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gormless goblin

probly like 30% of people know what kind of changes theres been in the supermarket tea aisle in the last like 9 years but that means theres a whole mess of people that need to get updates on this so here we go

teas what you can get at the grocery store and how you should think about them ----

matcha green: some lady at work will ask if you like matcha, and you can feasibly get away with drinking this and saying "yes!". it's green tea but its kind of bitter and chalky and you can legally say you like "food from south of the border" if you just do the minimum of drinking this stuff. trust me, i've done it.

throat coat: this was a hidden in plain sight deal. they disguised this as a useless "i'm sick and need to get better" tea, but actually its just super nice. i can't possibly describe what the flavor is. but it basically tastes like one of those "i'm sick and need to get better" teas

turmeric: crazy. this stuff used to be a spice that just flat out expired because your dad didn't know what to use it for. that happened in a lot of households and now we're drinking it so it doesn't go to waste. ingenuity like this will come in handy in the end times

turmeric chili: see above

ginger tea: no you don't have to handle ginger anymore, grind it up, shave it, any of that, its in a teabag now. maybe even in a tea pyramid

camomile: avoid unless you want to do an impression of that one aunt

licorice: what kind of sick-o are you? i think you are statistically more likely to be a hopeless killer if you say you like this on a survey, so just DON'T

field correspondents please submit your tea reports here because somebody's gotta talk about whats going on out here

p.s.: i autobanned myself with a flair so this thread better work out goddamn how embarassing


gormless goblin

this is like a politician who really wants to jazz up his image with a new bill and then they find out he's been bumpin uglies in a truck stop but he just tries to play it cool

gormless goblin

*loosens tie* *talks into mic and theres a bunch of feedback*
hello yes i prepared a statement.

i forgot that the "HOT" flair was a mod flair. i apologize. i need to do better. i will be taking a leave of absence to make sure that the tea thread doesn't get mired in my failings. our movement is bigger htan just one man. thank you.

Dr. Honked

toilet duck

i occasionally enjoy camomile tea but i am an uncle, so maybe it's allowed

baka fwocka fwame


-noted tasty tea beverage enjoyer ric flair


Kaiser Schnitzel

Schnitzel mit uns

i like tea in this thread

says alot about byob that we have had like 4 tea threads but we keep losing them

ty nut for this wonderful sig!

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