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Comrade Blyatlov
Aug 4, 2007

should have picked four fingers

We seem to have thoroughly derailed the Ukraine thread, so as requested here's a thread about movies n video and I guess YouTube as well if you like.
Name your favourite war, war-related and war-adjacent films, and talk about them.

I'll kick us off with a favourite - yup, it's...
The Pentagon Wars.
This is an absolute classic starring none other than Carey Elwes. Ostensibly about the troubled development of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, it's really about the absolute insanity that is the MIC. Hilarious and utterly brutal.

NZ Army Haka
One from home. The Haka is very important within Maori culture for a couple of reasons. It's used as a challenge, both ritually and in combat, and in this instance it's used as an honour. It's like saying 'you are worthy,' and in this case you can understand what that says about the fallen.

We Were Soldiers
I have a real soft spot for this film. I don't even know why, but it does it for me. Mel Gibson stars as Lt Col Hal Moore, in a dramatisation of the first major conflict between the NVA and the American forces. In some respects it's reasonably accurate, in others - notably the ending - it's very inaccurate. I appreciate that it takes time to visit those waiting at home, and that it really pays homage to the Vietnamese.
I note that it doesn't include the part where the NVA took the lessons learnt and immediately inflicted heavy losses during the next conflict with the Americans.
I rate it 5/5 friendly napalm bombings.


Oct 16, 2006


Exciting Lemon
Fury Road should be in the op because it's Fury Road regardless of it's tangential relation to military movies.

Apr 28, 2010

M_Gargantua posted:

Fury Road should be in the op because it's Fury Road regardless of it's tangential relation to military movies.

Dredd, same category.

Kilo Two Bravo- American Title for a British Film about Troops caught in a minefield in AFG. Based on a true story, one of the best war movies made.

Ultimate Force- terrible TV show a la SEAL Team/The Unit from the UK. First two seasons have Chris Ryan (Bravo Two Zero Patrol in 91, 'The One That Got Away') as an advisor.

9th Company- Russian movie about Soviet VDV in Soviet Afghan War.

The Beast- a fun American movie about a Soviet Tank Crew in AFG. I can't say anything more without giving poo poo away.

Danger Close: Battle of Long Tan- ANZACs in Vietnam. Fantastic film.

Seige of Jadotville- Irish Troops in the Congo. poo poo owns.

Not strictly military, but Proof of Life with Russell Crowe has some amazing action, some nicely built drama, and some bullshit rear end love storyline that should be cut.

E- Formatting.

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Vincent Van Goatse
Nov 8, 2006

My "Not Vincent Price" T-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt.

Battle of Neretva - Probably the only English-language film (dubbed, admittedly) about the Yugoslav partisans not starring Harrison Ford and it pulls no punches. Tito threw Yugoslav state resources at the film and it shows onscreen. Yul Brynner plays a Yugoslav demolitions expert and Orson Welles hams it up as a fascist collaborator.

Force 10 from Navarone - Semi-forgotten sequel to Guns of Navarone without the original cast. This is the other English-language film about Yugoslav partisans. Harrison Ford, Carl Weathers, and Robert Shaw parachute into Yugoslavia to blow up a bridge. It doesn't go so well at first because they have to fight Richard "Jaws" Kiel. Despite being a pretty breezy film it has a few shockingly dark moments.

Gettysburg - If you've seen it, you know why it's on this list. If you haven't, you should.

Japan's Longest Day - Black and white Japanese drama about the Imperial Japanese Army's attempt to keep the Emperor from announcing his decision to surrender in August 1945. Shot in a subdued, almost docudrama fashion which works well.

Where Eagles Dare - Has nothing particularly deep to say about war or the human condition, but Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood mow down Nazis by the truckload so what's not to enjoy?

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Sep 23, 2007


The Cruel Sea The most British of British war at sea movies but still amazing. See also;

In Which We Serve Which is so British war at sea that it was made in 1942 and has Noel Coward as the ship captain. It's very good for a propaganda film.

Ice Cold in Alex The most British of British driving an ambulance across the Egyptian desert movies but still amazing.

This Land of Mine Danish film about German POWs being used to de-mine beaches. It's pretty loving harrowing at times and it's not Denmark's finest hour but a great film.

The Battle of Britain Used mostly real planes. Also the bit where the Polish pilots go all "Repeat please!" and it's aftermath could bring tears to a glass eye.

Dunkirk Real planes again and Kenneth Branagh bringing tears to a glass eye again when the small ships turn up.


Apr 2, 2012

Comrade Blyatlov posted:

, .

[b]We Were Soldiers[/b it's very inaccurate. I appreciate that it takes time to visit those waiting at home, and that it really pays homage to the Vietnamese. .

Like Blackhawk Down,
That movie got cut to shreds by the Dod.

The dead nva whose diary and picture gets recovered was originally going to be a much wider role.

There is an (actually filmed and released) deleted scene where Hal moore has lunch post battle with Mcnamara, and tries to tell him "if we keep doing this poo poo we're going to lose this war". I wonder who would want that cut at the time? :thunk:

The film entirely removes the context of that battle from the war as a whole. Its "Saving private Ryan" with hueys and napalm. It looks fantastic, but the truth is its a whitewashed fairytale.

Very inaccurate is an understatement.

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