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Where do you save your personal files
This poll is closed.
Rawdogging my home directory 12 8.39%
Documents/ 12 8.39%
dropbox 6 4.20%
icloud 9 6.29%
onedrive 6 4.20%
s3 bucket 5 3.50%
email to myself 9 6.29%
yeeted via rsync to an old optiplex in the basement 6 4.20%
sd card 6 4.20%
printed out 10 6.99%
github 7 4.90%
a backup on the vm itself 6 4.20%
rapidshare 4 2.80%
google drive 8 5.59%
box 4 2.80%
egnyte 3 2.10%
sharefile 4 2.80%
spideroak 3 2.10%
megaupload 6 4.20%
printed out 11 7.69%
uploaded to web server to send link to rms's demon to email it to him 6 4.20%
Total: 31 votes
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polyester concept
Mar 29, 2017

dehumanize yourself and face to the trash bin


Deep Dish Fuckfest
Sep 6, 2006

Computer Touching

Toilet Rascal
turn on ur monitor

Jenny Agutter
Mar 18, 2009

microsoft only lets you get up to 2TB of OneDrive as a consumer, what’s up with that. seems like a no brainer to let people pay more for more storage

Aug 9, 2009

Jenny Agutter posted:

microsoft only lets you get up to 2TB of OneDrive as a consumer, what’s up with that. seems like a no brainer to let people pay more for more storage

They can't, they're using FAT32

mobby_6kl fucked around with this message at 18:34 on Feb 4, 2023

Jul 25, 2007


Aug 9, 2009

There's an Ars review of cloud backup services:

the winner is iDrive which doesn't seem to be related to either Apple nor BMW

Mr. Crow
May 22, 2008

Snap City mayor for life
I pay $20 a month for unlimited storage on google workspaces, theres like 16? TB up there. I've recovered disks from it a couple times, rclone is great and google never sees anything unencrypted.

Apr 24, 2004

Oysters Autobio posted:

resurrecting to quote this because im seriously at a loss and too embarassed to ask anyone how to actually organize my file drive docs or actually get windows search to be able to search my docs.

like, what do the meganerds do here? I have this sprawling multi folder garbage that im tempted just to consolidate into one folder, but even with the fairly lovely folder structure it at least gives some sort of searchability for my docs.

Search is why I started this thread! Dropbox does great full text indexing except for markdown files :(.

My folders look like this:

Apps (apps that use Dropbox, e.g. Joplin)
Archive (old projects that I keep because I have space but don't need)
  Kids (school forms etc)
  DJ (contracts, "press kit" lol, etc)
  Folders for various orgs I volunteer with
Mackup (dotfile sync)
   Personal photos
   Important memes
Projects (was coding projects but these are mostly moved to github)
Public (various publicly shared folders mostly :filez:)
If you're using Windows I'd recommend starting by scanning your whole situation with treesize pro and find some quick wins to delete the garbage you don't need. Take a one-time backup to external drive and then go hog wild with delete key. Then depending on what kind of stuff you have I'd categorize based on topic.

If I were 100% macOS I'd probably take advantage of the labeling system and do smart folders.


Share Bear
Apr 27, 2004

really gotta figure this out, prob gonna get a 5 bay synology then sync to s3 glacier like weekly

really gotta figure out my music situation, itunes blew everything up so now i have a folder that foobar sits on top of which works but is very VERY unorganized

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