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Feb 14, 2013


Walter Irons

I used to farm grox, and they're a lot meaner and tougher than most people. I miss them sometimes. The grox, that is. I've had my fill of people, but I guess they're not gonna stop coming my way. They say that if you can't do what you want, you should do what you're good at. Well, I never wanted to kill people. It's just that I'm real good at it.

They came and told us we needed to raise a regiment along with the meat tithe that year. It was a bad year for grox, lotta mutants and outbreaks in the herds. Maybe that was an omen, I dunno. Regardless, they drew my name at the end of the year. I figured at least I'd get to shoot some xenos and keep my home safe. Well, first place they sent us was one of them big hive worlds. Never seen so many buildings in my life. But we weren't shooting xenos. We were shooting people, ones who were starving while the uphivers ate grox steaks. Not all of us took kindly to that, so one day they brought in the commissars.

One way to kill a grox is with this big gun with a spike in it. You put it on the back of its head and pull the trigger, and the spike punches right into the brain and down it goes. Usually takes a couple seconds for the meat to figure out it's dead, so they'll take a few steps or make a noise sometimes. That's kind of what it's like when a commissar takes a man's head off with his bolt pistol for not using a flamer on a riot. The rest of him took a couple extra steps and then squeezed the trigger, singed the commissar's coat and lit a few of us up like torches. The commissar starts screaming about traitors and waving that gun around. So I tried to calm him down before he did something stupid, and he didn't take that so well, and... well, how is a man supposed to react when there's a bolt pistol going off next to his face? They trained me to kill people. I never wanted to do it, I just kinda saw red. I was scared, and I was angry for the men who died, and I was downright mad for all these people who just wanted a meal.

Next thing I remember I'm pulling my fingers out of his eye sockets, greasy and red. The boys were arguing whether to shoot me before another commissar came along. I figured I was in too far, so I grabbed the commissar's chainsword, and somebody started shooting and it's all just red again. That's been happening to me a lot lately. I hope nothing's wrong with me. I just wanted to live. When it was all done, these big tattooed guys came out of the crowd and grabbed me, said they'd get me somewhere safe. On the way they started saying things about the "touch of the Blood God" and I, I just felt sick and twisted up inside, but in a good way? I don't have the words for it. Something changed in me that day, and I don't know if it's for better or worse. They said they'd been riling up the crowds, teaching them how bad things really were for them, showing them that violence is the only way to change the world. Made sense to me. Wasn't so different from what the Imperium taught me, and at least these guys wanted people to eat.

Of course, it's more complicated than that, I know that now. But I was just a scared kid covered in blood and I wanted to believe what I heard. Once the Imperials really started cracking down we slipped out on a ship. We were, I dunno, like a revolution for hire? People would hire this group to go to worlds and start up cults of skulls and blood, get people riled up and full of hate so they'd turn on the Imperium. And one day I stand up after a fight with some boys from the Inquisition and I find I'm the last one alive. The bossman of the cult, he liked me, he once told me that if anything ever happened I should get to the orbital and ask a guy about a trip to the 13th Station of Passage. And from there, you know how it is. You drift from warband to warband in a place where nothing makes sense and time doesn't flow right, where every planet's a living nightmare that hurts just to remember. One day I hear there's a psyker on Q'sal looking to send people out of the Vortex to stop the Imperium from taking over a planet. I hear that and I think, by the Skull Throne, that sure beats fighting more flies bigger than me in a swamp made of intestines. Luckily he'd already heard of me, because I guess you stand out in a place like this when you don't have a name like Bloodflayer. I think Walter's just fine, and the one nice thing around here is that nobody talks back unless they think they can take you.

Screaming Khorne's name used to make my gums bleed and my head ache, but not anymore. When I do it now, I feel better, stronger, faster. I don't know if any of this is right or wrong. Nothing makes sense anymore. It's all just an endless march from murder to murder. Maybe that's all life ever is. At least I'm good at it.

Name: Walter Irons
Alignment: Khorne
Archetype: Renegade
Pride: Martial Prowess
Disgrace: Hubris
Motivation: Violence

WS:	50 (20 +5 Pride)
BS:	35 (10)
S:	40 (15)
T:	40 (15)
Agi:	40 (15)
Int:	13 (-5 Pride -4 Disgrace -3 Motivation)
Per:	30 (5)
WP:	35 (10)
Fel:	35 (10)

Wounds: 16 (15 +1 Background)
Infamy: 26 (24 +2 Disgrace)
IP: 2/2
CP: 05


Khorne 5 (Aligned)


Common Lore (Imperium, Vaporius, War +10)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Operate (Aeronautica)
Parry +10
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)
Trade (Technomat)


Double Team
Quick Draw
Rank & File (Background)
Rapid Reload
Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee)
Weapon Training (Bolt, Chain, Las, Primary, SP, Flame, Launcher)


The Quick and the Dead: +2 to Initiative Rolls

Adroit (WS): +1 DoS to successes, -1 DoF to failures (min 1).


GC Boltgun
Grenade Launcher (Stun Grenades x6)
Laspistol w/ Silencer
BC Mono Chainsword
BC Chainsword
Light Carapace
Light Power Armor
-Sustainable Power Source
-Osmotic Gill
-Helmet Augmentations (Preysense, Rebreather, Photovisor, Vox, Microbead)
Recoil Glove
Grapnel and Line
Dataslate (Annotated Tactica Imperialis)


BC Mono Chainsword (+10 Average -20 BC -10 Upgrade +10 Single)
Light Power Armor (Traded Bolt Pistol)
GC Helmet Augmentations (-10 Rare -10 GC +10 Single)

XP/Inf/CP Log:

XP		950/1000

Rank & File-250
Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee)-500
Power Armor Customization (Extra rolls in case of astartes result): 3#1d10 3 2 6

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