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Oct 27, 2002
____|\__\o/__ AAH! SHARK

(Isnoop wrote the initial version of the rules list, but the mods have been adding to this over time)

Welcome to the movie reviews forum! This forum is all about goon-written movie reviews. If you see something that you feel should be added to the rules, PM/AIM me or the other Film Dump mods, NoneMoreNegative and The Walrus.

  • Don't vote on a scale. If you thought a movie was average but it's got 5 stars anyway, DO NOT vote it a 1 just to bring down the rating. Please, that's not how this forum works.
  • Before posting a new review, make sure to search the forum for a previous review on that movie.
  • Write your own raview. It's fine to link to someone else's review on another site but you should at least make your own as well.
  • When posting a new review, use the proper title in title form (example: Matrix, The)
  • If you are missing any information about the movie or you aren't sure which genre to place it in, IMDB is your friend
  • Movies are ranked through the thread voting system.
  • If you vote an extreme high or low or you vote against the general concensus, be prepared to give at least a little insight into your decision.
  • MOVIE REVIEWS, NOT DISCUSSION- If you want to discuss the film, make(or find) a GBS thread about it and do it there.
  • When posting a new review, be sure to place your own vote on it right away.
  • You are not voting on the content of the review or the posts in the thread, you are voting your opinion of the movie. If you feel a review was lovely or didn't reflect your thoughts, reply to the thread with your own.
  • Vote spamming is not allowed. Going through and voting all the movies a 1 because you can will result in a juicy ban. If you see this happening, use Attn: Mods thread.
  • Please put a bit of effort into your post. Making a post like "Good film 5/5" really doesn't help anyone out. While you don't need to be writing several paragraph essays, some thought should at least go into your response. If you are going to write "Good film a must see 5/5", then just rate the drat thing and don't bother wasting anyone's time with a useless post like that.
  • You are reviewing a movie that you saw. Don't post in a thread about how your freind told you it was great. This is not helpful. I thought this one would be understood, but apparently not.
  • You are reviewing the movie. It doesn't matter if the person in front of you was talking on their cell phone. Please only include relevant things in your review and don't go off on a 3 paragraph tangent about the time you were infected with AIDS. Also, don't be an idiot and write comments like "OMG I DOWNLOADED IT BUT THE QUALITY WAS HORRIBLE YOU SHOULD WAIT FOR A DVDRIP TO SEE THIS FILM!"
  • DON'T START UP A DRAMAFEST IN A THREAD. There is a thread where you can report someone who may be vote spamming, don't be a silly goose and call them out in the thread.
  • As hilarious as single lines quoted from the movies may be while swilling Bud Ice with your buddies in the basement on a Saturday night, don't do it in this forum. If you have something useful to add to the movie thread, go ahead; don't post for the sake of it.
  • Please don't include spoilers in your review unless absolutely necessary. The idea of the forum is that the person reading the review won't have seen the film yet.
Tip: Hold your mouse over the thread rating when reading the review to see what others voted.

Tip: Other people can see what you voted, so don't be a douchebag.

Like all new forums, the rules will change over time so stay tuned.

Mod Contact Information

ICQ: 11872925
Or just send me a PM.

AIM: RabidLepr

The Walrus
AIM: TheWlrs

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Oct 27, 2002
____|\__\o/__ AAH! SHARK

This is the Frequently Asked Questions part of the show.

Q: There are no mods listed here. Who should I contact if I have a comment or suggestion?
A: The three current mods of the forum are NoneMoreNegative(of GBS fame), olhado, and me. Feel free to harass us via AIM or private message if you have a question/concern/comments/poems.

Q: Why is this forum for reviews only? Why can't it be for discussion
A: This item has been debated a bit, and there are multiple reasons that this forum is for reviews only:
GBS always has contained movie discussion, but the discussion is always intermingled with spoilers and other banter. This forum is designed to be a usefull tool for those people debating whether they should see a movie or not. Discussing a film simply means that you'll be giving away a lot of plot points and will ruin the film for the people reading the review. If you want to discuss a movie, just make a thread in GBS about it. When threads about people making GBS threads their pants reach 7 and 8 pages, rest assured that your thread will generate discussion.

Q: Do you have an IRC chatting channel for chatting?
A: #filmdump on While the channel is still new, I'm almost always in there. Feel free to stop by and insult my taste in film.

Q: I'd like to do a review of movie X. Has anyone reviewed it yet?
A: There are several ways to find out. The first is to simply search the film dump for the title, supposing you have platinum. If you lack platinum, there are a few ways. The easiest might be to click on the thread titles to sort, but you could also try going on to the channel #filmdump. I'm usually there, and so are several other members. We'd have no problem doing the search for you.

Q: Oh no! I made a review for a movie and then found out someone already did it!
A: It's no problem. You can close the thread and PM/AIM a mod and tell them to gas your thread and that would be swell. Remember to then post your review in the proper thread as well.

Q: Why was my post edited by a mod?
A: It could have been many things. Maybe you were giving away ridiculous amounts of plot without spoiler tags. Maybe you were trying to have a discussion in a review forum. Maybe you were posting something completely off topic and worthless. Regardless of reason, when a mod edits you post you should just realize that you did something stupid and you shouldn't do it again.

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Oct 27, 2002
____|\__\o/__ AAH! SHARK

This guide thing was written by olhado and he sure is swell!

  • How to rate movies in The Film Dump
    [bq]- Read the verbal descriptions of what the numbers mean and then rate. Just because you liked a movie doesn't mean it should automatically get a 5.0, and just because you disliked a movie doesn't mean it should get a 1.0. The rating system provides a lot of middle ground ratings, use them appropriately.[/bq][bq]- Don't vote in reaction to the existing rating. Just because you think a movie's existing average rating is too low/high doesn't mean you should boost your rating one way or another.[/bq][bq]- If your rating differs largely from the existing average, it'd be great to post a review. When you think a movie with a 5-star average was absolutely terrible, your contrasting review would be really helpful. Which leads to the next point...[/bq]
  • How to reply to a thread in The Film Dump
    [bq]- There's no point posting your review if it is nothing more than your rating and a couple words, like "Great movie 4/5". It's useless and doesn't help anyone decide if they want to see the movie. If a review doesn't contain any why (why you hated or loved it) it's useless and adding your rating to the thread is all you should bother doing.[/bq][bq]- Short reviews are fine, and not every review needs to be a multi-paragraph tl;dr read-a-thon. One or two sentences highlighting your favorite elements (acting/directing/writing/music/visuals... whatever) or things you hated is great and can help someone decide if they want to see the movie. If you can't provide any justification for your rating, don't bother posting.[/bq][bq]- Of course, as per the rules, this is a review forum. If you wouldn't classify your post as a "review", then take it to PM or make a GBS thread to discuss the movie.[/bq][bq]- Use spoiler tags for spoilers so you don't ruin the movie for others. If you're unfamiliar, spoiler tags look like this and can be used with the VBCode [spoiler]spoiler text here[/spoiler].[/bq][bq]- Examples of bad reviews (they're made up, but read any large review thread and you'll find similar ones):


    I love this movie. 5/5


    Saw this opening weekend with my friends. We had to wait 50 minutes in line! 3/5


    "SHUT THE gently caress UP DONNY!"




    loving terrible, johnny depp sux. 1/5
    [/bq][bq]- Examples of good (short) reviews:


    Great acting... John Goodman is perfect. Exciting twists and a great ending. I give it a 4.5


    If you loved the book you will love this movie, if you didn't like the book, you'll hate it. 3.5, almost a 4.


    Absolutely terrible acting, so many missed jokes that I lost count. Just plain stupid. 1/5


    You see the ending coming about halfway through and everything after that is just boring.
    etc. Any comment on any element of the movie is fantastic, but reviews that just announce your rating to the world along with a quote from the movie are worthless. The fact that a movie is Dudeman37's favorite 80's comedy doesn't help anyone decide if they want to see it. [/bq]
  • How to create a new thread in The Film Dump
    [bq]- First, figure out if there's already an existing thread. If you have platinum, search for +"Movie Title" (i.e. +"Snake Eyes"), with Boolean and Post titles only selected, limiting to just The Film Dump on the right. If you don't have platinum, click on the top of the "Movie reviewed" column (the blue bar just above the top thread in the forum) in the main page of The Film Dump. This will sort the threads alphabetically and it shouldn't take more than a minute to see if your movie has already been reviewed (remember, movies that start with "The" are listed as "Movie Name, The" -- like "Punisher, The").[/bq][bq]- If your movie hasn't already been reviewed, grab the important information from or and fill in the genre/starring/director boxes. Write your review using the guidelines above.[/bq][bq]Remember to rate your thread once it's been created. Typing your rating into the thread creation form doesn't do this for you... it just puts it in the text of the thread.[/bq]

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The Walrus
Jul 9, 2002

opening this thread so you folks can report vote spamming if you need to. please restrict posts to that specific topic, any other querys can be directed at a mod via PM/AIM/email. I guess vote spamming reports will probably be dealt with quicker if they are delivered via one of those methods also.

May 10, 2006

If you think about it, Hitler actually had some good ideas.


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Jan 2, 2005

Nosferatu Enthusiast

How do we vote on movies now that the drop-down box is gone? Do we use the boxes? What happened to half-points?

:Shrecknet :tendrils#1500 : 3728-2674-4689

Dec 5, 2003

Fun Shoe

tendrilsfor20 posted:

What happened to half-points?
I would really like to know this. If we're going to rate threads the way they're rated in the other forums, that's fine, but are we doing away with the half-points as well?

The Walrus
Jul 9, 2002

Space_Butler posted:

I would really like to know this. If we're going to rate threads the way they're rated in the other forums, that's fine, but are we doing away with the half-points as well?

Yep half points are gone. I liked them too, but it makes things easier on the forums, or so I understand.

Baby Lion King IMAX
May 2, 2006

by Lowtax

The Walrus posted:

Yep half points are gone. I liked them too, but it makes things easier on the forums, or so I understand.
There's currently a ticket to fix it in the SAVB tracker.

Rad ROM Max
Mar 9, 2011

by XyloJW


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Jan 13, 2014

by Fistgrrl

theres 36 rules in here

in the 'did you like the movie' subforum

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