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May 19, 2006

It feels like I was standing my entire life and I just sat down
Glad to see there was a thread already about Obsidian! I have recently discovered it and it has completely revolutionized how I handle managing my work and personal agenda. Making heavy use of the tasks function to capture actions WHEREVER THE gently caress I WANT and have them show up where I need them later.

In a meeting and ask my employee to do something?
#waitingFor [[Employee Name]] to do the needful by 2023-11-16

For most people I have a page under /p/ that pulls all the notes they're mentioned in, as well as has some basic information about them if I ever needed it. When I have my weekly 1:1 with [[Employee Name]], I pull up the new note in the 1:1s folder, use templater to set up the 1:1 template for that date and it pulls in all of the tags for them that are #waitingFor, #discussWith to prime myself for the 1:1 on all the things that I asked them to do, or want to talk to them about

My daily note page pulls in all of the actions that are outstanding or due on the current day, I fill in my daily schedule and put in placeholders for whatever meetings that I have so when I start the meeting I just click that link and away I go to capture, including [[Attendee1]] [[Attendee2]] so I can see who was there, even if I don't have a /p/ for them.

To top it all off I JUST found a kickass shortcut that I just bound to my Action button on my iPhone 15 (but can also be triggered by Siri or any other way shortcuts get triggered) for me to dictate whatever I want and it get dumped into, prepended with #memo that gets splashed on the top of my daily notes page for later triaging.

Obsidian fucks. I haven't even gotten to the knowledge management aspects of it yet. From a work perspective though, a management wage slave that creates little (value) and usually am in meetings and delegating people, this system is incredible.


May 19, 2006

It feels like I was standing my entire life and I just sat down

Hed posted:

That's awesome. I have enjoyed what I've been doing (I'll write it up) but how do you trigger the #waitingFor stuff? Just links to plug-ins or HOWTOs would be fine.

My favorite thing is pulling in PDFs and marking them up, it's so much easier than it was in OneNote to take dense reports I was emailed and reference sections now with the PDF deep links.

Really need to hear about the PDFs/etc as I'm currently doing nothing like that. I have an iPad Pro with a Pencil that I'm not using now that I moved over to Obsidian, prior was doing everything on apps that were 100% handwritten.

For the #waitingFor/#discussWith, I have my 1:1s organized like so:
-- Employee
   -- Employee Name
     -- Note for individual 1:1 session
The Employee Name matches perfectly to the note in the /p/ folder that is associated with the employee. In the template for the 1:1, I have the following code:

## Discuss With
FROM #discussWith  
where contains(text, reverse(split(this.file.folder, "/"))[0]) AND !completed AND contains(text, "#discussWith")
It references the name of the folder that the note is in and pulls that in to search the tasks that includes the employees name. Does that make sense?

May 19, 2006

It feels like I was standing my entire life and I just sat down

haruspicy posted:

What do you mean by the /p/ folder? I'm having a hard time visualizing the full structure...

Phone posted:

Sounds like a folder named p that has[eez nut]ís for every person they regularly interact with that has the query in it


Yes, exactly this. It's just a folder to throw notes that are specific to a person. I have subfolders in there to further organize them, but you got the idea. Sorry I skimmed over that.

May 19, 2006

It feels like I was standing my entire life and I just sat down

Mad Wack posted:

the fine folks at have put out a docker image for self-hosted obsidian, really handy as it's just obsidian running via remote desktop on the server so you can have an obsidian "web ui" available from anywhere

it takes some set up but very needs suiting for me as i can't install obsidian at work

So the advantage of this is that it's a web based obsidian that you can access from anywhere rather than an app that syncs? If all of the plugins and everything else works the same as the app this may be a great solution for those of us that can't install and/or sync obsidian with our work machines.

Guessing the best approach is to reverse proxy so that it can be externally facing, does it have a login?

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