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Epic Prison Guy
Aug 1, 2020

I hate for these words to come out of my fingertips. But allow me to digress before you all try to kill me:

Gearbox somewhat recently purchased the Homeworld series (1 and 2, with the exception of cataclysm because the source code was stolen or something) and they're in charge of the development or publishing of the 3rd game. Sorry, the history of this event just isn't the point I'm trying to make here, so we'll move on even though I could be wrong about a lot of what I just said (sorry). I have to state, the original Homeworld games were loving amazing. A post here caused me to get onto Steam and download the ... uh, sort of dissapointing homeworld remastered. I looked at the reviews on Steam and after playing the remastered version, I realized something was wrong rather quickly. All these people that reviewed it... theres no way they could've played the original homeworld whatsoever. Because if that was the comparison to make here, they wouldn't have given it a thumbs up.

Homeworld remastered has almost the entirety of homeworld 1 and 2 (given to us in either "classic" or "remastered versions, so essentially 4 different games, kind of) and adds a few new components skirmish wise (you can now face off Hiigarians and the Original "good" race) as well as a few maps if I am not mistaken. After I started playing it, I realized that there were several crashes once I'd played it nearly 10 different times. I would say it crashed 3 out of 20 times due to a fatal error of some kind. Not too promising, especially when it happens at the end of a level you forgot to save in. Full stop. Gearbox also purchased one of the BEST goddamn RTS games set in space of all time, no joking, and decided to change aspects of it. In the original 2 games, fighter style ships and corvette ships would have to refuel after they were out in space after a while. With this concept, the ship would start going back to the mothership automatically once it ran out of fuel in order to refuel and get fully repaired. Well, Gearbox in all of it's genius, decided that this was an aspect of the video game they didn't want in it anymore (I think some of the original developers said the same, as a few work for gearbox now creating homeworld 3) and removed it. Which actually should've been a good thing, had they approached the problem correctly. Now, instead of refueling every 5 minutes, you literally have to watch your units health like a hawk in order to send them back in the middle of fights to repair. A new person to the series wouldn't really realize that and it totally throws the gameplay off.

A lot of my commands aren't going to the units correctly either. Move orders are entirely ignored about 1 out of 12 times. This can be a huge deal in a RTS game where orders are EVERYTHING. The formations break up a group of 20 bombers into 5 bomber formations, so instead of getting one X made with all of the bombers, we now get 4 x's made out of each 5 bomber group. Now this is kind of retarded to me. The original spaced these units out enough for these formations to mean something in the game. There were REASONS to have different formations for different strategies. Reasons to have your units in either defensive, offensive or passive style dispositions. However, the dispositions are useless too. Defensive positioning with attack move is literally one of the only useful things to do in this game with that entire PORTION of the game. Formations block units from firing a lot, make it take forever for them to move or do 180 degree maneuvers and much more. The whole point of the game was to use your head in defeating the enemies, but now it's just another lovely 90s RTS where you try to OUT CREATE someone instead of using the units you have more effectively which is dog poo poo, frankly.

That's not to say that the game doesn't have some advantages, like the graphics which are even better than normal. The sound is completely underwhelming in the new one and some of the tracks are even gone in the remaster. Why the gently caress did Gearbox feel the need to not only purchase this amazing franchise, but to basically MURDER all the key-components of the game? I cannot figure it out. It pisses me off much more than it should. They had a GAME OF THE YEAR and immediately started picking it apart and changing poo poo. If they had literally JUST bought the game and rereleased it, I would be happy. If they had gotten ahold of the legal issues and CHANGED NOT ONE drat THING I would've been fine, but instead they take one of the biggest components out of the game, and make it drat near impossible to keep fighter-type ships alive.

Sorry, this autistic tirade must go on slightly longer before I'm finished, but I'll try to wrap it up. Next up, we have another product of gearbox design. The auto-scaling which sucks complete rear end. Auto-scaling makes it so that if you do good on mission 1 and it seems like you're WAY AHEAD of the curve gameplay and unit wise, then the next mission has even more units than it's supposed to normally, or less (actually I dont know if they even remove units dont quote me on that) so it SOUNDS like a good idea, in theory. But the amount of units added is INSANE. It also makes it so you have to DESTROY your goddamn fleet before some of the harder levels if you want to stand a loving CHANCE at surviving them. This is utter crap. It makes some missions drat near impossible if you dont know to destroy your fleet beforehand. How does something like this get added to a game as GOOD AS THE ORIGINAL HOMEWORLD and someone doesn't say "Hold the gently caress up, take that poo poo out you imbeciles".

Am I the only one that is worried about Homeworld 3? Which is slated to be released before Christmas of next year? We have literally NO gameplay footage whatsoever barring a tiny video clip of a frigate railgunning another frigate and it blowing up, we have 1 official video if I'm not mistaken, which shows absoluteley no gameplay, and only one unit type.... the game apparently had to be crowdfunded at some point for some reason. It doesn't seem like Gearbox is expecting Homeworld 3 to be a money maker right off the bat, if they wouldn't fund it enough. Is this just the standard of video games now? Constant early development games being released where the developer either TAKES the profits and creates a better game, or RUNS OFF INTO THE HILLS after giving us a totally half assed product? I want Homeworld 3 to be as great as the first one was. But with Gearbox in charge, Ive got a terrible feeling about this game.

Has anyone here kept up with it's development? What are your opinions on this? Will we EVER see a game as well put together as the original? Or am I living in a pipedream now?


Epic Prison Guy
Aug 1, 2020

There were a lot more things changed in between the remaster and the classic, but for brevity sake, I left it at that. A lot of damage and speed manipulations were introduced and reverted and whatnot, that also throw the game off. The remastered version feels a lot slower in a bad way to me. Also, the "classic" versions of the game in the remaster are NOT the goddamn same as the originals which also sucks rear end. Im trying now not to sound like a fanboy that'll never be satisfied but how do you take a A+++ game and not just RELEASE EXACTLY that instead?

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