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deep dish peat moss
Jul 27, 2006

On a planet that increasingly resembles one huge Maximum Security prison, the only intelligent choice is to plan a jail break.

SpiritOfLenin posted:

I read all of that despite not being a Homeworld fan - I do, however, remember reading a lot of opinions from the largest Finnish gaming magazine at the time about how loving good Homeworld games were, and if I'd had a better computer at the time they were new, I would've been all over them. They looked like cool games.

I suspect not trusting Gearbox will prove to be correct later on. There is also that distinct chance that Homeworld 3 will be a good game, but not a good Homeworld game, which can sometimes happen when franchises are resurrected. That said the refusal to show major gameplay etc. doesn't really bode well on that front either. That crowdfunding stuff is also a bit weird, I actually googled that and found out its on some site called Fig, and their goal was one dollar. It looks like it was basically just a way to preorder the game or throw money at it? It certainly feels like Gearbox just launched that campaign to see how much of development costs they could outsource to the fans.

probably a good idea to avoid pre-ordering no matter what though, especially with the remaster's apparent unstability - Homeworld 3 is probably being built upon the same bones, and who knows how well they've managed to fix their technical issues.

If their goal was $1 that just means that they get to keep the money no matter how much is received, yeah. If you don't meet your goal, you don't get any of the money. A $1 minimum is like saying "we're making this game anyway but you can pay us now to somehow nebulously make it a better game"

Fig is like buying stock in a game, in other words it's incentivizing making profit-driven games instead of good games

Psychonauts 2 and Wasteland 3 are the only notable games that have been funded through Fig

Even the Outer Wilds devs were unable to fund a followup game through Fig because it turns out that gamers (who are the target investors of Fig) know that the game they want to play is unlikely to return major profit.

That being said Gearbox is publishing HW3 not developing it, the devs of Homeworld 3 (Blackbird) made Hardspace: Shipbreaker (good) and Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak (pretty good), and they did not make Homeworld Remastered, so there's hope. DoK was also published by Gearbox so it's not outside of the realm of possibility that HW3 ends up pretty decent.

deep dish peat moss fucked around with this message at 15:26 on Nov 2, 2021


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