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Sep 13, 2010

Hi, it's 2012 and it's time for a new indie music megathread ! Post all ya favorite artists from rock, pop, twee, folk, electronic, you know the deal.

If you missed it last time here's the old megathread:

(It has a huge list of great artists you can sift through, or don't whatever.)

I know indie music is a hard to define and very expansive umbrella category of music. Don't be a dickhead and post some tunes instead


-Tell us about a band you saw live.
-Give a heads up about any upcoming shows or even arrange a meet up.
-Mention an upcoming or recently released album you'd like to share.
-Ask for recommendations for bands related to your favorites or post some in reply.
-Let us know about any bands you think are massively underrated.


-poo poo out a bunch of YouTube links (I'm guilty of this at times too). If you're going to post YouTube links at least try to give us some background about the band, what they sound like, related artists, or even what makes you like them especially from every other band out there.
-Be an autismal gently caress, there are a bunch of tunes that goons will share that you'll like and there will be a bunch that you think suck. That's life, bub.
-Post already very popular bands that everyone has heard on the radio dozens of times before. By this I mean stuff like 'Hey have you guys heard of the new Foster The People song?!' Yes, thank you.

Let's get this started with some samplings of bands from each genre

Rock -

Rogue Wave - Standard indie pop rock, I think a lot of Jack Johnson fans would love this band
Bass Drum Of Death - Hard, straight to the point. Very rough sound.
Real Estate - Lazy beach rock, just the way I like it.
Jeff The Brotherhood - These guys are loving amazing, a little like the Ramones but more modern day youthful
Built To Spill - Introspective lyrics, great solos

Pop -

Tennis - Beach pop, check out the bio on this band it's insane.
Cults - Pop rock with a guitar dude and lady singer duet.
Camera Obscura - Similar to Belle and Sebastian.
Mates of State - Like duos? I've got loving tons of them.
The Drums - Vocalist sounds like The Cure, but with a modern pop twist

Folk -

Elliott Smith - R.I.P. big man
Rocky Votolato - Relaxing folk music
The Bear That Wasn't - Really loving depressing, but beautiful (wait till the chorus)
Nona Mez -
The Great Lake Swimmers - I'm sorry but I hate Mumford & Sons, this is the next best thing

Electronic -

Small Black - Electropop or Poptronic?
Teen Daze - Dreamy summer electronic
Houses - Mellow beats, soothing vocals
Grimes - Weird atmosphere to the song, check out d'Eon if you like
Washed Out - Sex music. Seriously.
Youth Lagoon - One dude, one Casio keyboard, loads of music

As for me I've been getting into a lot of the revived beach music like Tennis, Surfer Blood, Wavves, and Real Estate. Punk infused rock like PUJOL, Ty Segall, and Jeff The Brotherhood are always good too. "Chillwave" and whatever the hell you call Grimes/d'Eon's split 'Darkbloom' has been growing on me as of late. It's also cool hearing Neon Indian's Polish Girl play on the radio sometimes.

Upcoming albums!

The XX just released a pretty rough demo of a song called 'Open Eyes'. Sounds okay, typical XX style. Check it out here (

I've been hearing of a new Yuck album in the works as well, but can't remember where I heard that rumor.

I'm also eagerly awaiting the new Tennis album coming out this Feburary called 'Young & Old'. Here's their first single 'Origins' (


If any goons are up to go to a show in the SoCal area let me know! I'm friendly and will probably buy you a beer or something. Cheers and happy listening!

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Sep 13, 2010

Also it'd be cool if some goons could point me to a steady place to find new music or rising artists. As of now I just scrounge around on iTunes, Spotify, some Tumblr blogs, and the occasional visits to Pitchfork.

Sep 13, 2010

Thanks for the heads up on artist finders guys I'll check 'em out. I knew about indierockplaylist but drat if it's not a little daunting to sift through that many artists.

Wow all the bands you guys mentioned are loving solid. I particularly like Slow Club,Of Monsters and Men, and Low Roar.

I think if you like Of Monsters and Men or Low Roar you should really check out Seabear, they're another Icelandic band but they make some drat good pop/rock:

Marble Sounds is along the same vein and is also really, really good (

red dead posted:

Guess my tastes fall into the indie pop category- I really love that dreamy pop ala Twin Sister, Letting Up Despite Great Faults and twee stuff like Camera Obscura and Belle and Sebastian. Haven't heard of the Drums or Tennis before, so thanks for the finds OP. Anyone have any more recs for bands like the ones mentioned?

Check out Big Troubles, they're more shoegazey like E For Explosion but they have the same wistfulness that a lot of indie pop/twee bands seem to love. My favorite is the song Minor Keys ( it's got a rare solo in it too! If you like them I'm sure you'll like The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, although I'm not really a fan of their newer stuff (

You might also like The Rosebuds. I would place them more with Belle and Sebastian. Here's Go Ahead:

Orillion posted:

The Joy Formidable definitely delivers on stage ("Whirring" and "Austere" in particular, kick serious rear end). Cold Cave, on the other hand, was a little disappointing (but i reckon the absolute coldness and the complete absence of interaction with the spectators fit in well with their music - maybe they've improved on this since, though).

Another (previously?) underrated british band: Scanners. Apparently one of their song has been included in some series on TV, so they're probably gonna get into hype mode. Great on stage as well.

Do you guys have any concerts you're planning to attend?

I love Joy Formidable! They have this really awesome hardcore edge to them especially at the breakdown at the end of Whirring. It puzzled the poo poo out of me cause they sound so similar to Metric I wasn't expecting it to take that turn.

If you like them and Metric you might like Wye Oak ( and to a lesser extent Young Galaxy (

And for concerts is anyone going to Coachella? I've heard of the event but I never realized their line ups were so loving amazing. The line up this year is crazy! I want to see Yuck perform so loving bad. I'd totally be down to go with some goons cause I don't think any of my friends can afford it/want to go.

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Sep 13, 2010

LtTennisBall posted:

I'm planning on going to see WU LYF, who put out one of my favorite albums last year. I missed them the last time they came through Boston thanks to exams and stuff, but they're coming through again (I think touring to Coachella). They sound kinda like...I don't really know. I can't understand the vocalist at all and they recorded their debut album in a church, so everything has ridiculous reverb. They remind me vaguely of Arcade Fire. Two of my favorite songs are Heavy Pop and 14 Crowns for Me & Your Friends.

Trying to categorize WU LYF is a loving nightmare the only thing I could come up with is they have the same guitar / beat sounds as Youth Lagoon.

Sep 13, 2010

O Rapture posted:

Hey, OP! I'm liking a lot of the bands mentioned in your post.

For harder edged stuff, the whole garage rock revival thing from San Fransisco heroes like Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin is really working for me. (And Bass Drum of Death, which you mentioned.) If you have a chance, catch Ty and Mikal on tour together. In addition to assaulting your ears with their guitar-driven weirdness, they are also friendly and approachable to boot.

For indie experimental, one of my favorite shows last year was Tuneyards, who were touring with a fun duo called Buke & Gass. B&G is a boy/girl duo who are writing very eccentric songs and making a ton of noise with their homemade instruments. Tuneyards is a girl and her loop station, backed by a bassist and two saxophones. Sounds strange; but was a powerful show. The crowd couldn't get enough and barely let her leave.

Wavves and Best Coast tour together, or at least they did last year, and are worth seeing if you get the opportunity.

Looking forward to seeing Tennis in February as a change of pace. Their last album grew on me to be a work favorite (Best Coast's too).

You'd probably really like PUJOL, he just released a new album and he's got the same roughness and vibe as Jeff The Brotherhood and Ty Segall. Guy looks like a lot of fun to hang out with too:

Sep 13, 2010

I'm seeing Of Monsters and Men up in Seattle on March 26th at the Neptune Theatre. If any goons are going to that show let me know! Tickets just went on sale!

Sep 13, 2010

Has anyone got a hold of the new Tennis album? I have a couple singles like Origins and Deep In The Woods, but it's not up on iTunes yet I wanna hear their new poo poo!

Also, I'm seeing Slow Club on March 11th @ The Echoplex in LA. See you motherfuckers there.

Sep 13, 2010

There is not enough music in the world to ever satisfy me.

Here's some poo poo I've been listening to lately:

Mean Jeans, Ramones style punk rock. I absolutely love this type of music and if anyone can give me a heads up on stuff like this and Jeff The Brotherhood I'd love you.

Screaming Females, is just one female and two guys. She can loving solo like a motherfucker though.

Brave Irene, if you're a fan of Tennis you might dig this band. Nice pop rock with heavy synth.

Also, this hurts me to say it, but Tennis's new album is kind of a disappointment. It's got that same awesome sound but their songs don't feel... as inspired? The tracks from Cape Dory were loving audio gold whereas only a couple of tracks from Young & Old really catch my ear. Petition and Traveling are definitely two of my favorites though.

I also saw Starfucker this past weekend and it was an AMAZING show. They might be pasty white kids (really nice btw, signed my poster ) in pastel shorts and surrounded by a crowd of obnoxious teens, but they know how to loving rock out. If you haven't heard of them, do yourself a favor.

I'm super stoked to see Slow Club this weekend too! Will post back after the show and maybe add some pics and signed poo poo? (let's hope so!)

I'll post more later after I sift through some more music.

Sep 13, 2010

I love this thread and I love you guys. To the people who recommended Coma Cinema, Foe, Neptune, and Foxes I loving love all of them.

I just got a ton of new music so I need to sift through it all, but so far these two songs are gravy:

White Ring has this song called IxC999 that hasn't been posted here yet, but it's pretty sick. It's really dark, but the gunshots and vibe is amazing.

Foxes in Fiction is this really dreamy, ambient band. Their song Memory Pools is perfect:

Sep 13, 2010

I'm seeing Blind Pilot and Laura Gibson on Saturday and am super stoked!

Blind Pilot's been writing for their new album but I'm hoping they'll play this song at the show:

Laura Gibson is fantastic too. She's a singer/songwriter that makes songs with this strangely nostalgic (like a 1950's chick flick), hazy dream feel to them

I think someone mentioned these guys earlier, but Delta Spirit is loving AMAZING. I've been listening to them non-stop for the past 2 weeks. This one's my fav

If any of you like Jeff the Brotherhood their new album Hypnotic Nights is coming out on July 17th too! Definitely worth a listen. I'd put them as psychedelic/punkish rock mixed with more modern styles.

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Sep 13, 2010

I saw Blind Pilot, Laura Gibson, and The Holiday Friends this past Saturday at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood and it was a loving AMAZING show!

I got to snap a bunch of pics with my camera, but I don't know how to use it and the theatre was dark so I grabbed the best quality ones I could find!:

Holiday Friends played first. They're a very young band but they have some amazing potential. Their set was short and sweet but their song Plastic Planets ( had me grooving.

Next up was Laura Gibson. I was loving stoked to see her after playing her album La Grande ( over and over for a month. I don't think she has gotten very much exposure yet as only a few people were cheering during her set, but I was in awe She's very meek, but I think her music speaks volumes for her.

This is my favorite picture of her set!

If there had to be one thing I would complain about that night it would have to be the absolutely limp dicked crowd... I suppose I can understand standing there with arms crossed for a much lesser known artist like Laura Gibson, but the body movement didn't change much even for Blind Pilot's set

Laura's attempt at an acoustic sing a long.

Who's next? Blind Pilot. Who the gently caress is that, I'm here for LED Tupac.

Beginning! I forgot what song this was.

Israel looks like a white Jimi Hendrix here.

I want you guys to sing "OOOOOOOOH AH AH AH! OOOH AH AH AHHHHH!"

So many instruments, so little van space.

'We Are The Tide' ( A total foot stomper and ... you guessed it, the crowd barely moved. At least some other chick and I danced our feet dead.

For their last song of the encore they played '3 Rounds And A Sound'. It was absolutely amazing. They told us that they don't usually do things like this for such a large crowd, but since it was so quiet they decided they'd put down their mics and play the song together as a band grouped up in the middle left of the stage with the crowd. Everyone in the audience sang along and I can genuinely say that it was not only the perfect ending to a spine tingling night, but a concert I'll remember forever.

I also have pictures with my arm totally around Laura Gibson , Israel, Kim, and Luke's beard from Blind Pilot, as well as the Holiday Friends!

They had some rad limited edition posters for the tour and I got them signed by everyone too. All in all, it was a fantastic concert and I definitely suggest you guys check any or all three of the artists out!

Sep 13, 2010

JEFF the Brotherhood's new album Hypnotic Nights is out today!! Apparently this one was produced by a guy from the Black Keys (don't know not really a huge fan). It's loving awesome. If you like the song I link check out Mystic Portal II, Hypnotic Mind, Country Life, and Staring At The Wall.

Sep 13, 2010

Vastakaiun posted:

This has absolutely been my favourite song this year. The whole album is also excellent, really enjoyable straight forward indie rock.

I love their song 'Golden Sea'. That keyboard in the middle is killer.

Sep 13, 2010

Sgt. Pepper09 posted:

I just found out about the singer/songwriter Jeff Hanson that was signed to KRS in 2003. I am absolutely blown away. This guy wrote some really beautiful songs. Then I found out he passed away back in 2009. I am really shocked at how underrated he is. He deserves much more attention. I hate it so much when I find an artist that I really like just to find out they have passed on. RIP Jeff Hanson

The End of Everything Known

This Time it Will

If Only I Knew

Seriously, check this guy out.

I love this guy. I also love you for remembering Elliott's birthday and having a tribute to his life and best album as your avatar.

Sep 13, 2010

Wild Nothing is coming out with a new album next week (8/28). Here's a single from Nocturne called 'Shadow':

Craft Spells, did no one mention that they released an EP 'Gallery' about three months ago? I haven't seen any talk about it in this thread, but they're worth an extra reminder. Here's 'Still Left With Me'

For any of you into chillwave music check out Sunrom. A friend of mine showed me their song 'Le Sable' and I've been hooked (

King Tuff released their self titled just this past May and their song 'Bad Thing' feels a lot like twee mixed with hard rock. Here's a link

As for The XX's new album I'm kind of on the fence about their new songs. I just listened to 'Chained' and heard 'Angels' before and it feels a lot slower than their previous work. It's almost too slow.

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Sep 13, 2010

What the gently caress was that?

Sep 13, 2010

Anyone listen to the new Wild Nothing album? I'm liking it a lot as a chilled out dream pop album.

I feel like Tatum's really carved out his sound a lot more.

Sep 13, 2010

I get the vibe that Nocturne focuses a lot more on really capturing that mellowed out, retro dreampop atmosphere. Listening to Gemini and then the Golden Haze EP I feel like he's integrated electronic sounds very well into Nocturne and kind of matured his sound? 'Counting Days' is one of my favorites from the album and you can distinctly hear the cheesy synths kick up in it. I don't think it has the caliber of songs like 'Live In Dreams' or 'Summer Holiday' on it, but it's definitely a good piece of work.

I personally think 'The Blue Dress' is a little unimaginative, and 'Only Heather' is really lame, but overall I'm liking the album as a night drive track list and a continuation of Jack Tatum's musical progression. Check out 'Shadow', 'Counting Days', 'Nocturne', and 'Paradise' if you're interested. Those are my recommendations. I'm gonna give it a couple more listens

Also, that King Tuff album that released in May is so loving good. If you guys didn't hit my link on the last page or so you should check 'em out.

On another note, Beach Fossils is working on new material and I'm super excited to hear what they come out with. What A Pleasure was and still is one of my favorite albums.

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Sep 13, 2010


For any acoustic song lovers here's Daughter's 'Youth'. I feel kind of mixed about her EP, but this track is killer.

Generationals haven't been mentioned here before, but I absolutely love them. I feel like the poster who was looking for more twee sounding music might like 'em as well. Here's 'Ten-Twenty-Ten'

'When They Fight, They Fight' is really simple, but catchy.

If you're a fan of Rilo Kiley or generally like female-led poprock bands then check out Gold Motel. I heard they had some members from The Hush Sound, but I can't really be bothered to check. They're really easy to listen to pop. My favorites from them are:

The Raveonettes recently released an album called 'Observator' and it's a pretty awesome piece. If you're into reverb heavy, dream like rock check them out. Here's 'She Owns The Streets',

On topic of the new The xx album I really don't like it in comparison to their debut self titled. I think it's cool that they decided to emphasize more of the vocals and an almost soothing ambient vibe, but I personally think they simplified their music too much. Most of the people I've spoken to about the album feel the same way, but to each his own. I'm glad they're really cultivating their own style if anything.

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Sep 13, 2010

appropriatemetaphor posted:

You also might dig Jeremy Messersmith, he's pretty solid:

Thanks for this he's great!

Sep 13, 2010


Ok, so I''ve been digging on some upbeat(ish) folksy songs lately, such as "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, or "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men. Anybody know of any songs that might be seen as similar to these two? Or even bands that produce similar music. Thanks!

You might like Slow Club That's the only band I could think of that would fit that specific bill. If you're into mellower folk rock and even close to country style then there's The Lumineers, Blitzen Trapper, Deer Tick, Great Lake Swimmers, The Decemberists

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Sep 13, 2010

I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper is getting ready to release a new album. I think the best way you could describe them is psychedelic synth rock. If you're a fan of Broken Social Scene then you might find them up your alley. Their songs are often pretty repetitive but they're fun to listen to if you don't take them too seriously

Seapony released a new album and it's in the same vein as their previous work 'Go With Me'. They produce some really sweet dream pop and I love the girl's voice.

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Sep 13, 2010

Stars released a new album last month called The North and it's (so far) a really fun sounding piece of work. I'm gonna give it a couple more listens.

Sep 13, 2010

MC Fruit Stripe posted:

People should talk about whatever bands they want, but I do wish there was more talking about them. The thread tends to be a stream of people posting local band they just discovered one after another. I'd love for someone to post a band and for there to be actual replies and discussion about them. Rather than just a stream of advertisements.

I'll start.

Father John Misty. Love him. Every Man Needs a Companion the strongest track on the album. Your thoughts?

I agree! I would also love to hear more from you guys regarding shows you go to with uploaded pictures and details on how the artist was live so that other goons can use the thread as a little heads up . I tried to do so with my earlier post about the Blind Pilot concert I went to.

I can't really contribute to the whole Fleet Foxes and Father John Misty discussion, although I will say that I dislike Mumford & Sons for some reason I can't really put into words. I mean I like The Great Lake Swimmers which is stylistically pretty similar, if a little slower.

I'm gonna second that the new the Mountain Goats album is pretty awesome. I haven't been able to listen to it thoroughly but I always dig the way that Darnielle puts such subtle noises into his songs. It's a beautiful thing. That weird distorted voice in Until I Am Whole gave me chills the first time I heard it.

Delta Spirit is playing in Los Angeles in early November so I'll definitely be posting some pictures and let you guys know how they are live! Can't wait to stare into the lead singer's crazy eyes while he sings about California to me.

Also, Teen Daze is getting ready to release their new album The Inner Mansions this coming November and it's sounding pretty great. I'm sad that the whole chillwave thing is fading away cause I just want to hear more tracks like this

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Sep 13, 2010

God drat, to all you guys who posted Rhye, Summer Fiction, PAWS, and Pacific Air I love you. Some really amazing tracks from those artists.

Just a heads up for everyone. The Fresh & Onlys released a new album last month called Long Slow Dance. It's a pretty solid piece of work, with the single Presence of Mind making its rounds I agree with other reviewers when they say that they really hammered out their floaty pop sound.

Woods is a band I posted before, but they also released a new album very recently and it's pretty much amazing. They nail this classic rock sound with awesome guitar work, distant warbling vocals, and catchy as hell riffs. I'm in love with this album and I definitely urge anyone and everyone to check it out. Here's Size Meets The Sound and Impossible Sky

Sep 13, 2010

FoxxorTheRed posted:

Seriously, thank you for the recommendation. Bend Beyond is such a great album. I've gone and got all my mates hooked on it now too.

You're very welcome! Great music is meant to be shared and god knows I've found some amazing bands from this thread.

I'm going to be seeing Delta Spirit this Thursday at the Wiltern in LA. They're getting pretty big no doubt due to their stellar self titled that released recently. I'll post some pictures of the band and a little mini-review of the performance. If by some stroke of dumb luck you're going too let me know and I'll be happy to buy you a beer

If you haven't heard of Delta Spirit give them a listen. Someone mentioned them earlier in the thread which is how I found out about them and now they're easily one of my favorite bands.

Sep 13, 2010

What the gently caress Daniel left Yuck? That's not the kind of news I like to hear. Their self-titled was on repeat endlessly for me last summer so I'm real sad to hear it.

Anyway, here's some poo poo I've been digging since I posted here last.

The Thermals - Born To Kill

Now We Can See

I've never heard of these guys before but I love the energy of their songs. Their lyrics are a little curious and I'm guessing 'Born To Kill' has some kind of religious meaning behind it. Regardless, they make some catchy as hell songs that are perfect for summer

Born Ruffians - Needle

I'm sure there are fans of Born Ruffians here, but I just listened to their recent album and it's kind of blowing me away. This song in particular, 'Needle' gives me the tingles. The way it progresses into this really groovy foot stomper with little drum, guitar, and keyboard subtleties contrasts well with the alternating sparseness. This song is loving brilliant.

FIDLAR - Gimmie Something

These guys have been getting their tracks played on Sirius XMU here and there. Their entire self-titled from February is awesome. Songs like 'Cheap Beer' and 'Stoked and Broke' give this angsty, "hardcore" feel, but 'Gimmie Something' and '5 to 9' are really smooth and melodic. The entire album is tight and good at what it's supposed to be, which is the music of and for bastard L.A. kids making bad life choices.

The Soft Pack - Tallboy

I'm a sucker for synths and smooth melodies.

Palma Violets - Best of Friends

I guess lo-fi, distant vocals are making a come back. Love the drums in this track.

Fitz and the Tantrums - Out Of My League

Beautiful song. The band's guitarless, but they more than make up for it. Heard a live session with these guys and they seem really down to earth and kind too. Good stuff.

French Films - All The Time You Got

I loved this band's previous album 'Imaginary Future'. It's pretty run of the mill upbeat rock with synths thrown in here and there. Their new release 'White Orchid' isn't as good, but it's still got some solid tracks. This one is my favorite so far. If you like it definitely check out their last release. Here are a couple tracks from 'Imaginary Future' that really got me into these guys.

Golden Sea -
Convict -

Gonna definitely shout out that the new Vampire Weekend album is great and so is Local Native's new release. I never could really get into Local Natives but Hummingbird is so god drat good. The music video for 'Heavy Feet' made my heart sink a little :/ Phoenix's Bankrupt! is stellar, but I'm gonna have to agree that Dinosaur Jr.'s cover of 'Entertainment' just might be better than the original.

Other than that, Surfer Blood's single 'Demon Dance' has got me stoked for their new release coming up too. It's gonna be a great summer.

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Sep 13, 2010

T Fowl posted:

The band Beach Fossils just posted, and deleted about ten minutes later, this amazing gem of indie rock absurdity.

This to me was too funny/ridiculous to not post it. The best part is the fact they deleted it like some E/N bullshit within ten minutes. Classic.

I wouldn't be surprised if Payseur wrote this. I love Beach Fossils, but I'll admit Clash The Truth was underwhelming, whiny, and almost made me feel like I was back in my high school post-hardcore, 'deep' music phase. Disappointed to see them reacting like this to the mediocre, and rightfully so, reviews.

Sep 13, 2010

Coming back into this thread every couple weeks is like opening a treasure chest Love a lot of the posted songs.

Epi Lepi posted:

Who else has listened to the new Yuck album? It's definitely different, smoother production along with a new lead vocalist of course, but I like it. Not as solidly good as their first album though.

I'm a huge fan of Yuck. I consider their first album one of my all time favorite pieces from any artist. It's just that good to me and is exactly what I look for in rock music. If anyone reading this thread hasn't heard of them definitely give them a check. Their new album though I have to say is pretty disappointing. I guess the best way I could say it is they traded their lo-fi, dreamy/high energy garage rock songs for production value and unimaginative lyrics. I just feel like Blumberg made that band and now that he's gone it's really just not the same. I should have spent that $170 to see them in Paris when Blumberg was still a part of the band. I'm kicking myself over it now.

Anyway, if you're a fan of Yuck's stuff, check out Blumberg's side project Hebronix. It's easy going rock and something about that man's voice gets me every time.

Here's some other stuff that I've been liking recently:

From Dr. Dog's new album B-Room -

From Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin's new album Fly By Wire - If you like this song please check out the actual album. Fly By Wire, Cover All Sides, Lucky Young, and Harrison Ford are all some great tracks, but the album overall is just great pop music.

From Pure Bathing Culture's (who the gently caress makes these names) new album Moon Tides -

Beautiful track from Small Black's recently released Limits of Desire -

Whoever posted A Grave With No Name I loving love you for it. They're seriously amazing and I'm really loving their album Whirlpool. Also, King Krule loving owns. I was legitimately surprised to find out he was such a scrawny looking ginger kid. He's got a set of lungs that's for sure. Boarder Line is such a great track.

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Sep 13, 2010

krnhotwings posted:

A while back, I saw the Colourist perform at my university's senior send-off thing. It seems they've become more popular as of late; It was nice recognizing them on the radio. They're a pretty upbeat rock band, and their drummer's voice is pretty unique-sounding (female) and contributes to a lot of the singing.

They've somewhat recently released an EP titled Lido, which adds some effects and electronic elements to their music compared to their earlier stuff. I like the entire EP, but there's one track that I particularly like:

Fix This -

Through the Colourist's facebook page, I was linked to a band called Magic Man. I've been absolutely hooked since then (well, at least their latest EP You Are Here.) They group themselves as a synth rock band, and these guys also have a very energetic, upbeat sound. I've perused through their older music, but they sounded more "light" in their tone. Their newer music has a more "thick" electronic sound (if this makes any sense.) The last two tracks of the EP are my favorites:

Nova Scotia -
Waves -

e: Probably should add some descriptions..

These are great thanks for the heads up man.

Jagwar Ma released a new album called Howlin' a couple months back. Here's a pretty solid track from the album. I don't really like the other songs on the piece, but I'll listen to the rest of the album before I make any strong judgments.

CEO is releasing their album Wonderland in February and their first single Whorehouse is so much drat fun to listen to. You have to check it out cause I can't really put in words how weird the track sounds at first. It grabs your attention right away.

Shout Out Louds have always been a band I would label as your run-of-the-mill indie rock band. I guess they largely still are, but I enjoy the more adventurous sound they put forth on their recent release Optica. I really like Glasgow in particular, but Destroy gave me chills the first time I heard it if only for the violins during the chorus If you like the sound of Glasgow by the way I'd check out the band French Films's (yeah I know) first album especially the tracks Convict and Golden Sea.

Damien Jurado is also releasing his new album in January titled Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son. I heard this track over Sirius XMU during one of their blog radio sessions and I love everything about this song. The pacing is great, his voice does the atmosphere well, and its chorus is really nice

Blouse in my opinion isn't anything special, but I've been really into barebones/straight forward simple rock lately so it caught my ear

Still Corners's album that released earlier this year called Strange Pleasures is seriously beautiful. I don't think there's really anything else to say about it

Wet released their self titled EP recently and the song You're the Best is a really sweet pop song. I'm not a fan of the auto tuning in the beginning or auto tune in general, but I have to admit it's a good song

Also just wanted to add that the new Tennis EP Small Sounds is loving GREAT. Timothy is my favorite track off of it. I loved Cape Dory and after the disappointment of their sophomore attempt I'm really excited about their next album after hearing Small Sounds.

Nothing against people who do like them, but even with more than a couple listens I can't get into Sleigh Bells. I don't understand why people enjoy their music so much. I agree with the earlier posters saying it sounds like they're trying to bring back rap-rock. I feel like their lyrics are usually unbearably stupid to listen to. I mean really Bitter Rivals?

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Sep 13, 2010

Just wanted to drop a couple more artists for you guys. I listen to a lot of XM radio and their blog radio sessions always have great new music. Here are a couple that caught my ear during my commute:

Ballet School, this woman's voice is incredible. Crush really feels like something out of the 80's/early 90's. The artists cite The Cure as influences and it's readily obvious.

Sol Cat is really loving rad. I'm sure they're riding the wave of psychedelic sounds coming back into music these days, but that's not a bad thing. It's mellow, but not slow. I really dig the raspy vocals.

Courtney Barnett, when I first heard her song Avant Gardner I didn't really like it. It's probably because I tuned in mid way and I really think this track is something you need to hear from the beginning to end for the first time before making any judgments. I enjoy her lyrics a lot, they're clever and light hearted.

Sep 13, 2010

I dig this track by Painted Palms. I have to argue that Polyvinyl has a knack for finding some really great talent. SSLYBY and Japandroids are under them as well and they're solid bands.

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Sep 13, 2010

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks released their new album Wig Out at Jagbags recently and this song is great

ceo came out with Wonderland this month. It's really trippy electronic pop music and honestly I get a little creeped out listening to this song Mirage. Something about the looping voice sample makes me uncomfortable, but the song itself is good? I don't know it's weird.

Gardens & Villa first album was a really great piece. Some of the songs from the 1st: Black Hills Thorn Castles I haven't gotten a chance yet to listen to the entirety of the new album but Colony Glen feels a lot more upfront and energetic compared to their previous work

A friend gave me a heads up on Bibio. This song from his The Green EP is beautiful. It's got this distant melancholy that reminds me a lot of Low Roar

I heard Drowners on Sirius XMU's Download 15. Great upbeat rock. I feel like they're a better The So So Glos.

Here's an electronic track to mix it up a bit called Mr. Wonderful from Saint Pepsi. Terrible name, great song I've been listening to this almost non-stop.

Sep 13, 2010

Hope some of you like The Orwells. They're releasing a new album soon and the past two songs they've released off of it are both good. I loved their debut. They performed on Letterman recently and apparently the front man was on some drugs cause he starts gyrating his hips on the ground and sitting on Letterman's couch just staring at space while his band keeps playing. The ending is hilarious too, but I won't spoil it.

The Righteous One -
Here's the Letterman performance where they play the song Who Needs You, skip to 1:30 if you want to see some weird poo poo:

Obviously not the most cerebral music, but I think it's great stuff. If you like this kind of style I'd say check out Eagulls too. I haven't given their entire album a listen yet, but this track Possessed caught my ear

Found this song clicking on a Orwell's band tour video and it's pretty awesome too. The vocals get a tinge whiny, but I really like the pacing and catchiness of the track. Never heard of Roar before this

This is an older song by The Notwist, but I stumbled upon it randomly and I loving love it. A lot more mellow than the past three.

I'm sure The Growlers have been mentioned in this thread before, I feel like I've seen their name in this thread. Just wanted to share this song Hiding Under Covers from their most recent release. A more laid back folk rock feel.

Yuck's last album was pretty bad in my opinion. I posted about them before and their past singer Daniel Blumberg's side project Hebronix last time. Well they're apparently writing new material and released this track Athena from their upcoming EP Southern Skies. It sounds like shoegaze. I think the softer, hazy approach they took with this song suits their music a lot better than the clean production from their recent album. Definitely doesn't come close to the quality of their debut album's songs, but at this point I don't think anything will.

Thanks to the people who mentioned MOON BOUNCE and Seoul those tracks are fantastic. Definitely excited for the new Foster the People as well! Hope their poo poo doesn't get overplayed on the radio like their last album though. Hearing their songs played nonstop everywhere made me get sick of their music really quickly, which sucks cause they're awesome.

I'm probably gonna get a lot of flak for this and I don't mean to be a contrarian, but I don't like St. Vincent's new album. I think Digital Witness is annoying and didn't really dig Birth In Reverse. I do think Prince Johnny is an okay track. Kudos to her for her recent success though

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Sep 13, 2010

Hollow Talk posted:

In case you do not know it already, the whole album "Neon Golden" is really good and worth checking out! It also has my favourite Notwist song on it: The Notwist - Solitaire. They are also fantastic live, a bit "rockier" and just overall lovely.

And speaking about good German bands: Naomi has a fantastic album entitled Pappelallee, and I think "October", "Three Stars No Match" and "The Great Event" are especially good, though the whole album is really rather excellent.

Yeah I'm really liking Neon Golden a lot I'm digging this song by Naomi. Thank you for the heads up!

nasboat posted:

I love "Who Needs You" -- that's been one of my favorites this year, hadn't heard it until I saw the Letterman performance making the rounds. Not as big on The Righteous One but I'm still gonna check the other stuff out.

I was hooked the moment I heard it. Their Other Voices EP has some great tracks and it's tiding me over while I wait for their full length to drop. The title track off the EP and Blood Bubbles are both solid. I'm bummed as all hell cause they're playing nearby my house on the 22nd this month with loving Twin Peaks!! Tickets are already sold out and I need to study for an exam :/

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Sep 13, 2010

Khorne Flakes posted:

This is awesome.

Really digging this song by Wampire. They definitely have a retro 80's aesthetic to their material, but I think they do a good job of not suffocating everything in cheesy synths I don't know what the gently caress is going on in the music video, but I haven't understood most music videos in like years.

Country Queen by Night Moves blew me away when I first heard it. Beautiful melodies and I'm a huge fan of how they use their drums. Very folky and mellow

Never heard of Mikal Cronin until recently, but apparently he plays with Ty Segall and released a bunch of solo material that's fantastic. I'd say it's along the same vein as Ty Segall's music in terms of using heavily distorted guitars, but he does a great job of making the songs varied and fun to listen to. I particularly like the track Weight from his second release

Anyone here fans of Mac DeMarco? His Salad Days album is releasing this week and I thought his previous piece was the poo poo. Here's a single from Salad Days. It sounds very similar to his past work which is fine with me

Here's a track by the artist Wise Blood I have mixed opinions of his album. Some of it's pretty lame and sounds like something from a boring white rapper, other tracks are bogged down by some really unpleasant beats. I guess if you like Alarm I'd say check out his other stuff, but I haven't been impressed by it on the same level as this single song.

I think Memoryhouse got a bit of notice for their remix of Millionyoung's track To The Lighthouse a couple of years ago I never followed up with any of their other material, but did find a track this week from their album The Slideshow Effect. It's very mellow rock that has some electronic additions thrown in

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Sep 13, 2010

Any goons going to FYF? Pretty stoked for the line up this year.

Sep 13, 2010

incoherent posted:


Also those goons not going the strokes are playing a VERY SPECIAL GIG AT THE SMELL.

What is the smell? go into your bathroom, turn a full 360 degrees, and you're in the smell. THATS HOW TINY IT IS.

Awesome! Who're you going to see? Can't wait to see how big the gap in Mac DeMarco's teeth actually is.

Sep 13, 2010

Well gently caress Yeah Fest in Los Angeles just ended tonight and it was a pretty successful festival in my opinion. I think that was the first time I ever rode the rail in L.A. Anyway, I picked out some pictures that weren't boring back of the crowd shots.

First off, let me say that the hype surrounding Future Islands live performance is no joke. I didn't get to snap a better picture, but the lead singer goes loving nuts. He likes to alternate between death metal growls and really weird, almost sensual hand gestures and poses. It was cool in a slightly unsettling way.

That shirt was literally drenched in sweat by the end of their set.

Twin Peaks were a lot of fun to watch. They were I think the first band to play on the second day, but still had a decent sized group show up. Really great energy on stage. Their songs sound so much better live! I think this band, The Orwells, and FIDLAR are all fun as hell to listen to and I dream of a day when I can see all of them touring together.

Real Estate was actually mildly disappointing. The singer didn't seem to be having much fun and he sounds pretty bad in person. Just kind of boring.

Mac DeMarco was probably the chillest artist at the entire festival. He held a signing before his performance at the Origami Vinyl booths with some of his merch. They ended up having to close the line early cause there wouldn't have been a way for him to sign everything and still make it on stage. Really nice guy. Was a blast to listen to live. Him and his band mates are obviously all friends and in between songs they'd tell little jokes between each other. Absolute blast and probably my favorite act at the event.

Built To Spill was pretty great. I knew the singer was a bit on the older side, but man he's really getting up there. They were still awesome live and played a lot of fan favorites like 'Life's a Dream' and 'Carry the Zero'.

The Strokes headlined, but I didn't get to snap a picture cause my phone died. I could barely see them from the back since people poached front stage spots by watching Haim's entire set beforehand just to be there. They closed out the festival right that's for sure. As a side note, I watched the middle to end of Haim's set and they're intense live. All three of them have great chemistry with each other, but they added a little twist with some cool group drumming at the end. I think they did a great job and were fantastic at getting the crowd moving.

Overall, FYF was a lot of fun. My friend was telling me it apparently exploded in size this year. I can't imagine it getting smaller next year and I'm sure they'll find even bigger acts. Excited to check it out again next summer.

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Sep 13, 2010

I like how every time I listen to XM radio the stations just have to let me know that "THIS IS WHERE NEW MUSIC IS, BEFORE YOUR FRIENDS KNOW!!!". I just want to know about new bands, but stroking my ego on my way to work is cool too I guess.

Avi Buffalo - - Very chill, mellow rock. My personal favorite off the album so far, but the entire thing is pretty consistently good.

SAILS - recently released a new single titled 'Getting It On With You". It's loving fantastic, but I can't find it online to share with you all.

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