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Nov 27, 2004

Welcome to The Wrestling Guides Thread

Inspired by Jerusalem's excellent effort post thread in games The Best Games Ever: EffortPost Your Favorites and Gavok's So You Want to Get Into AEW: An All Elite Wrestling Primer, this is a thread for effort posting about things in wrestling you feel passionate about.

Some Basic Guidelines Shamelessly Stolen and Adjusted From The Games Effort Posting Thread
Thank you Harrow for writing the original version

Whatís This Thread About?
In this thread, we will write, opine, rant, and otherwise discuss at length wrestling that you we care about. This thread will be a repository of long-form writing by PSP forum posters about anything related to wrestling. All aspects of wrestling are welcome, as long as theyíre things from wrestling you care about!

Long-Form? I Gotta Write Words?
Yes! Well, as many words as you feel like.The idea is to bring up wrestling in this thread that you have something to say about. In other words: if a wrestler is one of your favorites ever, or there's a promotion you just canít stop thinking about, tell us why! You donít have to be exclusively positive--even the greatest promotions have flaws that are worth discussing, after all--you just need to have something to say.

Itís up to you if you want to just rant for a while, or focus on one thing you really love, or try to write a sales pitch to get other people to watch a wrestler, feud, match you think is overlooked, or even go for a more structured essay, article, or review. All are welcome.

You are free to talk about as much or as little as you want. If you want to do a big post about your ten favorite wrestlers ever, great! If youíd rather do one post about one match, and write about another one later, hell yeah, thatís cool, too!

What If I'm Not a Very Good Writer?
That doesn't matter! :justpost:

I'm sure some of us will be using this thread to write our Very Important Wrestling Thoughts in as well-constructed a form as we can, but that's not the only purpose. If you have a lot to say about wrestling you love, you're welcome to say it here, even if you're not confident in your writing skills. This isn't a writing critique thread, after all. It's a Talk About Wrestling thread!

Special Note About Writing Wrestling Guides
Wrestling topics can be big subjects requiring a lot of research and time to develop. If you can't get it all in one big post all at once, feel free to post multiple posts about what you're writing about or update your post over time. See Gavok's Ranking Every Royal Rumble Competitor for a great example of posting multiple times about a single subject.

Do I Have To Post My Guides In Here Rather Than Making A Thread?
No! I'm not a mod, if you feel like your guide would more likely get the attention and discussion it deserves as its own thread feel free to post one.

Will There Be a Ranking?
Nope! Unlike the annual MOTY or Top Ten Favorite Wrestler threads, there will be no end-of-thread rating, and in fact no defined ending to the thread. This thread will hang out for as long as people want to post in it.

Can We Talk About Wrestling?
I sure hope so! While the point of the thread is for people to post a bunch of words about the wrestling they love, we also welcome more casual discussion about the wrestling that's been brought up.


Nov 27, 2004

Edward Mass
Sep 14, 2011

*dubstep intensifies*

Impact Wrestling
With Ring of Honor in the middle of 're-imagining' their company, there is no question that Impact Wrestling is the number three promotion based in the United States. This is not a guide to the history of Impact, because about a million people have written a million histories that all end with epitaphs. Impact still lives.

In my opinion, Slammiversary XXVIII is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to learn more about the promotion. The company's first pay-per-view in the era of COVID-19 was booked in a period of change in personnel, as several wrestlers were fired after #SpeakingOut allegations and several more wrestlers were hired after WWE fired a whole mess of people three months earlier.

Impact Wrestling's eponymous show airs weekly on Thursdays. You can watch it on AXS TV, or, for 99 cents a month, watch it on YouTube ad-free 30 minutes after it starts airing on TV. That's less than a quarter a week! The weekly show is supplemented, like all wrestling promotions, with pay-per-view events. There are four main PPVs annually, all valued at $39.99, while smaller monthly events are valued at $9.99 (free if you subscribe to Impact Plus, their archival service).

The roster is an eclectic mix of wrestlers, ranging from "why didn't WWE look at this guy?" to "why did WWE fire this guy?", with a few geeks thrown in for good measure. In addition, the FORBIDDEN DOOR is in full effect, as wrestlers from NJPW and AAA regularly make appearances (AEW has a policy as well, but there are no current plans for talent exchange). What you end up with is Trey Miguel (guy who turned down a WWE contract while he stablemates, now known as MSK, signed) wrestling Steve Maclin (a guy WWE fired for some reason) and El Phantasmo (an NJPW wrestler) for the X Division Championship.

"What is the X Division?", you might ask, having been under a rock for 20 years. As the saying goes, it's not about weight limits, it's about no limits. Originally created as a spiritual successor to WCW's Cruiserweight Division, the X Division has been Impact's calling card since AJ Styles became the inaugural champion. Over the years, the title itself has morphed into an incubator of sorts for future World Champions - many wrestlers have used the X Division Championship as a springboard to main event status, and not just via deus ex machina.

There is also a brilliant women's roster, known as the "Knockouts Division". Before you ask, management frequently asks the women if they're OK still using the brand, and the women approve. Scott D'Amore spearheaded the movement of featuring women's wrestlers in the promotion back when he was just a producer, and now he's the Executive VP!

Speaking of D'Amore, Impact Wrestling has a secret weapon: the Canadian Pipeline. When Scott D'Amore was asked by Impact to assemble Team Canada for an international tournament, ownership unknowingly made the best decision they ever made. Guys like Petey Williams, Eric Young, and Bobby Roode would jump-start the promotion's roster of guys who weren't WWE rejects. The Canadian Pipeline is fully tapped these days, as notable independent wrestler "Speedball" Mike Bailey decided to sign with Impact Wrestling as soon as his legal issues involving travel to the United States expired.

If you've never watched Impact Wrestling, I think you should give it a try! It's an easy 2 hours every week. If you've sworn off Impact for life, well, I can't help you.

May 20, 2004

Would you be my new best friends?

Great idea for a thread. I feel bad that I can't let go of my disinterest in Impact since I keep hearing it's gotten so much better (and has had like 17 complete changes of ownership since the Dixie Carter days) but man did they poison that well for me when they were TNA. Sorry, Edward Mass :(

Nov 11, 2003


Jerusalem posted:

Great idea for a thread. I feel bad that I can't let go of my disinterest in Impact since I keep hearing it's gotten so much better (and has had like 17 complete changes of ownership since the Dixie Carter days) but man did they poison that well for me when they were TNA. Sorry, Edward Mass :(
I get it, but I've been treating Impact as a separate company ever since the last buyout and rename. They bought the rights and the contracts but rebranded completely and even retired the old belts. I'd say at least give the PPVs a chance, they've been Actually Good lately.

I'll probably effortpost DG here at some point if nobody beats me to it.


El Generico
Feb 3, 2009

Nobody outrules the Marquise de Cat!

Jerusalem posted:

Great idea for a thread. I feel bad that I can't let go of my disinterest in Impact since I keep hearing it's gotten so much better (and has had like 17 complete changes of ownership since the Dixie Carter days) but man did they poison that well for me when they were TNA. Sorry, Edward Mass :(


As a Bullet Club mark, I should really want to see Jay White's segments at least, but my brain has been trained to let current day TNA float off of it like water off of a duck's back. Sometimes I watch retro TNA stuff, a match or two that was good or funny.

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