious and has backed off for now. Who knows what he'll do in the future though.

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