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Apr 21, 2020

Having trouble falling asleep lately. A lot of times I think about the vastness of the universe and how insignificant I am which makes me feel more secure on a personal level since nothing I do will ultimately matter. But lately this isnít helping

What tips yíall got to falling asleep when your mind wonít stop racing. Drugs arenít an option sadly


hot cocoa on the couch
Dec 8, 2009

made up scenarios where i'm the hero or love interest, mainly

Sid Vicious
Jan 1, 1970

i listen to mrcreepypasta on youtube

2nd Amendment
Jun 8, 2022

Recently, I mostly think about my most recent games of CKII and how that would play out as a historical docu-drama. It's been a while, but also some of my more dramatic heavily modded Emperor of the Fading Suns games (usually with some PBEM games mixed in). Or what happens in Vvardenfell after some of my Nevarines are cowardly murdered by radical members of the Temple and what succession looks like. Or the political machinations of FO2 after my character was done, or if a radical all 10 prewar clonetech was discovered and raised by a tribe. Or various fanfic universes I've created in Star Wars or Babylon 5 (that one ended up becoming its own thing and is now just it's own universe).

Plus lots of random stuff when I can get into a proper twilight semi-lucid state. That's always the best but I've got to get myself into the right kind of tired for that to happen.

Feb 27, 2016

Your posts, OP

For real if I canít fall asleep I read the news which probably isnít good either

Jul 2, 2011

"virgin no more! virgin no more!" i continue to insist as i slowly shrink and transform into a corn cob

Just get exhausted. That does the trick.

Sid Vicious
Jan 1, 1970

Bodhidharma posted:

Just get exhausted. That does the trick.

plus if you have depression just go for a walk

Das Boo
Jun 9, 2011

There was a GHOST here. It's gone now.

Sid Vicious posted:

i listen to mrcreepypasta on youtube

This dude and Dr.Hollowed have very good voices to fall asleep to.

Apr 29, 2013

Good ideas 4 free

Fun Shoe

I think about making a video game from the most naive perspective i can, like 'wouldnt it be cool if.. and then if this happened.. etc', while disregarding implementation details very intentionally.

Its like nice squishy nothing thoughts that are super pleasant and relaxing.

Bad Purchase
Jun 17, 2019

nothing helps, you're either tired enough to fall asleep or you aren't

2nd Amendment
Jun 8, 2022

I really enjoyed "Mad God" because it is basically what I see when I close my eyes and unfocus. So to fall asleep I have to focus to keep the visions at bay. But sometimes embracing them is great.

Jul 1, 2021

elaborate sexual fantasies. it works. overdue bills? couldn't care less.

2nd Amendment
Jun 8, 2022

covetous fantasies are haram

Apr 18, 2003

I can't shut the fuck up about KIMCHI!

Dec 20, 2003

Listen to reason, man. Why make your job difficult?

Jul 19, 2004

Happy Equinox

The best way to fall asleep for me is to turn on some white noise, I like the sound of rain personally, then lay down, breathe deep and slowly through the nose

Think only about breathing in and out... Count the time of your breathing. Go for like 5 seconds in then 5 seconds out. Increase count up to like 10.

The important part of blanking your mind off thoughts except for the immediate. That's why paying attention to your breathing helps. Stay in the moment and don't think about the future.

I've had trouble going to sleep since I was like 10 years old, and it definitely takes practice. I'm pretty good at it now. It's like a form of meditation maybe 🤔

Jul 6, 2013

Nothing, really. Thanks, Ambien!

Bula Vinaka
Oct 21, 2020

beach side

Jul 19, 2004

Happy Equinox

It also helps a ton of the bedroom is nice and cool for me.

Jul 19, 2004

Happy Equinox

What's got your mind racing friend?

2nd Amendment
Jun 8, 2022

I keep having these dreams of a woman walking out of a church or a cemetery. I get them sometimes when I am awake too. There is a voice that sounds like a radio just a few notches off telling me something I can't hear.

Mar 18, 2008

I have a very small TV. Don't make fun of it! Please don't shame it like that~

Grimey Drawer

I imagine i'm in a torpedo tube

Mar 26, 2007

time to post


Mar 26, 2007

time to post

CaptainSarcastic posted:

Nothing, really. Thanks, Ambien!

This post is just an alibi before you post some huge racist screed, isn't it?

Zybourne Clock
Oct 25, 2011

Poke me.

The trick is not to do any heavy processing and instead visualize your body slowly growing heavier.

Ralph Hurley
Aug 3, 2009


I put in noise canceling ear phones and think about how I just nutted OP

Jul 6, 2013

Nooner posted:

This post is just an alibi before you post some huge racist screed, isn't it?

Your mistake is in assuming I sleep at all.

Oct 15, 2016


Lipstick Apathy

Ken burns baseball doco. Or any ken burns doc really

May 26, 2011

Because it never leaves its bedroom, no one has ever seen this poster's real face.


I think to fall asleep is good so you will not be so tired

20 Blunts
Jan 21, 2017

what a mess I just made in your mom's rear end op

Apr 23, 2008

The Official Demon Girl
Boss of 2022!

I just close my eyes and lay still. I can ussually see some colors and images and then I know I'm about to doze off.

I have really wild, vivid dreams tho so I wake up about 3 times ever night.

Sometimes it's just nightmares of all the posts I've made...

Vincent Van Goatse
Nov 8, 2006

My "Not Vincent Price" T-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt.


Terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center, killing thousands.

Apr 6, 2011

Jan 22, 2005


I usually like having nature sounds on, usually rainfall. Then, I try to picture a dull golden sphere, which helps me to look away from all other thoughts. Kind of meditative. When I'm close to sleep, I usually let out a low, guttural 'hmmm' without meaning to. So, nature, meditation and throat chanting.

Colonel Cancer
Sep 26, 2015

Tune into the fireplace channel, you absolute buffoon

Sleep is just practice for dying

a peck of pickled peckers
Aug 3, 2014

I am your Redeemer! It is by my hand that you arise from the ashes of this world!

Jacking off and cumming before bed usually makes me very sleepy

Nov 2, 2007

tune the FM in to static and pretend that its the sea

I think about how Ram Ranch really rocks

Feb 28, 2011

Pork Pro

Mostly about having cool psychic powers or the ability to shapeshift, things of that nature

Oct 9, 2012

Please report me if I am missing this JP warning label. I must not be posting without it. Thank you.

I watch videos on my laptop with the sound off, though when I'm half asleep my brain makes the images look all weird and surreal.


Sep 11, 2001

~*Problematic Poster*~

Fun Shoe

i imagine my pillow is a pair of big ol bazongas

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