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Oct 2, 2009

Makin my way downthread
Postin fast
Shitposts pass
and I'm probed now

Stellaris is a space 4X game developed by Paradox. You explore space and expand your territory, research ways to achieve those goals easier and take care of your pops who generate the materials used to take over the galaxy. Also its got a buttload of DLC, as is the Paradox business model. What I've got is:

Ancient Relics
Synthetic Dawn

No Nemesis, not really interested in espionage or becoming the crisis. Not for 20 bucks at least.

This LP is gonna be kind of a continuation of my Rimworld LP. And that means....

As with Rimworld my game has a bunch of mods in it. The big thing here is that I have a mod that adds extra ethics and civics and I'll be playing with these new civics, namely the ecocentrist one. Instead of the normal gameplay which is just "clear all the blockers", we want to keep them. Not only that, we can install more blockers. So this playthrough is basically preserving what nature is there and introducing nature where there is none. Maybe we'll even make the galaxy bend the knee to nature?

I'll have 2 types of updates, one that will be somewhat narrative with a follow up that will explain things in game play terms to talk about what is a modded mechanic, how the game works for those who haven't played Stellaris and the thought process behind the things I do.

Now for participation I'll be consulting goons on how we should do things, like if we should enslave certain species, invade primitives, how we should act with other empires, etc. Also you can rename leaders, planets and ships so I can take names for those as well.

:siren: Spoilers :siren:

I know this game doesn't have a story and I'm not gonna say "Don't talk about the crisis/khan/fallen empires". But if there is an ongoing event with multiple choices that is going on I ask that no one spoils what each choice results in, let people make the choices they want and let me deal with the consequences. Except that stupid anomaly that has no good result and just kills your scientist, gently caress that one!

Mod list?

Here is what I got and the order I have it in

Lynneth - Corvette class ship name
bios - Construction ship
SilentSnack - Food planet that silently generates food in the background :haw:
BraveLittleToaster - Corvette class ship name
HereticMIND - Carrier battleship class
The Lone Badger - Artillery battleship class

To be named


Cults and Primitives
---- Game play notes

Discovering the Neighbors
--- Anomaly Reports
--- Game play notes 2

Factions and Empires
--- Anomaly Reports
--- Game play notes 3

Cybernetics and Rivals
--- Anomaly Reports
--- Game play notes 4

East to West
--- Anomaly Reports
--- Game play notes 5

West Lanes Best Lanes
--- Anomaly Reports
--- Game play notes 6

Perfect Transcendence
--- Anomaly Reports
--- Game play notes 7

Its Been Mandated
--- Anomaly Reports
--- Game play notes 8

Unisolating the isolated
--- Game play notes 9

Center of the Universe
--- Anomaly Reports
--- Game play notes 10

War Trophy
--- Anomaly Reports
--- Game play notes 11

The Watchers, They Cry
--- Anomaly Reports
--- Game play notes 12

The Update Where More Is In The Anomaly Report Than The Main Update
--- The Long Anomaly Report

What does the foxgirl say?


Come listen to the soothing sounds of the resort world Koko-Ko!

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Oct 2, 2009

Makin my way downthread
Postin fast
Shitposts pass
and I'm probed now

Cults and Primitives

Our system is named after those who propelled Menkalinan Secundus into its golden age. To test advances made in terraforming the planet was altered to resemble the geology of where the Pact of Malor first made planetfall. There were some... side effects to this experiment

A powerful military was needed to protect the citizens from the fallout of the failed experiment, as well as provide the authority to protect them from each other. Research and commerce was always an integral part of the Pact of Malor, both laying the foundation to the golden age. We've taken the harsh lesson from the terraform project to heart and now leave nature to its own devices, instead making the most out of nature through research and preservation.

There are billions of individuals that populate Menkalinan, each one an individual. But on the whole there are 3 categories that deeply influence Hisa evolution:

Genetics started simply as cloning, either entire people or body parts as needed. This has caused our genes to constantly be evolving, making it easier to adapt to change in our environment. However the extreme differences cities can have from one another makes it difficult to unify or get materials and goods moved in our society. That said, natural selection is a constant in society, ensuring only those who adapt well continue to live and pass their genes.

Mechanical alteration provided our people with all kinds of bionics to take over where natural ability ended. At this stage all Hisa have a basic set of cybernetics, making it easier to acclimate to environment change and prolonging life spans. Unfortunately the terraform incident put a hold on cloning, and as such surrogate android bodies had to be made to stem decreasing birth rates.

Magic has been supplanted by technology, its primary use is communications between our species. The potential is there, we just need to unlock it.

Having survived the terraforming incident, we can survive whatever the universe can throw at us. Every planet must be found, settled and studied. The Hegemony decided on making use of every space platform and station to create a centralized station to coordinate all space exploration and defense activities.

Menkalinan Secundus, a planet with unstable tectonics and near permanent blizzard thanks to the botched terraforming. Volcanoes, mountains and an extraordinary large amount of hostile wildlife prevents us from building many districts, but the hills give us ways to work on alloys and the wildlife provides food for the planet.

Oh and the sea is full of gigantic sea dragons who occasionally pays the surface a visit when migrating between oceans. That wasn't from the terraforming, they were always kind of there

While the environment has provided us with plenty of jobs for specialists, it has left all our menial labor unfilled. And Hisa arrogance makes them refuse to "downgrade" to a lower strata.

A bunch of space debris was found between Malor's star and Menkalinan, supposedly this was a gigantic terraforming ship that was destroyed centuries ago. There seems to be a history of terraforming mistakes in this sector of space.

A proper military has been built up, rather than the loose security force that monitored the space directly around Menkalinan. A ship to house construction workers and another for scientists also join our small flotilla of spaceships. The constructors have been busy setting up stations to house workers to exploit nearby celestial bodies for materials and research. Only recently has a scientist been determined fit to command a crew in far off space.

Several exceptional Hisa have been picked to help lead our space endeavors:

Governor Sisalin, wearing a distressingly flesh colored top, is eager to be the first to govern space related matters. She wont ask for as high of a wage, but she isn't exactly bringing much else to the table. Perhaps her eagerness comes from wanting to wear that top in the comfort of the governor's quarters.

Scientist Dov'ace is our exploratory scientist and will be manning the ISS Gohdve. She is very meticulous and will surely be able to find anything of note out in space.

Leading our research in Engineering, Society and Physics are Govace, Dov'sut and Fosalin. Each of them have a particular topic they specialize in within their respective research categories.

The three of them have each presented three potential research options in their categories. The best options decided were to help with future physics research, making our people become more united and plans for smaller, automated strike craft that we can put in hangers on our ships and stations.

Doctor Dov'ace meanwhile performs the first survey of the Hegemony. Exploratory probes show that there may be a colonizable planet nearby. The constructors on the ISS Nahala will be on standby to build an outpost base when Dov'ace finishes her survey.

The science division sends a request that we take a closer look at the different stars in the universe. They request we study an A class star, a K class and a M class as well as a compacted star. With these requests, as well as a desire to explore our surroundings as quick as possible, plans were made to get more science crews out in space.

Doctor Dov'bah has been recruited for a rather mundane purpose: She will go sector by sector to find any other life forms near us. She is sent in the opposite direction as Dov'ace.

Our people have become unified enough to come together and work out how we should move forward. It was decided we should focus more on nature. We are working on way to reduce how much we eat and how luxuriant we live. We'll also be able to make the most out of the environment of any planet and may be able to find more useful resources on our planets.

The crew of the Nahala has been diligent in their work, finishing off a mining outpost above the frozen planet Naff'Gavace to exploit its minerals. They head out to the gas giant Naff'Olimba to build a station to exploit the energy from the planet. After which they standby for Dov'ace's report.

Speaking of, Dov'ace's next route has been decided, there is a sector with 2 planets and another with a single planet. Dov'bah also comes across a cluster of sectors with many hyperlanes connecting to one another. It has been decided she will stop there and instead head back toward Malor and head west. We shall prioritize expanding out towards the Crescim sector to not only claim those 3 planets, but to have a chokepoint leading towards Hisa space.

A group of traitors took control of a fleet of ships meant to reinforce the Gallog Voidfarers.

They stay outside of our starbase's range and wait. The starbase begins producing more corvettes, to the detriment of expanding our science fleet.

And speaking of science, Dov'ace reports about a nearby planet that is completely dead. The report could be left at that, but by influencing the right people the Hisa can be convinced to spend more resources in studying this planet.

And it seems finding a dead planet has spurned interest in finding habitable planets.

Before finishing her survey in the Nodro sector, Dov'ace notes an island teeming with life underground, compared to the lifeless barren planet above. She sets course to the Zulei Cro system while the crew of the Nahala set about installing an outpost.

The Gallog Voidfarers both get their extra ships as well as an admiral, Sler'vus who is more on the cautious side of battle, preferring to fire several shots before closing in to combat.

The Voidfarers fire off several volleys...

Before the traitors fire back.

Both sides close in start encircling one another. As the Voidfarers were able to constantly have one ship tailing the traitors the battle was over in a matter of days.

Even with their ships disabled the traitors refuse to step out.

With Malor space free Doctor Fern'boj is enlisted to first check the debris of the ship.

Somehow the traitors managed to have ship computers more advance than those used in Malor fleets.

This encounter may have moved the Malor agenda into focusing on military endeavors.

As such, when our scientists finish their research any proposal that is military related will be prioritized. This will mostly be on the physics and engineering categories, our society research will focus on anything that makes colonization easier and more efficient.

We have advised our scientists to be on the lookout for these hostile traitors. It is a shame that plenty of Hisa took this opportunity to cede.

With the alloys we've had to put towards our military fleet we must look to the various traders who stop by overhead. The longer we wait, the longer it takes for new colonies to grow. We offload spare minerals, some food and consumer goods to grab enough alloys to make our first colony ship.

A report from Dov'ace continues to prove that science isn't always the most glamorous job.

As Dov'bah continues her exploring, this time north of Malor, she comes across more of the traitors. Admiral Sler'vus is sent out to take care of them. Meanwhile Dov'bah will now be surveying the many sectors around Malor.

And as our people become more united, it is decided that we should focus more on military pursuits. We will focus on increasing our ship's firing rate and construction speed while decreasing upkeep and materiel costs.

Dov'ace reports a gas giant with a very interesting wind anomaly. Convincing the science division to take a closer look at this didn't require much.

It seems the Zulei Cro system is quite an interesting one, beyond having 2 colonizable planets. Fern'boj will be flying in and looking over the anomolies that Dov'ace has discovered.

It didn't take long for Dov'bah to report her own findings. A system that plays its own song, it is a shame that there is no colonizable planets in the sector.

Dov'ace sends in a report as soon as she enters the Marath system, sadly not a positive one. At this moment the Gallog Voidfarers are busy in Canopus, nearly on the other side of our known space. These bastards are blocking us from expanding out to our designated point. Dov'ace will now survey to a choke point westward, which also happens to contain a planet.

The Nahala crew has claimed Zulel Cro for the Malor Hegemony. Beyond its 2 planets and points of interest, it has a very generous deposit allowing our miners to get both energy and alloys.

Speaking of alloys, enough has been collected to get the Hegemony's first colony ship going. Millions of Hisa gathered to be the first colonists and have touched down on Naff'Alahb. It will take roughly 2 years before everything is settled and the first addition to the Malor Hegemony will be able to contribute.

Dov'bah reports a very interesting discovery! A planet of aliens have been found, who have only recently discovered metal working. It has been reported that the Miidari people don't seem to eat as much, are more interested in engineer research than society and display keen senses. It is also reported that they are quite slimy. There are a few options we can take with them:

Firstly we can build an observation post and study them, helping our own research into society.

When our research into genetics is complete we may covertly infiltrate them and have them serve the Malor Hegemony. However with as primitive as they are, we will have to wait for them to become more technologically advanced as the technology shock will be too much.

Or we may simply conquer them, with their primitive armies a single battalion of Hisa soldiers should be able to handle them. The populace will be resentful and the culture shock will make them provide far less resources until the shock wears off and they accept their new overlords.

This choice I leave to the council.

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Oct 2, 2009

Makin my way downthread
Postin fast
Shitposts pass
and I'm probed now

Let's decide what to do with these primitives!

I'll set up a research station while waiting for votes, which will provide a society research bonus. We can either...

Do nothing and continue researching them. At the iron age it is very unlikely they'll naturally ascend and become a space empire for the rest of the game

Help them ascend and infiltrate them. We will help them along with technology in hopes they reach an industrial era and then send in covert agents to get them to join us. This has the bonus of not getting a culture shock penalty and will also give them a happiness bonus for a few years. However, they *are* in the iron age and will most likely take a very, very long time to advance.

Conquer them. A single army will take them over, they'll have a culture shock modifier where they will produce less resources and we cannot move them to other planets until it wears off.

And if you do vote for having them join the hegemony, do we....

Give them residence rights. They will be free people but will not be able to make any leaders

Enslave them. They will use up less consumer goods and can produce more resources from menial jobs.

Displace them. Our ethics do not allow extermination, but we can put them in ships and send them to live somewhere else.

Also to keep me from quadruple posting, I've put this update's gameplay notes on the SSLP test poster

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Mar 19, 2009

Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is the 45th and current President of the United States. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality.

Leal posted:

Let's decide what to do with these primitives!

Since this seems to be the sequel to your rimworld ludicrosity...

Invade and then assimilate them, once you've researched genetics techs to swap their species portrait.

Assimilate everyone. Just biohack an entire galaxy of ridiculous overpowerd anime monstrosities.

Oct 2, 2009

Makin my way downthread
Postin fast
Shitposts pass
and I'm probed now

silentsnack posted:

Since this seems to be the sequel to your rimworld ludicrosity...

Invade and then assimilate them, once you've researched genetics techs to swap their species portrait.

Assimilate everyone. Just biohack an entire galaxy of ridiculous overpowerd anime monstrosities.

Maybe I should've got necroids so we could necrophage them all.

May 5, 2019

Ahh, a continuation This oughta be fun, I liked your Rimworld LP.

Do nothing, just stare and research from above. That's not going to be creepy at all because they'd never find out.

Jan 27, 2010

The most virtuous child in the entire world.

Observe them for now. And they should pray they never start mass deforestation.

Also I need a list of mods you're using. Because I want to play with more events and other fun stuff like that.

Oct 2, 2009

Makin my way downthread
Postin fast
Shitposts pass
and I'm probed now

DoubleNegative posted:

Observe them for now. And they should pray they never start mass deforestation.

Also I need a list of mods you're using. Because I want to play with more events and other fun stuff like that.

I really should preemptively have the list on standby, I should know this by now

Here they are

I want to point out the 36 building slot mod, another mod (either district overhaul or mastery of districts) reverts the colony viewer to the vanilla version, so I can't access the slots after 20. Could probably remove that but uh, the past week I've had consistent crashes on specific dates and I'm sure I fixed it now (used a cheat code to make the game fast forward a hundred years with no crashing) and as such I do not want to touch the mod list anymore.
Just put UI Overhaul, bigger planet view and +36 (or w/e) slots at the very bottom of your mod list. Expect a different planet viewer next update!

E: gently caress me I just realized I forgot to subscribe to Difficulty Bonus for Vassals 3.0. Hopefully it wont crash my game installing it mid playthrough. For whatever reason the AI loses its special bonuses that it normally has when you vassalize them. The AI NEEDS those bonuses

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Sep 13, 2011

Infiltrate, Assimilate, Residence for the aliens. It's what fox girls do.

Also, did you keep the old namelist? Is my robot still kicking? :v:

Oct 2, 2009

Makin my way downthread
Postin fast
Shitposts pass
and I'm probed now

I can definitely grab names from the old LP. I wouldn't want to throw names around though in case someone wanted to be named after something specific. Maybe I could throw names at ships and fleet names, those (generally) don't spontaneously die, unlike leaders who will eventually grow old and die.

And when a ship dies its a conscious effort on my part to rebuild and position them, whereas with leaders I eventually just replace with whoever and forget :v:

Leal fucked around with this message at 02:32 on Oct 18, 2021

Nov 14, 2003

[Grandmaster Tactician]

Invade, then retrofit them to be fox catgirls

It's one of the things that I wish you could do in this game tbh is to retrofit other races to your parent species, it would help late game performance immensely

aside; why would you have a version of gigastructures without the katzen? it has an option in the giga setup for them not to spawn at all

Oct 2, 2009

Makin my way downthread
Postin fast
Shitposts pass
and I'm probed now

tithin posted:

It's one of the things that I wish you could do in this game tbh is to retrofit other races to your parent species, it would help late game performance immensely

This is how necrophaging works, though its less "fitting" and more "consuming" :v:

tithin posted:

aside; why would you have a version of gigastructures without the katzen? it has an option in the giga setup for them not to spawn at all

When I was having crashing issues the final lines in the crash log always listed failing to do something with the katzen. Even if you disable them they still spawn in as a race and the sectors used in relation to them also spawns anyways, one of which contains a planet with a silly OP primitive race that has 80k army strength. Would just rather not deal with it.

Nov 4, 2009

Knock'em over and yank'em back up.

Oct 11, 2012

You are just an omnicidal fox girl fanantic.

Sep 13, 2011

Leal posted:

I can definitely grab names from the old LP. I wouldn't want to throw names around though in case someone wanted to be named after something specific. Maybe I could throw names at ships and fleet names, those (generally) don't spontaneously die, unlike leaders who will eventually grow old and die.

And when a ship dies its a conscious effort on my part to rebuild and position them, whereas with leaders I eventually just replace with whoever and forget :v:
Fleet names would be neat-o.

Leal posted:

When I was having crashing issues the final lines in the crash log always listed failing to do something with the katzen. Even if you disable them they still spawn in as a race and the sectors used in relation to them also spawns anyways, one of which contains a planet with a silly OP primitive race that has 80k army strength. Would just rather not deal with it.

There's a submod that keeps those systems from spawning at all:

E: I'm dumb and didn't read the post before yours properly, yours was an explanation. Dur.
But yeah, Katzen are dumb in general.

Lynneth fucked around with this message at 10:29 on Oct 18, 2021

Apr 27, 2013


Conquer them and give them residency rights. That's surely the catgirl thing to do.

I'm not sure you actually can infiltrate an iron age civilization, I think they need to be in the Renaissance at least.

Nov 6, 2010

Conquer them and give them residency rights.

I'm keen to know what mods you're using. I've been having fun with the "Planetary Diversity" mod, but none of the other mods I've tried have been too great.

Though "More Events" has potential.

Oct 2, 2009

Makin my way downthread
Postin fast
Shitposts pass
and I'm probed now

SugarAddict posted:

You are just an omnicidal fox girl fanantic.

I have a highly specific muse

Torrannor posted:

I'm not sure you actually can infiltrate an iron age civilization, I think they need to be in the Renaissance at least.

Yeah just to say, to infiltrate them first we would need to set our observation post to help them along the way of becoming more technologically advance.... that said, even with someone helping them along it can still take forever for primitives to uplift.

rastilin posted:

I'm keen to know what mods you're using. I've been having fun with the "Planetary Diversity" mod, but none of the other mods I've tried have been too great.

Got a big ol picture of my list right here

Oct 2, 2009

Makin my way downthread
Postin fast
Shitposts pass
and I'm probed now

Discovering the Neighbors

I open this meeting to compliment the fiercest Hisa fishers on Menkalinan Secundus. It takes a lot to willfully go into the depths where the ocean dragons roam.

Now onto other matters. We are located near the center of the universe, near the impenetrable galactic core. No hyper lanes extend through the core and all survey probes cease communications shortly after entering the core. On the upside this means we wont have to worry about any hostiles coming in from the west, the only hyperlane going in that direction immediately heads southward.

Looking at where, exactly, the research division's star branch wants surveyed. It looks like most of our surveying efforts will be heading eastwards, after we clear out the cultists in the way of course.

As we will be prioritizing the east, Dov'bah will survey this hourglass shaped cluster of sectors and we will set up defenses in there. The center sector would be ideal for a shipyard to reinforce the sectors heading northeast and northwest, whose space stations will focus on defense installations.

While surveying Dov'bah discovered a planet that may very well erode itself out of existence. It will be interesting to study this giant in more detail!

Dov'ace's own surveys shows a promising world, completely molten and yet manages to push valuable minerals untouched to the surface.

Fern'boj's crew will be scrambling to follow up on any anomalies and projects that are discovered by the other two scientists. To keep these reports from being flooded with every survey report I shall provide them in a separate document, unless something of note is reported.

As our surveying efforts are in complete opposite ends of known space, a second construction crew was recruited and sent off in the ISS Gohslov. They shall work on claiming systems that Dov'bah has surveyed. This will also ensure we can build all our mining and research stations in a timely manner once we start filling in our closest sectors.

A fourth science crew has been recruited, headed by Doctor Fern'uni. Her crew will be to follow up on any archaeological sites noted by the survey team. This is an involved process that may take years, it is best to have a dedicated crew to follow up on these and we will have Fern'boj help out when the anomalies run dry.

Four science crews will be adequate for our current needs, alloys will now be used for colony ships and military uses.

Focusing more on colony ships, the Hegemony has ramped up its efforts in generating colony fever after the successful colonization of Naff'Alahb and Naff'Oblal, in the Zulei Cro sector. Our shipyards will be able to provide two colony ships in the time it would take us to get one. Far more Hisa will be willing to become colonists as well.

Fern'uni's crew makes progress in learning about the hieroglyphics spotted on Nodro IV and have found a small artifact, a bauble of some kind. Like with anomalies, I will be putting any excavation reports in their own dossier when they conclude.

After Admiral Sler'vus cleared out the Marath system of cultists, she moved further eastward and stumbled upon two things, first being an unrelated ship of unknown origin.

As well as another cultist fleet, this one with a ship that can be classified as a cruiser class. This bigger ship may have more firepower, but it is only escorted by three corvette ships.

The cruiser's longer range may have allowed it to fire first, but the Gallog Voidraiders quickly close the gap and surround the cruiser, a few breaking off to take on the escort ships.

With each cultist corvette taken out adds another Malor corvette to target the cruiser.

The escort is dispatched and all corvettes focus on the cruiser. Its bigger guns struggle to successfully hit a ship, and each miss lets our cruisers slowly regenerate any combat damage.

Hegemony warships win, though we have lost one ship in that battle. We will need to scan the debris, but there is far more pressing matters in possible neighbors.

Envoy Sler'huss is sent to try and establish communications. Unfortunately these aliens do not speak a language in the records and it will take time to establish communications.

While we wait to hear back from Sler'huss, Fern'boj has reported on her survey of the hive world. It is a chilling thought that an entire planet could be made into a biological being. A planet producing billions of creatures all connected by one mind.

Now for more domestic matters. The Hegemony has accrued enough energy credits to fund a project to take care of the tectonics problem that Menkalinan is suffering from. By doing controlled releasing of heated gas and rocks we can make headway into reclaiming some of our land. As an added bonuses, exposing all that heat to the near constant blizzard environment can help keep Hisan cities warm.

Some may argue the credits would be better used in purchasing alloys to strengthen our fleet with unknown neighbors nearby. But the Hisan people should have some relief.

The colonists of Naff'Alahb has properly settled into their new world. Its been noted that the planet has an extensive underground cave system, allowing for more districts to be planned on the planet. With the wealth of minerals to be found here, Naff'Alahb will have a focus on gathering minerals for the Hegemony. The civic planners of the Hegemony have determined the planet can support more specialized districts, beyond the typical housing, industrial, generator, miner and agriculture districts. Naff'Alahb may support:

Geothermal Power Plants: The caves below helped lead to the discovery of several areas ripe for geothermal exploitation. Our technicians will not be able to get as much energy out of these generators compared to the regular generators, but they can also pull in some extra minerals.

Unstable Mines: Using some of the more... exciting mines located around the surface. However the miners will not enjoy working there and will cause discord on the planet.

Mountain Mines: One of the mountains on the planet has a very rich ore vein for exploitation. So much so we can have an extra crew of miners work in the space.

Oasis Farm: There is a rather fertile oasis among one of the barren areas of the planet that produces food on par with a regular agriculture district

Chemical Industry: A collection of volatile particles has been noted on the planet, with the right research we can learn to use these and start gathering them here.

Crystal Mine: The cavern system has also shown some crystals that work out exceptionally well in focusing laser beams. Also they're quite beautiful.

The planet also has an active volcano, two areas dominated by aggressive wildlife and four district's worth of land covered in a noxious swamp. These gifts of nature provide the planet with plenty of food and the volcano provides alloys.

Naff'Oblal quickly followed in setting up their colonial government. The planet has two noteworthy features: First is an asteroid belt that orbits the planet, opening up extra mining opportunities on the planet. Secondly is the near constant, global thunderstorms on the planet. While this may make the planet slightly less suitable for life, it provides both an amazing source of physics research through meteorology and the lightning can be harnessed for energy. This planet will be designated for gathering energy credits for the colony, with the odd research lab. For districts this planet was cleared for:

Wind Parks: The storms certainly cause enough wind to generate power, allowing us to get a little more power out of our district space.

Surface Mine: There are shallow veins of minerals close to the surface, as we wont need to dig as deep to find materials we can have more miners work the district.

Lush Cave Farm: The underground contains an ecosystem that is rather delicious for Malor's people. Nothing unifies people quite as well as a delicious meal!

Gas Refinery: Exotic gases found in the atmosphere can be collected and stored for future use in advance experiments.

Tourism District: Maybe as a side effect of the capital's near permanent blizzards, there has been interest in Hisa tourists to visit Naff'Oblal to view the near permanent thunderstorms.

The planet's natural offerings is a sizeable mountain range, four district's worth of noxious swamp and an impressive three district's worth of ice glaciers.

With these two new additions to the Hegemony and the bounty of nature they provide, the Hegemony no longer has food shortage problems and is generating a sizeable surplus of food.

Advancements in society research has helped paved the way for a more planned out approach to new colonies. Where the planetary capital is meant for governing affairs, this settlement will be for civilian use. We may even be able to build more from this settlement in the future.

When it comes to research, while the focus is on military related research a few higher priority options came along. Attempts to recover our past genetic records and mechanical blueprints. What we learned is helping with the birthrates of the Hisan people and we are looking into making dedicated buildings to help repair Hisan genetics. Meanwhile our miners appreciate the extra help from the exoskeletons.

Soon however, we will be able to get full scale autonomous droids up and running again like in times long gone. Much like how technology has made magic a lost piece of Hisa history, autonomy and sapience in robotics has made redundant, "dumb" automation a lost technology. That it takes a concentrated effort to dig up how to make automations without having a "soul" from the neural net is embarrassing.

An alert came in from one of the new colonies, an asteroid is headed straight towards Naff'Alahb! Admiral Sler'vus was deployed to take care of this comet. Frustratingly Fern'uni and the ISS Gohslov had to be told that an asteroid sighting was NOT considered a red alert and to stay in the sector.

Meanwhile, on our other colony, the people of Naff'Oblal are spying a comet and absolutely loving it. Apparently a comet trail seen through a raging thunderstorm is a spectacle to behold, now I see why Hisa tourists are eager to visit.

Admiral Sler'vus arrives... and for whatever reason decides that staying as far away from the asteroid is the most tactical decision. I am speechless.

Envoy Sler'huss has been making slow progress towards discovering our neighbor, they seem to actively work against opening communications. We must know who are neighbors are, everything must be documented. Sler'huss is ordered to try and discover their secrets by forcing into their systems.

Admiral Sler'vus finally emerged victorious in the longest skirmish to date in Malor history: A big rock. Plans will be made to rework our space fleet.

Outposts were finally created in Crescim, securing our eastern entry. Dov'ace heads back westward, we really want to get the Soao sector surveyed, both for its planet and to have our western entry secured. Dov'bah discovers yet another planet in the hourglass cluster to the north, this makes securing that area all the more valuable. Unfortunately getting enough influence to convince the Hegemony council to gather the personnel and materials to build more outposts has been slow going.

Fern'boj reaches the class A star that the research division specifically wanted looked at. This unknown neighbor of ours is somewhere out east and there is concern that they own that space and will lock out our science excursions after finally opening communications between us.

That is a rather sobering thought, if they do deny us the right to observe these stars, would we turn to war over it?

A concerning problem has sprung up in Naff'Oblal, it turns out the forests can migrate! This is a very interesting phenomena on the planet, though it is restricting the amount of space we have for districts to keep their migratory paths clear. The thought of setting them on fire is abhorrent, that said studying them will completely take over our society research for over 5 years. For now we will let the forests move untouched, until we greatly expand our research division.

Dov'bah discovered a planet consisting entirely of an ocean that is ripe with motes. Hopefully once we get it into our space the engineering division will be more interested in learning how to refine them.

Fern'boj reached the sector with the class K star that the science division wants studied and discovered two things:

First is the remains of a gigantic structure. It may be possible to rebuild this structure if enough research and materials are put into it.

Second is something I feared: The star is in a sector claimed by our unknown neighbor. Fern'boj is ordered to research the star with all haste before the local government decides to get into contact and order her to leave their space.

Dov'bah reports a hostile entity found in the southwestern corner of the hourglass, a gigantic ball of energy that can be considered a cruiser class. Envoy Gibb is being sent out to see if there is anything she can learn about this being.

With research endeavors becoming a primary concern, the latest meeting it was decided we should make absolutely sure to archive everything, every technology, every species, every planet will be looked of and documented thoroughly. Through documentation and research we will be united.

Fern'boj successfully finishes her survey of the class K star and sets full speed out of the sector. She will survey the Ciaciothea sector to the east of Crescim sector, this will give us full access to the hyper lanes heading northward instead of having it possibly be taken by our unknown neighbor.

And speaking of unknown neighbors, a new species has arrived from the Canopus sector, which is rightfully ours. The council however is dragging its feet in allow expansion up north and it may be a choice between either securing the north or allowing the neighbors in the south to control access to the northeast.

Unfortunately Sler'huss' attempt to hack into the delta aliens has been detected, they will certainly not allow us into their sectors now. Thankfully Fern'boj is out of their space.

By comparison, Envoy Gibb has managed to have better success with what is apparently animated space dust.

Doctor Dov'ace has made two interesting discoveries! In the western sectors that we've been neglecting it turns out the planet is simply wonderful, you just have to see it to believe it. Second is that she found a meta alloy that is capable of moving by itself. These will be excellent boons to the Hegemony! The problem is we only have so much influence to convince the stubborn council on where we should place down outposts.

In the same sector there are two large structures in space, a star platform and an observation post in ruins. It is slightly worrying that this happened so close to the Malor system.

And with that we surveyed enough habitable planets for the science division, who has given a generous donation to the Hegemony.

Fern'boj has reported finding another planet of civilization over in the Ciaciothea system! The Raltek species are also in the iron age and they are displaying some fascinating traits. They exhibit similar traits to vampires, using some sort of bacteria in their saliva to create thralls to their cause. They also seem to have once had psionic powers, all that is left of that trait is an organ in their body. We may be able to survey this species faster than the Miidari species

Envoy Gibb has finished her investigation with the energy cloud. It is a fascinating phenomena that is such a shame that it is incredibly hostile to all efforts of approaching it. For now we shall leave it be, the strength it exhibits would absolutely crush the Gallog Voidfarers. Now free, Gibb will work on communications with the eta aliens spotted in the north.

The Soao sector continues to be a trove of surprises, a barren world has some potential for being a mining mecca for the Hegemony, it just needs to be made habitable for our people. As well as that, it turns out a race known as the Yuht used to operate in sectors near Malor. Our scientists have been told what to look for in future surveys: Large ships that have crews of no more than 3 and are often paired with a cryptopod of some kind.

To close this report out lets talk about domestic matters again. The colony Naff'Ithi has been fully set in and is ready to contribute to the Hegemony. The planet was once an entirely ocean filled planet that has dried up and the coral reefs of the world has adapted to this new desert environment. The coral is beautiful and gives local artisans many ideas for their crafts. There is also a sizeable mountain on the planet, its size absolutely stumps our geologists, it is so massive that we estimate six district's worth of space can be used for mining it. As a desert the planet is rather bleak and things don't grow as well, but it doesn't compare to Menkalinan Secundus.

The civic planners have cleared the planet to have a lush cave farm, chemical industry and a crystal mine. There is an additional two districts not mentioned before:

Anomaly Research Labs: The way the planet completely lost its ocean is a rather strange anomaly and we should study it first hand.

Solar Array: With the vast amounts of free space we can set up large solar panels to collect energy.

The planet's nature is also fascinating: The large mountain, three entire volcanoes, two district's worth of dangerous wildlife, a deep sinkhole and four districts worth of quicksand. The volcanoes in particular are of interest, that provides plenty of space to gather more alloys for the Hegemony. This combined with the coral can generate many precious resources for the Hegemony.

Naff'Evamul had also finished its colonization and will contribute to the Hegemony. The planet is a gigantic salt flat, yet for a change the wildlife is actually friendly. This brings joy to the Hisa of Naff'Evamul, every other planet has hostile wildlife.

For the districts that the planners have cleared it can have: Wind parks, unstable mines, gas refineries, crystal mines and an anomaly research district. It can also have:

Nature Farm: The animals are so agreeable the farmers here will not only get better food output, but it further makes the citizens feel united.

The engineering branch of research has figured out how to make proper automatons to handle the menial work of the Hegemony. Menkalinan Secundus will set up the first robot assembly plant, having automaton that wont be effected by the constant blizzards would be a great boon to the citizens of the capital.

Closing out, here is the collection of anomaly reports collected during this time

We should decide on how we move forward. Firstly, influence is short and we are on the clock from someone else claiming a sector. North will require the most influence, and an empire has already sent in an exploratory ship in the area so we may get cut off in the middle of expanding. West will be a middling amount of influence and will let us grab that wonderful planet, that said we haven't met any aliens in that direction and may be able to ignore it a little bit longer, or at least until Dov'ace finds an alien ship. East will require the least influence, will allow us to look over the primitives there and control the lanes heading northeast.

Secondly, when we finally manage to contact our neighbors, how should we open up communications? We can be peaceful which can make them more receptive, but sometimes trust can be exploited. We can be cautious and keep them at arm's length. Or we can be hostile and be more observant of their activities.

Third concerns our advancements in robotics and genetics. We will need to pick one over the other. Our roboticists are working on a plan to upgrade the cybernetics in all Hisii as well as reduce the maintenance required on the droids. Our geneticists have drafted plans that will allow us to get more out of Hisa genetics as well as restore our cloning technology and will be able to apply it to a planetary level.

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Oct 2, 2009

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Quite a few changes this update!

The most important thing will be which area to prioritize claiming: North which will take up as much influence as it would to get the other options combined but will net us 2 planets plus primitives and lock off that unknown northern neighbor?

East which is the cheapest option and will get us primitives as well as keep the southern neighbor in the south

West which will get us that wondrous planet and the mining planet. We have yet to find any aliens in this direction and we may be able to ignore it a bit longer with no fear of it getting swiped.

Vote from highest priority to the lowest priority. I want to have all 3 secured to keep our choke points in line, so I wont expand further out until all of them are claimed or if another empire claims them.

Then How should we open up to our neighbors? The southern neighbor is doing everything to avoid opening communications and we have yet to hear from the northern one. We can be Friendly, Neutral or Hostile which gives opinion modifiers as well as effects how effectively they can spy on us (note I do not have Nemesis so the spying function is so extremely barebones I don't think it actually works)

Finally I have an ascension slot banked that I'm waiting for certain research, which one should I go for first (with the mods I got, its possible to go down all ascension paths)

Mechanical will give a project that, after researching, will give the cybernetics trait on all our organic pops that extend lifespan and will provide minor bonuses to our leaders (admirals shoot faster, scientists research faster). Robotic pops will also have their upkeep reduced and we can modify them faster

Genetic will give more trait points to genetically modify organic species. We will also be able to build clone vats which lets us have 2 organic species (can be the same) growing at the same time on a planet. Note that its a choice between cloning or robots on each planet, can't have both. When we get both I'll hold votes on the ratio of clone vats to robot factories.

To keep me from asking on every primitive, how about I ask for a general attitude towards primitives and see if there is any interest in change every 2 or 3 updates? Should we Observe only, Conquer or Assimilate? Just remember that assimilation requires the species to be so far technologically advanced which can take a very long time, even after helping them along.

Feb 23, 2013

Leal posted:

I can definitely grab names from the old LP. I wouldn't want to throw names around though in case someone wanted to be named after something specific. Maybe I could throw names at ships and fleet names, those (generally) don't spontaneously die, unlike leaders who will eventually grow old and die.

And when a ship dies its a conscious effort on my part to rebuild and position them, whereas with leaders I eventually just replace with whoever and forget :v:

bios the robot had his mind uploaded onto a spaceship thank you

May 5, 2019

Priorites: West, North, then East. I'm voting for being a Friendly neighbor, going down the path of Mechanical research.

Oct 2, 2009

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Game Play Notes 2

I should probably talk about the exact start we are going with, shouldn't I? The galaxy we are running in is a spiral 4 arm galaxy, this provides more choke points than the default galaxy type provides.

Here is how the game start looks. Lets talk about the left side first, from the top. The size is a medium sized world at 600 sectors. Possible map sizes is like over 2.5k sectors, I don't know how the hell people can manage that. Also note it saying (Wild Space), this is from a mod that puts in some sectors that cannot be claimed. Opens up space a bit.

I've dropped the worlds to .5, actually I normally play with .25 worlds, but for this LP I upped it just to make sure we actually had planets to do our eco playthrough. I also boosted primitive spawning, default settings felt pretty rare.

Hyperlanes, wormholes and gateways have been reduced to slow things down and make chokepoints actually viable. Our 3 lane start could easily have been a 5 or more lanes connecting to our core cluster. A slight reduction of black hole pairs, I'm sure other people know the frustration of an empire that can come in from the complete opposite direction of where you think they'll come from cause they got 3 or 4 black holes in their sectors that let them fly in from any direction.

Techs and traditions have been slightly sped up, this is mostly so I can get some of the space building techs faster than in default. I mean, most likely that will still happen anyways but you never know. This also speeds up research for the AI and will make it less likely that I completely smoke them in the tech race. Maybe. This is because when you vassalize another empire, if you're so far ahead of them tech wise you can't make them a vassal per se but a protectorate or something like that where you cannot integrate them into your empire until they catch up so much to your tech level. Which will never happen, ever.

I've also drastically increased the growth rates because I'm a sicko like that

On the right side, yes thats right. I maxed out the AI slider. The default is like half this number and space ends up being so empty. With higher numbers like this it means we will find other empires faster and get stuff popping off sooner. I don't have many advance starts cause starting next to an AI, say a militarist or xenophile one, that starts with 3 planets and a tech bonus sucks. I did up the fallen empire and honestly, I'm wishing I went and did a full 5, let us have one of each ethics type. Which is why I'm gonna say I wish I could've added more mauraders, I would've thrown an extra 1 or 2.

For everything else I kinda left it as is. I'm not a hyper Stellaris guru who can play at 25 times crisis at grand admiral. Honestly by the time the crisis happens, hell when the mid game events start happening I start to feel like the game gets long in the tooth and I don't want to play wack a mole with uber fleets that are just given to the AI.

With the expanded ascension perks traits we get a lot of different options. I'm sure someone is screaming that I didn't grab the expansionists tradition cause of all its bonuses. Well I'm just gonna say it: gently caress expansionists. I get that every single solitary game! I will not be held hostage by the expansion tradition tree any longer!

To get Settlers of the Galaxy we need to have 3 planets, note though that these planets don't have to be fully colonized. When both of the new colonies were colonizing I swiped this, which is why I didn't note any ascension perk changes last update when I filled the nature tradition.

A whole lot going on here, now that we have open districts I can talk about them. First the modifier on Naff'Alahb here is Extensive Cavern System which gives a +20% bonus to mineral income from jobs, +4 max mining districts and max districts.
Resembling a beehive, the crust of this planet has an incredibly high number of natural cave systems and ravines that stretch for miles. As far as we know, they were naturally formed by primordial plate tectonics, which makes them stable enough to be used as shelter in case of orbital bombardment or natural disasters.

The districts overhaul mod adds all kinds of districts to the game, both naturally occurring ones and some that we can build when we get specific researching done. I'll give some numbers on the districts, assume they provide 2 housing unless otherwise noted and that the amount of resources will be effected by bonuses and penalties, just take it as a rough number:

Geothermal Power Plant gives 2 geothermal technician jobs that produce +12 energy and +6 minerals

Unstable Mine has the same income as a regular mine (+12 minerals) but gives a -3% modifier to the planet's stability and doesn't require any upkeep for the district itself, still gotta pay for the miners

Mountain Mine gives 3 miner jobs, instead of the usual 2, and costs an alloy in upkeep instead of energy

Oasis Farm is the exact same as an agriculture district

Chemical Industry gives 2 jobs that provides 5 volatile motes. You still need the research that lets you gather it in space. I don't believe having a planet with these will encourage that research to pop up

Crystal Mine is effectively the above, but for rare crystals

There is also another district option that you may notice with blue squares which indicate housing. These are Suburban Housing District which seem to be buildable anywhere, even on certain planet types that will lock off regular city districts. These provide 3 housing, a building slot and 5 amenities. A city district provides 5 housing, a building slot and a clerk job.

Naff'Oblal's modifiers are Asteroid Belt which gives a +20% mineral income from jobs and +2 max mining districts
Perhaps this planet once had a moon which was destroyed in some calamity, or perhaps its orbit debris never fully coalesced in the first place. Whatever the cause, this planet is surrounded by a belt of small asteroids

And Global Thunderstorms which gives -15% habitability (and yet we still got 97%!) but provides +40% to physics research and energy credits from jobs and provides +6 max generator districts. Yeah this planet will be building all the generator districts.
This world suffers from quickly shifting global weather patterns, which cause violent, planet wide storms to constantly appear out of nowhere. These storms wreck havoc on the surface, but our scientists are determined to study them for the insights they could offer in the field of meteorology.

Among the new districts here we got the Wind Park which operates exactly like a regular generator.

Lush Cave Farms which provides 3 cave farmer jobs who provide the same amount of food as normal farms but also provides 5 unity.

Gas Refinery which operates like the Crystal and Chemical districts, just for exotic gases.

Tourism District provides 5 housing as well as 2 entertainer jobs and 1 culture worker job

Now you might ask "Whats the point of districts that are exactly the same as the defaults?" Well once you hit the max of a district you can squeeze out a little more building these similar districts.

This building is provided by the Ethos Unique Tech and Buildings mod. This is a solid building that I always look for in researching to grab. It is completely free to build, just takes a year finish. It even provides a building slot so you aren't exactly losing anything building it. Besides the free jobs there will be later research options based on our ethics (though it will only be the materialist, authoritarian and military ones. No unique stuff for the modded ethics!) to upgrade these buildings.

Let me tell you how lucky it is to immediately get robotic workers after researching powered exoskeletons. The amount of times where I'd go like 30 years and never get it as a materialist fanatic :shepface:

I kinda regret not getting Archivist instead of Supremacy, it is a pretty powerful tradition that makes science based playthroughs really good. Getting that +20 anomaly earlier would've been nice. One of the unlocks will provide unity for observation stations above primitives as well as a bonus to society research. We can unlock librarian traits on our researchers which increases their recruitment costs and penalizes their research and survey time, but depending on what library they specialize in they will provide a +10% bonus to that research category as long as they are not researching.

The two big things for this though is what you can unlock third: +10 influence when you finish surveying a sector. If I had this instead of supremacy I wouldn't be hurting so much for influence right now. The final unlock for it will provide 1 unity for every 4 technologies we research. We currently got 52 techs researched, and its only gonna get higher.

I believe Guille's Planet Modifiers makes it so some planets will be considered a part of the precursors territory which not only gives sizeable bonuses to the planet but makes it possible to terraform the planet. And those precursor benefits can be really good, just look at it!

Now for precursors, I got a mod that let me decide which one to use. Now I could just go cybrex like everyone else, or first league for people who think they're too cool for cybrex, but those don't give cool planet blockers to play with. Being left with the other options I figure Yuht would be best, their relic provides a +1 pops when settling and can increase the habitability of worlds in exchange for some temporary devastation. Its just weird that its taken this long to get any mention of the Yuht, I haven't found any anomalies relating to them

Naff'Ithi's modifiers are Coral World which gives +10% minerals and consumer goods from jobs, +4 max mining districts for -5% pop growth and habitability.
The evaporated seas which allow for ample mining and the coral itself can be used in many consumer applications

Titanic Geo Form which gives +1 minerals from miners and +6 max mining districts
A single mountain on this planet is so large it almost defies belief. It outclasses every other formation by a staggering amount. The leading hypothesis is that it is the debris from an asteroid that impacted the planet millions of years ago

Bleak, which gives -5% habitability, -10% food from jobs and -2 max agriculture districts
Life struggle to survive here, and while some clings to a tenacious existence it is anemic and sickly

The districts introduced here is the Solar Array which is exactly like a regular generator district

Anomaly Research Complex which provides 2 anomaly researcher jobs that provide 30 physics science.

Naff'Evamul's modifier is a simple Friendly Wildlife that provides +5% happiness
The fauna on this world tend to be docile and of agreeable temperament

The new district shown here is the Nature Farm, which provides 3 nature farmer jobs that provide 21 food and 2 unity, I guess each farmer produces something like 0.7 unity.

And that'll be it for this game play update!

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Oct 2, 2009

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Factions and Empires

With the Hegemony reaching five planets a series of factions begun to form, each with their own ideals and demands of how the Hegemony should progress. Six factions have risen to prominence in Hisa society:

The Drumbeat of Victory, being lead by the High Director, desires dominance over other empires. Their primary issues is not having a designated rival to compete against as well as not ruling over another foreign power.

Friends of Nature Watch, lead by Admiral Sler'vus, are mostly happy with the Hegemony's policies but do raise a few issues: First they wish for our official bombardment policy to be selective, to prioritize obvious military targets while leaving everything else alone. They also request a recycling initiative to be funded as well as finding any planets with titanic wildlife.

Association of Scientific Ascendany, lead by Doctor Dov'ace, simply wants us to allow AI freedom and for the Hegemony to have a research treaty with other empires.

Financial Independence Group, lead by Doctor Dov'Bah, desire more profit for the Hegemony. They want us to establish official trade treaties with other empires, adopt a mercantile stance compared to our expansionist stance, and for us to privatize healthcare and education.

United as One Party, lead by Governor Sisalin, desire more government control over the Hegemony. They desire a police state form of government as well as extending our authority over other empires by making them subjects to the Hegemony.

Manufcaturers Group, lead by Doctor Fern'uni, want to empower Hisii industry by enacting consumer benefits in our trade policy, colonizing a planet that is either an ancient tech world or a mineral rich world and for the Hegemony to have a stockpile of at least ten thousand minerals.

The Friends of Nature Watch got their wish for a recycling campaign. The new colonies are creating a strain on luxuries and the Hegemony is having a deficit. A thousand credits have been set aside for the project, which should last nearly 12 years.

To help with the shortage a district has been designated to build all manner of factories and craft shops as well as housing for those that will work in them. Naff'Alahb and Naff'Oblal have a few farmers and clerks that could be better served in the factories. Naff'Alahb is officially no longer classified as a colony and has been designated as an industrial planet, the government will be more attentive to industrial matters and can reduce how much upkeep is required of our artisans and metallurgists.

Naff'Ithi and Naff'Evamul are both setting up a frontier settlement, as will be protocol for all future colonies.

Onto military matters, a new corvette class ship blueprint has been designed. The Lynneth class corvette ship is to be a close range bomber with a dumb fire nuclear payload. Missiles are our best option when it comes to destroying the hulls of other ships, which have been a noted issue with combat. Our fleet can strip the shields quick enough and the armor follows soon after, but our laser and kinetic weapons struggle to penetrate the hull.

Thanks to archotech technology that lead to Malor's golden age our ship's hulls and armor can slowly regenerate, an advantage that shields would hold over armor. Replacing shields with armor will also give our ships more reserve power, giving them a slight edge in maneuverability.

Hegemony fleets will roughly have a three to one ratio of interceptors (the Si'Blal class) and bombers. The Gallog Voidfarers will have ten bombers added to its fleet, then a second armada will be built to ensure we have a fleet at the ready in the north or south.

Crescim's outpost class station will be upgraded to a full starport class station within the year. It'll be expanded to house a sizeable crew that can build hardpoints on the station for defense.

And speaking of the eastern sectors, Envoy Sler'huss has managed to establish communications with our southern neighbors!

The Unified Que'Pulci Systems is an empire displaying an intense desire for isolationism. Due to our botched hacking attempts they refuse to accept any form of friendliness from us, for now we will take a cautious approach to them. They have closed borders to the Hegemony and we responded in kind. Sler'huss has been ordered to continue watching the Que'Pulci and dig up any additional intel on them. The crew of the ISS Nahala have been placed on standby in the Ciaciothea sector in case the Que'Pulci attempts to claim the sector.

Sler'huss has reported that the Que'Pulci species are a traditional and conservative race. They also seem to be telepathically linked and may even have some sort of connection to another dimension. Not much else is known about them, other than their capital is within 5 sectors of the Crescim system. There may also be a very real chance that the collapsed star that the science division wants surveyed may be within their space.

Up north it turns out there was a sector that we've completely neglected to look over. While Dov'bah surveys that out, the ISS Gohslov is sent towards the hourglass cluster to get set up. Oh, and the roughnecks on the Gohslov and decided to name the ship the ISS bios, to mock the science division in taking so long to get our automations up and running.

Dov'bah has taken a closer look at the multitude of eggs discovered in the Conopus sector. A project has been proposed by the society division to learn how to properly incubate and raise these eggs.

Unfortunately Dov'bah spotted a ship owned by the eta aliens flying into the sector and have begun constructing an outpost in the sector! An executive order was made and the crew of the bios have been ordered to create Hegemony outposts in the hourglass sector. The council will decide how we should move forward with this empire claiming a sector that is rightfully ours.

Fern'boj has finished her study of the M class star and will now survey the sectors in the east, the collapsed star that the science division wants surveyed may be out of our reach for now.

Communications has been established with the eta aliens. As we have decided to be friendly with our neighbors Envoy Gibb is sent to establish positive relations between our empires.

Our northeastern neighbors compose of entirely self sufficient machines who seem to desire being thought of as organic, with organic skin and emotion emulators installed onto them. Strangely they also seem to house an entire organic species known as Lathaparian that are pampered under the Kelbrid's care.

These robots do not seem to be overtly hostile, but they have this attitude that all organics must be protected under their care. Whether they want it or not.

The Kelbrid Derective's capital lies 4 sectors away from our bordering sectors of Azax and Tissilum. They incorrectly claim that the Canopous sector belongs to them. We will need to decide if the Hegemony will allow the Derective to keep this space or claim the territory as our own, to be taken by force if necessary.

Naff'Oblal's thunderstorms are more than a tourist attraction for the Hisa, the fiercest storms can provide many energy credits for the Hegemony. These funds will be used to clear out a few pieces of land that don't provide any beneficial research or materials, such as deep fissures or sticky swamps. A bulk of our saved up food and minerals will also be sold so we may bulk purchase a large amount of alloys to strengthen our military fleet.

A third construction crew has been recruit to fly the ISS Nimbiss westward, to ensure that Nahala can stay in the Ciaciothea sector while we expand westward, as was originally prioritized. Once the Soao sector has been claimed for the Hegemony the Nahala will be given the all clear.

It appears there is more to Naff'Ithi than it losing its entire biosphere, a dimensional portal has been spotted. Perhaps all the planet's oceans were sucked in through this portal? A special project has been proposed, it will take over all physic research until its conclusion in nearly 14 months. As there is no pressing research for our physics division, the entire team has been ordered to research this portal.

Of course this discovery was meant to be top secret, so an idiot in a higher level of government in the capital has misplaced an encryption key for the project! The fools have been forced to the worker class strata for this mistake.

The council has voted that the Miidari species should become a part of the Hegemony through force. General Sirthi leads the 1st Strike Brigade against the primitive army that the Miidari managed to muster. They fail to ever close the gap with their melee weapons before being shot down by gauss weaponry and their arrows utterly fail to pierce plasteel armor.

If they believe our weaponry to be magic, just wait until they see what true Hisii magic looks like. The culture division claims it will take 11 years before they fully acclimate to this new life imposed on them. For now the 1st Strike Brigade will be stationed on the planet to keep any dissenters in check.

Tissilum III, which will be named Naff'Tiss, is an interesting world. Its mountain ranges are shaped near exactly the same, the only difference being in size. It is also entirely one single biome, no difference in weather on any part of the planet. Finally the planet experiences periodic meteor showers, to the point it is a part of local culture to celebrate such events. The only notable nature elements on the planet is 2 massive ice glaciers.

The civic division has determined the planet can support nature farms and an Eco garden, parts of the land have beautiful gardens that are both pleasing to the eye and provides delicious produce.

Dov'ace was ordered back from her western exploration to finish surveying the sectors nearest Malor and it turns out there has been a nuclear capable species within 2 sectors! She has warned that the Endurga species seem to be in constant conflict with one another and the threat of nuclear extinction is high. A recruitment campaign has been enacted to bolster the 1st Strike Brigade to lead an invasion of the planet. The Endurga may be fractured now but an invasion will surely unite them, and their armies are capable of matching up with Hisa troops.

A band of brigands have come out, raiding our trading fleets between Malor and Tissilum. The Gallog Voidfarers have been sent in to take care of them. The Voidfarers will have to make patrols between these sectors to keep piracy in check.

Research into the anomaly has been beneficial! Our scientists studying the anomaly will be able to generate some energy and we have made headway into a new weapon type.

For some unknown reason after the battle with pirates Admiral Sler'vus has taken up an excessive narcotics habit. Pilots who participated in the battle have noted nothing that would drive her to drugs.

The Miidari haven't been receptive to Hegemony rule and formed a faction of militants in response. We shall hear their demands, perhaps letting them express themselves will ease tensions.

While I trust in the talent of any Hisa general, that she had to use their crude weaponry and armor gives cause of concern.

But the concern has been unfounded and I officially give apologies for doubting Sirthi's talents.

The public relations division has stated that these reports are too stiff, as such humor is required. I have been told to ask, "Is that a bulge on your equator, or are you just happy to see me?"

The engineering division, perhaps insulted by the renaming of Gohslov, have been hard at work in rediscovering android technology. Not only are our robots capable of performing jobs now in the specialist strata, huge leaps in cybernetics were made.

Our first step to reclaiming bionics of old, it will occupy the entire engineering division for nearly 2 and a half years, however once finished all future Hegemony citizens will have an updated set of cybernetics.

Speaking of robotics, every planet will have a robotics factory installed. Until we remaster our cloning technology robots will help pick up Hisa population counts, we can always restructure our factories into clone vats in the future.

Another alien species has contacted us, apparently they discovered our comms from the Kelbrid Directive. They are based further north of Kelbrid space. They are currently in a war with another empire we have yet to meet and seem to be pretty aggressive on the whole. It may be for the best that the Kelbrid divide us. They have shut border access to the Hegemony and the Hegemony responded in kind

As the physics branch weren't researching anything critical, they were ordered to take a closer look at the void cloud. The division has taken their experience in this project to rethink how our scientist perform their research.

Onto traditional projects, the Hegemony wants to prioritize research endeavors, not only to speed up future projects but to get an edge over our neighbors.

And to do so, we will need to build up the foundation of our space empire. We will work towards improving the unity of all our peoples in a common cause and empowering our central government on the capital. This will improve our intelligence collecting methods, expand our influence and improve our specialists output.

Dov'bah has found a Yuht artifact, expanding our knowledge of this species and how they have fallen. One has to feel sorry for the poor hermit, not knowing her empire has collapsed and was incapable of providing her with supplies.

The Kelbrid asks for a mutual establishing of embassies to bring our empires closer. We accept, as per our friendly strategy to other empires.

Dov'bah sends out an SOS, their ship is being pulled towards a planet and cannot escape. The crew of the Nahala are ordered to to pull them out with all haste!

The planet pulses again, disabling the Nahala as well. In a desperate bid the Hegemony's newest fleet the Yulth Voidfarers, lead by Admiral Sirthi, race to the Lessim sector.

Hold on am I reading this right? Admiral Sirthi? Not General Sirthi?

Apparently that is correct.

Sadly it appears that this name anomaly will be short lived as the vortex imploded in a gigantic explosion, taking out the entire Yulth Voidfarers, the ISS Nahala and the ISS Duj'Alin. Their sacrifice will be remembered.

That is, if there wasn't a follow up report made by Dov'bah about their escape! Another empire's ships jumped into the system and protected the entire fleet from the explosion and even repaired their system before jumping out. Certainly a strange event, the archivist division will have a field day with this report.

Having settled the current crisis, General Sirlhi, not to be confused with ADMIRAL Sirthi, leads a charge onto the Endurga home planet. They may have proper firearms (though nothing compared to Hisa weaponry) and can put up a fight, they are quickly pacified.

The higher population of the planet, combined with the far more tehcnological arms they have, leads to plenty of resentment amongst the population. Martial law is enacted while the 1st Strike garrison the planet, until the locals become more accepting of Hegemony rule.

Dov'bah had filed a report about the contents left on the Duj'Alin's computer, containing all kinds of data on all three branches of research. And yes, we are aware of the typo referring to Dov'bah's gender and the archivist has been properly reprimanded.

The barren plant of Soao V has shown more promise than originally thought. The Association of Scientific Ascendancy were eager to have Hegemony engineers work on the nanobots. Not only that, now that the Soao sector is properly in Hegemony space we may begin work on terraforming it... after we get the large amount of energy credits required.

Now that the north, west and east have been secured, the Hegemony turns it attention back to the cultists. They have an automated shipyard located in a far off sector in the northwest. Dov'bah will be ordered to explore out, both towards the cultists and to see what is outside our northwestern sectors.

Closing out, this is where the Hegemony stands. West will continue to be prioritized in exploration, but after Dov'bah locates the cultists she can pick up surveying in another direction. Fern'uni is having extreme difficulty investigating those hieroglyphics. Another excavation site was recently found and claimed, she will be moved onto this other location for now.

The wondrous world in Soao has been colonized. Not only that but a new governor has been hired to replaced Sisalin. Forth'lin is more of a bureaucrat and can handle all the paperwork needed for space management, which is becoming a problem after expanding so many planets and taking on so high of a population. Now onto Naff'Soao: Besides being wondrous the planet doesn't have much else of note to it. The civic planners have ok'd the construction of a crystal mine and an anomaly research complex, along with:

Deep Mine: There are a few veins of minerals that go extremely deep into the planet's crust. Our miners will be able to get not only minerals but energy and may even find material that the engineering division would like to study

Fungi Farm: There are caves full of an extremely delicious fungus on the planet. Beyond feeding the populace the society division would be interested in looking at these fungi.

The nature provided by this planet are three large mountain ranges, an active volcano, a district's worth of noxious swamp and two districts worth of ice glaciers.

Usmzara I, now renamed Naff'Usmzara, is the home planet of the Enurga people. It is a world with large mushrooms taking over the entire planet. The planet has been noted of having an extremely low gravity, which drastically reduces construction costs needed for building. Unfortunately the planet has extreme temperature variations, requiring a stockpile of all kinds of goods to accommodate the populace for hot and cold weather. The civic planners have ok'd the planet for mountain mines and lush cave farms.

The planet does not contain any notable nature features, just two districts worth of industrial wasteland and a sprawling slum in need of clearing.

Now to talk about the Endurga people, they are good farmers, good miners, can fly....

Oh and they're tiny. Their tallest reaches a scant three centimeters. An inch at most. General Sirthi has apparently taken the piss in her reports in conquering this civilization.

Naff'Flevith, in the northwestern Ginigan sector, is our latest colony. It is the farthest colony, requiring a new sector designation for administrative purposes. Governor Sisalin has been relocated to head this sector. This planet has been noted for its underground ecosystem, on top of that it is yet another world in Hegemony space that plagued by frequent thunderstorms. The civic planners have designated this planet for solar array, mountain mine, deep mine, oasis farm, crystal mien and ecogarden districts.

The nature this planet provides is a whopping four active volcanoes, a district's worth of dangerous wildlife, three districts of dense jungle and toxic kelp and a district's worth of noxious swamp.

Finally, enough robots have been created to be counted in the space census. Future research will allow us to further specialize the robots and the Hegemony can now send them out to colonize any planets that may be considered far too hazardous to organic life.

Here is the reports of anomalies encountered during this time

Current concerns regards the Canopus sector situation with the Kelbrid Directive. We can claim the sector as our own, which will create a rift between our empires. When we feel we have enough of a military we can then take it by force.

Then there is the question of the Qwe'Pulci. They are isolationists to a fault, this means there is no worry of them performing a first strike. Their isolationist ways also means that no other empire will be allowed in their space, effectively giving us a buffer to the south. There are a few more unclaimed sectors near their space that the Hegemony should decide if they are to be taken or not.

Oct 2, 2009

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Two major votes to work on here:

When it comes to Canopus, should we let it go for now or claim it? For the most part rogue servitors aren't exactly aggressive, on top of it the Kelbrid seem to be cooperative and would accept a non aggression pact and a research agreement.

Then there is the Qwe'Pulci. They are xenophobic isolationists, this means they will never ally or open borders. Ever. On the other hand this (should) mean that they wont attack us first. This can be beneficial: They wont attack us and they wont let other faction's fleets into their sectors. Say there is an empire west or south of them that we war with, those fleets will never be allowed to come in from their sectors. This will be a tightly secured front, unless another empire conquers them.

There is that little cluster of sectors that are open to the east of them. I'm positive in time they will take over those sectors, which will fully seal off our southern border. But that is some extra resources we can take for ourselves. But that would open us up to another hyperlane going who knows where, shown by the green arrow.

Leave it and let them take that entire cluster

Claim two sectors, circled in yellow. Get some extra materials but leave enough space for the Qwe'Pulci to head to the branching lane

Claim five sectors, the red and yellow. Even more materials, but gives the Qwe'Pulci 4 connecting sectors with us that we will need to worry about if we go to war with them.

Take it all. Since they most likely wont attack first, we don't have to worry too much about defending from them, and instead worry about that eastern lane. This could stretch us out for being this early in the game with only 2 active fleets.

Here are the gameplay notes

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May 5, 2019

Let Canopus go for now, the Kelbrid seem cool and fine to work with for the future.

And snap up those two sectors.

Mar 19, 2009

Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is the 45th and current President of the United States. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality.

Some of these events make me suspect your scientists are either taking some extreme creative liberties with physics or are just loving with you to see if you notice the reports are nonsensical. Or maybe they're just entrepreneurial faildaughters whose primary form of communication is Buzzwords and only learned enough science terms to bullshit their way past a job interview. :v:

Leal posted:

When it comes to Canopus, should we let it go for now or claim it? For the most part rogue servitors aren't exactly aggressive, on top of it the Kelbrid seem to be cooperative and would accept a non aggression pact and a research agreement.
For Canopus, let it go for now until you find out whether that 'eggs' anomaly/research requires actually owning the planet and whether the tech description indicates it would do something especially cool/useful

In my experience Rogue Servitor can be very powerful with a human player, but (unless it changed recently, or you've got a mod to fix it) the AI has never leveraged bio-trophies very well. So their unity/research/expansion falls behind and they fail to present much more than a speedbump for someone else to conquer. If you want to be friends and don't want them getting steamrolled you basically have to protect them from getting annexed by vassalizing them yourself, and occasionally gift them territory to farm and meatbags to worship. Or if you've got Federations i guess you could try a hegemony and set the federation rule that disables independent diplomacy so nobody can declare rivalry against them? (can't say from experience since I don't have that DLC)

Leal posted:

Then there is the Qwe'Pulci. They are xenophobic isolationists, this means they will never ally or open borders. Ever. On the other hand this (should) mean that they wont attack us first. This can be beneficial: They wont attack us and they wont let other faction's fleets into their sectors. Say there is an empire west or south of them that we war with, those fleets will never be allowed to come in from their sectors. This will be a tightly secured front, unless another empire conquers them.

Take it all. Since they most likely wont attack first, we don't have to worry too much about defending from them, and instead worry about that eastern lane. This could stretch us out for being this early in the game with only 2 active fleets.

Isolationist and genocidal empires still get the "forced Open Borders that cannot be closed again for 10 years" treaty after wars, so the Qweps won't mess with you at all unless you declare war on them (fanatic pacifists are unable to declare war, unless you've got a mod that changes this) but are not 100% reliable to keep other annoyances out. Also marauders, leviathans, and fallen/awakened empires all completely ignore borders, so you'll want defensive chokepoint stations eventually anyway. Given their ethics/personality they probably also have the Inward Perfection civic which gives another stacking popgrowth multiplier on top of xenophobia, and luckily bars them from the usual inconvenience of all your potential sources of entertainment getting vassalized by someone you can't fight or assembling into a big alliance/federation blob. And their defenses will be biased heavily toward stations+platforms instead of big navies. Also they're on your border and can't be counted on to succeed at defending against expansionist/conquistador empires so unless you roll them yourself, eventually you'll be stuck fighting whoever just finished eating the Qweps.

All of that makes them a candidate for conquering later if not sooner, and teaching them to appreciate diversity and openmindedness and SCIENCE... by forcibly transforming them into identical anime foxgirl cyborgs. And/or nervestapling since otherwise their garbage ethics will boost the worst, most insufferable factions.

Take everything that's actually worth the opportunity cost to claim. Since they can only impotently shake their fists at you for it, there isn't much reason not to aggressively block their expansion, and prevent them blocking yours, to preserve the option to explore/expand beyond that cluster.

Leal posted:

I can definitely grab names from the old LP. I wouldn't want to throw names around though in case someone wanted to be named after something specific. Maybe I could throw names at ships and fleet names, those (generally) don't spontaneously die, unlike leaders who will eventually grow old and die.

And when a ship dies its a conscious effort on my part to rebuild and position them, whereas with leaders I eventually just replace with whoever and forget :v:
:thunk: may be tempting fate here, but if you choose to name something after me i'll leave the preference up to "whatever you find most amusing and/or silly"

Nov 14, 2003

[Grandmaster Tactician]

Depends on the resources, if they're tactical resources, go for it, claim as many as you can - saves you using building slots on them later.

Alternatively, if they're generic / basic resources, keep your existing borders and let them expand east.

Oct 2, 2009

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silentsnack posted:

In my experience Rogue Servitor can be very powerful with a human player, but (unless it changed recently, or you've got a mod to fix it) the AI has never leveraged bio-trophies very well.

I'm hoping that manually setting up their civics and species traits will keep them from completely crapping the bed. Though with biotrophies its more of an issue of the AI not realizing they need to build domes. Thinking on it, they tend to be one of the more bigger empires by midgame in my previous games. That may just be AI cheats though :v:

E: Also I'll put a list in the OP of names and names to be

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May 5, 2019

If you're taking possible ship names, consider mine thrown into the ring if you'd want to use it. I'm sure you'd find something appropriately toastery.

Oct 2, 2009

Makin my way downthread
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and I'm probed now

Cybernetics and Rivals

Welcome everyone, I trust you all appreciate the most cutting edge cybernetics our engineering division was able to provide? These will greatly enhance the Hegemony's ability to thrive in any ecosystem and expand our people's life spans. Our leaders have also been equipped with cybernetics benefiting their station: Governers will find better mineral veins for our miners, scientists have more systems to help with research, admirals will better communicate firing positions to their fleet and generals will have better equipment for fighting our battles.

Perhaps becoming more machine has increased Kelbrid interest and they offer a mutual research channel between our empires. They have also requested a non-aggression pact. As we are letting the Canopus situation alone and are being friendly to our neighbors, we accept.

Dov'ace continues her surveys to the west and discovered a gas giant that had floating vegetation filling the atmosphere. While providing research opportunities, the allure of a new type of produce was of greater interest to the Hisian people. The crew of the bios will follow Dov'ace and expand our hold on sectors towards the southwest.

Fern'boj returns to surveying the cluster east of of the Qwu'Pulci and has discovered a very interesting sector, besides the promise of earning rare crystals there has been a planet discovered that is quite rich in alloys. This makes the Tiuz sector quite valuable and the crew of the Nahala are moved to secure the sector for the Hegemony.

Restoration efforts on Menkalinan Secundus proceed, not just clearing space of non advantageous nature but clearing out unneeded districts. Found within a district of sticky swamps was a district of housing that Malor elite of old have stayed in. Spare containers of living metal gathered from Naff'Soao have been sold to acquire the alloys needed to rebuild this housing district. As our closest neighbors are in a non aggression pact, with the other having zero interest in any kind of external contact, we can afford holding off on building up the fleet.

A genius has come to prominence in Naff'Ithi and has spearheaded the search into finding out what happened with the planet's ocean. She requests the help of a proper science crew, Fern'uni has been pulled off her current archaeological station and ordered to help with Naff'Ithi.

Fern'boj enters the Teersonia sector and notices both ruins of several battleships and an oddly shaped pillar. It would be interesting to research this object... if any of the science divisions knew where to begin.

The planet of Naff'Soao has apparently been extremely wondrous for the locals to enter a state of debauchery not seen since the Positive Population Initiative in 1542 LA. An eye will be kept on the planet and more rangers will be recruited if the populace gets too rowdy.

Dov'bah has entered the Trinnick sector, just outside of our Ginigan sector, and sees that it has been claimed by another empire that we have no records on. Instead of surveying she is ordered to explore as fast as possible towards the location of the cultist shipyard. Alloys have been allocated for Ginigan's outpost to be upgraded to a starbase, in case this new empire is hostile.

Envoy Sler'huss has been taken off her spying duties on the Qwu'Pulci to establish contact with the nu aliens.

The bad news continues, the situation in Naff'Soao continue to deteriorate. Job priorities are switched around and one of our administrators and metallurgists are reallocated to the ranger division.

But it is for naught as the entire colony starts to break down. The society division has been told to put all research on hold and prioritize on researching what is going on on the planet.

There is a unique fungus has been found on the planet, releasing spores that make organics lustful and violent. Two options have been presented, and while the spores have caused strife on the planet... The Hegemony cannot let this research opportunity pass by. The society division has been set to research the fungus further.

I would never think the solution to low Hisa birthrates was an aphrodisiac mushroom

Dov'bah has noted a gigantic ring circling over the star of the Calam system, albeit destroyed. It is unfortunate that the nu aliens hold the sector as it would be fascinating to look over this structure.

She then arrives at the cultist's shipyard. She is ordered to retreat back to Hegemony space and to follow up on any remaining anomalies before helping excavate any archaeological site. The Gallog Voidfarers will be ordered to take out the shipyard, the nu aliens do not seem to want any communications and will most likely not tell our fleets to leave their space.

The planet containing the floating fruit has been named "Silent Snack", a joke for both the food produced by the planet and how it is collected by silent drones from space.

Dov'ace discovered a wormhole out in a sector of space that has been designated as "Wild Space".

The local nebula and solar winds make it far too difficult to maintain a space station in the sector, perhaps with further research we can train a crew to extend our presence here.

Another empire has contacted us through the Kelbrid Directive. They are not the empire directly bordering the Hegemony to the northwest, but are located further north. Despite coming off as a peaceful race they immediately declare that we are unwelcome in their space. As they are nowhere near our borders we let them have their petty display of superiority.

An empire has contacted the Hegemony through the Ekwynian Kingdom, who they are at war with. They are spiritualistic pacifists like the Slerpactin species. Unlike them they are more industrial than economical. As we have no eyes in their sectors, we do not know how the war is going between the Ekwynian and the Se'ikh

Fern'uni has been making progress in figuring out what happened to Naff'Oblal's oceans. Hopefully she makes better progress than she did in the hieroglyphics.

At the latest unity meeting it was decided that the Hegemony should not be confined to simply technological, biological or transcendence evolution but all three, like the group who brought Menkalinan Secundus to its golden age.

When it comes to food choices, the Hegemony offers the most exotic produce from space. There may be plans to replace agriculture districts as space and nature are starting to cover the Hegemony's dietary needs.

Along with the exotic food, Dov'ace has found a deposit of exotic gases in the sector. There is even a small planet in the sector that has apparently suffered a nuclear holocaust, the entire planet is suffering a nuclear winter.

We have finally managed communications with our northwestern neighbor. Upon opening communication with the Divine Netraxi Mandate they promptly close borders, thankfully the Gallog Voidraiders have barely managed to get out of their space before the order came in.

Then they declared the Hegemony to be their rival. The Hegemony reciprocated. The Ginigan starbase has been allocated more alloys for defense installations and the Yulth Voidfarers are heading out to reinforce the system. Envoy Sler'huss has been assigned to develop a spy network within the Mandate.

The stockpile of food and minerals has been sold to acquire more alloys to work on updating the space to a starhold size station, after a few defense installations that will be finished faster are built. Several hangers have been built beforehand that house a fleet of smaller strike craft. The defenses already in place have been reinforced, greatly expanding the shielding and armor of the station. A distruptor, which will effect hostile's equipment from targeting to shields, as well as several missile batteries are currently being constructed.

The station in the neighboring Azax sector is working on building additional shipyards to ensure reinforcements can be built close to the Mandate front. An academy will also be built in the station to ensure future pilots will be more experienced in matters of space warfare.

The Gallog Voidfarers have arrived at the sector containing the cult and engage with the pitiful fleet the traitors managed to gather.

The station quickly follows, unfortunately this cult will continue to be a thorn in our side as long as their chief engineer is still out there. While we wait to hear back there is a far more immediate problem: The Gallog Voidfarers cannot return to Hegemony space, thanks to the Mandate. Their scanners are not capable of finding new hyperlanes like our science ships. There is only one option for them:

An emergency FTL jump, towards Hegemony space, is the only option left. We will be unable to hear from them for 7 months. The defense of the Hegemony lies in the Yulth Voidfarers until then.

The Hegemony decided going forward we shall preserver against this threat. Our ship masters will work on strengthening our ship's hull and armor without compromising speed. Our people will be less weary of war and more encouraged by the rivalries we make.

First we must ensure we are fully united, the 1st Strike Brigade moves to the Ciaciothea sector to subjugate the primitives in the sector. Among the army is the Hegemony's first xenomorph battalion, incubated and bred by the society division. The creatures are roughly twice as powerful as a Hisa battalion and show no fear.

The newly subjugated Naff'Ciacio contains friendly animals on the planet, far more agreeable than the locals. The planet also has some highly unusual formations which will slow down how quickly buildings are built. The civic division has cleared the planet for wind parks, lush cave farms, chemical industry and what the planners call a "stable" mine. Unlike the "unstable" mine, this one is so accommodating for the miners they will support the rule of the Hegemony.

Cultists have been sighted again, this time to the southwest of Hegemony space. How are these cultists able to move around the galactic core so quickly? As the Gallog Voidfarers are arriving they will be dispatched to take care of the cultists while the Yulth Voidfarers stay stationed on the Mandate border.

As Naff'Oblal continued to suffer devastation to the migrating trees, the society division were ordered to look more into the forests. Compliments to the society division for helping create a lovely preserve district on Naff'Oblal!

Our friends in the northeast have formed a defensive pact with the She'ikh State. As long as the Kelbrid have no animosity towards the Hegemony, this should mean that northeastern direction will be safe in the future. Unless an empire strong enough to take out both empires comes along.

And shortly after the Kelbrid Directive declared war on the Ekwynian Kingdom. Perhaps they wanted to ensure their eastern border would be safe, and have another empire be willing to defend them if a fourth empire decided to attack the Directive?

As soon as we thought our problems with the migrating forests was solved, nature decides otherwise. The Hisa of Naff'Oblal probably never envisioned something worse than tree stampeding: Burning trees stampeding.

Dov'ace found the leader of the cultists and retreats from the sector. The Gallog Voidbearers are ordered to the sector to clear it out of all traitors.

While the Gallog heads out, the people of Naff'Oblal have developed empathy towards the trees and have begun establishing contact with the forests. The possibilities of this are numerous! We may have orchards that harvest their own fruit!

Fern'boj has been surveying the cluster east of Qwe space and has discovered a tomb world with a strange gate surrounding it. The council debated on claiming a few sectors in this cluster but this planetary discovery has made it a priority to claim the cluster. The Qwe empire has not shown any interest in expanding out in this direction, despite having ample time to do so.

Dov'bah has finally finished the site that has plagued us for decades, the full notes shall be posted with the anomalies. An orb of light shot off from the planet...

And revealed a series of hyperlanes not previously seen in Hegemony space. Dov'bah heads out to find the orb as well as survey this new sector.

Research in sensor technology has revealed both a new empire as well as a new hostile creature in space. Both envoys have been pulled from their duties to establish contact with these new aliens.

A communication came in that stunned everyone: The Qwu'pulci opened communications! They desire to send some missionaries to the capital. This will give us a chance to study their culture first hand, the Hegemony allows their missionaries into the capital.

Dov'bah has arrived at the Eye of Bal system and came across a gigastructure that has never been thought possible before. It appears to be a gigantic portal attached to a collapsed star. That this structure would like into Hegemony space, we will be able to carefully study this structure more closely.

A notable figure in Naff'Flevith has been preaching to the people and believes that she is above the authority of the Hegemony. As we are in the process of eradicating a cult, we shall not allow another to rise up. She is arrested. This has led to a protest on the planet, but the majority of the populace do not agree with her words and the protest is minor at best.

Unfortunately our populace are becoming more spiritual, what we thought was an opportunity for research may very well lead to another cultist uprising. The Qwe will be furious, but we cannot tolerate another uprising.

Speaking of, General Sirthi has brought the 1st Strike to the cultist ship after Admiral Sler'vus disabled the capital ship. The leader was too cowardly to be tried in Hegemony court and took her own life.

We have claimed the flagship of the cult, a battleship class ship. Sadly the ship is not exactly built for battle against a real military, but in the end the cultists finally meeting their end is the best outcome.

In closing, this is how the Hegemony stands. We are slowly finishing claiming the cluster east of the Qwe empire.

To the west it turns out one set of hyper lanes leads to a dead end, but there are more planets waiting for Hegemony colony ships. Besides that, the only direction we can continue exploring now is south and towards the east. A second unknown alien empire has flown in from the east, there may be more in that direction.

Envoy Gibb finished her work in looking into the hostile space creatures and will now attempt establishing communications with the new unknown empire.

Fern'uni has finished her research into Naff'Oblal's ocean which has given the Hegemony notes on how to better acclimate to any other coral worlds as well any planet that is categorized under "wet"

There is no pressing concerns to present to council for now, the Hegemony has been limited in the directions it can expand and for now we should strengthen borders and expanding our colonies.

Here are the anomaly and archaeology notes taken during this time

Oct 2, 2009

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Here are the game play notes for update 4

E: Don't know how I managed to completely miss the Conclave and filling in the rest of the Kingdom's info, fixed

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Jan 23, 2014

Enjoying this spin off of the rimworld game! I kinda wonder whatever happened to the good ship butthole surfers. Probably hastly renamed something else. What year is it in the game already?

Sep 13, 2011

Leal posted:

Here are the game play notes for update 4

E: Don't know how I managed to completely miss the Conclave and filling in the rest of the Kingdom's info, fixed

Iirc the vazuran bullshit fleet spawns are from the More Events Mod, not Gigastructures.

Oct 2, 2009

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Lynneth posted:

Iirc the vazuran bullshit fleet spawns are from the More Events Mod, not Gigastructures.

That's right, this was after I removed the Katzen for being bullcrap and I suddenly got smacked a second time with the Vazuran stuff. Don't know why these people add this stuff, if I wanted an uber faction I'd get an uber faction mod. I also realized I didn't explain the origin of the Conclave. I'm really messing up on this post! I replaced the links with a fixed version

dervinosdoom posted:

Enjoying this spin off of the rimworld game! I kinda wonder whatever happened to the good ship butthole surfers. Probably hastly renamed something else. What year is it in the game already?

Roughly 2230-2235 at the end of that update.

Sep 13, 2011

Leal posted:

That's right, this was after I removed the Katzen for being bullcrap and I suddenly got smacked a second time with the Vazuran stuff. Don't know why these people add this stuff, if I wanted an uber faction I'd get an uber faction mod. I also realized I didn't explain the origin of the Conclave. I'm really messing up on this post! I replaced the links with a fixed version
At least there's options to disable it, but goddamn it's hella annoying. Gigastructures has like 3? crises that can happen, if you include the Katzen. One's disabled atm thuogh iirc, because a recent-ish update murdered it?
Wait no, there's 4 ways to for crises to happen.
Katzen we saw. EHOF is the disabled one; if you keep exploring with it, you're supposed to eventually come upon an uber-faction on par with the mega-precursor crisis faction in the center of the galaxy. And #4 is building the psychic hypersiphon, which triggers the Unbidden to invade, I think.

Oct 2, 2009

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From East to West

Starting today's report, with advances in weaponry made there has been changes to the Hegemony fleet again. The Si'Blal class ship is now known as the Brave Little Toaster class, a joke made by shipwrights not only for the small size of the ships...

But the fact they are expected to get in close to enemy combatants while the newly equipped Lynneth class fires plasma and missiles into them. The Brave Little Toaster class has been equipped with 2 sets of autocannons and a coil gun. The Toaster class purpose is to strip shields as quick as possible, while the Lynneth class works on the armor with their plasma weaponry. Both the autocannon and plasma thrower have also been noted for being able to penetrate ship hulls far more effectively than laser or coilgun weaponry.

Shortly after the engineering division completed research on installing afteburners on Hegemony fleets, making them even faster and providing more evasion.

Studies in how space amoebas traverse space has given our naval academies pointers in how subtle movements in space can make Hegemony ships more agile. These new advancements should give the Mandate second thoughts about challenging the Hegemony.

Communications were established with one of the unknown empires which consists of giant sentient fungi. They are a gigantic corporation, enough to be an empire in itself. We can open trade with them where they will be allowed to build one of their corporate HQs on our planets, providing jobs and income for the Hegemony.

However, given the Hegemony's... recent experience with fungus, maybe we should not allow this. They do offer to establish embassies, which is accepted.

A report has come from the southern exploration, it turns out the Qwe have expanded all the way out there and have effectively blocked Hegemony expansion into there. Dov'ace has been ordered back from the dead end lanes to survey and claim as many sectors as possible before the Qwe claim them. Our only options for expansion is eastward at this point.

A new empire has established communications, learning of the Hegemony through the Wulhubb League's networks. They ask to establish an embassy and it is approved. The Spuxulac Confederacy hold a belief that all species deserve equal representation and adequate living standards

Yet another empire has contacted the Hegemony. The Bakturian Divine Empire are a spiritualist sort who preaches about the value of money. A rather interesting take to spiritualism to be sure. They likewise ask for an embassy.

The Confederacy wishes to have a cultural exchange with the Hegemony. This will provide us a great opportunity to study their people first hand, ideally in a better way than with the Qwe'Pulci

In the Eye of Bal system a series of glass domed habitats have been built on a barren planet, allowing habitation. This will allow the Hegemony to house a dedicated crew to look over the EHOF. The space will be shared with a large amount of bureaucrats, keeping all the paper work concentrated on one location will help prevent any mistakes or loss of records.

Communications were finally established with the second unknown empire. They are connecting to one overmind that dictates their every action. Their space lies directly east of the Hegemony.

And with that the Hegemony's limits have been established. Fern'boj has been ordered to survey eastward with all haste while the Nahala follows to claim what sectors remain for the Hegemony.

The Hegemony is starting to bring in many materials which are sold to for extra energy credits. With such a high stockpile it has been decided a portion of the credits will be used to help with combating space cancer, a terminal illness that plagues society that has no known cure.

Somewhere in the Hive space there has been spotted creatures consisting solely of crystal. Taking a closer look at them has shown ways the Hegemony can apply such material to improve our energy credit income. Rumor has it their bodies also make for great hull strengthening materials, though the engineering division insists our armor technology outshines the crystals.

Good news reported from Fern'boj, the hyperlanes heading east of the Yunduk system do not connect to where the Hive capital is estimated to be located. She will continue heading eastward while the Nahala follows behind to claim the sectors she finishes surveying. The crew of the Nimbis will be filling in all the required stations to exploit the resources of those sectors while the bios will continue claiming the western sectors as Dov'ace finishes her surveys.

At the next unity meeting its been decided the Hegemony should work on restructuring the diplomatic corps with all the new empires that have been spotted. This revamped branch will be able to handle forming federations with other empires as well as making them trust the Hegemony far more.

As for internal affairs, its been put to action for the Hisa to achieve the transcendence that was given to us back in the golden age. Slowly the technology will come back to restore our genetic code and achieve the mental centering required to perform feats of magic once again.

Especially now that space cancer has been eradicated from the Hegemony!

Dov'bah has found an anomaly in relation to the Yuht, she is ordered to follow up at a nearby planet that housed a defensive grid. If the Hegemony made this world habitable we would be able to access those systems!

Suddenly an expansive fleet just... appeared in the Halvam sector. They did not come in from any of the neighboring sectors, and the strength they appeared in is worrisome. An envoy has hastily been redeployed to establish contact with this new empire.

It turns out the empire is a traveling crew of trade caravaners. They show no signs of hostility and are simply flying through our space... though their sudden appearance goes unexplained. They offer a trade deal: 500 alloys for four neighborhood's worth of population. The Hegemony is currently expanding all alloys in upgrading the fleets, so this deal goes unanswered.

Dov'bah has reported her findings on the Yuht vessel. Despite the cruiser dwarfing the size of any ship seen thus far, the crew only numbered two. It is a wonder if any planet was even capable of supporting such large beings.

The caravaners have left a derelict ship in Malor space. While the treatment of our space as a dumping ground is concerning, it may hold something on value inside. The ISS bios is sent over to tow it to a shipyard, where data for a power plant technology was found. Some planets may have a material called "Betharian" that are highly reactive and full of energy if properly combusted.

Reports from the eastern exploration states that there is a sector that may be full of primitive civilizations. The Hegemony is eager to hear more in follow up reports. The 1st Brigade is enroute to the sector.

Dov'ace meanwhile discovers a space based habitat that contains presapients. They do not seem capable of acknowledging a new species entering their living space and moving in, there will be no need of the 1st Strike to claim the habitat.

Fern'boj has been discovering several inhabited planets with primites on them as well as signs that the Yuht have been involved in the sector. Four planets have been reported thus far with primitves on them, the 1st Strike will have their work cut out for them

The cultural exchange program continues apace with one of the Spuxulac scientists becoming fascinated with a piece of Hegemony technology. It is only far if they are so interested in the technology to let us see some of theirs, isn't it?

Space continues to provide food for the Hegemony, this time offering a... well it certainly isn't a fruit or a vegetable, but can plankton be considered a meat? Perhaps a plankton loaf...

The Spuxulac seem to be the most willing to continue increasing relations with the Hegemony and offer a commercial pact. That the Hegemony vastly benefits from this over the Confederacy shows how willing they are to establish closer ties.

On top of this, the Se'ikh people have opened their borders to the Hegemony and wished to establish an embassy. It appears every empire is starting to witness the strength of the Hegemony.

The cultural exchange program ends and our species are returned to their home planet. No problems, no fuss, unlike our attempts of diplomacy with the Qwe empire. Upon the Spuxulac's return they request a research agreement between our people. They gain far more than the Hegemony, but it is only fair with the very favorable commercial pact they have offered. The Hegemony followed up with another trade offer: Several units of minerals and food supplied every month for the next 10 years, in exchange for favors we may cash on later in the future.

It has been brought to the Hegemony's attention that the Mandate can no longer be considered a rival, they are simply too pathetic to be considered one. A pitiful event from an empire who was so gung ho trying to stand up to the Hegemony.

After all, who can possibly stand up to a species that is constantly evolving? Who is taking advantage of genetics, technology and the unknown?

In the western sectors, nearly fully claimed, Dov'ace has come across a temple that has been previously seen on Menkalinan Secundus. Perhaps investigating this shrine will shed more light on the now deceased cultists of light?

Miscommunication with the Nahala has resulted in them building an observation platform above several of the primitive planets in the Cormaggas sector. They claim they were told "build everything" and as such, they did as they were told. Hopefully this mix-up will make it easier to take over the planet. The 1st Strike are still enroute from the capital. However one of these primitives are in an industrial age and a project is put in place to attempt assimilating them from within, now that our genetic division has been vastly improved.

The eastern exploration has lead to a series of wild space sectors, one of which contains an offensive weapon the shape of an entire moon! The thought that someone can create this... or even restore it, is an exciting prospect!

An opportunity to learn more about the nearby hive directly!

The Hive's demands are ignored and the drone is welcomed as a scientist. She is rather experienced in architectural manners and will help contribute to our research in that field.

Fern'boj sounds out a distress signal before quickly being silenced, a sector amongst the wild sectors houses an extremely powerful fleet of pirates. Thankfully she has survived and performed a snap emergency FTL jump.

Fern'uni had finished her archeological excavation in the Dalphene sector and managed to find a major relic. This obelisk can repair itself when a piece is broken off, and that broken piece is capable of repairing itself as well. This can be used in future construction projects to cut on costs.

The next unity meeting has decided to put more focus on the mechanical side of the Hegemony, not just the robots but even build dedicated mechas for the military. There is also plans to set up a guild engineers that can set up a guildhall on planets to help with enhancing robotics assembly.

To close out this report, meet the Hegemony's third fleet, the strongest fleet fielded thus far. The Golwih Voidfarers are led by Admiral Sler'gah who is highly aggressive in her command, increasing her fleets speed and firing rate. They are sent to clear out the hostile void clouds spotted around the Hegemony.

The void cloud lets out several bolts of lightning while the Golwih fires their missiles in return.

The Golwih succeed in taking down the void cloud, losing 3 ships in the progress. This not only lets our scientists study the cloud's remains, but opens up the sector to be claimed by the Hegemony. The Golwih are sent to the southern sectors to clear out one other void cloud in the cluster.

Onto more civil matters, the possibilities of working with sentient trees continue to abound. A tree house that migrates, quite a twist on the nomadic life.

It is with a heavy heart that I report Kitsune Me'koo has passed, the joy she brought the Hegemony shall never be forgotten. If only I had the opportunity to get my holoscroll signed by her

Now to talk about the.. many.. colonies established during this time. Naff'Dwith is a Coral World in the same sector as the abandoned habitat. It is... eerily exactly like Naff'Ithi, The civic division has ok'd the planet for solar arrays, oasis farms, chemical industries and crystal mines. The nature it provides is a single deep sinkhole.

The planet also had a strange factory already built before the Hegemony arrived.

Naff'Digo is a lichen world that is rich in produce, though the surface is tricky to work with in building structures. The planet also has a perfect year round weather for crops to flourish. The civic division has cleared the planet for stable mines, a deep mine, chemical industries, gas refineries, gardens and something new:

Ocean Farms can locate food underwater that is both delicious and of interest to the society division.

The planet's nature is an active volcano, a district's worth of hostile wildlife, four district's worth of noxious swamp and two massive glaciers.

Naff'Digo has also located a unique strain of fungus... it is slightly worrying what this might entail, but for science the Hegemony will look them over.

Naff'EoB is the habitat built in the Eye of Bal system. They are rather limited in what can be built. As the planet the habitats are on offers no natural resources to gather all that can be built are housing districts, industrials and leisure districts. However with alloys and the right amount of influence there can be some additional districts, such as a bureaucratic district. As soon as enough districts are built to make the administrative park not necessary the habitat will be the first to build a proper cloning vat.

Cloning vats will require a sizeable amount of food as an upkeep, but can greatly improve population growth. As stated before, with the overhead and training required to operate a clone vat or a robotics factory, each planet can only support one or the other.

Naff'Ujba is located in the Yunduk sector, which is in that cluster east of the Qwe systems and right as the hyperlanes head eastward. It is a tomb world that is rather hostile to organic life, even the Hisa who are now acclimated to most any world possible. Naff'Ujba is irradiated which doesn't help with the habitability and effectively eliminates any agriculture on the planet. The sky is also incredibly polluted, which cements the loss of agriculture on the planet. The colonists have been allocated four thousand credits to work on clearing the planet of its pollution.

The civics division has ok'd the planet for wind parks, surface mines, mountain mines, gas refineries and oddly enough, not only ocean farms but a new district:

Ocean Housing, which allows more housing to be built without taking up any district space. Despite how heavily polluted and irradiated the ocean is, it apparently can support a housing project.

The nature provided are two active volcanoes, three district's worth of impassible mountains. Besides that thre are several city ruins, patches of land that are utterly radioactive, craters from bombs and several districts full of automated gun turrets. After the pollution is cleared from the sky the colonists will have their hands full clearing out this debris.

Several discoveries have been made on what exactly went on with this planet, be sure to check the anomaly overview, they will be placed at the end.

Naff'Edemar is another tomb world, though this one not quite as hostile as Naff'Ujba. The terrain is pretty rugged which will make it more costly to build, but there is a bounty of minerals to be found from this. Not only that, but these minerals are of exceptional quality, we'll get more out of the minerals here.

The civics division has also cleared the planet for ocean housing, maybe its more preferable to live on the ocean than on the land in these planets? They also ok'd solar arrays, chemical industries, gas refineries and... a nature reserve? They are clearly taking the piss.

The nature provided here is simply two impassable mountains, along with a mix of bomb craters, overly radioactive lands and automated gun turrets.

Naff'Irtha is the name given to the abandoned orbital habitat found in the Dwilthim sector. There are a few pre-sapients skittering around the habitat, they seem to be caretakers of the habitat. A few features have been found built into this habitat, there are sizeable docks coming out of the habitat that are meant for more than regular traffic, this habitat must've been a trade hub in the past. There is a series of replicators set around the habitat that is meant to replicate consumer goods, letting the habitat go with less goods. And to the joy of the colonists, an artificial gravity stadium to let the locals play all kinds of games in zero gravity.

Scanners have shown what the habitat looks like.... its a giant mushroom. The cosmos apparently has a sense of humor.

Cormaggas C is the first of four planets taken into the Hegemony fold. Surrounding the planet was a series of ancient shipyards, hooking them up to our starbase overhead will greatly improve our ship building capabilities! On the planet itself are gigantic creatures that dominate the sky and are predatory in nature, this leads to a non insignificant amount of lost lives. And now for inside the planet: Scientists claim that the core is completely artificial, the planet had died and was brought back to life! Maybe the Yuht had a hand in this?

The civic division has ok'd the planet for wind farms, stable mines, oasis farms and nature reserves.

The nature provided here is a district's worth of dangerous wildlife, deep sinkholes and quicksand basin.

The locals are more adaptive than most, however they do not have the fastest reproduction rate. Perhaps that is because of how... repugnant they are to look at.

The capital continues its expansion to become a planet worthy of a space empire. A central datanet has been built in Tunia city, allowing all the Hegemony's archiving efforts to be accessible to all citizens.

The engineering division has made blueprints of a self sustaining arcology that makes the most out of the space reserved by our frontier settlements. As Hegemony colonies start numbering in the billions they will be building an arcology of their own to house the population.

Advancements in AI technology will allow the Hegemony to develop a planet-wide, fully autonomous transport network on every planet. This vastly improved logistics system will help reduce the loss of goods during transportation, as well as being more compact than traditional transportation networks, giving more land clearance for future districts. Every colony will be upgraded with an autonomous network as resources allow.

Finally, the physics division has discovered a way for Hegemony science ships to explore wormholes. The one found in the Egrore sector leads to another sector of wild space near the Spuxluac Confederacy. At least with that it seems we wont have to worry overly much about that wormhole as long as we remain on friendly terms.

Here is the anomaly report

In closing, this report has been sponsored by the Hisa Glimmering Association of Geologists, having recently found a planet with a diamond core, would like to remind everyone that diamonds are a foxgirls best friend. With a stone that size you'd need a ring world to put it on.

A ring world....

Leal fucked around with this message at 00:59 on Oct 23, 2021

Oct 2, 2009

Makin my way downthread
Postin fast
Shitposts pass
and I'm probed now

Got a few decisions to make today!

Should we get that Ring world?. The Mandate is disliked by practically everyone else in the universe and we have an extreme advantage over them. Hell, they don't even have a starbase in the sector bordering our own. Not only that but after a truce is made our borders will be opened to one another, meaning we can continue scouting the western half of the galaxy. We also have a lot of influence, almost hitting the cap in fact, we just may be able to claim enough sectors to split the Mandate in half and let us access the western hyperlanes

Then there is the Kelbrid, who has been been decidedly stomped by the Ekwynians. They are utterly pathetic in fleet, economy and technology. With some favors we can easily turn them into protectorates, which gives us a bonus to influence in exchange for defending them. They get an 80% bonus to researching techs we have researched and when they hit 50% of our level they will turn into vassals, who we can then absorb. Though uh... if they are pathetic now, and with as small as their space is, that is most likely never gonna happen.

We can federate them into a hegemony, which is effectively an alliance. Federations do grant bonuses, in the case of a hegemony we will get bonuses to job income, we'll get a war goal to force other empires into the hegemony and when the galactic senate is formed our federation members will contribute 10% of their diplomatic weight to us. The downside is, until the federation levels up enough and we change laws to make it so we get to make all decisions, wars will be up to a vote and our federation members may continually block us from declaring a war that they don't want to have. Not only that but federation members can also give association status to other empires which will prevent us from attacking them unless we revoke it, which again goes up to a vote.

Of course we can always conquer them... They do have a defensive alliance with the Se'ikh and while they are locked behind some empires that wont give border access, we also don't have open borders with those empires. This is a problem because of how wars work, their allies contribute to whether they accept peace and if we can't attack them well... Who cares if we have all their territories seized, fleets destroyed and planets occupied? What have we done to their allies?

This decision will need to be made quick, as they're cozying up with the Se'ikh they may either subjucate themselves to the Se'ikh or make a federation with them.

And speaking of robots, I just unlocked robot modding which will let me change up our robots traits and even how they look. Go ahead and pick one, from top to bottom, left to right pick between 1 - 10.

Feb 13, 2012

We'll start,
like many good things,
with a bear.

Take that ringworld.

Theft is an important part of fox protocol.


May 5, 2019

Nab the ringworld, you know you want it.

Also, voting for federate. I'm for the third robot portrait, the big ol' dangling robot eye with stubby limbs

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