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Help us name him
Garuda (Gary for short) after Hindu god transformed into a bird
Puck (Midsummer Nights Dream)
Gonzo (muppet)
Thoth (Egyptian god)
Different name, leave a comment.
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Sep 28, 2010

mmmmmwah - Trophy kisses!

After losing Pippin in May, Iíve really had a tough time. I needed to mourn, but wasnít ready for a new bird yet. Until I found this little boy. Heís about four months and I hope to have him within the month.

Here is a little gif I made of a video the breeder sent me. He is a keel-billed Toucan. I think it looks like he has pants or overalls on and I love him already.

If the image doesnít come through, here is a link:

Iíd love some votes on names and if itís possible maybe add your own suggestion.

My favorite name is Garuda and we would call him Gary for short. Garuda after the Hindu god that transformed into a bird.
My son loves Puck and I love it too, but prefer the above.

But we are also considering Gonzo (after the muppet that was my favorite when I was little) and Thoth.

I love all of the names. My partner likes Howie, but Iím not crazy about that.

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Sep 28, 2010

mmmmmwah - Trophy kisses!

Chaosfeather posted:

I hate being that person but have you done your research? Parrots at minimum are extremely difficult animals to care for with very particular and expensive needs. Toucans are widely considered to be much harder, more specialized and most importantly have a stricter nutrient need, especially when they are young, to keep them alive and healthy for any length of time. Have you done all of the research to supplement their diet with the proper additions that many scientists argue over to this day? Do you have zookeepers available or specialized vets who will know what their needs are and can advise you when you mess up?

Please do not consider a toucan. Toucans have literal horror stories attached to them. There is a man on youtube who is learning all he can to specialize in toucan care and he explicitly is against the idea of them being kept as pets because the science is not fully clear nor developed on what nutrients at a young age allow them to thrive. The goon I remember who had a toucan years ago did the very best they could but eventually rehomed their bird.

Please reconsider.

Iíve researched this for years. Plus, I grew up with birds. Thank you, though, for looking out for both me and the toucan. I know their diets, including food and water needs, as well as their need for space and variance amongst other things. I do appreciate it. I was literally born with birds in my home and Iíve had a large variety. Iíve been studying toucans for probably at least five years, so I didnít take this lightly.

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