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abuse culture.
Sep 8, 2004

Problem description: I recently bought a used 3900x. All good, everything worked and then I tried to take the reference fan off to replace it with a water cooler and blew up two pins (AMx36 and AMx32 from the pinout diagram here because AMD are still using PGA like it's 1995 and I am a caveman idiot. Now my machine won't POST if anything is plugged into either of the 'A' DIMM slots. Both 'B' DIMMs work fine. There's some weirdness on start-up too: I can tell when it will just endlessly loop trying to POST because half of my case fans and the CPU fan light up but don't spin. Is there any way to save this CPU which started expensive and is rapidly becoming a money pit of half-fixes?

Attempted fixes: I tried putting the missing pins into the mobo slots where they 'should' be. Nope. I got some guy to micro-solder on the two missing pins. Still didn't recognize half my dimms and also he did a poo poo job so the pins broke again. I got an actual specialized AMD repair guy to do the same thing. Now the pins at least stay on when I gently caress with it but I still can't get the machine to work with dual channel ram and here we are. Actually, it made the problem worse, because it used to POST before I did the soldering poo poo with a "PMU Memory training error" and at least let me boot to windows with half of the RAM sitting there uselessly and now it just won't post if the RAM is plugged into one of the unlucky slots.

Cleared CMOS and turned off XMP a thousand times by now too. The rest of the pins look straight enough, it slots into the mobo without force or anything.

I have an Athlon 3000G lying around which runs both dimm slots just fine, so it's not the mobo or the ram.

There's some random thermal paste schmutz on the edges of the CPU but nothing I can see that would gently caress with the pins.

Haven't tried replacing the PSU but I feel like it's very, very, unlikely to be the problem

Recent changes: Just the CPU, upgraded from a 3700x which I stupidly sold immediately.

Operating system: Win 10 Pro

System specs: 3900x
Asrock b450m pro4 (latest bios)
2x 8gb DDR4 3200MHz

Location: Canada

I have Googled and read the FAQ: I have googled this to hell and back and I read the FAQ.

abuse culture. fucked around with this message at 00:08 on Dec 7, 2021


Jul 29, 2003

abuse culture. posted:

Is there any way to save this CPU which started expensive and is rapidly becoming a money pit of half-fixes?

It might be possible to fix it. But seeing as how the pins have broken off twice and you've had two people work on it I'd be hesitant to keep spending money on it.

Jan 9, 2004

outlive your enemies

You can try RMA on the chip. Worst thing is they send you the same broken chop back?

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