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Where do you save your personal files
This poll is closed.
Rawdogging my home directory 12 8.39%
Documents/ 12 8.39%
dropbox 6 4.20%
icloud 9 6.29%
onedrive 6 4.20%
s3 bucket 5 3.50%
email to myself 9 6.29%
yeeted via rsync to an old optiplex in the basement 6 4.20%
sd card 6 4.20%
printed out 10 6.99%
github 7 4.90%
a backup on the vm itself 6 4.20%
rapidshare 4 2.80%
google drive 8 5.59%
box 4 2.80%
egnyte 3 2.10%
sharefile 4 2.80%
spideroak 3 2.10%
megaupload 6 4.20%
printed out 11 7.69%
uploaded to web server to send link to rms's demon to email it to him 6 4.20%
Total: 31 votes
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Agile Vector
May 21, 2007

scrum bored

College Slice

after cleaning up a bunch of old drives, yeah. i use icloud for goofy images etc. since it's simple enough on windows, but any real files live on a network drive that i backblaze and can pull from any os locally

it was handy when i was condensing and sorting old file because i deleted something, realized it was meaningful, and pulled the backup


Agile Vector
May 21, 2007

scrum bored

College Slice

Cat Face Joe posted:

let's see, ill be 13 in and 14 down



Agile Vector
May 21, 2007

scrum bored

College Slice

Laserjet 4P posted:

for photos there is only one way that works: dir with year as name and subdirs with year-month-day containing photos. prune early and often because doing it later is more painful, especially with family pictures. i despise lightroom or bridge or whatever adobe poo poo trying to be smarter than a hierarchical fs.

having just done a preliminary tidying of several old drives with files and photos from the last 25 years these absolutely were

the best were when i had pulled files with date naming, the worst were ones where the creation metadata was wrong and exif data didn't exist because the digital camera had a crappy clock and would reset to the initial epoch date. my memory was off by a few years and i was lucky to find duplicates with older and more accurate dates to improve sorting

Captain Foo posted:

wiztree is the best windows disk analysis tool

it's real nice and i keep forgetting to switch out from windirstat. they're very similar but wiztree is way quicker

there's also grandperspective for macs

polyester concept posted:

thanks, i've been using windirstat for years but it sounds like wiztree is 46 times faster

it's so fast and i don't know why i reverted on my newer machine

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