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Nov 7, 2011

this dead gay comedy forum has a deader gayer radio station, so while we have a music rsf I might as well get some ears on it for a few minutes I guess

below is the OP from the NMD thread, but a couple more questions before then:

do you really play hip hop and r&b on there?
yeah, we like a lot of different poo poo, but I will say most of the folks on gbs-fm like their hip hop

are you playing a hip hop or r&b song right now?
probably not, no. If you want to change that, register for the site at, join the discord or irc, and auth yourself, and add some good poo poo

you're missing (x), (y), and (z), wtf
yeah, we've got a shitton of tunes at this point, but if we have any gaps in the database, feel free to add them. that said:


<DaWolfey> upload away, but for the love of god, search first

anyway, here's the NMD thread OP. enjoy!

Belteshazzar posted:

Previous thread

:sax: :dance: :rock: :dance: :cry:

Stream URLs (HTTPS): 96k 128k 192k 256k 320k FLAC
Stream URLs (Winamp): 96k 128k 192k 256k 320k
Mobile: Available on TuneIn Radio (Android / iOS) or any app that supports Shoutcast
IRC: SynIRC #gbs-fm


<Jonnty> With the GBS FM v2.0 source code, I strive for dangerously bad design

What the gently caress is this
GBS-FM is an online radio station and one of the longest-running offsite goon projects, going back to 2004 in its original incarnation. Anyone with a forums account can register and add whatever the hell they want to the playlist, for a varied listening experience you just can't find anywhere else. Death metal? Sure! Tuvan throat singing? Why not? Denpa-kei? Throw it on!

How does it work
Visit the website above and register an account if you haven't already. Then search the immense catalog of 500,000+ songs or upload your own terrible music and add it to the playlist. There are only a few basic ground rules:
  • Music only (for an extremely broad definition of "music" - pretty much anything except spoken word or tracks that only consist of people talking)
  • No racist/nazi poo poo
  • Search before uploading!
  • Tag your poo poo correctly
  • Songs longer than 11 minutes in length can't be played without moderator approval
  • You can only have one song on the playlist at a time, unless a moderator has bestowed a token on you
  • Each song can only be played once a week
  • Don't use the comments box at the bottom of the page for chat! All the comments are saved and are shown the next time that song is played, so it won't make any sense.
If you can't be bothered to look up every song individually, the Discord and IRC bots have commands to add music by search keyword or totally at random.

I remember this, isn't it all just horrible troll poo poo
It varies a lot! There are certainly...questionable...tracks in the rotation, but fundamentally, GBS-FM is what you make it. Compared to back in the 2000s when the playlist was spammed to 4+ hours at all times of day, the current community is smaller and more laid-back, so you have much more of a chance to make an impact. Someone may like what you've added and follow on! I've personally discovered countless artists over the years from hearing random stuff come across the playlist. Be prepared to hear a lot about Bob Pokosy, though.

Whatís all this oh-so-hilarious Ďdongí business about?
No-one quite remembers, but itís likely that it was a typo that stuck, way back in the dawn of time. All the jokes have been made, itís just part of GBS-FMís heritage now. And who doesnít love a good dong? :dong:

Where do I download the filez!! :v:
You can't! Sorry!

Why is it playing "bees" over and over again
Something broke! Get on the chat and bitch and moan till somebody fixes it

Theme days!

Who is responsible for this
GBS-FM 2.0 is hosted by Scuttle with dubiously working code provided by Jonnty.
The original station was run by kalleboo of blessed memory.

Note that GBS-FM has absolutely NO CONNECTION TO SOMETHING AWFUL WHATSOEVER, so don't email SA Tech Support!

Here's to many more years of dongs to come!


Sep 10, 2011

hello world

Venomous posted:

are you playing a hip hop or r&b song right now?
probably not, no.


Vacation Tenzin
Jan 23, 2005


It's true, it's all true. We have the 69 Boyz.

Apr 1, 2006

I'ma buck you up.

As long as it plays alternative hip hop. Where they rap about that real poo poo like depression and anxiety, not a big fan of that guns drugs bitches poo poo. Anyway OP, Iíve been tuned in for 8 years.

Larry Parrish
Jul 9, 2012


Feb 13, 2013

"OMG BEES!" :buddy: :razz: :am:

Nov 14, 2020

I love and miss internet radios but I mostly only listen to hip-hop, namaste either way


Nov 7, 2011

bumping the thread in the run-up to the RSF closing next week to say: thanks to anyone who saw this lovely thread and gave gbs-fm a listen! See you folks in the NMD thread!

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