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Jan 20, 2009

Serina Kiliç

You bore me. That's okay. Most people bore me these days. To have lived a millenia, only to end up here. It wasn't always like this. I used to be someone. Royalty. In an eternal kingdom. But alas, the hunters came. And went. And blood was just everywhere. So when the opportunity to escape presented itself, I took it. Off to the New World. Much better than off with her head.

So now I live a much different kind of life. Less elegance but... so much more interesting. Adults are so boring and dull and tired all the time. But teenagers are... well they have all the energy in the world. So I live among them. And when the fun ends, I leave.

Winford is up-and-coming and there's a thrill in the air as businesses flock to the town. A perfect playground for me to have some fun.


Name: Serina Kiliç
Skin: Vampire
Look: Smoldering, thirsty eyes
Origin: Many ages old

Hot 1
Cold 2
Volatile -1
Dark -1


The Feeding
You feed on hot blood, direct from the source. If this is the first time they’ve ever been fed upon, you both mark experience. When you feed, choose two:
* you heal 1 Harm,
* you take 1 Forward,
* they definitely don’t die.

You can hypnotize people who have no Strings on you. Roll with Hot. On a 10 up, they do exactly what you wish and have no idea that anything is wrong. On a 7-9, the hypnosis works, but choose one:
* they realize exactly what you’ve done to them,
* they gently caress up your commands,
* their sanity is unhinged.

Sex Move
When you deny someone sexually, gain a String on them. When you have sex with someone, lose all Strings on them.

Darkest Self
Everyone is your pawn, your plaything. You hurt them and make them vulnerable, for sport -- like a cat does with a mouse. Maybe you’ll even drain them dry, though you’ll certainly take your time first. You escape your Darkest Self when you’re put in your rightful place, by someone more powerful than you.

You’re beautiful. Gain a String on everyone.

Someone once saved your unlife. They gain 2 Strings on you.
Lola doesn't know how much of a solid she did me when she drove me to the hospital that day after class. Stupid sun peeked out from behind a cloud and drove me into a tree!

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Jan 20, 2009

[Mr. Greene]

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[] [Serina] [] []
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Jan 20, 2009



Cassie Walsh seems to really have it in for you. What did you do that so upset her?

Ugh, that burnout? She's just upset because I told everyone where I saw her working. What? Somebody has to pick up the trash other people leave in the movie theater. It's not like it's my fault that my soda ended up all over her shirt!


What is it about Sam Wallace that you find so amusing?

You know, I almost feel bad for Sam. It's like he wanted to sit in front of me, to feel my eyes constantly upon his back. He's terrified of me, but can't help himself from acting out to get my attention. Tripping while walking into the classroom. Waving awkwardly from across the hall. Of course, I've never said a word to him. He reminds me of the worshippers from long ago. Only so much... younger...


Eden Carmichael keeps trying to recruit you for one of the sports teams. Which one is it and why does she think you’d be good at it?

Eden keeps trying to recruit me for the volleyball team. Please, been there, done that. And in this case I mean quite literally - about a dozen years ago I was the team captain of a girl's volleyball tournament that won State (not this state, mind you). She probably can tell I've got some physical prowess and wouldn't mind having my body on the squad. That, or maybe she wants my body in her bed. It can be so hard to tell nowadays...

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