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Feb 13, 2012

The only thing white people deserve is a bullet to their empty skull

nitsuga posted:

Looks like OWC has a kit, but I've picked up on a little bit of a grudge here on those guys.

Binary Badger posted:

Aura drives use some kind of godawful controllers running a proprietary RAID 0 setup; they only recently updated them to be compatible with High Sierra, before that, people who updated to High Sierra with their drives wound up with non-bootable machines. God knows what would happen to them with Mojave.

Looks like they've moved on to a new design. The old one ("OWC Aura") was indeed very stupid, featuring a PCIE SATA host controller with integrated RAID-0 functionality, connected to two SATA SSD controllers. However, the picture of the Aura Pro X shows a single Silicon Motion Inc SM2260G NVME controller. For a while there was no controller small vendors could use to design NVME SSDs, but SMI stepped into that void. Haven't heard bad things about it either, apparently they did a decent job (especially on providing solid baseline firmware, which is real important because the tough part of a good SSD is the firmware).

Naturally, this means OWC ends up requiring High Sierra. Went looking and, as expected, found this text above their installation guide video for the Pro X:

OWC posted:

macOS 10.13 High Sierra (or later macOS) must be installed on the host computer before installing the OWC Aura Pro X SSD. These OS versions include an EFI firmware update for your host computer. Without this update, your new OWC Aura Pro X will not function once installed.

So, I'd say the Pro X version is... kinda reasonable? Might be a smoother experience than an off the shelf NVME M.2 plus an adapter. Wasn't there some unpleasantness on certain Mac models when using an adapter + standard drive (sleep behavior iirc?) which seemed likely to be fixable with firmware tweaks?

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