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Apr 20, 2020

Watch Fortress Erioch, March 15th 819.M41
1300 hours, Meeting of the Watch Captains regarding deployment of kill teams for the period of 820-830.M41
Authorized Guest: Inquisitor Velayne Ramaeus, Ordo Xenos

It was supposed to be a routine meeting till the mystery bitch showed up, Watch Commander Mordigael thought as the various Watch Captains made their recommendations and objections to various kill team deployments. 2 veteran teams were allocated to reinforce Watch Station Oertha, 1 to be sent to the spinward front to stem an Ork Waagh before it becomes a factor. Finally the star map was brought to the koronus expanse and a trade route was highlighted.

“Inquisitor Ramaeus, would you like to brief us on the matter we discussed earlier?” Watch Commander Mordigael said, letting the cloaked Inquisitor make her case. A servo skull floats into the midst of the room and displays the image of a black armored terminator.

“Knight-Warden Alric saw fit to investigate leads in the Koronus Expanse. His last few reports were quite troubling. He has a confirmed sighting of Watch Captain Ramius. He was last sighted in the company of an Archon of the Kabal of the Black Heart during a raid on a colony in the expanse. Pull up the footage of XV9175 Sigma Primarus Settlement please.”

The footage displayed showcased a typical Dark Eldar slaver raid. The footage stops at the oversized reaver jet bike carrying a power armored space marine in black armor with his helmet off, his face painted red with blood. Gorey bits are stuck to his eyebrows. That sorta thing. The footage continues playing until it's abruptly cut off by the jet bike running the cameraman over.

“Who do we have in the area that can bring Ramius to justice?”

“We have a kill team due to arrive back in 3 months. We’ve already allocated that team to Watch Station Oertha but there is a kill marine that went out with them. We can cut the orders as soon as our brother is back.” Watch Captain Avincus says.

“Make it so. Inquisitor I assume you have connections in the expanse with some of the rogue traders operating in the area.”

"I do and I know just the vessel and crew for this. Though they rub shoulders a bit too closely with the alien, they have been true to the emperor, through me of course. It will be handled Watch Commander. And now for the other matter on the agenda.”

War and profit are one and the same to Rogue Traders. Far away from the watchful eye of the Imperium, as the sole representatives of mankind to the alien, lost civilizations, etcetera you guys are used to the good life. Though a new and up and coming dynasty, you had the good fortune to unearth a relic of the Great Crusade from the maw of a space hulk. Full of archeotech equipment and made ship worthy, you've embarked amongst the stars taking mercenary contracts with other rogue traders. A grand cruiser is made for war not hauling cargo and soon you've made a niche in the cold trade, selling xenos artifacts, exotic drugs, all the illegal high profit low volume goods. You even got a connection to get you into Commoragh, the Dark City. All this and more has gotten you the scrutiny of the Ordo Xenos, who are content to let you earn, for now.

Now they've called in a favor. Take on a passenger to his final destination and then pick him up after he is done. Of course said passenger would make his services available to you. Never in your life did you think it would be a space marine. What's more, some of the quirks of the machine spirit have started to come out. You see it's started to speak, test its limits, cause power surges in the cogitators banks spread around the ship. It calls itself DANSHO. And the forbidden knowledge this AI contains surely will drat you all, assuming it doesn't become of a mind to space you all.


Character Gen
Pointbuy with 120 points
22,000 exp including starting (Rank 6)
Acquisitions are as follows
2 -20 Items, 2 -10, 2 +0.
Scarce items and above are free.
Profit Factor is 70

Pointbuy with 120 points
22,000 exp including starting (Rank 3)
Must take the Kill Marine archetype (duh)
Renown 40 (Distinguished)
Requisition 100
YOUR SECRET MISSION: Will be pmed to you when you are picked.

Max wounds, roll for fate.


The Vile Harlot
Repulsive-class Grand Cruiser

Space: 89/90
Power: 94/94
Ship point cost: 111

Machine spirit oddity: Ancient and Malevolent
Ship history: Wrested From A Space Hulk
Background: Veteran of the Great Crusade

Speed: 7
Manoeuvrability: +22
Detection: +15

Turret rating: 5
Shields: 2
Armour: 8
Hull Integrity: 81

Crew Rating: 55
Crew Population: 102/100
Crew Morale: 105/100

Essential components:
Warp Drive: Miloslav H-6
-Reduce duration of warp travel by half. Roll warp encounters every 3 days rather than every 5.
Plasma Drive: Good Craftsmanship Jovian 8.4
-If the plasma drive becomes damaged, depressurised, or suffers a critical hit, roll a 1d10. On 4+, ignore the effect.
Gellar Field: Emergency Field
-If the ship enters the warp unexpectedly or withour preparation, roll 1d10. On 3+, the gellar field activates automatically.
Void shield: Castellan
-Once per strategic turn, enginseer prie can make a -10 tech use test as a free action to double number of void shield the ship has for the duration of an opponents turn.
Bridge: Antiquity
- +10 to Command tests and to all social tests made while on the bridge
Life support: Clemency
-Reduce Crew Population and Morale loss by 4.
Crew Quarters: Voidsmen
Augur: Auto-stabilised Logis Targeter
- +5 to all BS tests to fire the ship's weapons

Plasma-accelerated torpedo tubes (Prow)
-Weapon profile depends on ammo used. Torpedoes launched formt his component receive +10 to hit, and +4 VU speed for the turn they're launched.
-If the component is damaged or destroyed, there's a 5% chance the loaded torpedoes explode, destroying the component and causing 2d5 hull integrity damage.

Starflare Lance (Port, Starboard)
-Additional hit for every 2 DoS, rather than every 3
-Strength 3, Damage 1d10+3, Crit Range 3, Range 7, Lance

Ryza-pattern Plasma Battery (Port, Starboard)
-When rolling 1 or 2 on the criticla hit chart for hits with this weapon, it affects two components instead of one.
-Strength 4, Damage 1d10+4, Crit Range 4, Range 5, Macrobattery

Jovian-pattern landing bay (Dorsal)
-1 squadron Shark assault boats
-3 squadrons Fury interceptors

Supplemental components:
-Can make hit and run attacks without a piloting test, with a +20 to the Command tests for the attacker. Plot teleportation.
Gravity Sails
-Component cannot become unpowered
-Halve duration of warp travel
-+20 to warp navigation tests
-Can manufacture drugs with scholastic lore (chymistry)
-Can manufacture items we have templates for, +10 to tech-use tests for extended repairs
Micro Laser Defence Grid
Augmented Retro Thrusters
Witch Augur
-Navigator can detect ships before they emerge from the warp with a +0 Awareness test. Range 1 hour of travel per DoS.
Pilot chambers
-Combat ready pilots grant +2 to attack craft rating
Compartmentalized Cargo Hold
-Ship can remain in the void without suffering population or morale loss for twice as long
Cogitator Interlink
Xenos Librarium
- +10 to Forbidden Lores (with GM approval regarding fluff compatibility)

Good Crew Upgrades
Targeting Matrix
- +5 to BS tests when firing macrocannons or lances.
Storm Trooper Detachment
-Double hull integrity damage dealt by hit and run attacks
-Increase population damage by 1d5 wen winning command tests to defend against boarding actions
Starchart Collection
-Reduce warp travel time by 1d5 days

Torpedo stores:
20 self-guiding melta torpedoes
3 Atomics

Other modifiers:
Cursed: The gellar field tends to flicker. All navigation tests during warp travel suffer a -10 penalty.
Wrested From A Space Hulk: When the crew encounters a random Misfortune, GM rolls twice and chooses
Rebellious: Once per session, component of GM's chice becomes unpowered. Whent he ship suffers a critical hit, roll 1d10. On 8+, ignore the critical effect.
Martial Hubris: +5 to BS tests to fire the ship's weapons, -15 to any piloting tests to escape from combat
Ancient and Wise: +10 to all manoeuvre actions
Wrathful: +1 speed and +7 manoeuvrability in combat, -1 speed and -5 maneouvrability out of combat.
Forbidden AI: The machine spirit is sentient and knows things.
Emperor's Crusader: +10 to all BS tests to fire ship weapons
Righteous Arrogance: No silent running allowed
Glorious Deeds: +10 to Charm/Intimidate when targeting someone who knows which ship the crew is from
Memories of the Crusade: +10 to Command, Charm and Intimidate tests made from the ship's bridge
"We've Survived Worse": reduce all morale loss by 2


May 30, 2011

Ordo Xenos Interrogator Miriam Quinilli

Miriam's would-be execution had taught her two valuable lessons that she would keep with her for life. One: ordering an Imperial flotilla to cooperate with a xenos force was treason in the eyes of Imperial law regardless of a shared foe posing a greater threat. Two: an inquisitor marching into a courtroom mid-trial flanked by her astartes retinue was a law unto herself. Her new-found employment as an agent of the holy ordos came as something of a surprise, but Miriam was not one to complain if her talents were found useful enough to spare her neck.

What she saw quickly made it clear her idea of a greater threat had been woefully naive; no mundane threat was meaningful in scope compared to what loomed ahead. Inquisitor Ramaeus used her people with nigh-prescient care, and none who truly understood the gravity of their duty could doubt its primacy over mere law or dogma. When her lady tasked Miriam with securing the continued cooperation of a Rogue Trader even less sane than most of his kind and of a ship only nominally on the righteous side of tech-heresy, there was only one possible answer. Adversity made strange bedfellows, but by then she had had far stranger.

Home world: Child of Dynasty
Birthright: In service to the Throne (Born to Lead)
Lure of the Void: Chosen by destiny (Fated for Greatness)
Trials and Travails: Dark Voyage
Motivation: Knowledge (Knowledge is Power, Guard It Well)
Career: Seneschal
Lineage: Of Extensive Means (Far-Reaching Contacts)

XP (unspent): 22 000 (100)

WS: 40=25+10+5 
BS: 40=25+10+5
S: 25=25
T: 20=25+1-3-3 
Ag: 40=25+10+5 
Int: 61=25+20+3+3+5+5 
Per: 47=25+9+3+5+5
Wp: 40=25+20-5
Fel: 60=25+20+5+5+5

Wounds: 9
Fate: 3

Insanity: 7

Literacy +20
Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic, Traders' Cant, Eldar +10)
Command +10
Scholastic Lore (Bureaucracy, Legend, Archaic, Chymistry, Heraldry, Occult, Beasts)
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech, Xenos +20, Heresy, Inquisition +10, Deathwatch)
Barter +10
Commerce +10
Common Lore (Underworld, Administratum, War, Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Navis Nobilite, Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, Imperium, Ecclesiarchy, War)
Deceive +10
Evaluate +10
Charm +10
Dodge +10
Security +10
Silent Move +10
Concealment +10
Trade (Archeologist)
Ciphers (Inquisition)
Drive (Skimmer/hover)
Pilot (Personal)

Peer (Inquisition, Government, Deathwatch, Eldar)
Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Exotic Weapon Training (Harlequin's Kiss, Shuriken Cannon)
Quick Draw
Infused Knowledge
Air of Authority
Dark Soul
Total recall
Step Aside

Ordo Xenos Resources (re-fluffed Dynastic Warrant)
Honour Amongst One's Peers (+5 to interaction tests with nobility and high-ranking officials)
Unseen Enemy (GM choice of enemy)
Writ of Authority (+10 to Command and Intimidate if the target recognises the inquisition's authority)
Seeker of Lore (Can spend a fate point to auto-succeed any Ciphers, Lore, or Logic test. Add +1 DoS to Commerce, Inquiry, and Evaluate tests.)

Best Hellpistol
Best Hellgun
Xeno-mesh armour
Cameleoline cloak
Best Craftsmanship Harlequin's Kiss 
Shuriken Cannon
	Suspensors (included by default, always counts as braced and can full-auto as half action)
	Motion Predictor (+10 to full-auto fire)
	Spoor-targeter (can shoot into melee without risk of hitting allies)
Good Craftsmanship Conversion Field
Flip Belt
Best Craftsmanship Pressure Carapace
	Hexagrammatic Wards
	Advanced Helmet Systems 
Smoke Grenades
Stun Grenades
Scare Grenades
Web Grenades
Servo-skull (Search +20, lumen globe, auspex)
Calculance Array (+10 to Commerce tests)
Rhodopsis Juice (+2DoS to fel and int tests for 1d5 hours, then +0 toughness test to avoid -20 perception for 1d5 hours)
Catechism of Saint Drusus (+10 to Command)
Digesta Emporia Calixia (+10 to Commerce, may spend a fate point to auto-pass a Scrutiny test with 1d5 DoS)
Maxims of Marquette (+10 to Barter and Charm tests against Imperial Creed faithful)
Thorian Missal (+20 to CL (Ecclesiarchy, Imperial Creed) and to SL (Imperial Creed))
Van Heuring's Compendium (+10 to CL (Koronus Expanse) and to Evaluate)

+0: Holo-suit
+0: Flip Belt
-10: Good Craftsmanship Conversion Field
-10: Shuriken Cannon with Motion Predictor and Spoor-targeter
-20: Best Craftsmanship Harlequin's Kiss
-20: Best Craftsmanship Pressure Carapace with Hexagrammatic Wards and Advanced Helmet Systems 
Scarce and higher freebies:
Smoke Grenades
Stun Grenades
Scare Grenades
Web Grenades
Calculance Array
Rhodopsis Juice
Catechism of Saint Drusus 
Digesta Emporia Calixia 
Maxims of Marquette 
Thorian Missal 
Van Heuring's Compendium 

Rank 1:  2000/2000
Born to Lead -200 
Knowledge is Power, Guard It Well -300
Of Extensive Means -300
Charm -100
Dodge -100

Agent of the Throne -600
Awareness -100
Security -100
Silent Move -100
Simple Int -100

Rank 2:  3000/3000
Tech-use -200
SL (Archaic) -200
Acrobatics -200
Barter +10 -200
Commerce +10 -200

Climb -100
Shadowing -200
SL (Legend) -200
Concealment -200
Simple Per -100
Common Lore (Administratum) -200

Simple Ag -250
Simple WS -250
Simple BS -250
Intermediate Int -250

Rank 3: Xenographer 3000/3000
FL (Xenos) -100
Scrutiny -100
Simple Fel -100
Trade (Archeologist) -100
Quick Draw -400
FL (Xenos +10) -200

Speak Language (Eldar) -200
Meditation -200
Exotic Weapon Training (Shuriken Cannon) -200
Exotic Weapon Training (Harlequin's Kiss) -200
Evaluate +10 -200

FL (Xenos +20) -250
Speak Language (Eldar +10) -250
Intermediate Per -250
Intermediate Fel -250
Rank 4: 4000/4000
Charm +10 -200
Chem-use -200
Deceive +10 -200
Dodge +10 -200
FL (Heresy) -200

Infused Knowledge -500
Air of Authority -500

Logic -200
Dark Soul -400
SL (Chymistry) -200
CL (War) -200

Search -400
Ciphers (Inquisition) -300
Intimidate -300

Rank 5:  4000/4000
FL (Inquisition) -200
SL (Occult) -200
SL (Beasts) -200
CL (Imperium) -400

Concealment +10 -200
Silent Move +10 -200
Security +10 -200
Total Recall -200
Drive (Skimmer/hover) -200

CL (Adeptus Astra Telepathica) -200
CL (Ecclesiarchy) -200
CL (Imperial Guard) -200
CL (Imperial Navy) -200
CL (Navis Nobilite) -200

FL (Inquisition +10) -500
Command +10 -500

Rank 6: 900/1000
Step Aside -500
Jaded -200
Pilot (Personal) -200

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Jan 26, 2004

You ever do the chicken dance at a wake? That really bothers people.

How's the game being played? PBP or live?

Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

Agatone, Salamander Assault Marine, 3rd Company

Agatone is in some ways emblematic of his legion, and reflects its virtues, even to a flaw. Like all members of his Legion Agatone continues to live with his extended clan when back home on Nocturne. One of his foundational experiences as a young marine was being stationed on Nocturne during one of the planet's many Times of Trials, where the planet's moon comes close enough that its gravity causes tectonic shifts, and causes the great, dragon-like beasts to awaken and ravage the populace. Agatone was part of the forces engaging these beasts and running interference so the population could make its way to the larger, more secure cities. He was just out of the Devastator core and fresh in assault training, and became enamored with the tactical flexibility provided by his jump pack. As time went on and he engaged other foes of the Imperium, that trust in the jump pack remained, as well as his dedication to the non-augmented humans, which he swore to protect.

Aagatone is not as interested in the art of craftsmanship as others in his Chapter, which suits him just fine. After time in the tactical marine role, and being moved from the 9th Reserve Company to the 3rd, he asked to be assigned as an assault marine. He developed a unique method of combat, keeping on his person a few different pistols and melee weapons to engage different threats. A swarm of Tyranids or genesetealer cultists would be met with chainsword and bolt pistol or hand flamer, while more armored foes like traitor astartes would meet power sword and plasma pistol. This tactical flexibility made him a natural to be seconded to the Deathwatch as part of the Salamander's ancient oaths.

Once in the Deathwatch, Agatone tended to rub his fellow astartes the wrong way. Some would say he was doomed from the start; his first kill team contained a Black Templar, Dark Angel, and Raven Guard, all Chapters not known for having a gregarious nature, which Agatone certainly has. Maybe had he been teamed with a boastful Space Wolf, or diplomatic Ultramarine, he would not have been given the kill marine assignment. However, that was not to be. Agatone's outgoing and social nature aggravated his team members to no end, as did his performance in a few missions where he went out of his way secure civilian targets, even against the aims and goals of his fellow marines.

Watch command thought that Agatone would make a good kill marine, and for the most part that assessment has proven well. While he does not have the skill of command or diplomacy that an Ultramarine might have, he is eminently personable. When not geared for mission he tends to dress in simple robes and spends time with people as much as possible. His meditation is eating with and helping the common folk. Some of the more jaded describe him more as child-like, and his desire to be around the common people often leads him to clash with those of status who think they should be the center of attention and cannot compete with an angel of death.

He has been assigned to some Imperial Guard actions where he has fought side by side with the little humans, and has earned a good reputation with that organization. His combat tactics tend to be a little unorthodox for a kill marine. Many tend to use their solitary nature to engage in stealth and ambush. Agatone is not that type of kill marine. His combat doctrine tends towards shock assault on enemy targets with his jump pack. Once engaged with a foe it is impossible to get him to retreat or fall back, and he does not engage in hit and run attacks. That said, he has taken full advantage of the Deathwatch armory to have a large variety of war gear on him to provide flexibility. He brought with him from his home chapter a beloved hand flamer and power sword, which has been augmented with a chainsword, bolt pistol, plasma pistol, thunder hammer, and storm shield. He'll tend to pick the weapons best suited for the assault, but has no qualms with switching weapons as new threats appear. Sometimes he has trouble getting close to a target, but if he can get within jump pack distance, he will show the foe no quarter.


Name: Agatone
Chapter: Salamanders (first founding pg 22)
Past Event: The Time of Trials
Chapter Demeanor: The Promethean Cult
Personal demeanor: Gregarious
Specialty: Assault Marine
Advanced specialty: Kill Marine
Rank: 3
Power armor History: Mark 7 Pattern, Blood of a battle brother

WS: 60 (30+20)+10[advance]
BS: 50 (30+20)
S: 45 (30+10)+5[advance]
T: 50 (30+10)+5[chapter]+5[advance]
Ag: 40 (30+10)
Int: 45 (30+10)+5[chapter]
Per: 40 (30+10)
WP: 40 (30+10)
Fel: 60 (30+20)+10 [advance]

Wounds: 23/23
Fate points: 3/3
Renown: 40
Cohesion points 7/7

ciphers (chapter runes, xenos markings)
common lore (adeptus astartes, deathwatch, imperium, tech, war)
Drive (ground vehicles)
Forbidden lore (xenos)
navigation (surface)
Pilot (personal +10)
scholastic lore (codex astartes)
silent move
Speak Language (high gothic, low gothic)
tactics (assault doctrine)
tech use

astartes weapon training
bulging biceps
cleanse and purify
heightened senses (hearing, sight)
good reputation (imperial guard)
killing strike
nerves of steel
quick draw
resistance (psychic powers, heat)
true grit
unarmed warrior
unarmed master
swift attack
peer (Imperial Guard)

unnatural str (x2)
Unnatural T (x2)
wings of angels:


Solo mode: fire born. Can add proven (2) or remove unreliable, unbalanced or unwieldly fron one weapon of standard war gear or signature wargear. At rank 3 no longer suffer the effects of being lit on fire.


Mark 7 Aquilla power armor with Blood of a brother armor history (+1 cohesion)
Astartes Bolt Pistol With 3 mags
3 astartes frag grenades
3 astartes krak grenades
Astartes combat knife
Repair cement
Chapter trapping (flame sigil +2 to ini rolls)
Astartes chainsword
Astartes jump pack
master crafted hand flamer
power sword

Requisition 100/100
plasma pistol 25
thunder hammer 30
maglock for both signature wargear 10
storm shield 35

Advances: 21900/22000

Rank 1 [13,000-16,999]
Initial starting exp 12,000
kill marine advanced archetype 1,000
Tech use 600
Peer (imperial guard) 500
fellowship simple 500
fellowship intermediate 1000
two weapon wielder (ballistic) 500
two weapon wielder (melee) 500
cleanse and purify 400

Rank 2 [17,000-20,999]
signature wargear (master crafted hand flamer) 500
signature wargear (power sword) 500
Charm 800
common lore: tech 200
good reputation (imperial guard) 800
cyphers (xenos markings) 200
pilot personal +10 500
toughness (simple) 500

Rank 3 [21,000-24,999]
Weapon skill simple 200
Weapon skill intermediate 500
str simple 200

Power armor mark: 1d10 7
power armor history table: 1d5 2
power armor history, battle scars: 1d10 4
fate points: 1d10 4

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Apr 20, 2020

Vicissitude posted:

How's the game being played? PBP or live?

PBP for your sniper apping content

Feb 14, 2013


Lord Captain Vincenzo Redcliffe

The voice is the wicked old wyrd-woman he'd met in his youth, peddling Emperor's Tarot in some forgotten corner of a dusty spaceport:

The Redcliffe line is cursed. I see it: across a thousand thousand realities, they come to ruin. By heresy, by pride, by weakness, by failure, by madness. My, my; whatever did your forefathers do to draw the Crow God's attention so?

"Shut up."

A thin and reedy voice comes, sounding like the Administratum functionary he had trained under long ago, when he was 4th in line for succession. Before 3 separate accidents on the same day thrust him into a position he was never meant to have.

The Salamanders are unique among Space Marine chapters, preferring to live side by side among their people rather than ruling above them. This makes them far more personable than most of their kind, although some cynics contend this makes them weak. As for the individual assigned to your--

"Shut up! I don't know this! I haven't even opened the file yet!"

A tide of voices now, all tangled. Weeping and pleading, raging tirades, scholarly discussions, alien tongues and noises too strange to identify. Vincenzo presses his knuckles into his closed eyes, filling the darkness with starbursts, and clenches his teeth so as not to scream. In a few moments, it passes, leaving him drenched with sweat. Silence, again. For the moment.

How long had it been like this? He couldn't really say. He'd always had a lively internal world as a child; perhaps it just grew alongside him. Or had it been when the crushing weight of responsibility landed on his young shoulders? Had something in him cracked under the strain? Or was it the 5th Warp journey of his career, when the ship became becalmed and they drifted for weeks in the Immaterium, crewmen vanishing every day and whispering shadows wandering the halls? Perhaps it was exposure to something he'd trafficked in the Cold Trade, part of his increasingly desperate attempts to reverse his ailing family's fortune. It had worked, but had one of those whispering pylons or books bound in slick grey hide touched his mind?

Perhaps that witch in his youth was right, and he really was cursed. Regardless, his thoughts had always been somewhat disordered, but over the last century it had become increasingly apparent that most of the voices in his head were not his own. They grew louder and more strident every year. If he had been confident that he was simply mad, that might have been a relief. But these voices were right. They told him things he couldn't possibly know, and it was true! He'd spoken alien tongues he'd never studied, recalled books he'd never read. He'd once watched a Magos perform rites of repair on the ship's engines. He'd stood there crawling with discomfort as the tech-priest struggled to diagnose a mechanical issue that seemed so terribly obvious to the mechanical voice reciting a technical readout inside Vincenzo's head. How could he say anything about something he should know nothing about? How could he not?

The crew knew, and he knew they knew. They at least suspected. It was simply impossible not to engage with the constant chatter at the edge of his thoughts. He'd find himself conversing with them long into the night, trying to figure out if they could even hear him. He'd scream, drink, smash things. But so far as the crew could tell, for all his eccentricities the Lord Captain was a man of limitless experience and talent, capable of inexplicable feats of reasoning that would seem like guesswork if he wasn't so consistently correct. If he wasn't a genius, then he had the blessing of the Emperor or the devil's luck, and either way it seemed wise to remain under his banner. The whispers about his health remained whispers, for now.

He stood from his desk and started making his way towards his bedchamber. He had to seize these rare islands of silence when they came. As he walked past a priceless mirror of Aeldari make, something caught his eye. He glanced toward it. His reflection stood there, arms crossed, scowling. It said, "If you had any sense you'd scuttle this whole bloody ship. That machine spirit is too clever by half and you know it." Mouth dry as ash, Vincenzo looked away and stumbled to bed. Visions, now. How much longer until they started to invade reality? How long until he couldn't tell the differences between the whispers and the things people were really saying to him? How much longer could he keep this whole insane facade going?

And by the Emperor, what if that thing was right too?

Name: Vincenzo Imperio Redcliffe
Career: Rogue Trader
Homeworld: Noble Born
Birthright: Savant
Lure of the Void: Chosen by Destiny (Fated for Greatness)
Trials and Travails: Dark Voyage
Motivation: Fear (Tormented by the Unspeakable)
Lineage: Accursed Be Thy Name (Vile Insight)

WS:   25 (0)
BS:   55 (20 +10 Advances)
S:    30 (5)
T:    40 (18 -3 Birthright)
Ag:   50 (15 +10 Advances)
Int:  60 (17 +3 Birthright +15 Advances)
Per:  40 (10 +5 Advance)
WP:   40 (15 -5 Homeworld +5 Advance)
Fel:  60 (20 +5 Homeworld +10 Advances)

Wounds: 21 (4x2 TB +5 Max Starting +8 SC)
Fate Points: 5 (4 +1 Lure)
Insanity: 44
Corruption: 9


Awareness +20
Barter +10
Blather +10
Charm +20
Ciphers (Rogue Trader, Underworld)
Command +20
Commerce +20
Common Lore (Imperium, Rogue Traders)
Deceive +20
Dodge +20
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology, Heresy, The Warp, Xenos)
Performer (Singer)
Pilot (Flyers, Spacecraft)
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy)
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader)
Sleight of Hand
Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic, Trader's Cant)


Air of Authority
Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Dark Soul
Double Team
Exotic Weapon Training (Digital)
Light Sleeper
Into the Jaws of Hell
Iron Discipline
Leap Up
Master & Commander
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Peer (Academic, Nobility, Underworld)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Quick Draw
Rapid Reaction
Renowned Warrant
Resistance (Fear)
Sound Constitution x8
True Grit
Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic)


Unnatural Intelligence (x2)

Etiquette: +10 Interaction with high authority and formal situations.
Legacy of Wealth: +1 starting PF
Supremely Connected
Whispers Unheard

BC Bionic Locomotion
GC Cortex Implants

Visions and Voices (Minor Disorder)


GC Pulse Pistols
GC Inferno Pistols
BC Laspistol
BC Monosword
Discharge Pack Upgrade (Unapplied)
BC Storm Trooper Carapace
Deflective Construction Upgrade (Unapplied)
Artificer Armor (Consecrated)
Displacer Field
Void Suit
Fine Clothing
Xeno-pelt Cloak
Clip/Drop Harness
BC Lho-Sticks
Mefonte's Orthodoxy


BC Bionic Locomotion (+0 Scarce -30 BC +30 Single) [+0]
GC Cortex Implants (-20 Very Rare -10 GC +30 Single) [+0]
GC Pulse Pistols x2 (-20 Very Rare -10 GC +20 Trivial) [-10]
GC Inferno Pistols x2 (-20 Very Rare -10 GC +20 Trivial) [-10]
Displacer Field (-50 Near Unique +30 Single) [-20]
Artificer Armor (Consecrated) (-50 Near Unique +30 Single) [-20]
Clip/Drop Harness (Common)
Rebreather (Scarce)
Photovisor (Scarce)
Amasec (Scarce)
BC Lho-Sticks (Scarce)
Mefonte's Orthodoxy (Scarce)
Servo-Skull (Scarce)
Discharge Pack (Scarce)
Maxims of Marquette (Scarce)
Thorian Missal (Average)
Van Heuring's Compendium (Scarce)
Deflective Construction (Scarce)
Discharge Pack (Scarce)

Advances: EXP 22000/22000

Starting Expenditures-4500

Rank 1 (5000-6999) [1950 Spent]

Pilot (Space Craft)-100
Ciphers (Rogue Trader)-100
Common Lore (Rogue Traders)-100
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader)-100
Speak Language (Trader's Cant)-100
Renowned Warrant-200
Int +5-100
WP +5-250
BS +5-250
Agi +5 -250

Rank 2 (7000-9999) (2800 Spent)

Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic)-500
Exotic Weapon Training (Tau Pulse Pistols)-500
Quick Draw-200
Leap Up-200
Iron Discipline-200
Charm +10-200
Command +10-200

Rank 3 (10000-12999) (2900 Spent)

Performer (Singer)-200
Pilot (Flyers)-200
Sound Constitution x2-400
Charm +20-200
Command +20-200
Dodge +10-200
Sleight of Hand-200

Rank 4 (13000-16999) (3300 Spent)

Dark Soul-200
Sound Constitution x3-600
Awareness +10-200
Commerce +10-200
Dodge +20-200
Double Team-200
Rapid Reaction-200
Basic Weapon Training (Universal)-200
Into the Jaws of Hell-500

Rank 5 (17000-20999) (3900 Spent)

Awareness +20-200
Barter +10-200
Blather +10-200
Ciphers (Underworld)-200
Commerce +20-200
Deceive +10-200
Sound Constitution-200
Master & Commander-500
Int +5 (2)-250
Int +5 (3)-500
BS +5 (2)-500
Agi +5 (2)-500
Per +5-250

Rank 6 (21000-24999) (2150 Spent)

Void-Mad Prophet (Elite)-500
Sound Constitution x2-400
Deceive +20-200
Fel +5-100
Fel +5 (2)-250
True Grit-500

Noble-Born Fate: 1d10 10
Starting Insanity: 3d10+3d5+1 31
Starting Corruption: 2d5 9
Void-Mad Prophet Insanity: 1d10 10
Cortex Implants Insanity: 1d10 3

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Slightly Lions
Apr 13, 2009

Oh hell yeah, I haven't played RT in years. Let me dig out my HD that has my books on it and I'll whip something together.

Apr 20, 2020

Slightly Lions posted:

Oh hell yeah, I haven't played RT in years. Let me dig out my HD that has my books on it and I'll whip something together.

Apr 16, 2013

Angrier, Bitterer Man

Grimey Drawer

I'm trying to put together an explorator, and just have a quick question about the acquisitions: Assuming we're buying things just for ourselves, that puts a common-quality near-unique item at -20, right? Or is there another modifier I'm missing?

Feb 14, 2013


Thanatosian posted:

I'm trying to put together an explorator, and just have a quick question about the acquisitions: Assuming we're buying things just for ourselves, that puts a common-quality near-unique item at -20, right? Or is there another modifier I'm missing?

Nope, you're correct AFAIK.

e: Page 272 Core is all the modifiers.

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Oct 24, 2012

I'm in the business of...

Adriana Malaspina

Born to a small, furtive branch of the Malaspina on one of their allies' forge worlds, Adriana represents the sum total of all of the heretical secrets, stolen technology, and long-suffering determination of her entire House. Her genetics were remarkably (some say suspiciously) stable, a fact that kept her out of the navigation chamber and in the parties and offices of the Expanse's power players as a Navis Scion until very recently, decades more than most. Luckily for her, she was a natural at her genetic calling once she began to learn more than the required basics, and yet-

Between a combination of the psychotropic drugs required for her divining rituals, extensive bio-editing, and her growing power as a Navigator over the temporal tides, her malleable and abstract view of time and space has her alternating between paranoia and fatalistic acceptance of a terrible fate she feels is coming but cannot divine. House Malaspina must have had (or made) scions like her before, and yet they continue to scrounge in the stellar dirt, catching Thrones that fall unnoticed from the bounties of the "purer" houses. That her brothers, sisters and the rest schemed against her was certainly no help. After all, loyalty to the family wasn't something you could code into DNA.

When madness led one heir to send an envoy to her family's Thulian stronghold despite being wealthy enough to afford a fleet's worth of Beneteks, Adriana thought that perhaps it was madness that obfuscated the future more than anything else, and that accepting the contract might be her fate after all. Was this the static she saw when she stared into eternity?


Name: Adriana Malaspina
Career Path: Navigator (Navis Scion)
Age: 45 (Appears 10 to 15 years younger due to rejuvenate treatments)
Rank: 4

Origin Path:
Forge World//Scapegrace//Renegade: Dark Visionary//Product of Upbringing: Decadent//Pride
Lineage: Uncertain Inheritance

WeS: 23(20+03)
BaS: 40(25+05+10)
Str: 30(25+05)
Tou: 56(31+19+10-4)
Agi: 40(25+15)
Int: 60(30+20+10)
Per: 60(31+19+10)
Wil: 60(31+19+10)
Fel: 40(25+15)

Wounds: 16
Fate: 2
Insanity: 8
Corruption: 3

Ciphers: Nobilite
CL: Navy, Nobilite+10, Koronus Expanse, Rogue Traders
FL: Xenos, Pirates, Archeotech, Mutants+20, Warp+20, Navigators+20
Navigation: Warp+20, Stellar+10, Surface
Perform: Storyteller
Secret Tongue: Rogue Trader, Navigator
SL: Astromancy+20, Legend, Heraldry, Occult
Sleight of Hand
Trade: Astrographer+20

Armor of Contempt
Dark Soul
Enemy (Inquisition, House Dakkar)
Light Sleeper
Peer: Nobility, Government
Resistance: Fear, Psychic Powers
Strong Minded
Talented: Psyniscience, Navigate Warp, Intimidate
Technical Knock
Warp Sense (Improved)
WT: Universal Pistols, Melee Primitive

Held in Suspicion: -10 to all interactions with First/Second Founding Astartes
Courting Damnation: When you roll for a navigator mutation, roll twice and pick
Destitute: -1 Starting Profit Factor
Gaze to Pierce the Soul: Start with Gaze into the Abyss, may raise it to +30
Mercantile Opportunists: +10 to Barter, Charm, and Carouse
Forge Worlder: CL: Tech and CL: Machine Cult are untrained basics
Stranger to the Cult: -10 on tests on knowledge of the Imperial Creed, -5 to interact with Ecclesiarchy formally.
Decadent Upbringing: +5 to Charm Tests

Navigator Powers:
Gaze Into the Abyss
Lidless Stare
Seek the Path
Ebb and Flow

Pale and Hairless Flesh
Elongated Form

Role: Warp Guide

BC Hellpistol
BC Metal Staff
BC Xeno-Mesh Armor
Emperor's Tarot Deck, Silk Headscarf, Nobilite Robes

0 Almanac Astrae Divinitus, Holo-Suit
-10 BC Enforcer Light Carapace, Wrath Plasma Pistol w/ Red-Dot Sight
-20 CC Salvation Shield (Forcefield 70, Ring), BC Navis Prima

150: Product: Decadent
300: Lineage: Uncertain Inheritance
----------------- Initial XP Spent
100 - Awareness
100 - Nobilite Ciphers
100 - CL: Navy
100 - Intimidate
200 - ST: Rogue Trader, Navigator
100 - Trade:Astrographer
200 - Resistance:Fear
250 - BS+5
100 - Weapon Training (Primitive Melee)
500 - BS+5
300 - Int, Per, Wil+5
----------------- 7000 Spent, Rank 2
200: Awareness+10
200: Contortionist
200: Dodge
400: FL: Warp and Navigators+10
200: Intimidate+10
400: Navigation: Stellar and Warp+10
200: Psyniscience+10
200: Jaded
200: Meditation
250: Tou+5
200: Resistance:Psychic Powers
500: Warp Sense
----------------- 10000 Spent, Rank 3
600: Awareness+20, Intimidate+20, Psyniscience+20
600: FL: Mutants, Nav+20, Warp+20
200: SL: Astromancy
200: Trade:Astrographer+10
200: Foresight
500: Toughness+5
400: Navigator Powerx2
200: CL: Nobilite+10
----------------- 13000 Spent, Rank 4
800: Command, Interrogation, Nav:Surface, FL: Pirates
600: Deceive+10, Dodge+10, FL: Mutants+10
600: Nav:Warp+20, SL: Astromancy+20, Trade:Astrographer+20
600: Peer:Nobility, Talented:Psyniscience, Light Sleeper
500: Improved Warp Sense
200: Navigator Power
750: Int, Per, Wil+5
----------------- 17000 Spent, Rank 5
1.k: CL: Expanse, Traders, Evaluate, SL: Legend, FL: Xenos
200: Interrogation+10
600: Deceive+20, Dodge+20, FL: Mutants+20
600: Armor of Contempt, Navigator Power, Talented: NavWarp
500: Strong Minded
200: Carouse, SL: Heraldry
600: Charm, Carouse+10, Commerce
100: Peer: Government
100: Perform: Storyteller
----------------- 21000 Spent, Rank 6
200: Interrogation+20
400: Scrutiny, SL: Occult
200: Talented: Intimidate
200: Navigator Power

Starting Mutation: 2#1d100 75 41
Fate: 1d10 1
Starting Insanity: 2d5+1 8
Starting Corruption: 1d5 3
Toughness Tests for Mutations (TN 70): 5#1d100 19 60 45 5 73
Additional Mutation: 2#1d100 26 81
Toughness Loss from Elongated Form: 1d5 4

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Apr 20, 2020

Gonna wait for waci and xun to app before I move this on. Probably gonna go with 5

Jan 26, 2004

You ever do the chicken dance at a wake? That really bothers people.

Curiosity is not an inherently biological trait. It is said, among those who dare to broach such topics, that even the abominable intelligences of old would act in ways not entirely logical. Ways that could only really be attributed to that nebulous question, "what if?" Those entities are long gone from the Imperium, or so it's said and hoped. But for the adepts of the Machine Cult, curiosity is often dissuaded. The Magi 'encourage' their adepts to remain tethered to the known and relatively safe programs and processes that have been set in place for millennia. But there are those who choose to explore the unknowns and push the limits of what is to what could be. Explorator 287 Lambent Crucible is one such adept.

When chosen as the representative for the Mechanicus on the Vile Harlot, Lambent saw to their duties diligently as any of their fellows would in the same position. The routine maintenance, repairs, and placation of the ancient vessel's machine spirts was a pleasant challenge. Old spirits, willful and sometimes wild, intrigued and often stymied Lambent, though they rose to every battle. The presence of strange scrapcode was probably what began Lambent's furthering of what they knew from induction into the Cult Mechanicus. They began to piece together the scraps and find odd but functional subroutines that improved not only the ship's, but also their own performance as well. Inevitably this led to the suggestion of discovering more about the Harlot and the hulk from whence it came. Traveling out into the void, perhaps they discovered more than they were ever meant to.

Digging deep into Xenos lore, Imperial legend, and even more esoteric sources of knowledge, Lambent was able to expand their consciousness and their understanding of technology. The knowledge was gained at a price and has left its mark on them, but the gain to the Harlot and her crew has been immeasurable, or so their calculations have determined. But it's only a matter of time before they find the right equation to track it. The awakening of the ship's machine spirit into something greater has been perhaps the greatest mystery. It was certainly not Lambent's doing, though they are quite determined to understand it.

Name: 287 Lambent Crucible
Role: Explorator
Homeworld: Forge World
Birthright: Heretek (100xp)
Lure of the Void: Archeotechnologist (250xp)
Trials and Travails: Beyond the Pale (100xp)
Motivation: Knowledge is Life, Life is Knowledge (500)
Lineage: Vile Insight (300)

WS:   43 (25+15) [-5 Homeworld] [+3 Fit for Purpose] [+5 Advance]
BS:   55 (25+20) [+10 Advance]
S:    50 (25+10) [+5 Advance] [+10 Machinator]
T:    55 (25+15) [+5 Advance] [+10 Machinator]
Ag:   40 (25+15) [-5 Machinator] [+5 Advance]
Int:  68 (25+20) [+5 Homeworld] [+3 Birthright] [+15 Advance]
Per:  43 (25+10) [+3 Lure of the Void] [+5 Advance]
WP:   40 (25+15) 
Fel:  20 (25+ 0) [-5 Machinator]

Wounds:      17/17
Fate:         2/2
Insanity:      15
Corruption:     9
Profit Factor: 70


Awareness +10
Chem Use +20
Common Lore (Machine Cult)
Common Lore (Tech) +20
Dodge +10
Forbidden Lore (Admech) +20
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) +20
Forbidden Lore (Pirates)
Forbidden Lore (Psykers)
Forbidden Lore (Warp)
Forbidden Lore (Xenos)
Logic +10
Medicae +20
Navigate (Surface) +10
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) +20
Scholastic Lore (Chymistry) +10
Scholastic Lore (Cryptology)
Scholastic Lore (Legend)
Scholastic Lore (Occult)
Secret Tongue (Tech)
Speak Language (Explorator Binary)
Speak Language (Low Gothic)
Speak Language (Techna-Lingua)
Tech-Use +20
Trade (Archeologist)
Trade (Armorer)
Trade (Explorator)
Trade (Technomat)


Binary Chatter
Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Electrical Succour
Electro Graft Use
Ferric Lure
Ferric Summons
Flesh is Weak 3
Infused Knowledge
Logis Implant
Machinator Array
Master Enginseer
Mechadendrite Use (Weapon)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Rapid Reload
Sound Constitution x3
Technical Knock
Total Recall


Machine 3
Mechanicus Implants
Stranger to the Cult
Unnatural Intelligence x2


*Reliquary of St Drusus
Good Hellgun
Good Power Axe
Light Carapace armor
Void suit
Sacred Unguents
Servo-skull familiar
**Calculus Logi Implant
**Good MIU
*Good Cortex Implants (+0)
*Best Omissian Axe (-10)
*Artificer Armor (+0)
*Lathe-Wrought Upgrade for Artificer Armor (-20)
*Best Conversion Field (-20)
*Good Liber Heresius (-10)
*Red Dot Sight (Scarce)
*Voss Grenade Launcher (Scarce)
*Frag Grenades, many (Common)
*Telescopic Sight (Average)
*Auspex (Scarce)
*Scribe Tines (Scarce)
*Deflective Construction for Artificer Armor (Scarce)
*Vox Caster (Scarce)
*Medikit (Common)

Experience:                   22000/22000

Rank 1 (5000-7000)

Birthright                            100
Lure of the Void                      250
Trials and Travails                   100
Motivation                            500
Lineage                               300
Awareness                             100
Trade (Armorer)                       100
Autosanguine                          200
Sound Constitution x1                 200
Upgrade MIU to Good                   200
Secret Tongue (Tech)                  100

Rank 2 (7000-10000)

Awareness +10                         200
Common Lore (Tech) +10                200
Forbidden Lore (Admech) +10           200
Dodge                                 200
Medicae                               200
Logic +10                             200
Tech-Use +10                          200
Binary Chatter                        200
Electro Graft Use                     200
Prosanguine                           200
Ferric Lure                           200
Sound Constitution x2                 200
Pistol Weapon Training (Uni)          500


Rank 3 (10000-13000)

Chem Use                              200
Common Lore (Tech) +20                200
Dodge +10                             200
Medicae +10                           200
Flesh is Weak 1                       500
Gun Blessing                          500
Forbidden Lore (Admech) +20           200
Intelligence +5                       100
Intelligence +5                       250
Strength +5                           100
Toughness +5                          100
Trade (Explorator)                    200
Drive (Ground)                        100
Drive (Hover/Skimmer)                 200


Rank 4 (13000-17000)

Machinator Array                      500
Flesh is Weak 2                       500
Mechadendrite Use (Weapon)            500
Chem Use +10                          200
Medicae +20                           200
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy)          100
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) +10      200
Ferric Summons                        500
Agility +5                            500
Talented (Tech-Use)                   500
Scholastic Lore (Chymistry)           200


Rank 5 (17000-21000)

Flesh is Weak 3                       500
Infused Knowledge                     500
Master Enginseer                      500
Electrical Succour                    200
Rapid Reload                          200
Chem Use +20                          200
Navigate (Surface) +10                200
Scholastic Lore (Chymistry) +10       200
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) +20      200
Trade (Archeologist)                  200
Weapon Skill +5                       250
Ballistic Skill +5                    250
Ballistic Skill +5                    500
Intelligence +5                       500
Perception +5                         500
Sound Constitution x3                 200


Rank 6 (21000-25000)


WS    BS    S     T     Ag     Int    Per    WP    Fel  
43    55    70    55    40     68     43     40    20
Wounds: 17/17    Fate 2/2   Fatigue Level: 0    Initiative: 1d10+5

Ground: 5/10/15/30

SB: 7  TB: 5
Awareness: 53
Dodge: 50
Parry: 33
Armour: 14 All (half Pen value of incoming attacks)
Field: 50/1
Hellgun                 110m  S/2/-  1d10+ 4 E  Pen  7  Clip:  30/30   Full   
Grenade Launcher
 - Frag                  60m  S/-/-  2d10+ 0 X  Pen  0  Clip:   6/6    Full   Blast 4, Inaccurate
Omissian Axe           Melee   ---   2d10+12 R  Pen  6  Clip:   ---     --    Power Field, Unbalanced

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Apr 25, 2010

Tibus the explorator
Tibus is by all appearances, a normal slightly off techpriest. Reclusive, fussy, prickly towards useless meatbags, and of course he always takes good care of the machine spirits. Perhaps Tibus is a bit too interested in abominable intelligences. Certainly not to the degree where there might be an imperial warrant out for him leading to exciting adventures with odd crews. Certainly not!

But Tibus is hiding a dark secret, a secret that if revealed would be utterly disastrous to everyone and everything around him. For you see, Tibus is the Imperiums top noosphere streamer! Taking the form of an adorable yet feisty lady techpriest Captain ModemNoises, Tibus has charmed the citizens of the Imperium and maybe even abroad! With legions of stans, Tibus has evaded the grasp of Imperial law and any attempts of trying to suss out the identity behind Captain ModemNoises.

How did Captain ModemNoises come to be? Well while Tibus was on a sabbatical amongst the pirate populations of the Imperium that was definitely not related to any arrest warrants, he became very lonely. He missed speaking to fellow techpriests on the noosphere, but if he were to show his binary face out there he would be risking great consequences, such as his sabbatical ending early! So he created a disguise for himself, totally dissimilar from his real form, and it snowballed from there.

Captain ModemNoises is now known wide and far as a swashbuckling hero whose adventures are legendary throughout the Imperium.

Home world: Forge World (-5 WS +5 INT +3 FEL, technical knock, stranger to the cult)
Birthright: Savant (+3 FEL, Peer(Academic))
Lure of the Voide: Chosen by Destiny-Xenophile (+10 FEL when dealing with xenos, -5 WP when dealing with xenos powers and artifacts)  
Trials and travails: Dark Secret-Vtuber 200xp (+6 FEL, +1d5 Insanity)  
Motivation:  Knowledge is Power, Guard It Well 300xp (+3 PER, Scholastic Lore(Cryptology), Foresight)
Lineage: Widespread popularity 300xp (Refluffed Far-Reaching Contacts, Peer(), Peer(), Peer())
Career: Explorator
WS   20 :  25 - 5
BS   50 :  25 + 20 + 5
S    30 :  25 + 5
T    35 :  25 + 5 + 5
AG   40 :  25 + 15
INT  55 :  25 + 20 + 5 + 5 
PER  33:  25 + 5 + 3
WP   35:  25  + 5 + 5 
FEL  59 :  25 + 20 + 3 + 3 + 6 + 5

Wounds / = 12 + 1 + 1
FP 3/3
[23:43:44] <Hashutbot> Xun, fatepoints 4 explorator: 6 [1d10=6]

Stranger to the Cult
Mechanicus Implants ()

Common Lore (Machine Cult, Tech) (Int)
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech, Adeptus Mechanicus) (Int)
Scholastic Lore(Cryptology)(Int)
Literacy (Int)
Logic (Int)
Speak Language (Explorator Binary, Low Gothic, Techna-lingua) (Int)
Tech-Use (Int)
Trade (Technomat) (Int)

Technical Knock
Peer (Academic, Ad Mech, , , , )
Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Logis Implant

Rank 1 - Professional Entertainer (refluffed order of the hammer initiate) 
Blather 100xp
Blather +10 200xp
Polyglot 200xp 
Storyteller 300xp
Awareness 200xp
Convincing Rhetoric 750xp
Common Lore (Imperium) 100xp 
Common Lore (Koronus Expanse) 100xp
Scholastic Lore (Numerology) 100xp
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) 100xp 
Scholastic Lore (Occult) 100xp 
Intelligence 100xp 
Willpower 250xp 
Trade (Animator) 100xp
Performer (Storyteller) 100xp

Rank 2 - Explorator 
Awareness +10 200xp
Common Lore (Machine Cult) +10 200xp
Dodge 200xp
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) +10 200xp
Frobidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanics) +10 200xp

Medicae 200xp
Total Recall 200xp 
Prosanguine 200xp 
Sound Constitution 200xp 
Tech-use +10  200xp

Infused Knowledge 500xp
Fellowship 500xp

Rank 3 - Explorator 
Dodge +10 200xp 
Medicae +10 200xp
Tech-use +20 200xp
Common Lore (Tech) +10 200xp
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) +20 200xp

Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus) 200xp
Nerves of Steel 200xp 
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) +10 200xp
Logic +10 200xp
Sound constitution 200xp

Flesh is Weak 1 500xp
Heated Gamer Moment (Feedback Sreech) 200xp 
Toughness 100xp
Trade(Explorator) 200xp

Rank 4 - Swashbuckler 
Enemy (Imperial Navy) (Free) 
Charm 200xp
Charm +10 300xp 
Carouse 200xp
Master Orator 300xp

Web of Peers 3000xp

Rank 5 - Explorator 3400/4000 spent
Master Enginseer 500xp
Heavy Weapon Training (Launcher) 500xp 

Rapid Reload 200xp 
Good Reputation (Pirates) 200xp 

Command 300xp
Rapid Reload 200xp
Rite of Fear 500xp

Iron Discipline 750xp
Ballistic Skill 250xp


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Slightly Lions
Apr 13, 2009

Roland Matthias, Void-master

First Mate. Ship's Master. Executive Officer. The Old Man. Every ship in the galaxy has one, by one name or another. People who've been plying the void-lanes for so long they seem almost carved from the iron of the ships they serve on. Weathered, unflappable, immovable as mountains they're the men, women, and others that stand as fixed points of reference for rating and officer alike. Perhaps they are the voice and right hand of distant captains, or the stern taskmasters of charismatic ones, but love them, hate them, or fear them (and it's usually a healthy mix of all three), no voidsman worth their salt would leave port without one they trust. There are few such sailors as dyed in the wool as Roland Matthias.

Born to a pair of Battlefleet Koronus logistics officers in Port Wander young Roland grew up in the efficient, regimented buzz of activity that is a war fleet. Learning from a young age the value of routine, order, and hierarchy in crisis he dreamed of nothing more than being a combat officer. He excelled at the battlefleet schola, graduating third in his class, good enough to win a place as a midshipman on board the frigate Resolute Fury. He had barely had time to learn his way around the wardroom before a minor crusade was called against the Eldar corsairs of the Heathen Stars. In the fierce fighting that followed he served with distinction, eventually bein breveted to 2nd Lieutenant after much of the junior officer core were killed by strange teleporting xenos warriors. So it was with the hope of promotion and glory that the Resolute Fury returned to Port Wander and all his hopes were dashed. Due to a garbled astropathic message Acting Lieutenant Roland Matthias has been listed as killed in action. The bureaucratic edifice of the Munitorum being what it is the clerks saw little reason to delve into a mountain of paperwork just because a young officer happened to be inconveniently alive. As far as the Imperial Navy was concerned he was dead and would remain that way. No promotion. No glory.

Matthias spent several years in Footfall and Port Wander doing whatever jobs he could, shipping out as a rating or warrant officer with merchant houses and free companies, drinking away his pay. If the Munitorum thought he was dead, perhaps he should oblige them, he thought, and sought his end in the bottle. And then, as is often the case in the wilds of the Imperial fringe, his life changed on a random chance. He happened to be in the same bar as a young Vincenzo Redcliffe when the not-quite Rogue Trader's helmsman got into an argument with a hive-ganger about how many 7s should be in a deck of cards and got stabbed to death. The young Master Redcliffe was all too happy to pick up the services of Navy trained helmsman at cut rate prices on short notice and so began a long partnership. They kept the crew together during the terrible voyage when the lay becalmed in the Warp for weeks, surviving alien attacks, minor mutinies, and brushes with Imperial authority alike. When Vincenzo unexpectedly inherited the family's warrant there was no question who his XO would be.

Roland is the picture of the omnipresent, indefatigable officer. He hasn't touched a drop of liquor in decades, but smokes his blackbriar lho-pipe near constantly. He runs the ratings of the Harlot with a mixture of iron discipline and mutual respect. He expects the best from the voidsmen under his command and strives to return the favor. His devotion to Vincenzo, the Redcliffe Dynasty, and the Harlot borders on the religious. They took him in when he was in the throes of suicidal depression and gave him purpose, gave him back his place among the stars. Certainly the captain can be a bit... odd, a little fae around the edges at times, but he's never let down Roland or the Harlot and that's what matters most. We're all a bit strange around here, he's wont to say, after all: what sane man would sail the Harlot?

Roland "Old Man" Matthias
Master of Space

WS  (35) 25+5+5
BS  (60) 25+15+20
S   (35) 25+5+5
T   (40) 25-3+8+10
Ag  (60) 25+5+20
Per (50) 25-5+10+10
Int (57) 25+27+5
WP  (55) 25+15+15
Fel (56) 25+3+3+20+5

FP: 4
Insanity Points: 6
Corruption: 0
Wounds: 18

- +5 WP, +3 Fel, -5 Per
- Speak Language (Battlefleet War Cant), Common Lore (Imperial Navy) as trained
- Officer on Deck: +5 to all Command tests onboard a space craft
- Shipwise: Navigation (Stellar) as Trained
- Void Accustomed: Immune to space travel sickness, no penalty in micro-gravity and null G
- Shipbound Fighter: -2 Iniative and double Long range penalties when in open space planetside
- Wounds: 1d5
- FP: 1-6= 3, 7+= 4

In Service to the Throne
-Born to Lead: Command, Literacy, and Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) are Trained skills
- + 3 Fel, -3 T
- -200 XP

-Call to War: gain Peer (Military) and Hatred (Eldar)
- +5 BS
- +1d10 Insanity points
- -150 XP

Dark Voyage
-Forbidden Lore (Warp) is trained
-Gain Resistance (Fear)
- +1d5 Insanity Points

-Loyalty: Trade (Voidfarer) is trained basic and +5 bonus to WP and Fel tests while on board the Harlot
- -100xp

Awareness +20
Command +20
Common Lore (Imperial Navy+10, War, Koronus Expanse, Tech)
Dodge +20
Forbidden Lore (Xenos, The Warp)
Navigation (Stellar)+10
Pilot (Space Craft +20, Flyers +20)
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy +10, Tactica Imperialis, Judgement)
Scrutiny +10
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader, Military, Underdeck)
Speak Language (Low Gothic, Battlefleet War Cant, High Gothic)
Trade (Voidfarer, Shipwright)

Air of Authority
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Nerves of Steel
Peer (Military)
Quick Draw
Hatred (Eldar)
Hotshot Pilot
Into the Jaws of Hell
Iron Discipline
Iron Jaw
Resistance (Fear)
Rapid Reload
Die Hard
Talented (Navigation (Stellar))
True Grit
Sound Constitution x5
Void Tactician

Power Sword
Bolt Pistol
Guard Flak Armor
Void Suit
Blessed ship token
Imperial Navy Uniform
2x bottles amasec

Archeotech Laspistol (-20)
Best Craftsmanship Mind Interface Unit (-20)
Good Craftsmanship Selenite Void-suit (-10)
Good Craftsmanship Enforcer Light Carapace (-10)
Good Craftsmanship Vitae Supplement (+0)
Caged Songbird (+0)
Red-dot Laser Sight
Vox Implant
Lho and Pipe

Awareness (100xp)
Dodge (100xp)
Scrutiny (100xp)
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) (100xp)
Simple Per (250xp)
Simple WS (250xp)
Simple T (250xp)
Simple BS (100xp)
Intermediate BS (250xp)
Simple Agi (100xp)
Intermediate Agi (250xp)
Simple WP (100xp)
Sound Constitution (200xp)

Common Lore (Koronus Expanse) (200xp)
Common Lore (Tech) (200xp)
Intimidate (100xp)
Pilot (Space Craft) +10 (200xp)
Pilot (Flyers) +10 (200xp)
Dodge +10 (200xp)
Scrutiny +10 (200xp)
Tech-Use (200xp)
Secret Tongue (Military) (200xp)
Secret Tongue (Underdeck) (200xp)
Intermediate T (500xp)
Die Hard (200xp)
True Grit (200xp)
Sound Constitution (200xp)

Awareness +10 (200xp)
Charm (200xp)
Command +10 (200xp)
Pilot (Flyers) +20 (200xp)
Pilot (Space Craft) +20 (200xp)
Speak Language (High Gothic) (200xp)
Quick Draw (200xp)
Rapid Reload (200xp)
Air of Authority (200xp)
Hardy (200xp)
Intermediate Per (500xp)
Intermediate WP (250xp)
Simple S (250xp)

Command +20 (200xp)
Dodge +20 (200xp)
Trade (Shipwright) (200xp)
Scholastic Lore (Judgement) (200xp)
Talented (Navigation (Stellar)) (200xp)
Iron Discipline (200xp)
Jaded (200xp)
Sound Constitution x3 (600xp)
Iron Jaw (500xp)
Hotshot Pilot (500xp)
Trained BS (500xp)
Trained Agi (500xp)

Awareness +20 (200xp)
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) +10 (200xp)
Marksman (200xp)
Orthoproxy (200xp)
Gamble (200xp)
Trained WP (500xp)
Simple Fel (500xp)
Simple Int (500xp)
Expert BS (750xp)
Expert Agi (750xp)

Into the Jaws of Hell (500xp)
Void Tactician (500xp)

XP: 0/22,000
Insanity points: 6
Fate Points: 4

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