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Jan 26, 2004

You ever do the chicken dance at a wake? That really bothers people.

Finally a pbp game! I'm in. I'll make a character as soon as I get home.


Jan 26, 2004

You ever do the chicken dance at a wake? That really bothers people.

Of the many disciples of the Blood God, Dromedar does not seem to fit the mold at first glance. He stands calm and gazes placidly around him rather than hunch to ready himself for a sudden assault. Nor does he shout incoherently through foam-flecked lips. If anything his voice is softer than most, though it holds ready authority and promises swift retribution if disobeyed. An iron fist in a velvet glove.

Dromedar grew to manhood in the sector surrounding Fenris. His people, the Rus, were said to descend from the Primarch himself. Whether there is any truth to that is moot. It is largely accepted as truth, so fearsome as the Rus are. The youth found himself a warrior and raided in his wordld's autumn to store for the harsh winters. The men and women who raided with him were fiercely loyal to each other and swore blood oaths in each other's names. It was not seen as heresy. Even on Fenris such oaths were sworn. When the black-armored chooser found him among the dead and dying, Dromedar was taken to the Great Father's hall.

He was once a Space Wolf, this much is true. He even bears the telltale fangs of a man of his age, though he does not look it. The old oaths and rituals stayed with him and the battle fury ran hot and pure in his veins. When he found the shrine of the Blood God on some nameless rock of little import Dromedar heard it speak to him of glory and might beyond anything his battle-brothers would ever know. How right it was.

Dromedar does not embody the blind rage of others in Khorne's service. Honor, skill, and victory are his chosen path to ascension. He calculates the price of battle and weighs it against the needs of his god. Every one of his own that falls is rivers of blood never to be spilled in Khorne's name. Dromedar spends his strength wisely and with the greatest return on investment. While his god does not care from where the blood flows, there is yet an eternity in the warp to reap the greatest sacrifice. And even a god can learn patience.

Name: Dromedar
Role: Chosen
Alignment: Khorne (currently unaligned mechanically)
Pride: Grace
Disgrace: Hubris
Motivation: Perfection

WS:   50 (30+15) [+5 Motivation]
BS:   22 (30+ 0) [-5 Pride] [-3 Motivation]
S:    60 (30+10) [+20 Armor]
T:    40 (30+10) 
Ag:   50 (30+15) [+5 Pride]
Int:  36 (30+10) [-4 Disgrace]
Per:  37 (30+10) [-3 Motivation]
WP:   45 (30+15) 
Fel:  45 (30+15) 

Wounds:   20/20
IP:        2/2
Infamy:     26 [+2 Disgrace]
Corruption:  0

Khorne:     0
Slaanesh:   0
Nurgle:     0
Tzeentch:   0
Scorn:      0


Common Lore (War)
Forbidden Lore (Astartes)
Forbidden Lore (Long War)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Aeronautica)
Operate (Surface)
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)


Air of Authority
Bulging Biceps
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Iron Discipline
Legion Weapon Training
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poison)
Sure Strike
Unarmed Warrior


Cold Killer
Dark Sight
Unnatural Strength +4
Unnatural Toughness +4



Legion Power Armor
 - Remnants of Mutation (Winged)
 - Auto-Senses
 - Sustainable Power Source
 - Vox Link
Legion Bolter -> Best Legion Flamer w/ Magnetic Holster
Legion Combat Knife -> Good Refractor Field
Legion Power Sword -> Good Legion Power Sword
*Jump Pack
*Beguiling Gem
*Upgrade Good Legion Power Sword to Legacy
 - Legacy of Conquest
  - Bellicose Pattern
   - Ragged (When I reach 20 Corruption, per Waci)

Experience:              450/500

Ancient Warrior              250
Operate (Aeronautica)        200


WS    BS    S     T     Ag     Int    Per    WP    Fel  
50    22    65    40    50     36     37     40    45
Wounds: 20/20    Infamy 2/2   Fatigue Level: 0    Initiative: 1d10+5

Ground: 6/12/18/36
Jump: 12/24/36/72
Fly 12 up to 1 minute

SB: 10  TB: 8
Awareness: 37 (57 Sight/Hearing)
Dodge: 50
Parry: 60
Armour: 8 All
Field: 30/1-5
Legion Flamer            20m  S/-/-  1d10+ 9 E  Pen  4  Clip:   6/6     2F    Best, Flame, Spray
Legacy Power Sword     Melee   ---   1d10+18 R  Pen  7  Clip:   ---     --    Balanced, Power Field

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