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Sally Sprodgkin
May 23, 2007
i love ff8

here is my favourite ff8 track

re speedrunning chat a couple of pages ago, Luzbel got banned from AGDQ for being generally pretty gross. Muttski is actually a great dude all around though, check him out.


Sally Sprodgkin
May 23, 2007
I've played an unhealthy amount of Tetra Master because winning 2x games is a required part of the (otherwise pretty chill) FFIX speedrun. Rant about how bad Tetra Master is below.

The biggest issue with the game is the fact that attack/defence card battles work on a 0-X randomised roll and every card can roll a 0 on attack/defence. This adds a level of randomness that would make even the most hardened of Hearthstone implosion-abusing wild zoo lock mains cry.

eg. I play an 'A' attack minion into your 1 defence minion. My A attack minion has a roll of 0-255 and your 1 defence minion has a roll of 0-15. There is a very non-zero chance my A-tier minion is going to lose because I rolled 1/255 and you rolled 4/15. This poo poo becomes far more obvious when you're playing within 2-3 tiers of the enemy (ie most games) wherein the chance to lose an aggressive action can be quite high (20%+ kinda thing even in match-ups where the numbers say you should be a shoe-in). As far as I know, this mechanic is never properly explained in game or in any of the paraphernalia. This mechanic means that it's basically impossible to ensure 100% that you will win any particular game based on good play alone. Particularly if there isn't a huge gap in card quality between you and your opponent.

They also more or less included the 'combo' rule from Triple Triad which I'm pretty sure was universally disliked as a mechanic. Also, you can combo multiple of your own cards to your enemy based on a failed aggressive battle.

The winning strategy is more or less:

A) Don't expose too many arrows because you can get 3+ cards flipped and lose
B) Don't ever 'battle' cards unless you are behind and need to win the battle to win the game, always just take cards with vulnerable sides
C) Pray you don't go first because your likelihood to win instantly goes down by 15+%. Going first is just so bad - the enemy gets the first chance to flip a card (which, if it happens, means you're immediately playing defensively) and also the last chance to flip a card. This imbalance kind of exists in Triple Triad, but isn't as obvious because you can just shove an A/9 card in a corner and be relatively safe if you go first.

People use some other strategies (getting a goblin card with lots of arrows and just baiting a large combo with the last arrow is popular, but can be unpredictable) but the extent of the randomness means there is no 100% guaranteed way to win every time even vs relatively simple AI opponents with optimal play.

All of this put together makes for a horrible gameplay experience. I think the only thing they got right with Tetra Master over Triple Triad was no rule changes based on getting to the next zone or whatever. Triple Triad was so good because it made immediate sense when you picked it up, RNG was pretty tame and the powerful cards felt powerful and fun to play with and collect.

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Sally Sprodgkin
May 23, 2007
If you get to the bit where you have to win cards in FFIX and don't give a poo poo about cards/dont have any good ones, there is an anti-soft lock mechanic where you can talk to Dr Tot in the tower and he gives you a set of solid mid-tier cards and one mid-to-high tier card (Save the Queen) which you should 100% be able to win the tournament with no problems. This only works if you have <5 cards (recommend doing it with 0 though because that's required to get Save the Queen).

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