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May 16, 2002

You seriously have issues.

Go catch more racoons in a net and step away from the computer.

Mice. In the house.

We are currently staying at my parents house while relocating cross country. They never had mice before and, of course, mice appeared a couple weeks after we moved in so my mom low key blames us.

She called their pest control company and they came out, inspected the perimeter, set traps downstairs and in the attic. Said they would be back a week later to check the traps.

We got 4 mice in the downstairs traps and reset them. One was found in the attic when they came back. Company reset the traps and are coming back 12/3 to check traps and do outside repairs.

My questions - and I’ll preface this by saying we had mice one time in our old house. Our company came out, found where they were coming inside, sealed that off, set traps to catch any stuck inside. Could not find the point of entry outside but that took care of it and had no issues afterwards.

The company my parents use does not make sense in their approach, at least to me. We know at one for sure place they are coming in since we saw them (space between “built-ins” and the wall) and put some steel wool to seal it up as a stop gap while waiting for the pest people. This company is not treating the outside or inside aside from indoor traps. They are now coming out a second time and recommended fixes to the perimeter, which my mom authorized.

All told, it’s around 1K once the repairs are made and I just saw another mouse inside…..because nothing was sealed off and they want to wait a few weeks for traps to be clear.

It is not making sense to me that the inside wasn’t sealed and seems to be a “wait until the traps are empty for a few weeks before sealing up anything”. Doesn’t that just mean both outside and inside points of entry are open? I get not closing both to prevent any from getting trapped in the walls but I would have thought at least seal off the access points into the living areas and then outside after some weeks? It seems like a never ending cash grab and my opinion isn’t welcomed with open arms.

Again, I’ve only had one previous experience and want any and all thoughts.


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