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buffalo all day
Mar 13, 2019

thread is for posting the hottest remixes around (not trying to step on the chopped/screwed thread's toes). my favorite is when a remix completely changes your thoughts on a song. also when the rapper brings on a guest who absolutely clowns him on the beat.

some of my favorite remixes:

YG My Ni**a (Ft. Lil Wayne, Rich Homie Quan, Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj) - style one of remix - take an existing sick song/beat, throw on a few more superstar rappers who get amped to put a verse on the beat and go all out. the song already owns and yeah putting weezy and minaj on it, wtf, hell yeah

the grey album (jay-z x danger mouse) - style 2 - completely change the feel of the songs by mixing in a new genre. can be very dire in the wrong hands or when done for :imunfunny: reasons. this is cool though, put danger mouse on the map, ended up having a great career. i don't like all the songs but they are super cool and creative imo. i think the best one is what more can i say (helps by sampling the best song on the white album...). 99 problems x helter skelter is also pretty cool

get by remix (talib, busta rhymes, mos def, jay-z, kanye) - style 1. absolute murderers row of rappers on a sick beat. one of those songs where you'd just be happy they got more people to come in and drop a verse but these ones are so good that it takes it to classic status

gucci mane x salem "bird flu" - style 3 - give it a new style of beat and gently caress with the vocals - getting into chopped/screwed territory but this totally changes the song in such a cool way i had to put it on. gucci is slowed down, the beat is sick, kinda spooky but still hard-hitting. v cool in my opinion

ratatat remixes - i really like ratatat, dunno if that makes me lame or w/ever, they released a couple of pretty sick remix albums in the early aughts, here's ghostface/jadakiss
also kanye's get em high (took some balls to do this one, it's not that different but i enjoy it a lot)

E-40 - Tell me When to Go (Remix) (feat. Kanye West, Ice Cube, the Game) - classic style 1 remix. not sure who the game had to pay to get in on this murderers row.


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