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Where do you save your personal files
This poll is closed.
Rawdogging my home directory 12 8.39%
Documents/ 12 8.39%
dropbox 6 4.20%
icloud 9 6.29%
onedrive 6 4.20%
s3 bucket 5 3.50%
email to myself 9 6.29%
yeeted via rsync to an old optiplex in the basement 6 4.20%
sd card 6 4.20%
printed out 10 6.99%
github 7 4.90%
a backup on the vm itself 6 4.20%
rapidshare 4 2.80%
google drive 8 5.59%
box 4 2.80%
egnyte 3 2.10%
sharefile 4 2.80%
spideroak 3 2.10%
megaupload 6 4.20%
printed out 11 7.69%
uploaded to web server to send link to rms's demon to email it to him 6 4.20%
Total: 31 votes
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git apologist
Jun 4, 2003

dropbox used to be real good but then irritatingly they decided they needed to make money now it is a constant upsell fest and very annoying


git apologist
Jun 4, 2003

echinopsis posted:


ironically, Iíve spent time going thru photo sets that were good and trimming them, but sets that were average or just random, I havenít put the time and donít have the inclination, so they end up taking up far more space

unfortunately and realistically overall I donít have the motivation to trim out the non good ones (99% of my photos), so I am just trying to find a way to mirror all of them. far less effort and much more in tune with my life ethos

for offsite backup dump it all in amazon glacier, itís cheap as heck

git apologist
Jun 4, 2003

daisy disk is really good on macOS and worth the $10 or whatever perpetual license

git apologist
Jun 4, 2003

Share Bear posted:

does anyone roll their own? i know theres a shsc thread but its long/ancient

i feel like if i get a synology itll be easier but if it blows up i'm hosed whereas if i do some nerdass zfs low power small case thing ill at least be able to fix it if it breaks, either with parts or software

will def mirror to amazon glacier or the gcp equivalent (which i should start doing right now)

i had two qnaps and they worked great but then i got a nerd tingle and just moved all the drives into a tower case with a haswell mobo. i donít do raid anymore, just use mergefs to present 5 4TB drives as one big storage pool. it took gently caress all to set up and works pretty well. i run dockers on there too (did the same on the qnaps)

so yeah synos and qnaps are great but personally if you are just storing linux isos and backing up all your actual important stuff to glacier or w/e then a nerd linux box is fine imo

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