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Nov 8, 2010

Notorious J.A.M

The Players

Luke Aston, the Neighbor Played by Heliotrope
Lola Reyes, The Mortal Played by Roman Reigns
Shankar "Shan" Estrada, the Infernal Played by paradoxGentleman
Serina KiliÁ, the Vampire Played by Frgrbrgr

[Mr. Greene]

[Sam]   [Lilly]     [David]      [Hannah]
[Eden]  [Serina]    [Luke]       [Lewis]
[Lola]  [Alex]      [Shankar]    [Mike]
[Jake]  [Ashley]    [Eve]        [Cassie]
It's October, Sure, there's a definite chill in the air and the nights are starting to get darker but the days are still quite warm. Of course everyone is talking about one thing and one thing only. The big Halloween party downtown tonight sponsored by Prometheus. Free food and drink and a "scary" haunted house for the younger children. And for the older children a party and a best dressed fancy dress competition with prizes for the best costumes. An excited babble of conversations about dates and outfits is sweeping the room while Mr Greene lies slumped in his chair nursing a glass of water and a hangover anyone else would call severe but he calls a typical Friday trying to ignore the rest of the class.

Everyone What costume will you be wearing?

Luke: "Oh hey" David turns his chair around to talk to you "Me and some of the guys were planning to meet up and pre-game some drinks before the big party, you want to come hang with us?" he asks "Uuh if you haven't got other plans that is" Do you want to go hang out with him or do you have an alternative plan or are willing to fake one to get out of it?

Serina: Sam hovers nervously around your desk "umm--I was wondering if you would err- I mean if you don't -- like would you go to the party with me" Will you take up his offer of worship however clumsily delivered or will you put this upstart in his place?

Shankar You feel an itch between your shoulder blades as if someone is watching you. A quick glance over your shoulder sees Eve stare at you thoughtfully and then sketching something on the pad in front of her that you can't quite see. You're not the only one watching her as Ashley leans over to Eve and whispers in a voice loud enough for you to hear. "If you're at the drawing pictures of him stage just ask him out." At that Eve blushes and breaks eye contact with you. What do you do?

Lola ALERT ALERT ALERT. A cuteish guy is talking to Serina. Ok, don''t panic you can still do something about this right. Maybe you could beat him to it. Or make her jealous by talking to someone else or show up this guy for what he's really like. Whatever that is. What do you do?

OOC Thread

String Sheet/NPCs

Please put your character sheet in a quote block at the bottom of your first post, and keep it updated as the game goes on. For the start of the game, wait until everyone has made one post before posting again. This is just so that itís easier for me to look at character sheets in the future when coming back to the first page.


Make one move or roll per post, ask me if you want an exception for some reason.

When you get/remove a String, update the String sheet and add a note on how you got/removed it. At the end of a session, I'll remove all the notes so that things don't get so cluttered up.

Have fun!


Nov 8, 2010

Notorious J.A.M

Luke: "Oh okay" David says sounding a little deflated. "Maybe some other time." Phew, that's one bullet dodged. And now you've got an excuse to talk some more to Shankar. Do you have any good ideas for a costume for a couple.. of good friends?

Shankar: Hmm he owes you one does he? Are you going to take advantage of it or turn your attention back to Eve who seems to have hastily placed her sketch pad in her bag and is dividing her time between watching the three of you with interest and scowling at Ashley What do you do?

Lola: "Oh err, no offence but your not my type, sorry." he says almost apologetically. Sam takes a string on you Not his type? After you were willing to offer yourself like that. Well it's his loss then I suppose. Are you more angry at him or more worried about disappointing Serina? What do you do?

Serina: Well well well that's one way to deal with your problems. Although Sam appears inclined to refuse your generous offer. Really some people are just ungrateful right? Still does Lola's willingness to take on board your perfectly reasonable suggestion earn her any brownie points? Or is the fact that she couldn't manage anything even with your help a disappointment?

Nov 8, 2010

Notorious J.A.M

Serina: "Vampires?" Jake says with a blush as he realises a pretty girl is paying attention to him. "Umm in most of the books vampires don't go in for Halloween it's more of a witch thing or Satanist thing. Still I suppose they enjoy a good party as much as anyone and this town has enough population to support a decent predator to prey ratio that there could be I dunno a couple of vampires in town. And a party would be a great place for them to feed. One more or less passed out person would just be put down to excessive alcohol consumption." Hmm feeding, when did you feed last? He goes on "Umm why are you asking if you don't mind me saying, You're not thinking of going to the party as a vampire are you? Come to think of it Ibet you could rock an awesome costume of this vampire queen I read a novel about supposedly she'd ruled a kingdom of blood in a tiny part of eastern Europe where everyone worshipped and feared her in medieval times." Wait what that story sounds awfully familiar... What do you do?

Shankar: Eve frowns looking at the two of you thoughtfully and after a moments pause says. "I could but you'll have to owe me a favour." Eve will help if you give her a string.. She pulls out her sketchpad and begins sketching some ideas. "Of course if you don't want to I think the stores have a few costumes left. I saw a nice horse outfit in one the other day. Although you'll have to fight over who gets to be the head and who gets to be the rear end." she adds with a grin. What do you do?

Luke: Shankar seems to be taking charge all of a sudden. Does it bother you that you didn''t get a say in him turning to Eve for your costume ideas? He seems to be taking you for granted already, just because you asked for help once. Are you ok with that or do you want to show your own independence?

Lola: Sam looks a little hurt at blowing his shot as he slumps away but gently caress him right? He started that poo poo. Of course that just leaves you with the problem of Serina. As the music washes over you it occurs to you that you've seen enough of Serina to realise one thing. Serina cannot be bullied into doing what you want, She might be persuaded to find you interesting but if you come on too strong it'll make you look pushy. No, the secret is that Serina likes to be in control so make her think her control is being threatened. That someone else is stealing one of her toys then she'll cling to it. Cling to you even more. As the last notes fade away you open your eyes. What do you do with this newfound knowledge?

Nov 8, 2010

Notorious J.A.M

Lola: Okaaay. So you're not a toy and you're not going to hook up with Sam. That's great. Hmm interesting. They're talking about Vampires for some reason. Or at least Jake is lecturing about vampires and costumes and things and Serina is nodding along in the right places. What do you know about that? and do you think you can impress Serina with you knowledge? Or at least fake it well enough to get by? Or do you have some other strategy in mind?

Serina: Jake frowns "Frankenstein? Hell no Frankenstein was a dick, he re-animated a corpse then freaked out, and got everyone he cared about killed. The monster was cool though, I'm going and I've got this cool costume I made, I'm going as a Werewolf. Wanna see the costume I made. I've got some pictures on my phone." He says as he fiddles with his phone before brining up quite a well made mask. Hmm looks like you could have some competition for the costume contest. Are you going to take him down a notch?

Shankar She blushes as you get in close. "Well it's only a rough mockup so far," she squeaks as she riffles back a few pages "Why don't the two of you go as Frankenstein and the mad science guy who made him. It's a great costume for a team. Since no offence I don't think you could pull off the creepy twin look. She shows you some sketches for a few of the parts, and it looks really really good. But which part would you prefer to play the monster or the mad scientist?

Nov 8, 2010

Notorious J.A.M

Lola: "Umm yeah, I mean I got the design of the internet but I umm, put it together myself it's not as easy as it looks" he adds as he pulls out the mask to show you as he blushes under your rather frank interest. gain a string on Jake Of course Serina catches onto what you're doing immediately and seems to approve?? Does that make you want to change your plans or are you willing to go along with it? Of course as soon as Serina starts talking Jake turns his attention away from you what do you do?

Serina: "Well my costume is nearly done.." Jake adds doubtfully. Then glances at you and takes in what you said and looks at you and Lola together and you can practically see the gears turning about what he thinks is going on. Boys like this are so predictable right? "Oh, I mean yeah and uhh maybe I could help you with your costume. Like putting it on and stuff." he glances aside at Lola "Well both your costumes I guess." Hmm Fish hooked what's the next step in your master plan?

David So it's your turn to call the shots now. What do you think would be the better costume for you? Or do you think this whole idea is stupid and have an idea you can try and sell Shankar on? What do you do?

Shankar Yeah you could pretty easily show Jake up. I bet any costume you wear would put him to shame. Although right now he seems to be more interested in the two girls than whatever his costume is. Are they flirting with him? Guess there's no accounting for taste? Still maybe while he's distracted you could cut his costume down a notch if you were so inclined. What do you do?

finishing up this scene soonish so if there's anything you want to finish up soon please begin winding down.

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