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Dance Officer
May 4, 2017

It would be awesome if we could dance!

Hello everyone, after V and X I think it's finally time to do a draft run for T.

What is a draft?
Simply put, in a draft players take turns picking units and then complete the game using only those units. The goal is to complete the game in as few turns as possible, but if you don't want to compete that's fine too. I'm not your real dad, after all.

That sounds hard
Fortunately, modern SRW games are pretty easy and there are a number of free units that will be free to use for everybody. I don't foresee anyone having trouble just completing the game.

How do I report my progress?
However you like! You can keep it basic and just post turncounts, you can post detailed strategies, you can even make a full-on LP out of it.

How do I sign up?
Just post in the thread!

The Rules
  • The game is Super Robot Wars T, on any platform.
  • There will be 5-7 players.
  • Use a fresh save file, no new game + shenanigans.
  • The game will be played on normal difficulty.
  • The game will be played to the normal ending, not including the DLC expansion.
  • If you have the DLC that gives you the secondary protagonist early you may do it, but you have to count the turns.
  • No other DLC content is allowed.
  • The following Secret Scenarios do not count against your final turncount, up to 10 turns per scenario: Justice and Bravery are Friends, Private Mission, V Junction, Visitor X, and Haman Adrift.
  • Every SR point will give you a 1 turn bonus to your final turncount and doing the secret Push Aggressively ending will give you a 5 turn bonus.
  • The Tyranado and all battleships are free to use for everybody.
  • All other units must be drafted to use. Use of an undrafted unit is a 5 turn penalty.
  • When you draft a unit, you also draft their upgrades.
  • Pilot switching is allowed. Per example, if you drafted ZZ Gundam you can put Kamille into it, instead of Judau.
  • You may not deploy an undrafted unit, unless the game forces their deployment.
  • Undrafted units may: convince/persuade and sit in a battleship. They may not: attack or be attacked, cast spirits other than accel/zeal to get in a battleship faster, be used for combination attacks, command auras, support attacking and support defending.
  • If there is no battleship to retreat into, force deployed undrafted units are free to use. When a battleship appears they go back to the standard rules.

As an example, say the start of Chapter 20 has Mightgaine deployed alone and you haven't drafted Mightgaine. You can freely use Mightgaine until turn 3 when the Nadesico appears. After that Mightgaine goes back to being an undrafted unit and you can no longer use them.

Players and teams
Zore: Burning Gundam, Billbine, Bellvine, Black Sarena/Selena, Bolt Gundam, XB Gundam X-1 Full Cloth, Gundam F91 MP type (chapter 6), Berserga DT, Dragon Gundam, Zaku III Custom, Queen Mansa
WrightOfWay: Shin Getter, Gunbuster, Scopedog, Mazinger Z, Nu Gundam, Gespenst, Sirbine, Nightingale, Eldora Soul, Jegan 1(Iino), Qubeley
eclipse: Great Mazinger, Brownie, Gundam Mk-II, Re-GZ, Sky God Windam, Flame God Rayearth, Sea God Selece, Super Aestivalis, Master Gundam, Alpha Azieru, King J-Der
Endorph: Swordfish II, Gaogaigar > Star Gaogaigar, Tryder G7, Mightgaine > Great Mightgaine, Big Volfogg, Shuttle, Black Mightgaine, Battle Bomber, Guard Diver, Sazabi, Rune God Lantis
Dance Officer: Dann of Thursday, XB Gundam X-1 Kai Kai, Zeta Gundam, ZZ Gundam, Shin Getter Dragon, Methuss, Hi Nu Gundam, Hyaku Shiki, Volcain Custom, Gundam F91 MP type (chapter 35), Arhan > New Arhan
ImpAtom: Noble Gundam, Sizzler Black, Dunbine, Aestivalis Custom, ChoRyuJin, GekiRyuJin, Gundam Maxter, Gundam Rose, Vierres, Goryu, Jegan 2(Mondo)

Free Units:

Undrafted trash
Qubeley Mk-II(purple)
Qubeley Mk-II(red)
Jagd Doga(green)(Gyunei)
Jagd Doga(red)(Quess)

Judau's Jegan is free for the one chapter you have it.

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May 24, 2007

As mentioned, I'm in.

I assume that if you don't recruit Van/Guy you're just not getting Black Mightgaine and such?

Dance Officer
May 4, 2017

It would be awesome if we could dance!

Probably, yea.

Sep 21, 2010

I'm in as well. Are we going to be drafting in the thread or using a discord or something to do so?

Dance Officer
May 4, 2017

It would be awesome if we could dance!

I'm planning to set up a discord channel.

Jul 24, 2010

I'm in.

Dance Officer
May 4, 2017

It would be awesome if we could dance!

I made the discord server, if you signed up make sure to join it.

Dance Officer
May 4, 2017

It would be awesome if we could dance!

With drafting over, I guess it's time to introduce my team, and give my thoughts of what I think of them

Dann of Thursday: I was fifth seed for this draft and I ended getting Dann. Dann's no Burning Gundam, but I'm happy that I got him. I could have been stuck with Noble Gundam! In any case, Dann starts off okay, but develops into a very powerful unit, and he gets access to Accel at level 31. Which is good, if late. For comparison Spike gets accel at level 18, and Domon at 16.

XB Gundam X-1 Kai Kai: A unit that I'm probably going to lean on for early game clears, I'm expecting it to fall off in the late game. It will probably be Tobia's ride because of his access to Accel and cheap Valor.

Zeta Gundam: Zeta is not all that good to be honest, not having very good stats and attacks, and being stuck at 5 move. Still, it's an early game unit, and I desperately need those. Will probably have Kamille in it all the way through

ZZ Gundam: Kinda like Zeta, but it has substantially stronger weapons, and is way better at taking punishment. Also suffers from having 5 move, and Judau doesn't help by not having Accel. I might switch in Roux Louka or something, just to fix the drat movement issues.

Shin Getter Dragon: A lategame monster. Hits really, really hard and has access to Zeal on it's main pilot, and that means bosses dead in one turn with prospect spam. Picked to be the endgame boss killer.

Methuss: picked to be Fa's ride, and a repair/resupply bot. Repair and resupply are handy to have, but not essential in this game. Fa is a very bad pilot, but she gets prospect and a lot of SP, but I'm going to use her to fuel Getter Dragon's bossmurdering schemes.

Hi Nu Gundam: Picked because it's a solid endgame unit. Will make a fine ride for someone like Amuro or Char.

Hyaku Shiki: A poor man's Zeta Gundam. Picked it up because it's early game filler, not expecting much out of it. Might end up as Iino's ride

Volcain Custom: Volcain joins 2/3rds through the game and is not a spectacular unit, but not a bad one either. Access to Accel is never a bad thing.

Gundam F91 MP type (chapter 35): Also joins 2/3rds through the game, but and is the same as a unit that joined on chapter 6, but wasn't very good back then, either. Not sure who to throw into this, we'll see

Arhan > New Arhan: So I originally drafted King J-Der, but I was interested in trying out the Arhan, so I ended up trading for it. King J-Der is a very solid unit, on the level of Getter Dragon, so Arhan better carry it's goddamn weight. I probably made a mistake though.

Free Units
FTO: Never used FTO because Eagle Vision is better off in the NSX. Probably not very good

Ichinana: bargain bin Mazinger, or so I'm told. The Mazingers aren't so great in this game, so I wonder how Ichinana will be. I expect not so good.

May 24, 2007

Might be a bit slower than usual since I've got a lot on my plate but hey, never enough SRW. For this run I intentionally did not draft any protagonist units and tried to grab weaker units overall because I really want to see how they pan out. I also won't be using any forced deploys if at all possible. I'll also be minimizing upgrades though I won't be doing a no upgrade game considering my unit list will need high power.

Starting out:
I'm picking Sagiri because Sagiri is the best.

Scenario 0: Proposal No. T1023
This is a preorder DLC mission I can't skip. It's literally just shooting down five units with no SR point or anything. I wish I could but welp. I won't use the items it gets and will toss the money into something I don't use. Trying to be fair.

Scenario 1: First Day at Work
This one is an utter breeze and traditional first mission. I technically have two units but Sagiri easily cleans house on her own and Shiro gets one kill. (I'll be doing writeups when units perma-join to save myself time.) The SR point is just "Use each of Tyranado's weapons once" which you can do by acident.

Special Scenario: Challenge from a Worthy Opponent
Wish I didn't have to do this one, though I finish in 2 turns. Sagiri gets more kills. I technically get two strong items but I'll refrain from using them. Again not much to talk about. I forgot how slow T's start is.

Scenario 2: Bounty Hunter Blues
This mission starts me out with just Spike in the Swordfish. I move him quickly up to where the Nadesico spawns so I can shove him and Suburouta into it. Spike gets a couple of kills to trigger the arrival of support and then is benched instantly. The SR point is just "have Ruri get a support attack kill" which is easy as pie.

Scenario 3: A Tuxedo Flutters on Mars
I was honestly expecting a bit more trouble from this stage. I sent Allenby down by herself and moved Domon towards where the allies spawn. Allenby cleaned loving house and got the SR point of "Any one unit kills four enemies in a single turn" with ease. I had Sagiri go and beat up Chibodee while she was. No manly fights in this run.

Scenario 4: Red Planet of Conflict
This stage caught me off guard. Technically I only have Sagiri and Allenby to use and that actually makes the SR point very tight. I had to move both of them up north so that when Dragon Gundam spawned they were in position to do a Support Attack on him. Taking out some of the regular mooks earned enough morale so that they could effectively oneshot him (but it was a critical needed). Some additional Nadesico mooks, including those fuckin' Six assholes, show up and it's extremely tight. This is actually the first time I ever used Trick Attack that I can recall because Sagiri had burned through so much energy that she couldn't pull out the damage to kill the last enemy unless I let her use her strongest move for free at least once. The SR point is finishing in 4 turns which I just barely do.

Scenario 5: Captain Harlock
This stage might as well be called "Have fun with Captain Harlock." He effectively solos it. Again, not a lot to say. Harlock wrecks face, Allenby and Sagiri pick up additional kills. George in Rose Gundam shows up and earns a kill as well but he'll be more relevant later.

Unit Rundown
The Tyranado is a fairly bog standard OG real robot unit. It's dodgy, hits hard, and is generally fairly solid. It's a bit lacking in a dependable finisher for the moment but that'll get quickly corrected. It has two pilots which gives is a very healthy spell pool. Unfortunately there isn't a ton extra to say about it. It's... very standard. At least it isn't the Huckebein 30? Sagiri is likewise a really solid pilot who doesn't stand out but does her job well. Her ace bonus is a nice damage boost at 130 morale

Noble Gundam
Noble Gundam is a bit of an odd duck. It's a very solid fighter on its own merits, with some very reliable attacks and even a (somewhat weaker) Burning/God Finger attack. It's a bit squishy though built-in Repair can help with that. Its biggest problem is just that it doesn't really get much stronger. What you see is what you get for this sucker. Her ace bonus however is a very nice +10% damage to all melee attacks which considering her loadout basically is pretty much a full-on damage boost.

Captain Harlock is this game's Carrier Only series and boy is the Arcadia incredibly solid. It isn't quite as insane as the ones from V and X but it's still an absurdly strong hard-hitting and very tanky carrier that is dependable as a front line unit. It only gets better as the game progresses but it has a very good chance of being the best unit I have available for the entire game.

Jul 24, 2010

I had the first 9 stages written up but I accidentally deleted it when my computer restarted overnight without me saving my notepad document. Whoops. As for the important stuff that happened, I picked Saizo because I like secondary Sagiri's spirits slightly better (which matters since I drafted Gespenst) and 11/11 B because I love Attune and Foresee. For Tac Management, I went Double Boost for Grade 1 to make sure I hit the 25 aces I need for the secret ending easier, SP Boost for Grade 2 and Target Support for Grade 3. Most maps were handled primarily by Saizo, who is now an Ace, with Sagiri and the battleships helping to cover a bit more ground.

Stage 10 - 4? turns (forgot to check before the map was done and don't have my total turns from stage 9)/49 total, 10 SR
The SR point is to kill 2 or more enemies with a MAP from Nadesico, which is mildly annoying since it has such low move, but didn't cost any turns to get. Otherwise it was mostly a Saizo show, with Sagiri picking up some of the right side and procing Saizo's support attacks on the bosses. Saizo hits Great Ace for even more Attunes and Foresees I haven't really needed to use much of yet.

Stage 11 - 4 turns/53 total, 11 SR
Nadesico heads to the right to head off some later reinforcements, while Tyranado and Gespenst split up to take care of the upper enemies. The SR point is to kill 3 enemies on player phase with 1 pilot, which Saizo accomplishes easily. After the reinforcements spawn, GGG hides in the Nadesico and Ruri takes out most of them with a little help from Saizo after he slingshots across most of the map with a few Multi Actions. After the map, I use the +10 kills special order on Fa as she will eventually be my Prospect battery and she gets +15 SP from her Ace. Saizo also hits 100 kills during the map and unlocks the Bronze Emblem.

Dance Officer
May 4, 2017

It would be awesome if we could dance!

Stage 1: 4/4 turns -1
A simple stage with a simple SR. Clearing it in 4 turns relies on hitting 4 70-80% attacks.

Stage 2: 4/8 turns -2
You start off with just Spike, he runs off to where Nadesico will pop up. You can make the Nadesico appear by killing 2 enemy units, but I can't prevent Spike from getting attacked after that, so turtle strats it is.

Nadesico and Tyranado pop up at the start of turn 2, the Aestivalises and Spike pile in. Tetsuya runs away somewhere. Nadesico moves to intercept the Shishiki's and hits all of them that attack on enemy phase, Sagiri goes to finish off the Jovian mooks.

Turn 3 consists of mopping up the Jovian trash, and Sagiri moving towards the Nadesico to set up the support attack. I conciously delay by a turn to get the SR.

Stage 3: 4/12 turns -3
We're on hard mode now, and hit chances take a hit for it. This makes this stage pretty unreliable. Oh well.

Stage starts out with Burning and Noble Gundam vs assorted trash. Tetsuya and Sagiri join in at the start of turn 2, but Maxter Gundam also pops up to be a midboss. Domon will deal with Chibodee, the others will focus on the mooks. Allenby in particular parks herself in a spot where she can get the SR on turn 3.

On turn 3 I reset till Domon hits and sends off Chibodee. He needs to hit 2 erupting burning fingers, and he's had 3 chances for this now, so I don't feel bad in the slightest. This gets more trash mooks to spawn, as well as Van. Allenby gets the SR on enemy phase.

Turn 4 is clean up. We did it folks, we beat Bandit Keith

Stage 4: 3/15 turns -4
An all-out slugging fest, but it's the 4th stage in the game. We're in hard mode and I can't upgrade accuracy on a bunch of my units, so I guess I'll have to reset here and there to get things done.

In any case, my units move up on turn 1, a bunch of plot happens and now Domon has to fight Dragon Gundam. Sai Saici can also be sent off by 2 erupting burning fingers, now at 60% accuracy. Oh well. Everyone else moves up and starts attacking. I'm conserving my SP for Hokushin's Six.

Sai Saici is sent off on turn 2 enemy phase, a bunch of plot happens, and Hokushin's Six are here! Oh no! I better get to killing them, which I do on turn 3. It takes some work to line it up just right, though.

Jul 24, 2010

Stage 12 Earth - 6 turns/59 total, 12 SR
I went Earth route because Mazinger Z is a little bit better than a Jegan. In retrospect Space probably would have been faster, but oh well. SR point is to kill all the initial enemies (the boss last) in 4 turns with a bunch of new units. Killing the boss on turn 3 is reasonable but not killing everything else, too, so I opt for the SR point instead of saving a turn. The rest of the map is pretty uneventful but I had to leave a few of the enemies alive since I only have 3 units at this point and EI-15 is pretty tanky and needed all of my actions to take out in 2 turns.

Stage 13 Earth - 5 turns/64 total, 13 SR
I spread out my units to take on the very wide enemy formation. The SR point is to one shot a Garasect V2, which Saizo manages to do with a crit Combination TND at 130+ Morale for the damage bonus from his Ace. It's nice that I didn't have to mess around with support attacks, as that's a little annoying with so few units and so much ground to cover. I also get my second drafted unit, Mazinger Z, on this map. The boss is pretty tanky but goes down to Koji and Saizo in a couple rounds of combat. After the map, Mazinger Z gets a big dump of money I've been saving for a couple of maps. Fa swaps to my Jegan. At some point I will probably try to buy a Rescue Unit so she can repair and resupply but for now her job is to stay out of the way and snipe the occasional kill for EXP and Score.

Stage 14 - 6 turns/70 total, 14 SR
The goal of this map is to kill Master Asia and ZX-01. The SR point is to kill 28 enemies, which is all but 2, and when you defeat a boss, the rest of their faction explodes without you getting credit for it. I send Tyranado, Gespenst and Ra Cailum (and the Jegan, but Fa doesn't accomplish anything other than self improvement) after Master Asia and Mazinger Z and Nadesico after ZX-01. The bosses are pretty durable, but go down to focus fire and support attacks eventually. I managed to get Fa a few kills and kill all the grunts without needing to waste any turns. After the map I get Range Burst as my Grade 4 Tac Management upgrade.

Stage 15 - 5 turns/75 total, 15 SR
There are a shitload of enemies and bosses spread all around the map, but fortunately Harlock has returned. He more or less solos the left side, though I do manage to feed Ple 2 to Fa for a couple levels. Saizo takes the center enemies while Koji takes the right side. On turn 3, Shin Getter arrives, bringing my number of competent non-battleship units to 4. Shin Getter eventually runs out of EN taking on the lower right side but by that time, Koji and Saizo arrive to clean up. I obtain the SR point by clearing the map in 5 turns. Along the way, Harlock becomes an Ace, gaining +30% damage dealt and -30% damage taken while Charge is active. For now, I only have access to that through a supporter command, but Arcadia eventually gets access to Bravery as well as an additional source of Charge.

Stage 16 Peacekeepers - 4 turns/79 total, 16 SR
Either route is pretty even with my draft since it's basically Mazinger Z and later Sirbine vs Shin Getter and later Scopedog as far as relevant units go. I picked Peacekeepers because it looked like the maps might be shorter based on the SR points. The SR point on this map is to get 3 kills in one player phase with a single pilot. My only MAPs are on the battleships, which are pretty slow to get into position so I opt to get one kill with support attack and then use a Multi Action to get two more kills with Saizo. I was also able to kill the boss with Saizo for the 100 TacP bonus, which is nice. I can't often get those.

Stage 17 Peacekeepers - 5 turns/84 total, 17 SR
The SR point is to kill 3 Golems by turn 2. Shion uses Spirit to get access to the stronger Aura Slash attack, which will 2HKO the golems. The golems have the same range as Aura Slash so no thought to positioning needed. After 3 are killed, the rest of my units spawn, along with a shitload more golems. They can't really hit Shion reliably but he runs out of EN pretty quickly and has to retreat for a resupply. I might have been able to shave a turn if I rigged some crits on turn 4 enemy phase, but that's a lot of work.

Stage 18 Peacekeepers - 4 turns/88 total, 18 SR
Kind of a nothing stage. SR point is to kill the three minibosses on the same turn, which is easy enough.

Stage 19 Peacekeepers - 2 turns/90 total, 19 SR
SR point is to kill 18 of the initial enemies by turn 2, which I manage to do on player phase thanks in part to a MAP from Bright. When that happens, Inova spawns, who goes down to Koji, Saizo and Sagiri, ending the map. I left a fair bit of money on the table by not killing everything, but the saved turn is worth it.

Stage 20 Peacekeepers - 6 turns/96 total, 20 SR
I run Show and Marvel towards where my units will spawn. They can handle the initial Aura Battlers well enough, but I want to get as many kills on my actual units as possible. The SR point is to kill everything within 6 turns, Rabaan last, which I succeed in doing.

This seems like a good time to go over my units so far and how they've performed in the first third of the game or so.

Tyranado: Saizo, level 32, 160 kills. +10 Mobility, +5 other stats, +7 Weapons

My strongest unit for most of the early game. 11/11 B gives Attune, Foresee and Fortune, though at this stage of the game I haven't used Foresee much. Rami is one of my two sources of Bless. Saizo is my only non-battleship to have Support Attack, which has been very useful on a few boss kills. I gave him Hit and Run and Dash, which combined with his Ace bonus, gives him a solid 8 movement. Saizo's damage output is pretty good, especially with his Ace bonus active, though his two strongest moves have blindspots at 1 range, occasionally leading to missed kills.

Gespenst: Sagiri, level 30, 66 kills. +5 in all stats, +7 Weapons

Gespenst is a moderately strong support unit. Sagiri's damage output is pretty decent early game but it's already starting to fall off a bit, especially post move. Soon it will basically just be a repair/resupply unit that doesn't die to a stiff breeze, but it has served its purpose as a filler unit for the early game. I gave Sagiri Maintenance Skill so she can resupply after moving.

Arcadia: Captain Harlock, level 28, 74 kills. +5 to all stats, +0 weapons

The strongest combat of the battleships. Harlock hasn't been on any of my route splits, so I haven't put a ton of money into him, but he's still monstrous even without it. 2L size and decently strong weapons give him very good damage output, especially once he has taken some damage to activate Pirate Strategy (+20% damage to enemies with more HP than him). Decent armor, size and level 6 Potential also means he is pretty durable. On top of that, he has pretty good post movement options, including his finisher, meaning he functions pretty well without Hit and Run. The only real downside is that he doesn't have a MAP. All in all, a fantastic unit.

Nadesico B: Ruri, level 29, 52 kills. No upgrades

5 base movement and not learning Accel until the late 20's were the biggest things holding Ruri back. Once she gets in range, she's pretty decent. Solid damage and Distortion Field helps her take some hits. Ruri also probably has the best MAP on my current team (Ra Cailum's is slightly stronger but has a worse AoE). Now that she has learned Accel, she will be a fair bit more useful. I gave her Hit and Run so she could use her MAP easier and won't fall irreversibly behind if she ever attacks on player phase.

Mazinger Z: Koji, level 28, 54 kills. +10 EN, +5 to all other stats, +8 weapons
Currently my hardest hitting unit. Coupled with great durability, a large EN pool and 10% EN Regen, Mazinger Z is a fantastic unit. The biggest downside is a somewhat low max range of 5 and pretty weak attacks beyond 3 range, though that will change in the future. As far as pilots go, Koji has the best stats and arguably the best Ace of the three pilots available. Shiro gets Accel and would possibly be better for most of the game, but (very) lategame Z will get an attack locked to Koji so I would rather just stick with him than have to juggle pilots.

Ichinana: Shiro, level 14, 29 kills. +1 in everything
I have literally not used this since the first map. I actually forgot I could use it for a while but even when I remembered all it has done is sit on a battleship, just in case I need a tiny bit of extra damage (I have not). If there were any support Mazinger pilots available, it might be ok, but as is, I don't think I will get any use out of it.

Jegan: Fa, level 22, 54 kills. +1 in everything
See the Ichinana but I actually care about getting the pilot the occasional kill. Fa will eventually be a Prospect user, but for now, all she does is snipe the occasional kill when I'm pretty sure she won't get counter attacked. Fortunately Fa has Gain so it's pretty easy to keep her level up to par even with only getting 1 kill per map or so. There are a couple of other viable pilots. Elle gets a cheap Rouse and Iino gets Prospect as well as a cheap Resupply, but I think Fa's larger SP pool, cheap and early Prospect and access to Wish will be a bit better.

Ra Cailum: Bright, level 26, 26 kills. +1 in everything
The Command Aura based battleship. Bright's high Commander skill and unique Captain's Order skill gives him the strongest and largest commander aura in the game. It's offensively pretty much the same as the Nadesico but less armor and no barrier means it takes hits far worse. I gave Bright a Barrier Field part so that I don't have to spend a bunch of SP keeping him alive if I want to put him in range of things. Ra Cailum also has a Resupply Device, but I haven't used it at all yet. we'll see if it comes into play in the future.

Shin Getter: Ryoma, level 22, 27 kills. +5 to all stats, +4 weapons
Hits hard, has three pilots and is decently durable thanks to high Potential and different pilots having different defensive spirits. Relatively expensive attacks compared to its smallish EN pool are somewhat offset by 20% EN Regen. The biggest weakness is that Shin Getter Change Attack only has 1 ammo (though each Getter form has their own ammo pool) and Getter 1's next strongest attack is not post move. Overall a good unit, but has not yet come into its own.

Sirbine: Shion, level 25, 39 kills. +5 to all stats, +6 weapons
A melee oriented real. It has only 4 max range but is moderately strong, has fairly cheap attacks, is dodgy and surpringly durable for an S sized unit thanks to a barrier, shield and Double Vision. I think lowish damage will catch up to it eventually, but for now I can reliably throw Sirbine into a large group of enemies and kill them all in the course of 2 turns as long as it isn't outranged. For pilots the only two real options are Shion and Show. Show has slightly faster Aura Power progression and immediate access to the pretty good Battler skill but Shion has a better fairy, with Silkie getting early Rouse and eventually Zeal, which I consider more valuable than Chum's Attune, Cheer and Disrupt.

I also have the Scopedog but I haven't actually used it yet so I will hold off on talking about it until later in the game.

Dance Officer
May 4, 2017

It would be awesome if we could dance!

Stage 5: 4/19 turns -5
Harlock solo for 2 turns, I just move it into the pack of enemies and start offing them. Then player reinforcements appear on turn 3. Tyranado and Van move into the enemies as well, all the undrafted units just hang back. SR is gotten on enemy phase, by Arcadia.

On turn 4 Arcadia mops up the Jegans on its part of the map, then Extra Moves over to mop up the enemies on the other side.

Stage 6: 6/25 turns -6
The stage starts off with F91, Crossbones and Bolt Gundam. I move in and start hitting stuff, but on turn 3 I move Bolt and F91 away from the enemies, to prevent them getting attacked after Arcadia pops in.

Got the SR on turn 3 EP, after which additional enemies and player reinforcements spawn in. Kincade clears the Jegans around him. Turn 4 and 5 are cleanup, I unfortunately don't have the movement for a faster clear.

I see I forgot a turn somewhere, not sure where though.

Jul 24, 2010

Stage 21 - 5 turns/101 total, 21 SR
This map is kinda annoying. Lots of spread out and fairly durable enemies. The SR point is to get 3 kills in one MAP attack, which I use Nadesico to get. After a brief detour to the top of the map to bring the boss to low hp twice, a few events pop and I send Arcadia, Tyranado, Getter and Gespenst to the bottom to reinforce Gunbuster while the rest stay on the upper half to clean up a large space monster. The large space monsters are assholes, they have a lot of health and 20% HP Regen to make you really commit to doing a lot of damage in one turn.

Stage 22 - 4 turns/105 total, 22 SR
This map is boss central. The SR point is to clear the map in 4 turns but I don't think it's possible to clear faster with my team. Arcadia takes a small detour to pick up the Fairy Amulet and Extra Arms from the hidden spot. These are both strong parts and worth getting. My only access to beam/gravity weapons are on Tyranado and the battleships, which makes taking out the Nadesico enemies a little slower than I would like, but didn't end up costing a turn. Other than that, the only thing of note is that Koji became an Ace, which gets him a very nice +3 ExC and +5 morale on sortie. This gives him the +1 range from Range Burst but also access to his strongest attack and being able to Smash Hit or Multi Action immediately. It's a good Ace bonus.

Stage 23 - 4 turns/109 total, 23 SR
The SR point is to have a unit get 10 ExC, which I achieve by having Gunbuster solo the invaders. They can't break her barrier and Buster Collider one shots them for a fairly affordable EN cost so all it takes is a Propellant Tank and 2 turns to kill them all alone. The rest of my team focuses on the Zonders. Along the way, Ruri gets her Ace bonus. It increases the effect of her unique Electron Fairy skill to give +10 pilot stats to all units within three spaces. It's not great, but at least the generic +5 starting Morale means she will unlock Gravity Blast faster.

Stage 24 - 4 turns/113 total, 24 SR
A lot of spread out enemy groups and a few bosses. The SR point is to kill 15 enemies by turn 3, but the first turn is Van deployed alone against a boss so it's effectively just 2 turns. I send Sirbine, Scopedog, Nadesico and Ra Cailum to take on the golems and aura battlers, Arcadia and Mazinger kill the Gun X Sword boss and then sweep down to take the lower right grunts, while the rest move down the middle. Most of the grunts are too bulky to be one shot without crits and far enough away to not see combat on turn 2 so it takes a bit of clever positioning to funnel enough Kikaiju into a Smash Hit Getter to get the SR point. After the map I buy All-round Up from Tac Management. While arguably my most important units (Getter, Mazinger, Gunbuster) are melee, a lot of my other units are ranged, including all my MAP attacks. It's the most boring option but the one that works best for my team.

New Units:

Scopedog: Chirico, level 30, 39 kills. +5 to all stats, +6 weapons
The quintessential ok machine, but stellar pilot. The Scopedog is your stereotypical Real: fast, frail, maybe a tad on the weaker side compared to some of the other main character real robots thanks to S size but is carried by Chirico's strong stats and great natural skill set. The unique Superhuman Abilites skill gives him a substantial stat boost if he can manage to get below 10% health, which combined with Potential L9 for a massive evasion and crit boost while on low health, can make Chirico very dangerous in the right circumstances. His other unique skill is Percision Attack, which makes his crits do 150% damage instead of the usual 125%, which further synergizes with the Scopedog's custom bonus of +30 crit to all weapons (and +1 movement). His final skill is Second Attack, which allows him to support attack for himself if he has 30 or more SKL stat than his opponent. This is a solid player phase damage boost and further incentivizes boosting his SKL, which also boosts his crit rate. Chirico will be getting all of the free SKL (and also RNG) stat ups that I accumulate over the course of the game. The Scopedog currently has two relevant frames: Light and Round Mover. Light has +1 Movement, +1 range on the P attacks and slightly stronger attacks overall but Round Mover has a bit more durability and more importantly does not have a morale requirement on its strongest attack, which is only 100 power weaker than Light's strongest. They both have garbage terrain ranks and necessitate a terrain part, but Scopedog does have 3 part slots so that's not a big deal. All in all, a good unit.

Gunbuster: Noriko, level 31, 45 kills. +5 to all stats, +6 weapons
2L size, a 2000 damage cancelling barrier that works on everything, a solid MAP, strong range options, Gunbuster has it all. Gunbuster hits hard and is basically invincible, but against especially large enemy groups, the cost of Inertial Canceller, even with the custom bonus lowering the cost to 5 EN, means you are going to need to devote a part slot to EN management. It's worth it, though. The biggest problem is a low movement of 6 and no Accel (for now).

Eldora Soul: Nero, level 24, 24 kills. +2 to everything
Eldora Soul owns, but not as a unit. 4 pilots is nice and it does hit decently hard, but 5 movement, and most importantly, a max of 3 range is pretty awful. It does have 3 part slots but +range parts are in very high demand so I'm not sure I will be able to swing giving Eldora one for a while. For now, the Eldora team can chill with Shiro and Fa on the battleship.

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May 4, 2017

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Stage 7: 5/30 turns -7
Start out with Van, Domon, Allenby and Priscilla. The first two turns are just sending off Batta's until Arcadia appears, with player reinforcements. Tyranado and XB-1 move out and Van moves in to rumble with the Drakuls. I get the SR with Van on turn 4, then spend turn 5 sending Blood Cradle off.

Stage 8: 5/35 turns -8
I gotta rush to kill 12 enemies in 3 turns to get the SR. Luckily I can leverage Arcadia. I get the SR on player phase turn 3, a bunch of plot happens, and Hokushin appears. Fortunately I have Arcadia parked close to him. Sagiri goes off to intercept Rudi. Finally, Mr. Zone shows up to be an rear end in a top hat on enemy phase.

On turn 4, Van and Sagiri team up to take down Rudi. Arcadia shoots down Hokushin, then goes after Mr. Zone. Tobia goes around and gets some kills, then also attacks Zone. He's sent packing on enemy phase with a Bless, Rudi unfortunately isn't as she goes after Van and I can't make her do something else. Guess I'll eat my extra turn, damnit.

Stage 9: 4/39 turns -9
Have to clear the stage in 3 turns to get the SR, and I do so. This starts a second stage-within-a-stage, which lasts only one turn.

Stage 10: 5/44 turns -10
Another slugging match. Everyone moves up, and Kamille, Judau and Fa eventually show up. Kamille and Tobia go after Ple Two. I'm not sure I can recruit her, but whatever. On turn 5 the Nadesico blasts some fools to get the SR, after that it's a bit of cleanup.

Stage 11: 5/48 turns -11
Nadesico heads right to deal with the enemy reinforcements that spawn on turn 3. Sagiri heads up to start smacking fools, and hits Ace sometime this chapter. On turn 3 she also heads for the enemy reinforcements. Van, Tobia and Kamille stay with the initial enemies and do some self improvement.

I guess I should give an overview of upgrades on my units:
Tyranado: +5 accuracy, +8 weapons
Dann of Thursday: +5 accuracy, +5 weapons
XB-1 Gundam: +5 accuracy, +5 weapons
Zeta Gundam: +1 everything, +5 accuracy, +5 weapons
Arcadia: Forgot, but definitely +5 accuracy

The reason for the accuracy investment is that my units have ~70% hit rates without them. This greatly improves reliability. The weapons upgrades are self explanatory, IMO.

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Jul 24, 2010

Stage 25 - 5 turns/118 total, 25 SR
The start of this map is Gespenst and Tyranado alone. I finish off all the initial enemies on turn 3 player phase, spawning the remaining enemies and the rest of my units. It also causes Tyranado to leave the party temporarily. I send Getter to help Gespenst with the northern enemies while the rest of my units take the southern ones. Unfortunately a single enemy outranged Getter and prevented me from getting the 4 turn.

Stage 26 - 3 turns/121 total, 26 SR
The SR point is to earn 120k funds by the end of the map. I achieve this by using the +20% funds Supporter and having Gunbuster go ham with Blessed MAP attacks. There is a pretty juicy battleship in the corner but it's far away and doesn't move so I kill Rudi to end the map on turn 3 once I killed all the normal grunts.

Secret Scenario: Private Mission - 3 turns/124 total, 26 SR
This scenario is unlocked by getting Ruri and Akito 80 kills combined. My Ruri has nearly 70 on her own so I easily exceeded that. Since this map doesn't count against my turns I use it as an opportunity to get some catchup done with my lower kill units and Fa finally got her Ace bonus. All the enemies drop parts that I don't really care about so I sell a bunch of them off for more TacP and at the end of the map you get a lump sum of 200k and 300 TacP for a very profitable experience.

Upgraded units:

Gespenst got a minor stat buff, +1 part slot, a damage boost on its existing attacks and a new attack, Slash Ripper. Slash Ripper is especially helpful as it is reasonably strong (about the same power as vanilla Tyranado's finisher), post movement and has 6 ammo. It's a good upgrade but it basically brings it up to par with tier 1 main character reals and it will fall behind a bit as the rest of my units get their mid-game upgrades. Still, it is the offensively strongest repair or resupply unit and by far the strongest unit with both and that's worth something.

Tyranado Rex
The upgraded Tyranado is pretty good. It has more or less the same attacks as the original, with the requisite damage boost for an upgrade, but also has +1 movement, 10% EN regen and a decently strong, though somewhat awkwardly shaped MAP attack. Tyranado was already solid and Rex is an upgrade in every way.

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May 4, 2017

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Stage 12 Space: 5/53 turns -12
I went space because I'll have more units on it.

Everyone but Hyaku Shiki piles into Ra Cailum, which accels south into the enemies. Hyaku Shiki follows suit. There's a bunch of fighting for 2 turns, the enemies are cleared on turn 3 enemy phase.

This causes the plot to kick in, some new enemies spawn in, and on the start of turn 4 player reinforcements turn up. The rest of the map consists of mopping these up. Rakan fortunately goes after Sagiri, and with some support attacks he goes down easily. The lower enemies are cleared with Move Again usage from Hyaku Shiki.

Stage 13 Space: 5/58 turns -13
The stage starts off with just Tobia in the XB-1, and Judau in a Jegan, and they have to take down Mashymre, who will beeline for Judau. I can't get him to get shot down on turn 2, so I settle for the 3 turn.

Then a bunch of plot happens once again, I get reinforcements, and Haman pops up to say hello. The goal now is to shoot her down. Hyaku Shiki and ZZ jump into Ra Cailum, who will ferry them. Tobia also gets a heal from Fa. Fortunately for me, Haman moves towards my units, so it's not a long hike. Sadly, I fall 1200 damage short from shooting her down on turn 4 enemy phase, so I guess I'll just settle for the 5 turn with a bunch more kills.

Stage 14: 5/63 turns -14
The first stage with a large chunk of my units. I have to shoot down 28 enemies, and then two bosses at two very different places on the map. Another thing to do is get Guy into a battleship before something shoots him. This requires putting a booster on Ra Cailum.

Sagiri, Van and Tobia will go after the Machine Primeval, everyone else will jump on Master Asia. I unfortunately barely lack the damage output to kill both bosses in 4 turns, so I settle for a 5 turn. Oh well.


Tyranado: +5 accuracy, +5 mobility, +9 weapons
Sagiri: Dash: +3 Potential

Dann of Thursday: +5 HP, +5 armor, +5 mobility, +5 accuracy, +5 weapons
Van: +2 Potential

XB-1 Gundam: +5 accuracy, +5 mobility, +7 weapons
Tobia; +1 Potential

Ra Cailum: +1 everything, +5 accuracy
Bright: +3 Potential

Zeta Gundam: +1 everything, +5 accuracy, +5 weapons
Arcadia: Forgot, but definitely +5 accuracy
ZZ Gundam: +1 everything
Hyaku Shiki: +1 everything
Methuss: +1 everything
Ichinana: +1 everything

I gave some units survivability upgrades to improve reliability and reduce SP expense, for stage 14. This included giving some units more levels of Potential.

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May 4, 2017

It would be awesome if we could dance!

Stage 15: 5/68 turns -15
The colony drop stage. I start out with Arcadia, Black Selena, and Master Gundam. Master Asia runs away, Akito retreats into Arcadia. Then the Arcadia goes off to fight the enemies. This goes on for a while, and then the rest of my team jumps into the mix.

Everyone piles on, but Ra Cailum heads off to pick up Getter and GekiRyuJin when they pop in. Not much else to say about the stage, it's a lot of HP to chew through, but I manage to do so on turn 5. I also shoot down Ple Two with Judau, though that won't do me any good.

Stage 16 Free Commandos: 4/72 turns -16
Decided to go with the Arcadia because I get Arhan on this route. Otherwise they should be roughly equivalent.

There's not much to this stage, only one group of enemies to shoot down. I get the SR on turn 3 with a few support attacks, then proceed to shoot down the boss on the same turn. Unfortunately one enemy attacks Van from outside his attack range, and I have to take a 4 turn here.

Stage 17 Free Commandos: 7/79 turns -17
What an annoying stage. The first part of the map is Van, Domon, Chirico and Shako vs 6 trash mooks, except Chirico and Shako have to be the ones to shoot them down. And they're not set to go after them, either.

In any case, I do some softening up with Van and Domon, and manage to shoot down all the enemies on turn 5. This also gets me the SR. After this, plot happens, Arcadia and reinforcements for both sides pop in. I spend turns 5 and 6 moving, and setting things up to get countered to death by enemy phase. Except one unit is out of range and instead moves, so now it's a 7 turn. Great.

Stage 18 Free Commandos: 3/82 turns -18
I have to shoot down the boss in 2 turns to get the SR. So Arcadia pops a Charge, casts Analyze, and blasts a fool for 60% of his health bar. Van and Tobia then reduce him to 400 hp, as Sagiri goes off to deal with Arhan, which immediately retreats.

The boss dies on enemy phase, and then I spend turn 3 clearing out the remaining enemies.


Tyranado: EN +5, mobility +5, accuracy +5, weapons +9
Sagiri: Dash, Attacker, Potential +3

Dann of Thursday: +5 everything, +8 weapons
Van: +2 Potential, Dash

XB-1 Gundam: +5 everything, +8 weapons
Tobia; +1 Potential

Arcadia: +5 EN, +5 accuracy, +6 weapons
Harlock: +3 Potential

Another round of defensive upgrades to improve reliability, and some weapon investment. Tobia has access to Accel now, which is useful. Van is kind of disappointing me with his weak long-ish range attack.

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Jul 24, 2010

Stage 27 - 3 turns/127 total, 27 SR
Not a whole lot to this stage. I send Getter and Sirbine to kill the Expelled From Paradise grunts and have everyone else take the ATs. The SR point is just Along the way, Ryoma and Noriko get their Ace bonuses. Ryoma gets +30% damage at 170+ Morale. It's the single biggest damage boost in the game but before Musashi gets the Drive spirit he's going to struggle to get that high in a reasonable amount of time. It will be very, very powerful later in the game, though, even with Shin Getter being a bit weaker than Shin Dragon. Noriko's Ace upgrades her Gutsy skill, a pilot stat boost based on her morale, to Super Gutsy, which is identical but also has the Morale + Bonus skill built in, for an additional +1 morale for attacking or being attacked in any way. It's not an incredible ace, but more Morale is always nice.

Stage 28 - 4 turns/131 total, 28 SR
The initial goal of the stage is to get Akito to the other end of the map and the SR point is to kill 20 enemies before doing so. On turn 2, Yazan and a bunch of ATs spawn and I send Chirico in his fancy new Turbo Custom parts to solo them. After Akito reaches the objective, Hokushin and his miniboss squad show up but they all go down in 2 hits to my main units. Along the way, Chirico gets his Ace bonus, which activates his Superhuman Abilities skill at 30% HP instead of 10%. +20 to all stats is a pretty decent effect and 30% HP is a lot easier to do than 10% on something as frail as a Scopedog.

Stage 29 - 4 turns/135 total, 29 SR
Lots of bosses and a few battleships make this one a bit of a slog. The SR point is to kill the FTO, which retreats below 10k HP. Koji with a support attack from Saizo accomplishes this on Turn 2. I send Saizo and Getter to the top of the map to take out Rudi and the battleships, as Saizo needs to battle and then kill Rudi for ending points. Chirico and Nadesico take on the enemies to the right and the rest of my units take on the many bosses on the left. I avoid attacking Joe on player phase, as dealing enough damage to him triggers Mightgaine's upgrade event which leaves Mightgaine alone in the corner surrounded by enemies and far enough away from my battleships to be unable to retreat if triggered on Turn 2 player phase. Joe acts last on enemy phase so I could safely trigger it then and have an extra turn to move Arcadia to rescue Mightgaine.

New and Upgraded units:

Scopedog Turbo Custom

This is definitely the best Scopedog parts. It has the same movement as the Light parts, but significantly more damage and a much better post move attack with no morale requirement. Like all Scopedogs, it still has horrible terrain rankings and requires a part to fix, which is unfortunate, but it's quite strong otherwise.

Nadesico C
Basically the Nadesico B with a small stat buff and a new ability. System Seizure casts the Analyze and Disturb spirits on every enemy once per map. This makes every enemy take 10% more damage, deal 10% less damage and halves their accuracy for one turn. It's a very good ability and makes up for the Nadesico C being otherwise a very boring upgrade.

The fourth and final battleship. It's pretty much the Ra Cailum with a bit more damage but no command aura and a generally worse support spirit set. Eagle does learn Prospect, but Geo doesn't have any support spirits at all.

Eagle's personal mech. It has high move but is otherwise pretty unremarkable. If you deploy this it means Geo takes over the NSX instead of Eagle, which is a pretty significant downgrade. On top of that, it's just not good. I doubt I will even deploy this most of the time.

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May 4, 2017

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Stage 19 Free Commandos: 4/86 turns -19
This map sucks. A bunch of enemy units have to reach or cross a line across the map, and it's down to luck whether that happens within the time limit for the SR. I have to reset a bunch, but eventually things line up so that they cross on turn 2, and I can start clearing the map on the next turn. It takes a bunch of Move Agains, but I get the SR and clear the map on turn 4 enemy phase.

Stage 20 Free Commandos: 4/90 turns -20
drat, this route just keeps on being made of suck. In slightly better news, I get Arhan I guess? It seems alright.

I just set everyone on the Drakuls. On turn 3 some VTX mooks and the Photon Battleship spawn in. The Battleship is what I have to shoot down in one shot, so let's hope that making use of Arcadia's ace bonus and a support attack are enough. I move Arcadia and the Tyranado into range to shoot it down on turn 4.

Fortunately for me, the Photon Battleship goes down in one shot. The rest of the map is cleanup.

Tyranado: EN +5, mobility +5, accuracy +5, weapons +9
Sagiri: 114 kills, Dash, Attacker, Potential +3

Dann of Thursday: +5 everything, +8 weapons
Van: 69 kills, +2 Potential, Dash

XB-1 Gundam: +5 everything, +8 weapons
Tobia; 60 kills, +1 Potential

Arcadia: +5 everything, +8 weapons
Harlock: 94 kills, +3 Potential

Ra Cailum: +1 everything, +5 accuracy
Bright: 50 kills, +3 Potential

Zeta Gundam: +1 everything, +5 accuracy, +5 weapons
Kamille: 40 kills

ZZ Gundam: +1 everything
Judau: 37 kills

Hyaku Shiki: +1 everything
Roux: 24 kills

Methuss: +1 everything
Fa: 36 kills

Ichinana: +1 everything
Shiro: 30 kills

Arhan: +1 everything, +4 mobility, +4 accuracy, +3 weapons
Angela: 24 kills

Jul 24, 2010

Stage 30 Regulars - 5 turns/140 total, 30 SR
Almost all of my units are on the Regulars route so I choose that. The stage starts with Amuro in the Nu Gundam vs a few grunts and Gyunei. The SR point is to kill them all (Gyunei last) by turn 3. I do this on turn 3 enemy phase. It might be possible with a ton of crits to achieve this on turn 3 player phase but that won't save a turn so I don't even bother trying. After that, the rest of the enemies and my units spawn. The bulk of the enemies go for Amuro, who pops Smash Hit and kills them over the course of the next two turns. Along the way, Shion and Bright get their Ace bonus. Shion upgrades his Battler skill to give +5 morale per turn instead of +2 and increases the damage bonus at 150+ morale from 10% to 20%. This is quite good but unfortunately Shion doesn't actually unlock Battler for a couple more maps so it's just the generic +5 starting morale for now. Bright gives +5 Morale to all units inside his Commander aura at the start of Player Phase. More morale is always nice, but now that Bright has Rouse he usually spends his first turn not moving very far which means he is significantly behind the group for the rest of the map so I don't think this will get very high use. After the map I unlock Morale Plus for an additional +10 starting Morale for all units from level 6 Tac Management.

Stage 31 Regulars - 3 turns/143 total, 31 SR
Not a whole lot to this map. The SR point is just to clear in 4 turns. It starts with an assorted mix of zonderized enemies. On Turn 2 Alan spawns with a few aura battlers and a bunch of Golems. I send Koji, Saizo and Amuro to take care of them. I make sure to kill Alan on player phase so I can rescue Show before he is attacked after his upgrade event pops. I intended to feed a bunch of kills to Amuro but a lot of the weakened Golems decided to throw themselves into the gaping maw of Koji Kabuto instead. Oh well.

Stage 32 Regulars - 3 turns/146 total, 32 SR
Shion starts deployed alone against the boss. I have him use Drive and Intuition then use a Mars Bowl, the +60 SP consumable, and attack the boss. Next Show spawns. He gets one shot and only has enough SP for 1 Intuition so I run him away. On enemy phase the boss attacks Show and Show deals enough damage to activate the next phase of the fight. A ton of enemies and my units spawn and the SR point is to have a unit reach 10 ExC before ending the map by killing the boss. I send Shion after the boss and the majority of the grunts and. thanks to his new Battler skill, he has enough damage to kill all of the grunts in one hit and gets the necessary 10 ExC. After that, it's a simple matter of cleaning up the remaining enemies before killing the boss. After the map I buy Quark Boost from the parts store.

Stage 33 - 5 turns/151 total, 33 SR
It's Domon versus a Berserk Allenby at the start. My undrafted Domon is pretty terrible so I just focus on surviving. After 2 turns the rest of my units spawn. Allenby needs to be killed with Domon so he hops in a battleship until she is weak enough to be killed. Afterwards, he gets Emergency Retrievaled back into the battleship. The SR point is kill Grand Master Gundam in a single round of combat. Between Attacker and his Ace bonus, Ryoma is able to do that all on his own with a Stoner Sunshine. He also solos that entire group of enemies. The rest of my units take the whole North section of the map. After the map I buy CQB Supporter from the parts store.

Stage 34 - 4 turns/155 turns, 34 SR
The Rayearth season 1 finale. I think, anyway, never seen the show. Several high HP bosses, including the most durable thus far in the game. The SR point is to kill all enemies before Zagato in 5 turns. I send Amuro to deal with the Kikaiju in the corner and the rest go straight up the middle to handle the bosses. Zagato is very tanky, with 80k HP and Potential level 8. On top of that I've only got Koji with Valor and the Hero's Mark part for a single cast of Bravery on Gunbuster. It takes all of my units (minus Amuro and the perpetually battleshipped losers) a full turn to take Zagato down. After that, Emeraude spawns. She has 90k HP and Triple Action, but no Potential so I don't give her a turn to take advantage of it. Along the way Amuro gets his Ace bonus, +1 range on Newtype weapons and +20 SKL stat. Since Amuro starts with Second Attack, the SKL is greatly appreciated and more range on his best attacks is always good. Eagle also gets his Ace, +20% evasion and increases damage dealt by 20% to targets effected by the Analyze spirits. I'm not sure if that's 20% additional or 20% instead of the usual 10% from Analyze but either way, he's not exactly a powerhouse and won't be attacking bosses super often. After the map, I unlock the +50 max SP special order, which I give to Fa. She is very close to learning Prospect and she should get it after the next map.

New and Upgraded units:

Nu Gundam

It sure is a Gundam. Decent but unspectacular damage, good range and pretty bad post move non-finisher attacks characterize Nu. 6 base move and no Accel is unfortunate. Fin Funnel having a B rank in Air is also not great, especially on a unit with only 2 part slots. The All Range attacks have very low ammo, but being ammo based isn't the worst thing in the world. Nu's strongest attack is locked to Amuro so he is the only viable pilot. Even if it didn't have the pilot locked attack, Amuro would probably be the best option with his Ace, innate Hit and Run and Second Attack. All in all, if Nu manages to get in range of enemies, it is pretty solid, but there's nothing really special about it, and it's definitely not one of my better boss damage dealers.

Shin Getter
Shin Getter 1 unlocked a new attack, Stoner Sunshine. It is absurdly expensive at 100 EN, but it is a bit stronger than Shin Getter Change Attack, has 1-3 range instead of just 1, and most importantly can be used more than once per map without a reload. SGCA still has a niche of being stronger than Stoner Sunshine against targets in the Air or Space thanks to natural S ranks but the increased spammability is going to be a huge help as I transition into the late game and start abusing various ways to act multiple times per turn to take out bosses faster.

Mech, Weapon and Skill Upgrades

Tyranado Rex, Saizo
+10 Mobility, +5 to other stats, +10 Weapons
Hit & Run, Dash and Full Counter

Gespenst, Sagiri
+5 to all stats, +7 Weapons
Maintenance Skill

Eldora Soul, Nero
+5 to all stats, +2 Weapons

Mazinger Z, Koji
+10 EN, +5 to other stats, +10 Weapons

Ichinana, Shiro
+1 to everything, +1 Weapons

Shin Getter, Ryoma
+20 EN, +10 to everything else, Part Slot FUB, +10 Weapons
Attacker, ExC Bonus, Full Counter

Gunbuster, Noriko
+5 to all stats, +10 Weapons

Scopedog TC LRS, Chirico
+5 to all stats, +10 Weapons

Nu Gundam, Amuro
+5 to all stats, +10 Weapons

Jegan, Fa
+1 to all stats, +1 Weapons
SP Recovery

Sirbine, Shion
+5 to all stats, +10 Weapons

Ra Cailum, Bright
+1 to all stats, +1 Weapons

Nadesico C, Ruri
No upgrades
Hit & Run

Arcadia, Captain Harlock
+5 to all stats, +10 EN, +8 Weapons

NSX, Eagle
+3 to all stats, +3 Weapons

Jul 24, 2010

Secret Scenario V Junction - 3 turns/158 total, 34 SR
This is unlocked by having 6 aces and Tac Management level 4. You pretty much need to be trying to not meet the requirements. This is just fan service/a tease for the VXT crossover DLC. Absolutely nothing of note happened. After the map I buy the ExC Booster item.

Stage 35 Earth - 3 turns/161 total, 35 SR
The SR point is to kill the two bosses on the same turn within 3 turns. Gunbuster does this on turn 2. After this all the Kikaiju and my Mazinger units leave the field to be replaced by a bunch of bugs. After killing enough bugs, Regalia spawns. She dies in two hits so I manage to clean up all of the remaining bugs before killing her to end the map. After the map I buy the Turbo Overclock item.

Stage 36 Earth - 3 turns/164 total, 36 SR
The SR point is to kill all the Kikaiju grunts before killing Brocken. The grunts are durable enough that only a few of my units can one shot them, but Gunbuster and Tyranado are able to MAP most of the weakened ones on turn 2. After killing Brocken, Infinity spawns. It's honestly pretty pathetic for a 600 meter tall Mazinger and goes down in like 4 attacks.

Stage 37 - 5 turns/169 total, 37 SR
J starts alone against the Primevals and some Zonderized units. On Turn 2, some Gun X Sword enemies join in. They will attack the GGG units and the SR point is to kill at least 40 units by the end of the map. There aren't a whole lot more than 40 units total so the goal is to prevent them from killing each other as much as possible. On turn 3 my units spawn. I have Arcadia Emergency Retrieval a couple of high movement units and slingshot them to the far edge of the map to engage the GXS units while the rest work their way through the GGGs. When one of the Primevals dies, they all fuse together into the Combined Primeval and killing that ends the map. After killing everything else, I kill that on turn 5.

Stage 38 - 2 turns/171 total, 38 SR
Lots and lots of Space Monsters. The SR point is to finish the map in 4 turns. The little space monsters get one shot by Gunbuster, Mazinger, Getter and Arcadia while Tyranado , Scopedog and Sirbine can do so with a crit. Amuro is kind of bad on this map, once his All Range Attacks are gone his damage is pretty poor and he needs crits just to 2 shot with Beam Saber, his strongest 1 range attack with more than 2 ammo. The big space monsters can be one shot with Valors from my main units. On turn 1 I spread my units out as best as I can and then on turn 2 I do a bunch of Multi-Action chaining to make sure I kill all the big monsters and shore up my weaker areas (mostly where Nu and Sirbine were on turn 1).

Upgraded Units:

Mazinger Z

Mazinger Z gets two important upgrades. The first is the Mazin Power ability, which increases damage dealt by 20% at 130+ Morale. This helps Mazinger keep up a lot as it doesn't really have super high base damage compared to some other supers. The second is the Double Burning Fire attack. While technically this is a combo attack with Great Mazinger, when Great isn't deployed Z can still use it with a damage penalty. It is weaker than Full Attack for the same EN cost, but it has a very good 1-6 range. It is a massive damage increase over Rust Hurricane, which is Z's only other attack with more than 3 range, which greatly helps Z's enemy phase.

Kazumi joins Gunbuster and brings with her a significant stat boost, including +1 movement, two new attacks and her spirit list. The two new attacks, Double Buster Collider and Super Inazuma Kick, are basically just more expensive but stronger versions of the existing Buster Collider and Inazuma Kick, but the damage increase is helpful. Kazumi herself is more exciting. She has a solid spirit set, most notably Accel, so Gunbuster's movement issues are a thing of the past.

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May 4, 2017

It would be awesome if we could dance!

Stage 21: 4/94 turns -21
We're back on the main route, and this is a rather busy stage. We start off against a pack of VTX mooks, and have to get the boss to low enough health for the plot to kick in. There's also the 2 waves of alien monsters that'll pop in to consider. I decided to send Tyranado, Dann, XB-1 and Arcadia to fight the first group, and send everyone else to deal with the monsters when they pop in. XB-1 ends up being completely superfluous, but it has enough movement to spend only one turn getting to another useful spot, so I don't bother resetting over it.

In any case, I unload on the boss on turn 2, and get him to low enough health to spawn in the monsters. I then set up ZZ so I can probably get the SR on the next turn. I have to delay wiping out the space monsters, as killing more than one or two of them causes another event, and spawns a bunch of undrafted units in, who end up getting targeted.

At the start of turn 3 the second pack of space monsters show up, and I'm well positioned to handle them. ZZ fires its MAP and gets like 5 monsters in one go, earning me the SR. Arcadia shoots down and hits the Cruiser Class Space Monster, Tobia does the same. Van is on VTX cleanup duty, and so is Tyranado.

Turn 4 is pretty challenging, as I have to clean up a lot of boss class enemies, but I make it.

Stage 22: 4/98 turns -22
A fairly simple stage, just starting with one group of enemies that need to be spanked. Tyranado and Arcadia go after Hokushin and his cronies, everyone else focuses on Haman and her gang. On turn 4, Tyranado Mercy's Mshymre to 10 hp, to let Fa finish him off for the Haman points.

Stage 23: 3/101 turns -23
The stage consists of three waves of enemies. One initial wave of Zonders, then one wave of Invaders, then a final wave of Zonder Primevals. The SR is to get a pilot to 10 ExC, so I send Sagiri to solo the Zonders, and Arcadia to solo the Invaders when they pop up. Everyone else heads to where the Primevals will pop up, to take them down.

The Invaders spawn in on turn 2, and are wiped out on turn 3 player phase. There's an event on turn 2 enemy phase, in which the Primevals spawn, and Guy comes out of the battleship he's hiding in, but luckily nothing targets him.

Sagiri has left two Zonders for Move Again purposes after the Invaders are downed, to get her and Arcadia to pile into the Primevals, which is necessary. It takes a bunch of support attacking but the Primevals also go down on turn 3 player phase.

Tyranado: EN +5, mobility +5, accuracy +5, weapons +9
Sagiri: 130 kills, Dash, Attacker, Potential +3

Dann of Thursday: +5 everything, +8 weapons
Van: 75 kills, +2 Potential, Dash

XB-1 Gundam: +5 everything, +8 weapons
Tobia; 61 kills, +1 Potential

Arcadia: +5 everything, +8 weapons
Harlock: 124 kills, +3 Potential

Ra Cailum: +1 everything, +5 accuracy
Bright: 56 kills, +3 Potential

Zeta Gundam: +5 everything
Kamille: 51 kills

ZZ Gundam: +5 everything
Judau: 50 kills

Hyaku Shiki: +1 everything
Roux: 24 kills

Methuss: +1 everything
Fa: 51 kills

Ichinana: +1 everything
Shiro: 33 kills

Arhan: +1 everything, +5 mobility, +5 accuracy, +6 weapons
Angela: 29 kills

Ruri: 58 kills

It's been mostly the Arcadia and Tyranado show lately, with a side of Zeta and ZZ Gundams. I was expecting more out of Tobia than one kill, to be honest. Oh well.

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May 4, 2017

It would be awesome if we could dance!

Stage 24: 4/105 turns -24
The stage starts off with Van alone against a single boss, and with an SR of shooting down 15 enemies in 3 turns. A bunch of enemies spawn in on enemy phase, along with my own units. So now I have 2 turns to shoot down 15 enemies.

Arcadia and ZZ head down to smack Gadved around for a bit, causing the next event, in which Ashura shows up and some GxS plot happens. Arhan, Zeta Gundam and Tyranado go after the Mazinger mooks. Everyone else starts dealing with the Rayearth goons.

On turn 3 Arcadia and Van move on to the GxS and Mazinger mooks, having shot down Gadved. Kamille, Angela and Sagiri shoot down the Kikaiju boss, and start laying into Ashura. And Tobia gets shot down by Allen on enemy phase. Oh well.

Turn 4 consists of cleaning up Ashura with Van and Arcadia, and Arhan and Tyranado shooting down Inova with Move Again use.

Stage 25 Last Day for Section 3: 2/107 turns -25
Have to shoot a bunch of mooks in 3 turns, do it in 2. Then I lose Tyranado to events.

Stage 26: 4/111 turns -26
Nothing much to this stage. I ended up taking a 4 turn clear because my last hard save was from stage 23. Oh well.

Secret Scenario: Private Mission 2/111 turns -26
This scenario is free. I focus on getting Angela some kills.

Stage 27: 3/114 turns -27
I miss Arhan for the start of the map. Everyone who's going to get Accel has it now, so my units are in range of the enemies on turn 1. There's not much to this map, everything dies on turn 3. The Expelled from Paradise enemies are pretty tough cookies, but not tough enough.

Stage 28: 4/118 turns -28
The goal is to kill 20 enemies before Akito reaches the area he needs to reach. Since the game doesn't give me a heads up when I reach 20 kills, I just kill everything in 3 turns, and then get Akito into the area. Also, Yazan pops up with some VOTOMS trash, but who cares. Finally, Hokushin shows up after Akito reaches his destination, and I spend turn 4 killing him and his goons.

Stage 29: 5/123 turns -29
There's a lot of bosses and HP to chew through this map.

I try something new this stage. I use the ExC Boost part on Arcadia, which Emergency Retrievals all my valuable units. Then it moves, and my units move out of it. Tyranado shoots for Rudi, Arhan, Zeta and Dann go for the FTO. Everyone else just kinda vibes.

On turn 2 Arcadia shoots down FTO to get the SR, and to push some events along. Geo retreats and now I have to shoot down NSX. Just throw it onto the pile, I guess.

On turn 3 I get Joe to low enough health for the Mightgaine event, then have Arcadia move in to have Mightgaine jump in. Sagiri also shoots down Rudi.

On turn 4 I chew through all of the bosses and, SURPRISE!, Mr. Zone is here and he has 45k to chew through as well. Oh well, I'll take the 5 turns.

Stage 30 Irregulars: 4/127 turns -30
I went with the Irregulars because of the better unit selection. The stage starts with Van solo against Metsa of Tuesday. He gets smacked around for a turn, then plot happens, Master Asia and some G Gundam trash pop up, and some GxS mooks join in to boot. The goal now is to shoot down Master Asia within 5 turns. So I send everyone in to shoot him down, and it's done on turn 3.

A bunch of plot then happens, Metsa reappears, and Grand Master Gundam joins in. Tyranado goes after Grand Master, Dann and Arcadia slap around Metsa, Tobia and Angela stay behind and deal with the grunts. On turn 4, Tobia moves in to punch Grand Master, Arcadia moves in for the kill. Van punches Metsa some more and Sagiri moves in to finish him off. All of the remaining mooks are cleared on enemy phase.

Stage 31 Irregulars: 3/130 turns -31
Not much to this stage. Four groups of enemies, so everyone takes one.

Tyranado Rex: +5 everything, weapons +10
Sagiri: 181 kills, Dash, Attacker, Potential +3

Dann of Thursday: +5 everything, +10 weapons
Van: 96 kills, +2 Potential, Dash

XB-1 Gundam: +5 everything, +10 weapons
Tobia; 105 kills, +1 Potential

Arcadia: +5 everything, +10 weapons
Harlock: 158 kills, +3 Potential

Arhan: +5 everything, +10 weapons
Angela: 78 kills, +2 B Save

Sep 21, 2010

Alright, finally got some time off work and ready to do this draft!

Scenario 0: Proposal No. T1023 2/2 T 0/0 SR

An unfortunately unskippable scenario if you bought the game on the first run. No SR points and a really basic task to kill 6 enemies. 2 turns unfortunately. You do get some okay money/parts out of it though which I immediately dump into the Tyranado's weapons.

Scenario 1: Project TND, Start 3/5 T 1/1 SR

Pretty simple intro stage and we get access to our second unit, the mass production Mazinger: Ichiana. It is complete trash to the point that no one drafted it at all and its 1/2 free units for everyone. Still it serves a vital role in this scenario and lets me just barely shave a fourth turn off by drawing the Nadesico enemies closer to the Tyranado (who abuses Extra Turn and the weapon damage bonus to move across the map) while I have Volfogg and Great Mazinger just retreat.

Special Scenario: Challenge from Special Section 1 2/7 T 1/1 SR

Another unskippable scenario, this one to get the secondary protagonist and Gespenst early. As I didn't draft the Gespie I just run it and Great Mazinger back and have the Tyranado run straight into the crowd to kill them in 2 turns. Investing in weapons early is paying off big time and going with the 11/11B Birthday means basically infinite Attunes which can let you not have to redo early stages with their shaky hit-rates.

Scenario 2: Space Cowboy 3/10 T 2/2 SR

This scenario is immensely easier on Saizo's route because you start with all your characters deployed which lets me throw the Tyranado into the fray immediately and lets you spawn Ruri in turn 1 so you can immediately dump the Aestis inside the Nadesico and not risk them being attacked. The most difficult part is trying to get the SR point because my stupid Tyranado kept critting and killing the enemy before Ruri got the chance to :argh:

Scenario 3: A Tuxedo Flutters on Mars 4/14 T 3/3 SR

And here we go, we get my second unit and the number one overall draft pick; Burning Gundam. It is not the best unit in the game, for long stretches he has issues with range and some of his better moves are huge EN hogs, but early you get it and the fact it never leaves your party makes up for a lot. The stage is a bit annoying because you have Vann also spawn in in the North after Domon takes out Chibodee so I sent the Tyranado up there while Domon carefully cleaned up the south and got the SR point. I also upgraded the Tyranado to get its 50% Full Upgrade bonus for an extra item slot.

New Units

Tyranado: Kind of a meh unit at the beginning of the game. You don't have a good post-move attack and its attacks are kind mediocre damage-wise with great range. That'll change heavily as the game goes on of course and it comes with a good subpilot for extra SP skills. I chose to go with Saizo and 11/11 B for my birthday to get the really supportive Attune/Foresee spirit list which helps smooth out the early game a lot.

Burning Gundam: THIS HAND OF MINE IS BURNING RED, IT'S LOUD ROAR TELLS ME TO GRASP VICTORY! ERUPTING, BURNING, FIIIIIIINGER!!! My first draft pick and the #1 overall draft pick, Burning starts off good and only gets better as the game goes on. The only unit that beats it for availability is Great Mazinger which is sort of :meh: in this game. Also the only unit I still always turn on the animations for (which is the real reason I drafted it).

Tyranado 5 in all, 5 in weapons
Burning Gundam 0 in all, 0 in weapons

Jul 24, 2010

Stage 39 - 5 turns/176 total, 39 SR
This one was kind of a mess. The SR point is to kill the initial enemies in 2 turns. They all die in one hit to all of my units so that's not a problem. Then a bunch more enemies spawn, including a few bosses. Killing Exev spawns Black Noir, and killing Black Noir ends the map. Unfortunately, Black Noir spawns in the corner of the map, so I decided to give him a turn to move closer. This ends up being the wrong move, because once he hits half health, he moves back to the corner for an event. I definitely could have saved a turn if I sent units after him instead of letting him come to me, but oh well. The good news is that I managed to kill all the enemy units for a nice chunk of cash.

Stage 40 - 3 turns/179 total, 40 SR
The map starts with Primevals and some Metal Beasts. The SR point is to kill one of the Primevals in one hit, which all of my units can do with a Valor equivalent, but I ultimately gave it to Getter who can just raw Stoner Sunshine it with out needing spirits. After killing some enemies, Invaders will spawn. I send Amuro to deal with them. After killing more enemies, Shin Dragon spawns. After killing Shin Dragon (with Getter doing about 80% of its HP in one round of combat) Shin Getter upgrades to Shin Getter Dragon, which I don't have drafted so it effectively removes Getter from the map for me. Fortunately, almost everything is already dead by then and the map ends without incident.

Stage 41 - 3 turns/182 total, 41 SR
The SR point is to kill all the Gundam bosses by turn 3. I have Amuro kill Quess for some Char points which I will need for the Nightingale later. Eventually Fasalina and some armors spawn and need to be killed as well. Unfortunately, I messed up and missed the 3 turn due to placing Sirbine in such a way that it could only counterattack with its weakest, longest range attack. As I'm typing this I realize that I could have saved it by having Shion use Soul. Whoops.

Stage 42 - 2 turns/184 total, 42 SR
Ok this map kinda pissed me off. The goal of the map is to kill the OG boss in the back but the SR point is to kill all the other enemies on the map first. I could pretty easily one turn this, as Ryoma has learned Zeal, he can kill the boss in one round of combat and I have 5 casts of Prospect between Eagle and Fa. But I can do better and get the SR point with a 2 turn for the same total turns overall but with additional progress towards the Platinum Emblem. There are 2 waves of reinforcements, leaving enemies in a horseshoe shape around the outside of the map. My goal is to have my units placed in such a way that I can counterkill all of the grunts before the (weakened) boss gets killed by Getter, since bosses act last. I have Sirbine take the bottom left, Arcadia takes the center left, Getter cuts through the carriers in the upper left on its way to the top of the map, Chirico takes the upper right, Gunbuster center right and Mazinger Z lower right. My first attempt failed because I accidentally left one of the grunts with no P attacks out of range of everything, which I fix by moving Arcadia a single square. My second attempt ended because apparently the enemies around the boss don't have active AI on turn 2 so they will only attack if they don't have to move. I have Getter kill the two short range grunts on player phase with Zeal. Finally, my third attempt was successful.

Special Scenario Visitor X - 3 turns/187 total, 42 SR
Free turns.

Upgraded Units:

Tyranado Rex

Tyranado unlocks a new attack, Quark Cluster Nova. It is quite strong, with the same base power as Getter's Shin Getter Change Attack (though with much weaker additional damage modifiers), but it costs a massive 80 EN and is not post move. Tyranado has largely shifted into a support role recently but this does give it some decent damage potential.

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May 4, 2017

It would be awesome if we could dance!

Stage 32 Irregulars: 3/133 turns -32
Nothing much to this stage, have to beat all the mooks, and then shoot down two bosses on the same turn. There's also some G Gundam and Bebop plot going on, but who cares.

Stage 33: 5/138 turns -33
The map starts out with Domon solo vs. Allenby. He fights her for a bit, and some plot happens at the start of turn 2. Now I have all of my units, and have to shoot down Allenby with Domon. There's also the issue of having to shoot down Grand Master Gundam in one attack.

Zeta runs over to GM Gundam and his mooks, and starts working on them. Arhan and Tyranado also set up shop and will try to oneshot GM. Dann will deal with Inova, and ZZ will deal with Allen and his goons. Allen gets whelp'd on turn 4 enemy phase, I smack Inova around for a bit, and pop an Analyze on Inova, then set up Arhan and Tyranado to shoot it down with a support attack. With some shuffling around Jeril also goes down, and all that's left is a bit of clean-up.

Tyranado Rex: +5 everything, weapons +10
Sagiri: 202 kills, Dash, Attacker, Potential +3, Break Morale Limit +3, Fighter Spirit +3, Save E+2

Dann of Thursday: +5 everything, +10 weapons
Van: 109 kills, +2 Potential, Dash, Break Morale Limit +3, Fighter Spirit +3, Save E+2

XB-1 Gundam: +5 everything, +10 weapons
Tobia; 107 kills, +1 Potential, Break Morale Limit +1, Fighter Spirit +3

Arcadia: +5 everything, +10 weapons
Harlock: 163 kills, +3 Potential, Break Morale Limit +3, Save E+2

Arhan: +5 everything, +10 weapons
Angela: 87 kills, +2 B Save, Break Morale Limit +3

Ruri: 66 kills

Ra Cailum: +1 everything, +5 accuracy
Bright: 80 kills, +3 Potential

Zeta Gundam: +5 everything, +10 weapons
Kamille: 71 kills, Break Morale Limit +3, Fighter Spirit +1, Save E+1

ZZ Gundam: +5 everything, +10 weapons
Judau: 95 kills, Break Morale Limit +3, Fighter Spirit +1, Save E+2

Volcain Custom: +5 everything, +10 weapons
Ray: 46 kills

Hyaku Shiki: +1 everything
Amuro: 32 kills

Methuss: +1 everything
Fa: 79 kills

Ichinana: +1 everything
Shiro: 54 kills

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May 4, 2017

It would be awesome if we could dance!

Stage 34: 4/142 turns -34
Nadesico and XB-1 split off to deal with the Kikaiju that will pop up, everyone else heads for Zagato. All enemies and Zagato are down on turn 3, and Sagiri pops her Hero's Mark to blast Emeraude. Turn 4 consists of chipping her down, which ends the stage.

Special Scenario: V Junction 3/142 turns -34
Free scenario. I focus on getting kills on Geo.

Stage 35 Earth: 3/145 turns -35
Not much of a stage. I've unlocked Soul on Sagiri at this point, so I can start oneshotting bosses. I don't get Ple, unfortunately.

Stage 36 Earth: 3/148 turns -36
Again not much of a map. I guess I'm not going to get Haman Adrift. There's the challenge of having to get every unit I have a kill, but it's only so hard.

Tyranado Rex: +10 everything, weapons +10
Sagiri: 238 kills, Dash, Attacker, Potential +3, Break Morale Limit +3, Fighter Spirit +3, Save E+2

Dann of Thursday: +5 everything, +10 weapons
Van: 116 kills, +2 Potential, Dash, Break Morale Limit +3, Fighter Spirit +3, Save E+2

XB-1 Gundam: +5 everything, +10 EN +10 weapons
Tobia; 125 kills, +1 Potential, Break Morale Limit +1, Fighter Spirit +3

Arcadia: +5 everything, +10 EN, +10 weapons
Harlock: 170 kills, +3 Potential, Break Morale Limit +3, Save E+2

Arhan: +5 everything, +10 weapons
Angela: 97 kills, +2 B Save, Break Morale Limit +3

Nadesico: +5 everything, +0 weapons
Ruri: 80 kills

Ra Cailum: +5 everything, +1 weapons
Bright: 86 kills, +3 Potential

Zeta Gundam: +5 everything, +10 EN, +10 weapons
Kamille: 97 kills, Break Morale Limit +3, Fighter Spirit +1, Save E+1

ZZ Gundam: +5 everything, +10 EN, +10 weapons
Judau: 102 kills, Break Morale Limit +3, Fighter Spirit +1, Save E+2

Volcain Custom: +5 everything, +10 weapons
Ray: 55 kills

Hyaku Shiki: +5 everything, +1 weapons
Amuro: 32 kills

Methuss: +1 everything
Fa: 86 kills

Ichinana: +1 everything
Shiro: 64 kills

F91 MP type: +5 everything, +3 weapons
Amuro: 46 kills

FTO: +5 everything, +9 weapons
Eagle: 63 kills, +5 potential, +2 fighter spirit

Jul 24, 2010

Stage 43 Char - 2 turns/189 total, 43 SR
I picked Char route because I need Char points for Nightingale. There is absolutely nothing to this map. All the enemies die in one shot to all my combat units so it's just a matter of getting in range and making sure I kill Mashymre.

Stage 44 Char - 3 turns/192 total, 44 SR
Pretty much the same as last map, just with two bosses and a couple other factions of grunts. The SR point is to kill everything in 5 turns. Everything still dies in one hit. I missed the two turn because Gunbuster left Sin of Friday alive with 151 HP during enemy phase. I could have easily fixed it by doing a bit more damage on player phase, but I forgot to save during the map and didn't feel like replaying the whole thing.

Stage 45 Char - 2 turns/194 total, 45 SR
Lots of Gundam bosses to kill. The SR point is to kill all the enemy battleships and bosses before killing Char. In order to get the Nightingale I need to have Amuro kill at least one of Quess, Gyunei or Char. I have him kill all three just to be safe. After Char dies in the Sazabi, he switches to the Nightingale, which is the first enemy to have ??? HP, I believe. He still goes down in two rounds of combat to Getter.

Stage 46 - 5 turns/199 total, 46 SR
It's a multi-faction brawl. The SR point is to kill all the OG enemies before the OG boss and killing the OG boss with Saizo is required for the secret ending. The OG enemies are all quite tanky and most of my units can't kill in one hit without spirits, but I'm able to clean them all up with judicious use of multi-action and Zeal on turn 2. After killing the boss with Saizo, I send Sirbine to kill the kikaiju, Getter to kill the Death Army and Scopedog to kill the Rayearth units. After that Domon and Master Asia have a duel. All my other units are on the map and can cast spirits but can't attack or move so I'm not really sure whether I can use Burning Gundam without a penalty. I just ran away, but even if I could use Domon, I'm not sure my level 16, unupgraded Domon would have been able to kill before the map automatically ends. Maybe if I gave him a Hero's Mark for the free cast of Bravery. Either way, on the third turn after the event started the map ends.

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May 4, 2017

It would be awesome if we could dance!

Stage 37: 5/153 turns -37
The stage starts with King J-Der going solo for 2 turns, after that my own brigade arrives, and I have to defeat 40 enemies. Since there's two groups of enemies, who will attack each other, I have to keep them from killing each other. Otherwise there isn't much to this stage. There's two GxS bosses who get chewed up on turn 4, and some Machine Primevals who combine into one big one when one gets shot down. The Big Primeval also regenerates after taking a bunch of damage, so I have to spend an extra turn grinding it down.

Stage 38: 3/156 turns -38
So I have to make sure I don't kill too many bugs on turn 1, or some plot event plays out on enemy phase and Gunbuster throws itself into a pile of enemies. Instead I shoot for the boss enemies on turn 1, and keep from killing the grunts. It also means that I can't wipe out a good half of the enemies on turn 1, and so I have to settle for a 3 turn.

Stage 39: 3/159 turns -39
I have to clear out all enemies in two turns. I do so, after that VTX shows up with their assorted collection of villains. I make sure to shoot down Exev on the same turn to trigger the plot, and cause Black Noir to spawn. The stage ends when Black Noir is shot down, so I get to work on that. I also shoot down a few bosses with some units not devoted to shooting down Noir. The map ends on turn 3.

Stage 40: 3/162 turns -40
I finally get Getter Dragon this stage. It starts out vs. some Metal Beasts and Primevals, and after a few of those get shot down, Invaders show up. Shoot down some more, and professor Saotome shows up in Shin Getter Dragon. I need to blast through his 80k hp, and complete this on turn 2. I get Shin Getter Dragon for myself, and proceed to clean up the map.

Stage 41: 2/164 turns -41
There's one pile of enemies with Mashymre, and another pile of enemies with Quess, Gyunei and Rezin. All the bosses have to be shot down by turn 3, and on top of that there's Haman and Char points to be gotten.

Arcadia retrieves Fa and Judau, blasts off towards Mashymre, and Judau then moves out and attacks him. This is probably the first time the retrieval trick works in my favour. Everyone else splits off to deal with Char's posse.

On turn 2 Mashymre gets shot down by Judau, having also fought a round with Fa. Both are then retrieved into the Arcadia, so it can clean up the enemies on enemy phase. I then have Amuro shoot down Quess, and let Kamille bring the pain to Gyunei. This gets me all the Haman and Char points available for this chapter.

After that, Getter Dragon takes out Rezin, and shoots across the map to go fight Fasalina. Van ends up shooting her down. After this it's all just cleanup.

Stage 42: 2/166 turns -42
Unlike Wrightofway I don't have Zeal on my Getter yet, so a one turn isn't an option. So I just clean everything up in 2 turns. This stage really isn't that difficult.

Secret Scenario: Visitor X 4/166 turns -42
Free stage. I feed Amuro and Ruri some kills.

Stage 43 Independent: 2/168 turns -43
I went independent because why not. I have to wipe out the first pack of enemies for the second group to spawn in. There's Mashymre, Quess and Gyunei in there, and I can get Haman and Char points from them. Unfortunately that would take a turn, so I just shoot everything down on turn 2.

Tyranado Rex: +10 everything, weapons +10
Sagiri: 322 kills, Dash, Attacker, Potential +3, Break Morale Limit +3, Fighter Spirit +3, Save E+2

Dann of Thursday: +5 everything, +10 weapons
Van: 147 kills, +2 Potential, Dash, Break Morale Limit +3, Fighter Spirit +3, Save E+2

XB-1 Gundam: +10 everything, +10 EN, +10 weapons
Tobia; 145 kills, +1 Potential, Break Morale Limit +1, Fighter Spirit +3

Arcadia: +10 everything, +10 weapons
Harlock: 199 kills, +3 Potential, Break Morale Limit +3, Save E+2

Arhan: +5 everything, +10 mobility, +10 weapons
Angela: 126 kills, +2 B Save, Break Morale Limit +3

Shin Getter Dragon: +10 everything, +10 weapons
Ryoma: 100 kills, Potential +2, Break Morale Limit +1, Fighter Spirit +1, Save E+2

Nadesico: +5 everything, +0 weapons
Ruri: 85 kills

Ra Cailum: +5 everything, +1 weapons
Bright: 97 kills, +3 Potential

Zeta Gundam: +10 everything, +10 weapons
Kamille: 114 kills, Break Morale Limit +3, Fighter Spirit +1, Save E+1

ZZ Gundam: +10 everything, +10 weapons
Judau: 124 kills, Break Morale Limit +3, Fighter Spirit +1, Save E+2

Volcain Custom: +5 everything, +10 weapons
Ray: 87 kills

Hyaku Shiki: +5 everything, +1 weapons
Iino: 95 kills, SP up +9

Methuss: +1 everything
Fa: 88 kills, SP up +9

Ichinana: +1 everything
Shiro: 71 kills

F91 MP type: +5 everything, +3 weapons
Amuro: 73 kills

FTO: +10 everything, +10 weapons
Eagle: 85 kills, +5 potential, +2 fighter spirit

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Jul 24, 2010

Stage 47 - 2 turns/201 total, 47 SR
Crossbone finale time. SR point is to kill everything before ending the map within 5 turns. The map opens with some mobile suits and killing enough spawns a bunch of Amakusa, killing the two of those with more HP spawns a bunch of copies of the final boss of the map. They are decently bulky and only Chirico and Ryoma can one round them on my team so they just Zeal around and kill all of them except one weakened one so I can kill all the remaining grunts on enemy phase before the last boss acts and I finish the map.

Stage 48 - 2 turns/203 total, 48 SR
The map starts with all my units spread very far out and surrounded by enemies. Unfortunately that means that there really isn't any way to hide most of my weaker battleships from combat. If I could, I might be able to one turn the map. Maybe if I had better MAP weapons I could clear some space, but oh well, two turn it is. There isn't really a whole lot to the map other than the unique starting position. I just spread out my units and make sure to use spirits on the various big Invaders/Space Monsters.

Stage 49 - 2 turns/205 total, 49 SR
Surprisingly few enemies for a series finale. The SR point is to kill all the grunts before killing the two bosses. The bugs are tanky enough to take 2 hits to kill for several of my units but that doesn't stop me from cleaning them all up on turn 2 player phase. After that Debonair spawns. She has 200+k HP and takes 3 rounds of combat from Getter to bring down to low enough HP to trigger the next event. She heals up, but has much less HP this time and dies to two more rounds of Getter, ending the map. Fortunately Fa has 6 Prospects on her own, plus Yurika, Eagle and Haman have 1 cast each for a shitload of SP.

Stage 50 - 2 turns/207 total, 50 SR
The SR point is to get 10 ExC on a unit and then clear the map in 4 turns. I basically only use 4 units for grunt killing these days so the ExC is pretty trivial. Other than that, it's a pretty standard defeat all enemies map. Spread out my grunt killers and make sure I focus my player phase damage on the bosses and high HP units. Also I unlocked the Platinum Emblem so I don't have to care about SR points that cost any turns anymore.

New and Upgraded Units

Nadesico C

Nadesico unlocks Phase Transition Cannon, both single target and MAP versions and Yurika as a subpilot. The attacks are kinda whatever. Nadesico hasn't seen serious combat in 20 stages and I don't even bother moving from the starting area. Yurika is a better upgrade, as she has Prospect. Nadesico is a pretty solid support boat.

If this didn't join in the 8th to last map in the game it would be pretty good. It has a decent MAP, and its Funnels are nearly as strong as Nu's Full All Range Attack but with a reasonable 30 EN cost. The problem is that this late game I really don't need more grunt killers and it's just not worth upgrading it enough to not be dead weight so I just leave it in the battleship.

What if the Nightingale had -800 damage on its Funnels and no MAP? Yeah, this stays in the battleship too. At least Haman has Prospect.

Jul 24, 2010

Stage 51 Aggressive - 1 turn/208 total, 51 SR
My first attempt at this was a two turn, but I figured I could easily do better. The SR point, and the initial goal to progress the map, is to kill 15 of the initial original grunts. I manage to do this on turn 1 player phase mostly through having Arcadia Resolve + Restore Action Gunbuster so it could spam its MAP for 3 kills a pop. After that, Wednesday and Sunday spawn. I have Getter one shot one, which causes the remaining one to cast Love. Tyranado burns its Flash and Scopedog shoots it down. This causes Birthday to spawn, who goes down to a mix of Arcadia, Gunbuster, Mazinger and Scopedog, ending the map.

Stage 52 Aggressive - 1 turn/209 total, 52 SR
SR point is just to clear the map in 5 turns. Initial goal is to kill Dark Gundam, who is actually very far away from the starting location. I load up Gunbuster, Mazinger and Getter in Arcadia with Emergency Retrieval and Multi Action to the boss. Arcadia is able to knock Dark Gundam below half health to trigger an event and spawn Ashura and Brocken. Gunbuster kills Dark Gundam and Scopedog uses a combination of Zeals and Multi Actions to kill the Mazinger enemies, which causes Infinity to spawn. Unfortunately, it spawns pretty far away from Arcadia (and thus Getter and Mazinger) but I'm able to blow all of Harlocks SP on Resolves to ExC Boost Getter so they can Multi Action across the map to team up with Scopedog and kill Infinity on turn 1.

Stage 53 Aggressive - 3 turns/212 total, 53 SR
This is the super spread out Jupiter map again. There are too many enemies on the field for me to kill them all on player phase so I have to settle for counterkills. On turn 2 Cowen and Stinger and Combined Primeval spawn. The SR point is to kill them within 3 turns. Killing them with my usual Getter and Scopedog causes more space monsters to spawn, and once again there are too many to kill on player phase to progress the map any faster. On turn 3, Z Master spawns. It has a lot of health, but getting it low enough gives all my units a full heal and 300 Morale, so it drops even faster after that. Finally, the Machine Primeval spawns. The main gimmick of this is that anyone other than Guy or the battleships who attack or are attacked by it are forced to retreat after combat. This would matter more if it had more than like 95k HP and all my units didn't have 300 morale so it dies in two hits even from my non-stat boosted boss killers.

Final Stage Aggressive - 2 turns/214 total, 53 SR
The first half of this map opens with a bunch of grunts and minibosses I don't care about and two bosses that matter. I once again Emergency Retrieval Gunbuster, Mazinger, Getter and Scopedog and have Arcadia Multi Action twice to reach the bosses. Neither of them are all that bulky and my 5 main combat units kill them on turn 1. That brings us to the second half, back on Earth, with more grunts I still don't care about and Dyma to kill. All my units also have full Morale and SP, which is nice, but doesn't actually effect much in practice. I do the same thing with Arcadia as the first half, though only one Multi Action is needed. After attacking Dyma once, he heals to full and Ame spawns. Killing Ame makes Dyma vulnerable again and he also dies on the first turn of this half of the map. And that's it. That's the game.

Final Turn Count: 214 - 53 SR - 5 Aggressive Ending - 3 Private Mission - 3 V Junction - 3 Visitor X = 147 total

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with how this went. There were a few maps that could have been improved and I maybe should have tried a bit harder to push some late game "Destroy All Enemies" phases more on player phase, particularly with my MAPs. I think my draft picks worked out. The only thing I might change in retrospect would be to try to draft a MAP attacker like ZZ over Mazinger Z or Nu (though I can't remember what the availabilty was at that point in the draft.) I'm going to try to do a write up on how my units turned out tomorrow.


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May 4, 2017

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Stage 44 Independent: 2/170 turns -44
The goal is to clear all enemies on turn 4, and then shoot down Haman. I clear out the initial enemies on turn 2, and shoot down Haman. Then GxS mooks spawn, and a generous helping of Sagiri's MAP attack clears most of the trash out. Sin of Friday also gets summarily dealt with.

Stage 45 Independent: 2/172 turns -45
I have to defeat Queen Mansa, Alpha Azieru, Rewloola and the Musaka's within 4 turns, and then shoot down Sazabi. This all happens on turn 2, and then Nightingale gets shot down by Shin Getter.

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