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Dec 23, 2012

I started drawing copying maps because WotC is too cheap to print any for their box sets. Turns out maps are cool!

(Original maps all by Mike Schley 2004)

Post your maps! Let's talk about maps! I don't care if they're not for RPGs, or have no squares, or are only barely gaming-related. Maps are cool!

(If you post other people's maps, credit them properly.)


Sep 10, 2010

I love maps so much. They really get my creative juices flowing. Hope there are all sorts of maps -- goon-made maps, battle maps, tavern maps, world maps, space maps all sorts of maps.

I picked up DungeonDraft the other day to start poking around making my own maps and threw this together in no more than a few minutes and really want to start making some more maps because it was real fun to just slap some textures and objects downs and have something neat.

May 17, 2007

I must have used like six different mapping programs over the years, and inevitably, all of them saved things in some format I can't open any more. I eventually just settled on good ol' MS Paint, when I wasn't using pen & paper.

A campaign setting I toyed around with for a while, originally intended for D&D 4e.

of course it wound up being, well, basically the mediterranean sea, ugh. I'd put a lot of work into it before I realized that.

Another ms-paint map I made for a primals PbP adventure here on SA:

The Aphasian
Mar 8, 2007

Psychotropic Hops

Thanks for making this; a bunch of life happened, and then I just spaced.
But I love map!

I made this one for a campaign of I ran of Waterdeep Dragon Heist. First time DM with first time players, I decided to take a player's scant backstory (deathly afraid of rabbits after a vicious bunny attack left him scarred) and extrapolate some nonsense about one of the noble families and werehares. So the layout is based on what info was available for the Waterdeep noble Thorp family, as well as colors and crest, etc, as well as warrens for the werehare sidequest.

Assets used are from Forgotten Adventures, White Fox Works, and Tom Cartos.

Software used was Dungeondraft


It's stupid huge and distractingly detailed, but it was my first real project.

[52 X 52] (easily breaks into quarters for smaller maps)
Warrens and basements:

Ground level interiors:

Second Level Interiors:

Tower (only SE building):

Roof level (overview at stupid res):

Imgur gallery with pre-quartered maps and more detailed descriptions than the map thread needs:

My favorite thing about making maps is spending 4 hours on something my players will spend 5 minutes in.
I currently use Foundry VTT, and it has some cool modules to really add cool effects (fog, lighting, spells, traps, etc) to maps.

Mustache Ride
Sep 11, 2001

I've been thinking about using these animated maps for my next virtual game:

Has anybody ever tried these in Foundary or somewhere else? They look really cool.

Dec 23, 2012

The Aphasian posted:

My favorite thing about making maps is spending 4 hours on something my players will spend 5 minutes in.
drat, you could run a short campaign in that mansion. :pusheen:

The Aphasian
Mar 8, 2007

Psychotropic Hops

Argh, don't die thread. Please, I need to believe my mental illness is shared.

Here's what I'm working on currently: the "slanty tower" from Wild Beyond the Witchlight's Hither. It is a slanted tower with a top-down view, and I am sticking to orthographic (vs perspective) with lighting from the top left. Very annoying getting the angles and shadows right and it was a terrible decision, but I think I'm mostly done with the tower, just need to add environmental flare around it and tie it together.


I used Forgotten Adventure assets ( and ) and Clip Studio Paint. All their assets are top down, so I had to do a lot of distortion on textures to fake the cylinder shape. There are certainly easier methods, but I liked the challenge of limited assets. The balloon caught on the crenelations is a bunch of blankets I shaded and "stitched" together. Not 100% happy with the basket, but it needs to be big enough to show a couple spoiler items.

I have used DungeonDraft in the past and like it for quick map making. It's powerful, you only have to buy it once (not subscription) and it's only real weak point is shadows.

For extremely quick and/or progress maps, I use Dungeon Scrawl (free, online) . Then I can quickly plop them on old paper images and make a splash image for the login in FoundryVTT

Feb 14, 2012

I have nothing to share on encounter maps (unless you count, like old Panzer General hexmaps?) but I love geography and cartography as a means of worldbuilding. I will dig around back home and post some of my favourites

Absurd Alhazred
Mar 27, 2010

I'm the babyliberal, gotta love me!

The Aphasian posted:

Argh, don't die thread. Please, I need to believe my mental illness is shared.

That is not dead which can forever lie.. :kheldragar:

Sep 10, 2010

In the last month or two I've paid a couple battlemap mapmakers on Patreon for their collections and I've been really please with the maps that Czepeku and The Mad Cartographer both put out, and for me having access to hundreds of maps & variants for like $15 for each of the two of those creators is extremely good value for money.

Aug 24, 2007

Fuzzy dice, bongos in the back
My ship of love is ready to attack

So I believe I've posted this on the forums before, but now that we've got this thread I can go into more detail. A year or two ago I picked up a copy of HexKit and discovered I really like making hexmaps. My big, ongoing project is creating an 8-mile hex map of my usual Science Fantasy homebrew setting, which has eventually spiraled out into making 12 separate 8-mile-per hex maps of a 4,000 x 3,000 km area comprising the known world of my setting...

You can probably see a few areas I've pretty heavily based on existing D&D maps, the result of me wanting to drop official modules into the world to run for my players: Karameikos from the old Basic Set can be found in the Easternmost area near the entrance to the central sea, Keoland from the various Saltmarsh adventures lies a little West of that, the area around Northspire is based on the region of the Sword Coast near Neverwinter and Uzuri (In the bottom middle portion of the map) is just a modified version of Chult.

The two areas I've given the most attention to are the maps for the region in the Eastern-middle portion of the map, detailing a region called "The Midderlands" which is the closest to a traditional fantasy setting: A region comprised of 9 loosely allied nations built over the ruins of a collapsed empire, with geography similar to Western North America...

The other major one is the map for Uzuri, a nation in the Southern-central region that serves as a modified version of Chult in the heavily altered offshoot of Tomb of Annihilation I've been running...

Overall it's been a fun project to keep me occupied and my next steps are focused on fixing the discrepancies in the seams where the 12 maps fit together

Sep 15, 2004

Obey the Beard

That's really cool!

Have you thought about using Worldographer? It does the Global->Regional->Kingdom scaling in the app.

The Aphasian
Mar 8, 2007

Psychotropic Hops

1. Those are rad.
2. Wordographer's site says it does star maps too, so I guess you could go battlemap-town-kingdom-region-global-star system-galactic, really flesh it out.

Aug 24, 2007

Fuzzy dice, bongos in the back
My ship of love is ready to attack

Thank you!

I haven't checked out Worldographer myself, but another member of one of my tabletop groups recently used it to make some maps for a Godbound campaign he's been running for us and the results looked pretty decent. I might have to give it a deeper look...


Apr 19, 2007

Take up your rifles

Here are some maps I made, mostly for our party's Descent Into Avernus campaign, of varying effort levels and quality as I slowly learned how to use Dungeondraft. Some I spent ages on, others I whipped up in 20 minutes, and you can probably tell which ones.

Elturel Docks

Our adventure begins on the banks of the chionthar, as the party find themselves on the southern side of the river across the water from the burning crater that once contained the city of Elturel. Due to the circumstances of their escape they are have been in the astral place for about a day and so find the southern dock mostly empty, aside from some injured horses, broken wagons, and a lone woman with a crossbow very intent on ensuring her own wagon not be plundered.

The Forest Edge

The party make the long trek from Elturel to Baldur's Gate, picking up refugees here and there along the way. At this bridge, bandits have chosen to prey upon passers by, and the party must defend their caravan.

The Poisoned Poseidon

Arriving in Baldur's gate and receiving a mission to investigate strange murders, clues lead the party here. This ship was beached on the docks following a great magical duel onboard, and many years later has been repurposed as a tannery, and as a front for dead three cultists. The lowest deck, sunk into the ground, attaches to some underground catacombs, used to keep prisoners before sacrifice. [A redrawing of Mike Schley's ship from Ghosts of Saltmarsh and Dyson Logos' Buried at sea and using the appropriate key from the Alexandrian remix]

Dungeon of the Dead Three

A redrawing of the dungeon of the dead three using principles suggested in the Alexandrian remix of the campaign. I've taken several elements from other people's own efforts in this regard, but broadly, the rooms are vanilla to the adventure, the room art is taken from a map by "colin r", but the specific layout of those rooms is mine. Of note, actual walkways have been added to watery areas of the dungeon so that the people actually living down here don't need to wade through knee deep water all the time, and a large wooden barrier added between the gas-filled area in the top middle and the back of the dungeon in the upper right.

Betrayal at Heap Gate

The heroes rush for the Wide, attempting to head off an assassination, but the guards at the Heap Gate into the upper city have been paid to make sure they don't make it. [Conceptually, the actual portcullis gate is in the narrow section of the wall, allowing people on the wall to fire down from both sides, but also blocking line of sight to the gate until the party get close, to ensure the spellcasters cannot just snipe the door from range]

Market Square Soup Kitchen

The heroes arrive in the Wide, where a crowd of refugees have gathered to hear a speech, off to one side, bread and soup is being dispensed from several tables. And then hell literally breaks loose as an infernal arrow strikes the speaker, causing panic. [This huge map was filled with gargantuan sized "Swarm of Panicked Humanoids", who would knock prone and trample the players as they attempted to flee, with devils attacking the crowd from around the stage.

The Old Coachouse

A dastardly trap plotted by one of the party's enemies, the Cleric's squire and an acolyte from his temple have been kidnapped and taken here. One is tied unconscious to a pile of oil soaked timber and rags, the other, suspended in the air above a deep, deep well. When the part opens the door into the main courtyard, the trap is sprung, dropping the acolyte into the well and a burning lantern onto the oily timbers. Who do the party choose to save? [Map originally by Dyson Logos, redrawn]

Flennis Manor

Flennis Manor is the home of Lady Flennis, a cultist of Myrkul who had brutally experimented on the nature of death and the soul using one of the party as a guinea pig. The party colluded with Liara Portyr to have that party member declared to be a disgraced nephew of the Lady and so the rightful heir to her estate. The manor is in the old style, with a main hall for dining (including a screened area adjacent to the kitchen for servants to hold dishes for serving), a drawing room for entertaining guests, a long gallery for portraits, a library with attached office for business dealings, a great chamber adjacent to the bedroom for personal recreation, bedrooms for the three head servants and a guard barracks. All others without their own homes sleeping on the floor of the hall, as is traditional. The main lobby has been renovated in the modern style with marble flooring and white walls, but the cost to renovate the hall or gallery is prohibitive, creating a mismatch in the decor. A chapel for worship provides an honest face for Lady Flennis, while the gruesome shrine to Myrkul hidden behind a bookcase in her bedroom is her primary place of worship. [Map based on Hevlod Manor by Dyson Logos, reconfigured internally to fit early medieval house design].

Gorion Wing

The Gorion Wing of Candlekeep comrpises the special residential chambers kept for visiting chosen of Mystra, to reside and research in a more secluded area seperate from the usual throng of seekers down in the court of air. When not in use for that purpose, some scholars in residence make use of the rooms as private studies, as in the case of Sylvira and Traxigor, who occupy the second and third rooms respectively. Sylvira's thaumoscope points out the window in the direction of Elturel, while Traxigor's room is a complete mess of papers, books and scrolls. Other rooms might make suitable residence for the PCs, if they can convince the monks of the need for special treatment.

Elturel Arrival

This is one of the city blocks in Elturel, with the party arriving in the area with the well, the lack of immediate exits to the street should ensure they are still on this map when the arrival encounter begins.

The High Hall

I don't have much to say about this one, but I needed a map of the courtyard of the High Hall in Elturel at approximately the correct scale. It comes out to a huge map, but one that might be suitable for fighting some huge battle on should the hall come under assault.

The Keep of The Twin Suns

The Keep of the Twin Suns is the new nexus of power in Elturel. The headquarters of the Knights of the Companion, the old order's grandmaster makes his lair here as he orders out his loyal hell knight minions into the streets of the city to enforce their infernal curfew and to feed the citizens of the city their rations of cursed grain, sapping their will to resist and tainting their souls. A secret door behind the wall of names leads to a small shrine to the Companions' true patron, the Archduchess Zariel.

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