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Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

What is Path of Exile?

Path of Exile is an online Action RPG (Diablo Clone) with a deep emphasis on complex character creation, economics/trade, chase loot, and huge varieties of side systems. Like most ARPGs you are mostly just killing piles of monsters and picking up randomized loot, you could consider PoE to be a very advanced cookie clicker or slot machine if you play properly (I don't play properly).

There are 10 "acts" in the story which serve as basically a tutorial for the game systems. Once you complete the acts you gain access to a magical portal which you can use to travel the planes and kill people for more loot. This portal system is the "end game" and you can grind these systems for months if you really want:

Rutibex posted:


Today I will post about my experiences beginning the "end game" of Path of Exile. After defeating Kitava your character and some tag alongs decide to go looting the treasures of the rich guys who are all dead. You end up looting a thing called the "Vault of Venarous" which contains (among other things) something called a "map device". You can feed stone tablets with crude carving into this thing and it will open a planar portal to another world with whatever you carved onto the map! This new device kid of makes us Gods so we start creating(?) new worlds and looting them for treasure. Every time you defeat a map it goes onto a big atlas of all the maps in the game, and you get bonuses the more maps you defeat :black101:

But once you reach a "tier three" map a curious lady calling herself Zana appears. She tells you that you hosed up big time and opening all these portals has caught the attention of some big bad dudes and now they are coming for our home dimension :ohdear: The only way to fix this is for Zana to live on our couch and also we must do missions for her to accomplish some mysterious ends. She says you have to beat up her old room mates and get some gems to put into these slots on the map and its this whole big thing. Its not hard to figure out but if you want to min max it you need to read a wiki. Our character has no objection to this so Zana moves in! She also sells maps which is handy:

The maps also contain random missions from various people who usually want you to help kill things in exchange for unique rewards. First example is Ehinar and beast crafting. You follow this hunter around on the map and kill beasts, then you use the beast to craft certain things. I used beasts to make a better set of potions for example:

There is also Sister Cassia, who needs you to play a tower defense game in order to fight the "blight". This particular mini games feels very tower defense when you are playing totems :v: Sister Cassia can "anoint" amulets with oils that allow you to get a free passive tree node (even if you are not connected to it on the tree). I will be making on of her amulets once I have more money!

You can also find a guy called Tane who stitches together monster parts to make an extra boss on the maps you find him. His "metamorph" bosses are custom made, so you can choose what powers they have, but the powers also come with different rewards so you have to choose wisely :ohdear:

Finally (for this post) there is Nikos Mine. You can collect sulphur on maps which is used to power a "crawler" which goes deep into a treasure cave. The deeper you go the better the treasures, but also the monsters are harder. The most important early use of this system it to grab some special crafting recipes that allow you to customize the colour of your equipment sockets:

What is Scourge League?
Scourge is the latest Path of Exile "challenge League". Every 3 months a new league is released with a complete character reset and many new features added. It is a race to see who can reach level 100 the fastest! But most people are content with completing the "League challenges" to earn cosmetic items for your character (which carry over between leagues). I have a bunch of these items from previous leagues and I hope to earn the weapon effect and wings this league (I don't have anything for those cosmetic slots). The pet reward would be cool, but I am not nearly hardcore enough to earn all the reward points :v:

How will this Lets Play work?
I will be posting my daily progress through the league, any items I find as well as any trading I do along the way. This is a very exciting league they have made a lot of cool changes so I expect I will get really far this time. I have never actually beaten the final boss of Path of Exile (I have reached him 5 times and got him to a 5% sliver of health, but died :cry:). I have high hopes that I can make it this time!

Previous Lets Play, Expedition League

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Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

My build
For this league, because of the massive changes to the passive skill tree I am going with something familiar, a Hexblast Occultist! This build is designed to curse enemies and then use the skill Hexblast to explode those curses :black101: Kind of a 1-2 punch

I have built my character up to level 90 in a simulator program, but I dont know how this will work out in the real game. There are a lot of changes, but I have a feeling I will end up stronger than before!

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Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

ZionestLord posted:

Fun idea, will be following your progression and praying for the big drops!

Thank you, luck is very important in this game so your good vibes should enhance my drops
In addition to all of the other cool changes I am really interested in the Scourge mechanic itself. Its seems to be a kind of "Super-Delirium" that you can min-max heavily. This is why I wanted to go with Hexblast this league, it has absolutely insane clear speed. Every non-boss mob on the screen dies in two hits, its the perfect skill for clearing massive screens of demons :black101:

The item Krangling system also looks really fun. I don't normally get too deep into the crafting systems, but I think this league I'm gonna krangle every slot. It will make for some very unique gear and characters. This krangled gear could enable a lot of builds that we don't even know about yet. This league is so exciting!

T-53 hours until league start

Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

In previous leagues people mostly used fire Hexblast in order to get Ignite. However GGG just released the final skill numbers and they have done something that makes me think my cold based Hexblast build is now more viable:




New: Effectiveness of Added Damage 210%
Old: Effectiveness of Added Damage 150%
New: Deals 965 to 1447 Chaos Damage
Old: Deals 689 to 1034 Chaos Damage
New: 15% more Damage with Ailments per 5 Doom on Hex with most Doom
Old: 40% more Damage with Ailments per 5 Doom on Hex with most Doom
New: 40% more Damage with Hits per 5 Doom on Hex with most Doom Removes Hex with most Doom after Damaging
Old: 60% more Damage with Hits per 5 Doom on Hex with most Doom Removes Hex with most Doom after Damaging

They have reduced the aliment damage but increased the basic damage. I was not using the ailment damage, cold damage inflicts Freeze but doesn't do extra damage. This means my build is getting yet another buff, for several leagues in a row now! I believe that means it is blessed by Chris and this will provide me with good drops :pray:

Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

League start! Scourge League began at 3pm sharp so I was sure to have my game patched and ready to go. Of course getting in on launch day means you have to wait in the line. After waiting for the 50,000 players ahead of me. I made my character and promptly crashed. I then waited for the additional 30,000 players ahead of me and I was able to log in!

I wake up and admire my stylish sackcloth robes. I grab a random stick and a fireball gem and go to town on the beach

Once I get to town I quickly buy a Raise Zombie and Explosive Trap gem. These are not my favorite skills in the universe but they are the best available right now:

In the next area I encounter some strange depressed person who insists I shove this horrifying bloody device up my character hole so that I can travel to hell. Obviously I agree and comply right away

After installing this thing I now have these bars and a little button on the bottom. Killing monsters fills the bar up. I can hit the button in order to travel to the Kranglverse where I kill demons to steal their juices.

Once you have enough Krang Juice you can open up a special menu and Krangle an item. This makes the chosen item rare and corrupted. Its also gives it special modifiers (a good one and a bad one). It doesn't take very long to krangle items and it makes some cool stuff! There are also points you gain to give yourself better Krangle-Craft options! I krangled a bunch of items during act 1

The creepy depressed person somehow makes it back to town and also follows you home to your apartment. Super creepy!

As soon as I can I switch to Summon Raging Spirit. Its just lazier than any other skill, the skulls are like little homing missiles. I am not sticking with minions long term, but you don't get any curses until act 3 :shrug:

The final boss of act 1 is a squid lady named Marvel. I killed her with Summon Raging Spirits without too much trouble. Stay tuned for act 2!

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Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

It occurred to me that I did not explain what the story of this game is! It was an honest mistake, most players of PoE don't even know there is a story so it kind of slipped my mind. Allow me to explain it now before moving on to Act 2

What is Wraeclast?

At the beginning of PoE you are banished to Wraeclast, but where is that? Wraeclast is the large continent on this map, it is savage and full of monsters. Your character comes from Oriath, the small island in the bottom right corner with the city Theopolis. It is the last vestige of a collapsing empire. There have been hundreds of years of magical cataclysms and political revolutions and now the only remnants of "civilization" are on this island.

Why were you banished to Wraeclast?
The people in control of Oriath are a group called the "Templars" who have banned all magic as "witchcraft" but of course keep magic for themselves. Your character was caught doing magic and your house was burned down by a mob. You retaliated and were caught. But instead of being burned as a Witch (I only play as the Witch, don't ask me about the other characters :v:) you are exiled for some reason. Your ship crashes before you arrive and you end up on a beach. Along the way you find out that you were spared because another witch calling herself Piety saw some potential in you and decided to bring you here:

Stay tuned for act 2!

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Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

Act 2!

Act 2 is kind of a jungle act. The purpose of this act is to beat up a bunch of bandits and steal their amulets so that you can use them to break into an ancient temple and mess with it. To start off with I needed a bit more damage. I was able to pick up this essence from Act 1 so I use it on a staff to give myself a minion damage bonus. Then I reconfigure myself to use skeletons/zombies/Raging Spirits. Basically for Act 2 I am going to be a minion zoo. I also grab the nearby health node, which gives me the insane life mastery of +2% life regen per second!

Act 2 is the first act where you encounter Ehinar the beast master. This guy follows you around and captures animals with you. When you collect enough animals you can sacrifice them to dark gods to gain items (just like pokemon):

Using my new staff I was able to make quick work of the bandits and collected all of the items I needed to get into the temple:

Once inside I beat up the robot boss!

Along the way I of course Krangled a number of new items. I also unlocked a new power called Trypophobia (don't google that word). This gives a chance for newly krangled items to gain extra slots :eyepop: I'm putting so many points into this, 6-links here I come!

Stay Tuned for Act 3!

Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

Act 3!

In the previous act you were chasing Piety around as she committed various minor atrocities, in this act you chase her around some more and eventually confront her boss. I gained access to some new skills when I reached act 3 town so I decided to ditch the Raging Spirit minions and try out Forbidden Rite Totems. I used these totems all last league (because they were really broken). But I found them quickly disappointing and I switched to the skill Bane. Bane is a cursing skill that allows you to inflict multiple curses at once. Very important for my cursing build, but I still lack the most important part Hexblast. I pathed over to the Chaos node to give myself a boost:

In order to find Piety you need to collect a bunch of items to give them to this nice lady by the name of Dialla. She is a "gemling" which is some kind of horrific magical experiment performed by a evil wizard dude named Malachai, used to power evil devices! But she seems cool (if a little strange) and is more than willing to share he powers to help out:

Once you get through the sewer blockage you are able to fight your way to Piety's headquarters and lets just say shes has been uh....... :yikes:

So obviously we immediately go kill Piety. She seems really disappointed that I am now a better witch than her. I take the key to her bosses place too, I'll be paying him a visit! Oh well them's the breaks, maybe you should have killed more zombies instead of.....all this

After defeating Piety I finally have access to Hexblast! Watch out world here I come :black101: I also take a short side trip between killing genocidal maniacs to help a ghost find some books:

Finally I open the big super door and fight my way to the top of Dominus tower and kick his butt. This guy was basically the emperor back home so I guess I'm not exiled any more?

Lady Dialla agrees I can't be an exile from an empire that doesn't exist any more, and we both decide to go on a vacation to Act 4:

Stay Tuned for act 4!

Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

Act 4!

In this act your character and your new friend Lady Dialla travel to the city of Highgate. Apparently there is a Cthulhu living in the mountain near this city and the people are getting kind of worried about it. That evil wizard Malachi from the last chapter is hiding inside the cthulhu trying to control it (though he is not doing a great job, because its stuck in a mountain doing nothing). The town people want you to go inside cthulhus booty hole and kill Malachi.

In order to get into the mountain I need to do some quests for Niko and open up his mine. This mine is also an end game system. its basically a treasure cave and you collect sulphate from maps in order power this "crawler" that goes deep into the dark cave so you can grab the treasures. Its a pretty fun system, but I'm not going to bother with it until end game:

Before going inside I decide to take a side trip and do my ascendancy class. This is a system that lets you pick a sub-class and specialize in a certain type of gameplay. You have to beat a bunch of "trails" that involve dodging around spike traps and stuff then fight a boss named Izaro 3 times without dying once. I managed to pull it off and now I am an Occultist! This gives me access to the third curse :twisted:

Now that I have a third curse I need to rejigger my equipment. I also took some more curse nodes on the tree and one of them gives me a bonus to curse aura reservation. Instead of putting all three curses into Bane I am giving myself a cursing aura! By combining Blasphemy Support with Temporal Chains I create an aura around myself that automatically curses anyone on screen with extreme slowness. Because of my cursing bonuses they are also inflicted with Malediction and Hindered :black101: This makes dodging a hell of a lot easier! Now that I have an empty slot in my Bane setup I replace TC with Elemental Weakness. This stacks with Frostbite curse I'm already using to give them extreme cold vulnerability (and Hexblast always hits the lowest resistance :twisted:)

Finally I put on all of my cosmetic DLC. It is my tradition that I can not wear my cosmetics until I do the first ascendancy. Don't I look stylish with my delirium horns:

In order to bust into cthulhus booty hole I need to collect some items from weird portals and give them to Lady Dialla so she can power some kind of booty canon. I do this and she helps me out by powering the canon with her own life force :(

Inside of cthulhus butt I find out that Piety has been hanging out here some how. I thought I killed you jeez, I guess people in Wraeclast don't stay dead for long. So I kill her again and she comes back immediately and offers to join me. Sure why not you are basically Hitler but I guess we can put our differences aside! We travel deeper until we find cthulhus most inner butt hole and kill the wizard Malachi

After killing cthulhu the town people mention off hand they own a teleporter that can take me back to my home island. Assholes! You couldn't have mentioned that before I crawled up this bootly hole? Whatever! I go through the portal and travel home. I guess this is the end of my horrific violent journey?

Stay tuned for act 5

Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

Act 5!

In this act your character returns from exile and uses their new found god-like magical skills to murder everyone who ever opposed you :black101: I first arrive in the middle of the Oriath slave pens. The guards ask me nicely to please come into custody and return to exile. I decide instead to kill every cop in the town and also carve out the eyes of the head slave master for fun

Having killed every cop in town I now have a 5 star alert rating :ohdear: Oh dear the military is coming for me? what will I do? How about Kill the entire army too! :black101: :black101:

Along the way I managed to steal the soul of a particularly useful soldier. This soldier gives Proximity Shield, which makes me immune to ranged attacks!

I have killed the police, and I've killed the army....but is that enough? No! I decide to finish the job and go across town to the temple and KILL GOD

OK...... maybe I've gone too far? The town is now on fire and apparently the slaves summoned satan to eat all the rich people. But satan is kind of eating everyone now.....:yikes:
I go to the top of the rooftop to kill the devil but he is too strong and kicks my rear end (giving me a resistance penalty :( )

I find a nice sailor lady who is getting the gently caress out of town and she agrees to take me along with her. Good job team we have really improved Oriath!

Stay Tuned for Act 6!

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Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

Act 6, 7, 8, and 9!

Sorry I did not post yesterday, I was paying PoE too much :v: I am going to compress these final acts into one post. They don't really add anything to the story and are basically just weird filler before you get back to things in act 10.

After the first battle with Kitava a strange voice starts talking to your character, saying nasty things and also there are portals which bring you into a alternative Hell-dimension. So of course I immediately hit the krangle button and travel to double hell

Act 6
In act six you encounter a weird mermaid lady who asks you to save her from something called the "Brine King". So you go out and try to find this thing and help her. Oops! It was a trap to......rape you? :yikes: You kill this big crab monster so it can't have its way with you and take a trip with a ghost pirate to act seven.

Act 7
In act seven there is some weirdo that wants to himself get raped by a spider monster and lures you into its lair to make that happen. Oddly enough the monster doesn't seem into it this time and just eats him. So you kill the big spider for XP and move on to act eight!

Act 8
Act eight is the sewer level.......

Act 9
Act nine is basically Act four with an extra desert area. Not particularly remarkable but it does contain a side boss which uses the best soundtrack in PoE. It's never reused, most songs are reused for end games bosses but you can only hear this song in act eight. It was in this act that I noticed that my Bane skill was killing all of the monsters after a few seconds, and Hexblast was just a liability. So I pump up Bane and switch out Hexblast for Essence Drain:

After defeating not-malacahi Lilly Roth suggests that maybe I've done enough bullshit side quests to gain the levels I need to beat Kitava. We agree and set off for Oriath!

Stay Tuned for act 10 + Maps 1

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Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

Act 10!

Act ten is basically a redo of act 5, including the fight with Kitava at the end and the big resistance penalty (an additional 30% which stacks with the first penalty, what a jerk). This is basically the end of the tutorial and the beginning of the "real" game of mapping. Considering that is the case I decided to do a bit of side stuff before taking down Kitava himself.

First off I went back in time to my earlier adventures and completed all the quests worth a skill book:

Second I returned to the Temple of Trials and abused Izaro six more times to get my 2nd and 3rd ascendancy. All of these bonuses are great for my Bane curses, but the +60% chaos resistance is especially important for a special defense I have planned for later!

Third I traveled even further back in time to raid an ancient Vaal temple. Where did this map device come from? Hmm odd.....

Finally I want on a crime spree. I wanted to have a good amount of chaos orbs once I got to maps, so I can trade for better items. The contract vendor will refresh so I have been buying lock picking contracts at the Rogue Harbor every time I gain a level. These are the best contracts to find Chaos Orbs!

After my very successful and profitable life of crime I finally got around to saving the towns people from Kitava. Goku helped

Here is my passive tree so far:

Stay tuned for maps! (you can see a preview in the OP)

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Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

Mapping 1

The mapping system is the end game of Path of Exile. You collect these items called "maps" that can have a variety of tiers and modifiers. You put the map into the mapping device and it creates a portal to another prime material plane which you can raid for loot! :black101: Basically you keep doing this and raiding higher tier maps until you kill the gods or something. Of course when you defeat Kitava the second time he gives you a resistance penalty, which meant I needed to change my equipment around. At this point we were several days into the league so there was a good variety of simple rares available for a cheap price. The best item I picked up was this Cane of Unraveling which gives an insane number of bonuses for my Bane build. I couldn't six-link it right away, but I will be trying to do that as I map (maybe with harvest?) Most of these items did not have the correct slots or links so I had to craft them a bit:

When I did my first map I found this Dream Furnace which allows you to Krangle maps. I have been doing research and apparently its best to only Krangle white Tier 1 maps for now, as the rewards do not scale. This map system seems to be a lot more rewarding than the items making system and I'm looking forward to fooling around with it:

After doing a few maps I found another wayward soul who insists on living in the sewers with me. Welcome to the cause Sister Cassia!

Finally once I complete a Tier 3 map another lady appears and tells me off for raiding all these dimensions. She also insists on living in the sewers with me and sleeping on my couch. I need to collect some ORBS for her. That's fine I suppose, she sells maps at least but she seems kind of sinister :ohdear:

Stay Tuned for mapping 2!

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Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

A small update, I just wanted to let everyone know I found this sweet BitterDream :smug:

Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

Mapping 2

Sorry there hasn't been an update in a bit but I tend to play less PoE once I reach the end of the story. The league lasts for several months, so you can't play obsessively every day or you would go nuts! I also may have been frustrated because I was dying a lot :ohdear: So when I logged on this time I decided I need to beef up my defenses. I had previously reached Tier 6 maps and I was dying more than once per map and this is just unacceptable. The first component was a few new items to boost my paltry 10% chaos resist up to 75%

Once my chaos resistance was maxxed out I bought the best Forbidden Taste potion that I could find. This flask heals you to (near) full life but does a bunch of chaos damage to you over time. Because I have such high life regeneration and chaos resistance this down side doesn't bother me. Forbidden Taste also makes you ethereal so you can walk through monsters and get out of crowds. All of that wold be a nice upgrade, but I'm going a step further. I use 3 instilling orbs on the Forbidden Taste to enchant it with an automatic trigger. Every time I take a big hit this flask will refill my health to full :twisted: That means so long as this potion is full I'M IMMORTAL

I also set up the new guild hall for my friend and I. Anyone who wants to get into our guild just leave a message and I'll let you in!

After doing several more maps I encountered another couple of characters. A woman named Oshabi who controls a crafting grove, and a guy named Tane who makes monsters out of other monsters bits. These seem like trust worthy people so I welcome them to team Malidrex!

Zana wanted me to go out and beat up her old room mates so I can steal their ORBS. So I do that, they are pretty much pushovers. But these guys don't seem like they are dead for real I think they are coming back to bother us again :ohdear:

Along the way I meet another nice lady calling herself The Maven. She likes to watch blood sports and offers to juice up my maps if I lets her watch me killing things. This sounds like a fine deal to me so I indulge the Mavens fetish:

Here is my atlas progress so far. Things are coming along nicely. After my defensive upgrade I don't die at all, and the Bane/Essence Drain combo works great at clearing as well as boss killing. I expect smooth sailing to Sirus!

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Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

I was doing a ritual today and I didn't like the rewards so I decided to reroll. It was the correct move as now I have an exalted ORB on layaway! :haw: These orbs are worth 130 chaos right now. This means I will be able to do a major gear upgrade (as soon as this thing shows up again :ohdear:)

Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

Mapping 3

I have been making slow and steady progress plodding along unlocking the various maps of the atlas. I completed several more boss gauntlets vs the Maven and unlocked the special powers of the other three areas! I choose to go with Expedition, Incursion, and Ritual. In Valdos rest I previously choose to boost Delirium. I mostly chose these because they can drop exalted orbs and that is the only thing I want! Expedition and Ritual let you choose your rewards and I really enjoy that because it lets me cut down on trading. Incursion also lets you choose your rewards somewhat, but its more complex. I only really want to try one complex type system at a time. All of these are also all about killing big packs of tightly grouped monsters, and Bane is really good for that!

I've also been doing a bit of Nikos Treasure Mine. You can find a crafting recipe down here for colouring sockets that I need. During my explorations I found this ancient Vaal temple and managed to loot an Offering to the Goddess! :haw:

Why is this offering important? Because it gives me access to the final Trial of Ascendancy! You only get one try per offering so I was basically playing hardcore mode for the entire of this trial. I was quite fun, and I managed to kill Izaro in one try :smug: For my Final ascendancy I choose Profane Bloom. This lets me hex hexproof enemies (which is nice cuz hexing is all I do!). But more importantly it turns all the mooks I curse into little blood bombs! :black101: This is a major advantage when the enemies are grouped together really in Ritual/Expedition/Delirium and Incursion :haw:

I'm thinking about trying to craft this fancy staff, it would be a nice upgrade. I have never tried to use Harvests productively, usually I just use them to roll maps and jewels:

Here is my atlas progress so far. I haven't gone up to tier 6 maps yet, I was filling out the lowers ones first so I can get the bonus. But now I'm ready to move onto the middle tier and start collecting more ORB

I was able to make another payment toward my exalted ORB. The Ritual bonus is paying off already. Still not enough though........soon!

Rutibex fucked around with this message at 21:53 on Nov 11, 2021

Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

Mapping 4

I got it!! Today I finally paid off the ritual and obtained my first Exalted ORB. It only took me a few maps after logging in. I then proceeded to spend the rest of the evening trading and upgrading my gear instead of playing the game :v: My first trade was of course to covert the Exalted Orb into more easily traded Chaos Orbs. At the going rate I was able to trade for 146 Chaos Orbs, which is a really good rate!

For my first upgrade I went with a 6-link Carcass Jack. This chest piece gives +50% increased area effect, which makes my Bane curses fill the entire screen! It is Krangled, but the lightning res penalty does not bother me. It was quite cheap for a 6-link. But the Carcass jack doesn't have any chaos resistance so I was forced to upgrade my helmet too. Its just a nice rare, nothing special:

For my second upgrade I bought a 6-link Cane of Unraveling. This will allow me to six-link both Bane and Essence Drain, boosting my damage quite a bit!

My third upgrade was my belt. My old belt was pretty lame so I was able to get this Stygion Vise as a straight upgrade. I put a jewel into it that gives me some extra damage and also Phasing every time I kill. A handy thing to have in the Krangleverse surrounded by monsters!

Finally I bought some level 21 jewels. These are an easy upgrade for some great damage gains. After putting all my shiny new equipment on my damage goes from 26,937dps to 47,391dps. I gained over 20,000 DPS :black101:

I have reached yellow maps, but with these new upgrades I'm feeling ready for reds!

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Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

Mapping Final

We have reached the part of the league where I get bored of PoE and stop playing! I was able to unlock 4 more ORBS on the atlas as well as four more Maven challenges:

At this point I decided to check out my challenge progress. Oh it looks like I only need one point to unlock the Scourge Weapon! and all it involves is some simple crafting :v: I quickly did the crafting and unlocked the reward weapon effect. The next reward (the wings) requires 12 additional challenges, and they are annoying and grindy ones so I won't be bothering!

Don't I look fancy with my new Krangle Weapon Effect :haw:

I reached level 86 and this was my final passive tree. Bane felt powerful the entire time A++ skill would use again

So is that the end of the Scourage League lets play?! Nope! Because there is a much easier way for me to farm some easy cosmetics coming up in December five events! I'll be doing each of these events and opening the prize boxes here, so hopefully I get something cool. I don't have any chance of winning the top prize so don't worry about that :v:


We're ending 2021 with an action-packed series of Path of Exile events in December! We'll share the full announcement in just over a week but in the meantime we wanted to let you know what to expect.

We have six event types planned which begin in early December and run through to the first week of January. While you wait for the full announcement, we can confirm the event dates, duration and that Endless Delve is making a return! We'll also have several days of Path of Exile: Royale featuring Brutus, a version of Royale which made its debut during our recent Twitch Rivals tournament. Zizaran is also hosting another Gauntlet event which will be supported by us in the schedule and with bonus prizes.

Check out the schedule below. These events will all start at Noon Pacific Time.

December 3 - Endless Delve (10 Days)
December 8 - Royale + Brutus (1 day)
December 10 - Zizaran's Gauntlet (10 days)
December 17 - TBA: New Event Type (10 Days)
December 22 - Royale + Brutus (1 day)
December 24 - TBA: New Event Type (10 Days)
December 29 - Royale + Brutus (1 day)
December 31 - TBA: New Event Type (10 Days)

In the 10 day events, top-ranked players of each Ascendancy Class will be eligible for the coveted Demigod's Authority and participating players will be awarded with mystery boxes and eligible for randomly-drawn microtransaction prizes. We'll also be providing Twitch Drops on the first day of each 10 day event!

While we'll leave a little mystery about the TBA events for now, we can at least say that these are events we haven't run before and do not include the Turmoil, Mayhem or Flashback events from the past. We're very excited to see what you think!

Sep 9, 2001

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Tomorrow is the Endless Delve event and I have been going over my preparations. There is a prize pool for each of the 10 day major events and I plan to win a prize in all of them :) There are two types of prizes for each of these events, the "normie" tier and the "try-hard" tier. The try-hard tier goes to only the top player of each class (not me). The normie prizes are won simply by reaching a certain level, which I can do! These are the prizes for the upcoming challenge Endless Delve. I do not have a character or a portal effect so I am going to try and reach level 80. Getting to 50 will be enough for a mystery box, which is how I got my cool cloud pet:

For all of these challenges I want to try some new kind of build. For Delve I am going with a Poison Concoction Occultist. I like the idea of throwing poison potions around. I have no idea how to use this skill so I may as well explain my process for trying new builds. The first step is going to and selecting the "builds" area. Then I narrow things down to the class and skill I am looking for. That will bring up this information:

There is a heatmap of the skill-tree of all the poison concoction occultists in the entire league here, as well as info about what links and items are commonly used. As we can see it looks like I should be focusing on the lower right side of the tree and for my links I should be going:
Poision Concoction > Greater Multiple Projectiles > Unbound Ailments Support > Void Manipulation Support > Lifetap Support > Vicious Projectiles Support
I don't really know anyting about how this build works but the link info and the heatmap should be good enough to get me to level 80. Fingers crossed!

Rutibex fucked around with this message at 04:58 on Dec 3, 2021

Sep 9, 2001

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Endless Delve

I've completed the Endless Delve challenge! At least I've reached level 50 anyway, I might try for 20 more levels but its getting kind of annoying to get further down. They do not give you access to the crafting table in this challenge mode so it is very hard to get your resistances up to snuff. I could grind the special reward chamber and craft it the old fashioned way but that would take a while!

Poison Concoction trip Report: This is a very fun skill especially with an occultist. I didn't really get going until level 38 when you get access to the greater volley support but once you do its very satisfying. Throwing those poisoned bottles around is just fun. Its not as good a skill as Bane, but its more fun I think. I might consider this for my next league starter. I ended up in a odd place on the passives tree, very unfamiliar territory to me!

I didn't get the reward box right away. I'll post when I open it.

Sep 9, 2001

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BaldDwarfOnPCP posted:

This is like the least active thing.

Should go in the PYF:PMF forum.

Dude, it's just you, I checked "who posted" before I posted just to be sure I wasn't breaking a rule.

There's some good content I guess.

Not trying to diss. It's a good OP, OP.

I'm more than willing to talk about PoE with anyone who wants to post in this thread

BaldDwarfOnPCP posted:

So thanks to your advice I got back in PoE to do a delve and see if I can get some free unicorn shwag for making it to lvl 50. And I'm learning a bit about character building following the hexcaster something build.
Hexblast and Bane are great for Delve, because all of the enemies are so closely packed. Getting below level 50 is going to involve some grinding the side chambers and crafting resistance gear. That's likely why you are dying so much, I'm sure your resistances were nowhere near capped. It was the problem I ran into, once I got the first kitava debuff it became quite annoying to keep pressing on.

Sep 9, 2001

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BaldDwarfOnPCP posted:

I was bugging out about a perk that was for one-handed melee 3% increase attack speed.

Parse it.

If you wield a one-handed melee weapon do you get 3% increased attack speed or do you get 3% increased attack speed for melee attack with that weapon?

So frustrating because I'm sure I know the answer is the latter. Not trying to do melee attacks with that wand but this viridian jewel is causing me a lot of frustration.

I have played 8 leagues so far, I only ever use the Witch class and I still don't understand half of whats going on. It doesn't help they keep re-balancing everything and adding esoteric new mechanics all the time. I think thats why its interesting though, I always feel like I could be doing a little bit better.


Sep 9, 2001

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BaldDwarfOnPCP posted:

Yeah. I just tried to watch a "simple" 30 minute video to help

I made it 3 minutes in where I could understand it. By 5 minutes my head was spinning.

Yeah that video is not useful for a newbie at all lol. This one might be better for you:

Defenses are what I am weakest on. My strategy goes as follows in order of priority:

1) Max out your resists
2) Take all the life nodes
3) Try to get as much life regeneration or life leech as possible
4) Steelskin on left click
5) Cast When Damage Taken + Void Sphere
6) Forbidden Taste + Activate when you take a Savage Blow
7) evasion/armor/dodge/other things i don't understand

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