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Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011
Now, where was I? Or it's been so long, perhaps I should start over again...


Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011
Meh, starting again'd be too much bother.

Part 2: More Races

So! poo poo-eating undead, incest-powered demon hunters, unicorn warrior women with armored vaginae, and kenders with more eyes than you can shake a stick at. At which you could shake a stick. Than. Lots, ye ken. What's next?


Actually the good sort of creepy.

Futakuchi (lit., "two mouths") come from Japanese folklore. Stories vary on details as to why, but the common thread is an otherwise ordinary human woman afflicted with a second, insatiably hungry mouth on the back of her neck, which feeds itself in secret using prehensile locks of hair. The jazzed-up playable versions are angels tasked with training and protecting the mortal champions of Heaven. Constant hunger clashes with a strong sense of purpose, making severity and somberness racial characteristics, giving them a disdainful view of humans' tendency for indolent self-gratification, and shaping them perfectly for acting out tsun-dere fantasies. :jerkbag: Can pass for human with minimal care, unless they're totally nude, since their vaginae open sideways.

Baseline racial traits: Serpentine Mane as a racial bonus feat, darkvision ("when in absolute darkness, their eyes become jet black pools filled with distant stars" why not), Natural Weapons (biting with the second mouth can be tricky, but does fair damage, plus some to Outsiders and Undead), Celestial Inspiration (cast Bless 3+WIS mod per day), Celestial Modesty (-2 morale penalty on all rolls for 24 hours if a mortal man sees her eat).

Alternate racial traits:

    Harbringer of Heavenly Displasure: You care less about tutoring some bumbling mortal as stomping evil yourself. Cast Divine Favor on yourself three times a day. Replaces Inspiration.
    Second Mouth's Kiss: The method is self-explanatory; the effect is swapping a humanoid's sex for a few hours. Actually less of a cosmetic change than in most games, as a lot of feats, classes and abilities are gender-specific, but yeah, totally rape. Replaces Inspiration.
    Scholarly Vulva: Instead of a second mouth at the top of your spine, you've got a second pussy at the base of your spine, and getting banged there makes you smarter. Replaces Weapons, and Modesty no longer applies. In more ways than one.
    Vagina Denta: Yep, it's this old chestnut. Fields is the one who misspelled it, though. Slightly modifies the mechanics of Weapons, and makes it even more awkward to use. Still have to feed both mouths while eating, "a process which is exquisitely, distractingly pleasurable for the normally reserved Futakuchi". :ughh:

Ironclub Oni

Hulking, monstrous, proud savage warrior types. Not fantastically original. Skin defaults to brick red, thick mane of black hair all over. Expert blacksmiths. Trained to use tetsubo (long studded clubs designed to smash armor and break bones) as soon as they're grown enough to hold one unassisted. Both genders apparently have spines on their genitals that maim or kill any other race during coitus, and can only conceive when bathed in the blood of their enemies. Okay, I guess that's new.

Baseline racial traits: +2 to any two Craft skills (except Alchemy, which is for nerds), Ironhead Tetsubo (critical hit multiplier of any manufactured bludgeoning weapon is upped by 1), Murder Zen (dealing the deathblow to any creature with an equal or greater challenge rating makes you immune to mental effects for an hour), Too Honest (make a successful Bluff check against any sentient creature, and you're Shaken for a day from the dishonor).

Alternate racial traits:

    Hibagon Oni: Purple-skinned, with rotting teeth, four nostrils, and three vertically-stacked orange eyes. Carve their tetsubo into giant cocks. Has no need for food, water, or oxygen, so long as they torture, rape and murder at least one sentient, intelligent creature a day. AND YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO WANT TO PLAY AS THIS. FIIIIIIIEEEEEEEELLLLDS!! :doom: Replaces Tetsubo.
    Shojo Oni: Orange hair instead of black, generally jollier disposition, probably because they're permanently stinko. Immune to poison, no penalty for intoxication, Murder effect is replaced by guzzling a bottle of wine or its equivalent.
    Stronger Than Strong: Ready to fight for right, against wrong. Enlarge Person on self once per day. Replaces Murder.
    Yama-Uba: Female oni from the Frozen North, with gray-blue skin and white hair. +20% concealment in snowy or icy mountainous regions. Replaces Murder.


I'd wager you've seen their type around before.

Widdle godlings. :3: Though immortal and wise in their own way, they're not any physically stronger than most mortals, and often ignorant of and/or confused by the ways of the mundane world. That doesn't stop them from throwing themselves full-steam-ahead into every task they take on, though. Appearance is almost human, except for the individual runic markings on the forehead and hands, and the fact that they, their hair, and any loose clothing worn are constantly floating, unaffected by gravity. Infernal kami may have "cute little bat-wings", and heavenly kami angel or fairy wings, either sticking out of the shoulder blades where you'd expect, or behind their ears, which never made a lick of sense to me and frankly looks dumb as hell.

Baseline racial traits: +4 racial bonus to Fly checks, a "defining subtype" (Air, Chaos, Cold, Earth, Evil, Fire, Good, Law, Water) and another racial bonus to two skills based on this, "big, soulful eyes that give them lowlight vision", Kami's Perfection (choose one of your subtype skills, gain an extra bonus die based on your level to any check made with it).

Alternate racial traits:

    Cuddly Oni: A young demon of the Black Else, "you are a little bit more good-hearted than your parents would like, focused more on mischief and the occasional punishment game rather than predation and lust-murder." Wasn't that a Far Side? Anyway, racial bonus on Stealth and Intimidate, cast either Darkness, Ghoul Touch, or Command Undead once a day. It says it replaces the racial skills and modifies Perfection, but reads like it does the other way around? :shrug:
    Divine Domain: Access to "domain powers" associated with your defining subtype, whatever that means. Replaces Perfection. Come to think of it, Perfection is really all there is to replace on these guys, so I'll just skip that part.
    Heavenly Beauty and Grace: Once per day, reveal your true heavenly beauty, effectively casting the spells Cat's Grace and Eagle Splendor on yourself.
    Lovely Kami: "You are a kami not dedicated to good or evil, but to love, lust and the joyous, wet moment of orgasm." Ohhhh boy. Gifts of Ecstasy as a racial bonus feat, Perfection applies to Perform (Sexual) checks, and any creature whom you willingly gently caress gets either +1 to all saving throws or +3 to a specific saving throw for an hour.
    Warrior of Heaven: Exactly what it sounds like. Automatic proficiency with all simple and martial weapons, shields, and light to medium armor. Perfection-style bonus dice to attack rolls made with anything for which you have a Weapon Focus feat.

Three seems like a nice round number. Next time: underage sex berries, floating livers, and grumpy old animal fuckers! I can't wait!

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Part 3: Well, "Races" IS In The Name...


Not only is this rather good, it's totally removed from the actual race description, except for the leaves.

A race of arboreal Peter Pans, grandchildren of the Great Universal Tree, with an irresponsible, hedonistic nature resultant of having no in-born concept of linear continuity. Physically resembling adolescent human children with "faint, pre-teen ghosts of pubic hair, [...] woven from strands of long, soft grass" (guess that bit from the core book about lolicon being the exclusive purview of villains has gone to poo poo, surprise surprise), they can remain ageless for centuries, only beginning the long road to adulthood when they first experience self-doubt, hate, or anger. Clothed in leaves and vines if at all, and females are specified as being osmotically fertile.

Baseline racial traits: can burrow through loose earth, sand or mud at 1/3 speed, Plant Traits (immune to sleep, paralysis, stunning, critical hits, or massive damage; cannot drown, do not need to eat, but require twice as much water to survive), +4 to Stealth in natural terrain, Nimble Moves as a bonus feat, lowlight and darkvision, Earth Child (+2 to Combat Maneuver Defense while in contact with soil), Ripened (produce berries from the vines on their body which count as a full meal and heal 1 HP when eaten; having them plucked counts as a sexual act for the purpose of sex-magic feats), Death By Metal (Allergic to metal, plastic, and other such modern-day materials. Double armor check penalty if worn, DC 18 FORT save vs. dying with 6D6 damage on success if sexually penetrated with it. Elder kijimunna actually use this as a preferred suicide method. FIIIIIIIEEEEEEEELLLLDS!! :doom:)

Alternate racial traits:

    Nightshade: Mushrooms instead of berries, +2 STR for CON hours instead of HP. Still sexy! Replaces Ripened.
    Spirit of Wood: No damage from wooden weapons. Replaces Child.
    Sustaining Rice: Rice instead of mushrooms instead of berries. No benefit other than making you less hungry, but is can be produced at will, fully cooked, "in a variety of styles", and in virtually unlimited amounts. Still sexy! Replaces Ripened.


Foxes who survive fifty years turn into humanoid fey tricksters. You get the idea. They have to hide their tails (one for each century, up to nine) under long kimonos or dresses, but their facial tattoos and foxy ears only show up in a mirror.

Baseline racial traits: +2 racial bonus to Bluff, +4 to Climb and can use the higher of STR or DEX as a modifier, lowlight vision, Four Footed Trickster (can shapeshift from fox to human and back at will, but must make a Bluff check if anyone's watching), Foxy Disguise (cast Alter Self once per day per five character levels), Liver of Immortality (consuming a kitsune's liver grants immortality, and a dying kitsune can will it to rise from their body and seek out a specific beneficiary).

Alternate racial traits:

    Amagitsune: Divinely sanctioned foe of oni-kind. Three times per day, force a non-good Outsider within 30 feet to reroll any D20 check and take the worse result. Racial type changes from Fey to Outsider, and replaces Disguise.
    Emptiness Fox: Servant of the Void Element, source of all wisdom. Once per day, channel the Void and cast Invisibility and Fox's Cunning on yourself as a full round action. Replaces Disguise and racial skills.
    Hainu Kitsune: "Your foxy blood is somehow mystically mingled with the spirit of a long ago white dog, who flew like a sparrow and fought like an eagle"... Krypto?! :shrug: Gain a flight speed of 40 feet, and +2 racial bonus to Fly checks. Replaces Trickster.


Dour, kvetching, staunchly traditional earth spirits, like tiny wrinkled old men with coal-black skin but hair "as colorful as a peacock's plume". They keep and train animals like classic Rangers, but unlike them, have no bestiality taboo; in fact, the basic family unit is comprised of a husband, a wife, and one companion animal for each. Closely associated with the Daughters of Kirin, who are singled out as one of the few things in the universe that can make a koropokkuru smile.

Baseline racial traits: can count as either Humanoid or Animal (whichever is most favorable at any given time), Hit Die, skill ranks and some other unimportant number junk is similarly split between the two types, +4 racial bonus to Survival, Ride, and Handle Animal checks, lowlight vision, Ancient Wisdom of the Forest (substitute Survival for Knowledge while in "favored terrain"), Half an Animal (sex with beasts counts as sex with sentient for feat/magic purposes, and can tantrically uplift a beloved animal to true sentience once per season), Beloved Beast (animal companion always has the maximum possible Hit Points for its type).

Alternate racial traits:

    Abura-Sumashi: Even uglier than normal, with skin like rock and a head like a potato. STR boost with a CHA penalty, +2 natural armor bonus, and can squeeze a flask of lamp oil from any rock. :psyduck: Replaces Wisdom.
    Azuki-Arai: "You are a surprisingly jolly little man, always singing cheerful songs of rape and cannibalism, but despite the morbid tunes you sing, you are mostly harmless." No CHA penalty, may cast Cause Fear, Lullaby, or Open/Close as a same-level Bard once per day. Replaces racial skills.
    Kumo: Half spider. Racial types are Humanoid and Vermin, Climb speed of 30 feet. Doesn't outright mention the bestiality but oh god :barf:

Next time: huge hairy ball sacks, miscarriage zombies, and Fields shits all over the traditional race choices! I can't wait!

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

InShaneee posted:

Oh geez, I forgot that was actually you. Sorry, I didn't mean to accuse you specifically. Really, my hope is that someone buys the rights so I can get a badass hardcover someday.

It was sort of me, actually. Ewen "Maid" Cluney has it on his List O' Projects, and there was someone else working on another APS game (I forget who and what off the top of my head :v:) that had their sights on it next, so even though the goon project may have run out of steam, the appearance of a gaijin edition is a matter of "when" rather than "if".

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011
Ah, Wheel of Time. Do you get to play as Altarans? They were always my favorite.

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Syrg Sapphire posted:

Sadly no. They dropped the ball on 'races' in this game, and you'll see why later, I'm writing it up now.

Aw, no disciplinary knives? What a gyp. :(

Part 4: Alternates For Everybody!


Heh. Yeah, not really.

Tanuki are vulgar, fun-loving, shapeshifting jesters with comically huge testicles that they can blow up like balloons and play like drums. And that's just in the original folklore. Really, Fields didn't have to do much to fit these guys in. Except for some bizarre reason, he saw fit to include the option of female tanuki, who also have enormous gonads "hanging like bizarre tumors from their swollen labia". :barf: Oh, and there's a trick to breaking their illusions that I don't recall hearing before: coins tarnish and paper money wilts in their presence, so pressing either against their skin will quickly show their true colors. As a bonus, this also explains why they're constantly running out on bar tabs. :v:

Baseline racial traits: racial bonus to Stealth and one free rank in Perform (Comedy) for every rank of any other Perform skill, Tanuki Tracks (transform into an ordinary raccoon-dog and back at will, triggers involuntarily if splashed with a full jug of sake), Tanuki's Testicles (those drums I mentioned can be used once a day to induce fear in opponents, also you can heft your scrotum over your shoulder and turn it into a "Handy Haversack" for one hour).

Alternate racial traits:

    Mujina: Ha ha your balls are soooo tiny! In exchange for being the laughingstock of the tanuki world, you get to change into a couple of different animals, and your movement speed and DEX score aren't nearly as impaired. Replaces Testicles.
    Tanuki's Purse: Once per day, you can take a pile of sticks and rocks from your scrotal purse ("Why it carries rocks and twigs in its scrotum is a mystery best left to the ages.") and Bluff it into a pile of coins for 1D4 days. Replaces Testicles.


The ghosts of women who died in childbirth, the Ubume of the Tatakama blame themselves for having been too weak and have willingly rejected reincarnation, wandering the world with the soul of their dead child in their arms in the distant hope of finding some way to bring it to life. Strikes me as more of a pre-packaged character concept than a viable race, but whatever. It's not like "consistent world-building" has been high on my list of expectations here.

Baseline racial traits: slow movement speed due to pregnant waddling, darkvision, racial bonus to Diplomacy checks against children or childlike undead (coming soon!), Burdened Womb (carrying your child leaves you with only one free hand, or you can absorb it into your womb, but take a penalty to WILL saves), Dust of Guilt (summon a chilling wind to blow detritus from your child's corpse into a tornado of despair, shaking up anything that fails its WILL save; women are at -2 to this save, and if they've had a miscarriage or undergone an abortion themselves, they're shaken even on a success and rendered absolutely helpless on a failure), Motherhood and Rebirth (an instinctive ritual that can only be performed after "decades of unlife", the Ubume passes her dead baby to a willing, living, sentient female who either makes three increasingly difficult STR checks and brings both mother and child back to life, or fails any one of them and dies without hope of resurrection).

Alternate racial traits:

    Compassionate Motherhood: Divine midwives. Cast Stabilize three times a day and a racial bonus to Treat Injury checks. Also, casting Stabilize on a pregnant female ensures a healthy, pain-free pregnancy. Also also, once per level, you can touch a pregnant woman or infant to give the child a permanent bonus to CON and any other one ability score. Replaces Dust.
    Envious Motherhood: Predatory instead of penitent. Inflict an additional damage die against pregnant females, and automatic maximum damage against children. Cause miscarriages with critical hits. Shouldn't this be a monster or something? Replaces Rebirth.
    Ubume-Chan: Hoo boy. So, here we have an Ubume who died so young that she doesn't fully understand the tragedy of her situation and treats her dead child as a playmate rather than a self-imposed onus. The book says this is "cute and disturbing in equal measure", but I have my doubts. The dead baby counts as a sorcerer's familiar, and can be set down on the ground to walk under its own power. This sets your Initiative score to 0, though, since all your attention is diverted, but you also get the Alertness feat which probably does something neat. Replaces Womb.

That's all there is for Tokyo originals, but wait! Surely, I hear you say, such a vibrant and varied world as the Tatakama has its own unique twists on the more traditional races! Well, aren't you the bright one!

Alternate Traits for Core Races

    Blood Immortal (Humans, Half-Orcs, Elves): You can't die. At all. Ever. A sidebar freely acknowledges that this completely breaks any game where it's allowed to exist, but is included for anyone who wants to play Manji from Blade of the Immortal or Tokyo Red Hood from first level. No mention of why anyone who'd play such a character would want die rolls or any rules at all getting in their way.
    Chochinobake (Dwarves, Gnomes): Walking paper lanterns. All you can really do is shed light. Dumb as hell.
    Elven Cruelty (Elves, Half-Elves): Bank your race's reputation for sadism and depravity for a hefty bonus to Intimidate non-Elves, and deal an extra damage die against helpless or unaware opponents. Flavor text points out for no reason at all that Elven women are even worse than the men. Man, just this one post is making Robert Jordan look like Gloria Steinem.
    Forest Fairy Patrol! (Elves, Half-Elves, Gnomes, Halflings): Non-magical animals frequently come to you for help resolving mundane concerns. If you successfully aid the animal, you get an XP bonus; if you solve the problem and bang the animal and/or any issue-related animal spirit/forest-dwelling fey/cosplayer in the process, you get a double bonus! FIIIIIIIEEEEEEEELLLLDS!! :doom:
    Hannyo (Humans): You're half-spirit, and have some sort of animalistic physical deformity, such as talons instead of feet or a tail. But you also get super-smelling powers and a racial bonus to Handle Animal.
    Kintaro Dwarf (Dwarves): Gain the Kintaro feat as a racial bonus. Yep. :geno:
    Little Pet (Halflings, Gnomes): Specially bred kemonomimi midget sex-pets who wandered in from the Cthulhutech set next door. Whenever you gain a level, roll a die for a CHA bonus and a random effect (+2 Combat Maneuver Bonus from being hug-happy, bonus move speed and REF from being all lithe and poo poo, or Alertness from your cute little animal ears).
    Prowess of Steel (Dwarves, Humans, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, males only): Super-samurai! Racial bonus to attack rolls with two-handed swords, and also to Perform or Profession (Sexual) checks, because
    Setotaisho (Dwarves): You're actually a golem who formed itself from broken earthenware and was raised by a dwarven family. Huh?
    Umi-Nyobou (Humans, females only): Want to play as Princess Ruto from Ocarina of Time? Here ya go.
    Yama-Oroshi (Goblin, Gnome, Halfing): A radish grater that achieved sentience and grew a body. :psyduck:

The next thing is a bunch of templates for the various castes inherent to feudal Japanese life, which looks boring so I'm gonna skip 'em. Next time: sacred bodily fluids, "retard strength", and see-through vulvae! I can't wait!

Bitchtits McGee fucked around with this message at 12:30 on Apr 4, 2013

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Green Intern posted:

What's with all the creepy sex poo poo, though?

The Tatakama books (of which there are three in total) are supplements to the infamous Black Tokyo. That should explain a lot.

Cooked Auto posted:

Could've sworn there was a game released last year or something that handled Yokai pretty well and in a cute way too. Sadly I can't remember its name though.

Golden Sky Stories?

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Amechra posted:

Funnily enough, this is the first time that I've noticed that that term references the Romani people.


This was pretty much my reaction, as well. Sorry about that.

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Part 5: Talents for the Talentless

For those who came in late: Talents are like highly specialized mini-Feats that you can only take at character creation to supplement your character concept. I, uh, can't think of anything else to say about them, so...

    Angelic Little Loli (female only, Young Adult or younger): Bonus to all Saves made against the "hostile intentions" of evil creatures. This benefit is temporarily lost "if you engage in consensual penetrative sex, though you can engage in masturbation, oral or fetish acts with a lover". FIIIIIIIEEEEEEEELLLLDS!! :doom: (Wow, that one came early.)

    Bara (male only, Adult or older): Hyper-virile gay man. Add CON to Bluff/Diplomacy vs. other men.

    Bishonen/Bishoujo: Well, Japan does love its androgynes. Pretty much a fixed bonus version of Bara.

    Body Sheath: An apparently natural pocket that you can only use for hiding weapons for some reason. Wouldn't be notable, except it's described as "like a warrior’s vulva ready to accept your blade". Stay classy, Fields.

    Broken Doll: You look your best when you're beaten. CHA bonus while at half HP or less.

    Carnal Inspiration: Sleep with someone beautiful enough, get a bonus to Conjuration/Enchantment spells.

    Demon Hunter's Semen (male only): Glowing jizz that grants a temporary bonus vs. Outsiders when "accepted into the body".

    Dimwitted But Mighty (at least -1 INT/WIS modifier): FATAL flashbacks, woo! Add your INT/WIS penalty to your STR. The dumber you are, the stronger you get! :shepicide:

    Ecchi Adventurer: Pick a fetish. Indulge in that fetish, and get an XP bonus for one hour afterwards.

    Exorcist's Tongue: Communicate with any incorporeal Undead. Not at all what you were expecting, was it?

    Fertile Skin (female only): Get pregnant just from touching semen.

    Gooey Lubrication: Your sexual fluids can be used as sovereign glue. Potentially quite embarrassing.

    Holy Milk (female only): Constantly lactating, functions as holy water.

    Incestuous Siblings: You don't just share a bed, you share Save scores! Can be selected multiple times for multiple siblings!

    Magic Maid Service: Summon a swarm of "semi-real" pixie maids to make out with each other at will. Can be used to stun a target, but I'm willing to bet nobody who takes this remembers to try.

    Megane-Ko (female only): The old "sexy librarian" trick. Use INT modifier instead of CHA for Bluff/Diplomacy.

    Necro-Freak: Exactly what you think.

    Never Ending Hymen (female only): Also exactly what you think.

    Omorashi: Rules for having a tiny, tiny bladder.

    Phallic Tongue: Yep.

    Piss Connoisseur: Conjure a perfect mental image or determine a woman's next menstrual cycle by well you get the idea.

    Possessor's Mark: Permanently brand a creature with a glowing rune during sex. Doesn't do anything, really, it's just sort of there.

    Play Pregnancy (female or Bishonen only): Perfectly mimic pregnancy, swollen breasts and everything. And yes, this can be taken by androgynous men as well. Probably. As I understand it, you're only supposed to have one Talent, and Bishonen is another Talent, so... :shrug:

    Pleasure Tattoos: The magic of your ink heals anyone you gently caress. Sure, why not.

    Pretty Meat Pussy (female only): You can turn the skin over your genitals transparent at will for a sexually-oriented Bluff/Diplomacy bonus vs. cannibalistic creatures. :wtc:

    Sexy Little Witch: Prepare two extra spells a day if you get your rocks off first.

    Storm Piss: Urinate into a body of water, and it becomes choppy and storm-tossed.

    Swinging Testicles (male only, Tanuki exempt): You have to carry your balls like a duffel bag. Bonus to Perform (Comedy) and CHA-based checks against Tanuki.

    Teasing Little Loli (female only, Young Adult or younger): Bonus to Bluff vs. Adults. Bigger bonus the older they are, plus more if their last name is the same as their first name. Okay, I made that last part up.

    Tsundere (female only): Deal an additional point of damage on melee attacks against anyone with a romantic or sexual interest in you. :ughh:

Getting tired, so keeping it short for now. Next time: magic made of poo poo, wings made of blood, and the secret to immortality! I can't wait!

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Bieeardo posted:

I think the most hosed up thing about all of this is how Fields just kind of shrugs at the ability to permanently brand someone as part of the sex act. gently caress the wrong person, and get a big 'ol red A somewhere on your body.

There's a bit I forgot to mention: the target can make a WILL Save to resist the branding. It still lasts a couple of days even on a success, though, and the roll has a penalty if the sex is non-consensual. Yeah.

Alien Rope Burn posted:

To Fields, sex is just an extension of the combat rules; i.e., a means of establishing mechanical dominance. :(

Right on page one of the core book, he says: "Hentai reminds viewers that we are meat machines, and revels in spurting fluids and heaving flesh." So I imagine you're not far off. :smith:

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Part 6: More Great Band Names

Birthright Feats

Like more elaborate Talents or less elaborate Races, Birthright Feats supposedly represent a character's heritage, but only maybe two make any sense in that context. Anyway, they're only selectable at first level, except for one which you can get under very particular circumstances.

    Bishonen/Bishoujo Hermaphadite (Prereq: Bishonen/Bishoujo starting talent): Fields misspelled it, not me. Anyway, yeah, you're both Glen and Glenda in one androgynously attractive package, and can take sexually-oriented feats or skills or what-have-you from either side, though usage depends on if your body currently has the plumbing to make whatever-it-is it work. See, unlike true "hermaphadites", you can only have one set of gonads at a time; switching just requires a full round of concentration, but is otherwise at-will. Unless you're pregnant. Because that can happen. Of course.

    Ghost Lover (Prereq: WIS 15+, Exorcist's Tongue starting talent): Exactly what it sounds like. The ghost can materialize freely if all it has to do is speak or otherwise :heysexy:'interact':heysexy: with you, or you can do what's called a Significant Summoning, which is limited in frequency and duration by your WIS score. With a SigSum, the ghost appears fully-bodied and solid in an empty space nearby, a perfect stat-block copy, right down to all of your current gear as well as access to all skills, abilities, and prepared spells. The drawbacks are that only one of you can make an attack action per round, the skills etc. are a shared pool between you, as are any limited-use items like potions or ammo, and the ghost only has 1 HP and creates an empathic backlash that leaves you shaken when it's hit. Still, another not-wholly-awful idea, and aside from the word "Lover" in the name and the one reference to at-will nookie, practically creep-free. Imagine that, eh?

    Heikegani (Prereq: Human, Samurai or higher caste): Your ancestors died in a huge battle by the sea and were eaten by crabs, so now you're born with a crab shell around your body and the ability to coat weapons in coral. :psyduck:

    Kintaro (Prereq: ???): Based on the Japanese folkloric hero, the book doesn't get much further than what you can read in the Wiki article before getting cut off. The Kintaro entry ends on page 71 with a complete physical description (ruddy complexion, glowing kin kanji above their genitals), then picks up on page 72 mid-sentence describing what sort of information you can get from talking to objects. So there's at least a full page of these things missing. Good show. :rolleyes:

    Perverted Immortality (Prereq: Middle Aged or older): It's the direct-to-video porn version of The Picture of Dorian Grey: you're ageless, with no stat penalties (but keeping the bonus to WIS), so long as you engage in "incredibly kinky sex" with a virgin of at least Adult age once a month. Miss a month, though, and all those missed penalties for age come crashing down on you at once, and stay there until you catch up. Aside from that, bonus to Knowledge (History) cumulative for each century lived blah blah who cares you're an ever-living virgin hunter what else do you want. This feat is also one of the possible rewards from the Ecchi starting talent for successfully shtupping at least one member of each racial type.


Awwww here we go son.

    Black Fatherhood (male only, Wombscrape): You can communicate with your unborn spawn, making them temporarily take control of their host mother. Then, at birth, you can either force the mother to make a FORT save or die, or make a WILL save or be permanently brainwashed to your alignment. Totally. Playable. Option.

    Bodymeld: Absorb your willing lover, forming a giant, "hermaphaditic", composite being. :nws::nms:The accompanying artwork is rather terrifying.:nms::nws:

    Bodywalk: Transform yourself into a wave of gore, rush in through the various orifices of a nearby target, then burst out violently from another victim which shares at least one physical trait (race, gender, or ethnicity) with the initial target. Specified as "one of the most fearsome hentai no judo abilities", another one of those ignorant misuses of foreign terminology that even a rudimentary education can tear apart like tissue paper.

    Caress of Soiled Cloth: By jacking off into a piece of recently-worn clothing, you can activate one sexual feat or ability as if you just had actual sex with the owner.

    Cocoon of Filth: poo poo yourself, and form it into fire-resistant full-body armor. Washes away with water damage.

    Cum Flux Flood: Form semen "accepted into your body" into a simple-minded jizz demon.

    Dark Lover's Carapace: Cockroach-like demonic armor bursts from your skin. Gets harder based on the number of sexual encounters you've had within the last day.

    Drippings of Stone: Medusa's sex gunge.

    Enema Alchemist: :barf:

    Grave Between the Legs: "Your hate, fear and self loathing is focused inward, transforming your body into a poisonous, diseased wasteland: you have made your sexuality a weapon of mass destruction, usually in response to violation and atrocity." :stare: Oooookaaaaaaaaay. Moving on. Very slowly. So as to not provoke a reaction.

    Genderqueer: Requires the Hermaphadite feat. You radiate "an unsettling sensual aura" which shorts out single-gender abilities. Take that, fas-cis-ts.

    Gift of Innocence: Pop a willing virgin's cherry, and gain a spiritual bond with them. Sense relative distance, direction, and general well-being while on the same plane, extend personal-range spells by touch, and maximize any healing effects between you.

    Hungerblood: When damaged with slashing or piercing weapons, your blood lashes out from the wound to coil around your enemies' weapons, giving a CMB bonus. Alternately, you can suffer temporary CON damage to form a masterwork whip from your own blood. :black101:

    Innocence Restored: Instantly wipe away the physical and psychological effects of a rape through consensual sex. Demonic pregnancies must make a DC 28 FORT save, but otherwise, even hymens grow back with no muss or fuss.

    Lemon-Pink Hospital: Your fluids heal.

    Lemon-Pink Metamorph: Other people's fluids change your shape.

    Lethal Jealousy: Remember Possessor's Mark? Now it does something. Specifically, it makes the marked shoot fiery acid from their genitals if they have sex with anyone other than you.

    Lusty Blades: Enchant a single slashing or piercing weapon by masturbating with the hilt. Now, it doesn't specify female characters only, so I guess if you can figure out a way for it to work otherwise...

    Menstrual Wings (female only, Moon Wise): Enormous bat wings made of blood burst from your back. Flight speed is enhanced if the moon is full.

    Moon Wise (female only): Your period blood grants a healing factor, and you gain low-light vision because nature nonsense.

    Mother to Demons (female only): Summon demonic monsters to defend you by literally birthing them.

    Nudie Cutie: Transform all armor and clothing worn into a single piece of headgear, and gain their full advantages while in the buff. :nws:The accompanying artwork is rather good. No, really!:nws:

    Painted With Seed: You gain a temporary bonus from having semen ejaculated on you, but the bonus is different depending on which body part it hits. There's a list, but eh, this post is long enough.

    Phallic Spear Technique (male only): "A hateful thought, and your penis bursts through your clothes, your very masculinity transformed into a dangerous edged weapon." Your dick is now a reach weapon, length 10 ft. per CON mod, 1d8 damage and 19-20 crit. However, it's also a viable target, with Hardness equal to your WIS and HP equal to your CON; if it's 'defeated', you lose the benefit of this feat for 48 hours and begin bleeding out severely.

    Pink Zone: Porno situations break out spontaneously around you, much like how a musical protagonist generates choreography by walking down the street.

    Playful Little Loli: With roughly a minute of concentration, you can voluntarily take temporary INT damage (gaining DR 1/magic per point lost) and designate any one sentient creature as your "mommy or daddy", substituting your save bonuses for theirs "as you draw comfort from their presence". FIIIIIIIEEEEEEEELLLLDS!! :doom:

    Poison the Bowels: Make a ranged touch attack. If successful, you take control of the target's dormant feces, Nauseating them until they try to take a dump, at which point their intestines EXPLODE for massive physical damage and a save vs. permanent CON damage.

    Rapist's Camaraderie (male only): Cumulative attack, damage, and grapple bonus while in the presence of one or more sentient males who have raped or seriously injured a sentient female within the last 24 hours. :ughh:

    Rebuilt by Lust (Battered Doll talent): "Your bruised, broken and horribly scarred body is repaired and reenergized through sexual contact. Though it hurts you terribly, you know accepting a man into your damaged body is for the best." I can add nothing to that.

    Scatological Armory: Share your Cocoon of Filth with nearby allies. Gee, thanks.

    poo poo Rider: Basically Cum Flux Flood, only with dookie and an enema made of "strange oils".

    Super Kawaii: Add CHA mod to AC by virtue of being "too adorable to kill".

    Tentacled Myriad: Yep, tentacles. The flavor text for this one is substantially longer than the effect text.

    Unbirth (requires Vaginal Prison): You can voluntarily take temporary CON damage to force a WILL save on your victim. Success means permanent CON damage for them; failure means they regress an entire age category, with anyone breaking past Child dying instantly.

    Vaginal Prison (female only): "You can transform your vagina into a strange Tessarect, a fold in space and time." Make a second grapple check against an already grappled opponent, and your pussy swallows them whole, shunting them into another dimension within your body. Victims suffer acidic and bludgeoning damage each round, and can only escape by teleportation or dimensonal travel magic, or by making a WILL save against your WIS mod. You can squirt them or their equipment out at will, which is handy since you take quite a lot of damage if they manage to make that save.

    Veins Full of Cum (requires Painted With Seed or Rebuilt By Lust): Your heart pumps life-giving manjuice instead of blood. Your body enters a regenerative coma at least 4 hours after being slain, regaining 1 HP per hour plus 1 for each male who ejaculates on your corpse. Not as game-breaking as Blood Immortal, since any fire or acid damage during the coma interrupts and negates it, and each successful attempt has an increasingly difficult FORT save vs. permanent INT loss to brain damage.

    Wards of Filth: Make a circle of protection against evil out of your bodily wastes.

    Womanly Suffocation (female only): Make your breast flesh flow like wax, crushing a grappled opponent.

    Wombscrape (requires Phallic Spear): Any fertile female wounded by your guisarme-vulgar must make a FORT save vs. pregnancy or miscarriage. Once per day, you can squeeze out a cone of acidic semen which has the same effect, plus damage to males within range.

That's it for Races. Next time: back to Tales of the Tatakama for some world-building lore! I can't wait!

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Tasoth posted:

Ghost Love could be interesting if you changed the requirement to something like having a tea ceremony (since it is Asian) or a dinner for a ghost that reminds them of life for you to gain the effect. It would make exorcist type characters much more interesting at the least.

Actually, there's no mechanical requirement for supernatural sexytimes in Ghost Lover, only the name and a couple lines of fluff. RAW, it's just a secondary character that you can call up for combat advantage. Still, your idea of periodically having to perform some mundane activity as a sort of anchoring ritual sounds really quite cool.

Tasoth posted:

All that other poo poo, I'm actually repulsed that someone spent time thinking it up.

I sometimes find myself trying to imagine the sort of person who'd actually play these things I'm writing about. Occasionally, I'm successful. However, I can't ever seem to imagine their hentai role-playing experience actually being enhanced by stats, rules, and die rolls. There's just no demand for this product that I can see.

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Part 3: The World of Black Tokyo

:neckbeard: Yaaaay, game lore! I love this stuff! :shepicide:

The Amakaze

Your basic Illuminati stand-in: the immortal founders of Japan's zaibatsu, controlling everything from the unearthly pleasures of their vast palatial estates in the Tatakama, only ever setting foot back in the mortal world anymore for the odd board meeting or G8 Summit. Except, of course, immortality has a price, and that price gets steeper every year, so by this point they're really just another layer of stooges between Earth and the Black Else, directing mortal affairs to further the ends of their demonic paymasters. Then it goes on for half-a-dozen paragraphs about how the PCs could find out they've been unwittingly working for the Amakaze all along. You could probably write the whole entry yourself. Pretty standard stuff.

The Ubume Empress

According to a sidebar, the so-called Ubume Empress works for the Amakaze, somehow manipulating the other Ubume into servitude so that they can "spread delicious misery across the human realm"... again, somehow. While her actual purpose and motivation is vague to the point of vapor, the rest of her entry is bizarrely detailed. She answers to the name "Ellen", and her accent seems to be American, but she isn't native to the world of Black Tokyo, having somehow crossed through the Black Else and the Tatakama after her death. She wears tailored business attire, to which the ghosts of hundreds of fetuses cling invisibly, and enchanted veils cover up the fact that she's missing the top of her skull. Why go to the trouble of including all this? Is it based on someone he knows? A friend's self-insert? Petty revenge against an ex-girlfriend who slept around on him? :iiam:

oh, and then there's this thing posted:

The Ubume Empress is also adept at manipulating Japan’s minority Christian population to commit horrid atrocities in the name of faith, only realizing too late their actions serve the Black Else.

Fields. :jerkbag:

Amusement Store Tulip - Sapporo, Japan

Nominally, an adult novelty shop. But in the back room, owner Noriko Tennin, self-emancipated Living Toy (new to me, too, but the name seems fairly self-evident) and Innocent (D7ACU: The Innocent, Skortched Urf Studios, 2007, but I ain't buyin' that one), crafts magical artifacts to order. Reasonable prices and good quality, but accordingly, a months-long backlog on orders. She'll even custom-build you a Living Toy bedmate, but only after she's "encountered" you herself and is sure you won't mistreat them.

yyyyyyyyyyyyyep posted:

A rude and impudent website, a place where calling another anonymous poster a friend of the family-fag is the height of comedy, and the one place on the Net where it’s totally possible to innocently stumble across home-made kiddy porn while browsing for anime wallpapers or song torrents.

Right down to a recent spate of 'hacktivism' against the corporations of the Amakaze. Anonymity keeps the fight alive for the most part, but twin webmasters Ryu and Haneda Shirow have their own list of supernatural contacts to call on if the forces of evil get too close for comfort, cough cough plot hook.

Aokigahara Forest

If you're gonna make a game about Japanese ghosts, you've gotta set a space aside for the Sea of Trees. An old growth forest around the base of Mount Fuji, Aokigahara is purportedly the most haunted place in Japan, a reputation due entirely to the indisputably documented fact that it's also the most popular spot in Japan for committing suicide, seeing upwards of 100 every year. Popular opinion puts the root of this in Seichou Matsumoto's 1960 novel Kuroi Jakai, about a young lover who hangs himself from a tree in the forest, but as is the way of these things, stranger theories abound.

In Black Tokyo, the roots of the Universal Tree cross under the soil, making the entire forest a weak spot in the barrier between the True Earth Realm and the Tatakama. Portals constantly open and close at random, Kasha guide the souls of the dead so they cannot return as undead, Futakuchi descend upon sacred groves. And just in case you thought he'd get too solemn or respectful of the site to include some creepy detail, a cave in the heart of the forest contains a sacred steel dildo which Kijimunna use to masturbate themselves to death.

Clovers Academy - Outside Tokyo

An exclusive private school owned and operated by Heaven itself, training the next generation of demon slayers from Grades 7-12. The students are mentioned to be pen pals with the seemingly all-girl Hanging Academy, whatever that is.

Club Ameonna - Tokyo Harbor

A :nws:nyotaimori:nws: club "popular with younger Yakuza and wealthy idiots who get their thrills being seen with Yakuza". Also the location of a permanent portal directly to the Black Else, so make sure you really understand the directions to the restroom when you ask.

Fairy Tale Student's Club - Rappongi, Tokyo

Again, not my typo. A two-bedroom apartment turned party club and crash-pad for young shapeshifters and magic-users, with a loose-knit but internally-loyal membership.

Monsters University - Okinawa

The "run-down inner city" equivalent to the Clovers Academy, MU is a sort of magically-aware juvie hall, where optimistic exorcists send young abominations to learn how to rise above their baser instincts or die trying.

:arghfist::spergin: posted:

Since most of Monster’s University students enjoy watching women die, students of both genders often begin strange, melancholy romances with the girls of the Hanging Academy.

This seems like it might be a good place for Doom, but since I still don't know what the deal is with this Hanging Academy, all that really frustrates me is that these things don't have numbers on the front or something. :reject:

A popular watersports webcam site, with a magically encrypted Member's Only section selling the stained panties of down-on-their-luck goddesses, as well as an always-busy chat room for Flow Witches and waste-mages.

Sagari Downs - Nagasaki

Lavish and apparently fictional 1/4-mile horse racing track, where many of the jockeys are actually Koropokkuru, which makes a sort of carrot-over-stick sense. Open to the public during the regular racing season, closed off and glamoured during the winter months for "high-stakes and eroticized races" between "Japan’s mystic pony-players, animalistic cosplay-mages and the virginal, powerfully built Daughters of Kirin" for the exclusive amusement of richer clientele.

Seamless Sleep Club - Rappongi, Tokyo

Still not my typo. Run by three of the Tannin sisters ('related' to the owner of Amusement Store Tulip and likewise self-emancipated Living Toys), the SSC is a popular maid cafe and "cuddle club", where lonely otaku and salarymen can pay extra to sleep with the staff in the literal sense of just sharing a bed - no intimate contact, both parties' pajamas stay on at all times. Recently gained national notoriety when the Imperial Princess hosted a party there, but not mentioned in the tabloids were the personal bodyguards the owners built for her as a gift.

The Shikome

The extremist side of the Eyrines Sisterhood, the Shikome not only hunt down and kill sexual predators, but go the extra mile to euthanize their victims as well, with the reasoning that while being raped itself is no sin, the lifetime of pain and guilt that often follows only serves to stain their karma, so they're better off re-entering the cycle of rebirth as soon as possible. Yeesh. Not very many of them around, what with both the aforementioned predators and the Eyrines both actively hunting them down.

Vending Machine Girls

Mage-bred sex slaves sold in mystical gashapon machines, "transitory playthings [which] are almost as disposable as a can of soda". FIIIIIIIEEEEEEEELLLLDS!! :doom:

Next time: zombie hobo hordes, auto-groping kimonos, and literal crotch rockets! I can't wait!

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Qwo posted:

This poo poo reminds me of the vile, disgusting, utterly pathetic anime Wicked City. I imagine the game designer is a fan.

Listed under "Inspirations" at the back of the core book, right after Urotsukidoji.

I always saw these books around the local gaming shop growing up, but never knew a thing about them until now.

I love it already. :allears:

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Part 4: Monsters and Other Fieldsish Things

New Monsters!

Aswang (CR 6)

Descriptions vary widely, but none of them seem to resemble this picture at all.

    Vampiric bird-dog-demon-things from Filipino folklore who suck unborn fetuses out of pregnant women with their long, mosquito-like proboscises. The Black Tokyo version just has them migrating to Japan to take jobs in disreputable hospitals and nails their natural appearance down to enormous bird-things, "all lice-flecked ebon wings and hollow fangs", although they can disguise themselves as Filipino women. They think Ubume are super-delicious.

    Masque: The disguise ability.

    Proboscis: Long, whip-like tongue that grapples. Pregnant mortal women who are grappled must make a FORT check each round or "undergo an especially tramautic abortion". An Aswang who successfully induces an abortion is instantly healed to full HP, cleared of all status conditions, and becomes immune to turning for 24 hours.

    Seeking the Dark Delicacy: Instead of the abortion thing, a grappled Ubume loses 1D3 WIS points per round, no save, with perma-death at 0 WIS. As if that weren't enough, Aswang are immune to unarmed or melee attacks from Ubume. Better hope you brought backup.

Amakaze (CR 10)

    Yep, these guys. They look all wrinkled and old, but are "stronger than they were in their 20s", sprouting talons of gold and a sharklike mouth full of fangs when they fight.

    Bribe Hell: Can sacrifice an item of Purchase DC 20 or higher to summon a CR 8 demonic bodyguard. This is actually why they're always decked out in designer watches, designer ties and the like, so they can be discarded in an emergency. Actually a pretty cool idea.

    Black Coins: Throw a handful of bloody yen at a target as a free action. If it hits, the target is cursed with a spiritual bounty, giving any Outsiders allied with that particular Amakaze a bonus to attack them.

    Economic Sadism: "The dark, materialist magic that sustains the immortal Amakaze loathes the working poor even as it depends upon them for sustenance." Bonus on all attack/damage rolls and Bluff/Diplomacy/Intimidate checks against targets with a Wealth Bonus of less than +8, and automatically confirm critical hits against targets with 0 Wealth Bonus. Top-notch social commentary right here.

    Murderous Fraud: "The Amakaze’s cold bone talons unravel a victim’s wealth and credit history even as they slice through his guts." Melee attacks deal additional damage to the target's Wealth Bonus. Sure why not.

Binbogami (CR 2)

    It is (or was) a fairly common practice in Japan for moneylenders to take out life insurance policies on borrowers, so that just in case they tried to commit suicide rather than default, the company'd still profit. The Amakaze, beacons of capitalism that they are, take this a step further and turn loan-suicide cases into hordes of disposable zombie drones.

    Unbreakable Contract: Destroy the body, they'll just regenerate and get right back to whatever mission their Amakaze had them on before. The only way to exorcise them permanently is to pay off their debt, permanently reducing your Wealth Bonus by 1 per hobozombie.

Daruma (CR 5)

    Japanese daruma dolls are based on the legend of Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism, who legend says meditated for so long that his entire body wasted away beneath him, leaving a serenely enlightened head. In Fields' world, the "real" Daruma are fallen monks and priests turned into giant shrimp demons who seek out happy lovers and chew off their genitals in "some kind of bizarre attempt to control ‘human lust’." Riiiiiiiiiight.

    Pounce: Meh.

    Nibble: Two bites in one attack.

    Mutilating Bite: Instead of Nibble, go straight for the babymakin' parts for extra damage.

    Sexual Inversion Curse: Whatever character makes the deathblow on a Daruma must make a FORT save or have their gender permanently swapped. :psyduck:

Kanedama (CR 5)

    The Amakaze's MIB force of demonic errand boys. They appear as plain, forgettable salarymen, complain about their job constantly, wear dark sunglasses to hide their total lack of eyes, and cheap rumpled suits to hide the fact that they have dog mouths instead of penises. :what:

    Blindsense: No eyes means no visual attacks. And they track by scent.

    Cowards Prosper: Anyone hit by a Kanedama takes extra damage from its allies, as well as any further attacks from the same Kanedama. It doesn't say otherwise, so I guess this effect can stack from multiple Kanedama, making them a real threat in numbers.

Kijohime (CR 7)

    Demons of lust and jealousy, "given form when a young woman masturbates to a bitter, hurtful orgasm to thoughts of a lover she can never possess." Single-minded and not very bright, they come to Earth to seek out the target of the fantasy that spawned them so they can challenge them to a friendly game of tiddlywinks (no, not really). Armless but beautiful Japanese women from head to waist, red-and-gold snake's tail below. Vagina's lined with venomous serpents, and their breast milk is a neurotoxin. Sheesh.

    Climb: Kijohime aren't actually bound by gravity, so they can slither across walls and ceilings with impunity.

    Constrict: Well, they are half snake, y'know.

    Shiofuki: Thinking of their intended lover-victim brings the Kijohime to a messy orgasm, spraying venomous ejaculate in a cone in front of them. Anyone hit must make a FORT save or be blinded for an hour; anyone who fails that save must make a second FORT save or take temporary DEX damage as well.

    Solitary Lust: The opponent with the highest CHA has a penalty to the above saves, because the Kijohime likes them best.

Koma-Inu (CR 8)

    Lion statues that traditionally guarded the entrance to Buddhist temples, now come to life and full of neon or something. How conventional.

Kosode-No-Te (CR 1/2)

    Resembles an ordinary woman's kimono, until it's worn, when it suddenly starts groping them with invisible hands. And that's it.

Okiku (CR 3)

    "The Okiku are the restless spirits who heard the call of the Hanging Academy, but could not answer it." But what does that meeeeeeeaan?? :arghfist::spergin: Anyway, I guess they must be undead teenage suicides or something, since they "resemble the girls they once were" except for being filled with insects and black smoke to replace the viscera removed during autopsy, and try to drive living girls to despair and death.

    Cloud of Doubt: That smoke I mentioned leaks out to form a permanent miasma which surrounds them, removing any fear immunities and penalizing WILL saves.

    Deathsmoke Kiss: An Okiku can make a grapple check to kiss an opponent, forcing acidic smoke into their lungs. Male victims only take half damage, but females not only take full damage from the attack, but must make a WILL save or become listless and suicidal, suffering a penalty to all rolls until she's either hit with a Remove Curse spell or offs herself. If the latter, they rise as a new Okiku in 48 hours.

    Suicide Pact: Okiku work online, too. Killing one sets off an optional side-quest to save one of its online friends from killing herself because of the sudden abandonment.

There's one more, but... not yet. Best for last, don'tchaknow. :unsmigghh:

New Spells!

    Armored by Failure: A favorite of Amakaze, each allied creature slain within the spell's area of effect increases the caster's Damage Reduction by 1/-. The components even include "idiot henchmen".

    Cock Like A Piston: A favorite of bousouzoku street-mages, the caster's cock turns into a piston with which they gently caress their motorcycle's engine for better speed and handling.

    Deadening Defense: Completely cuts the caster off from the Earth Realm's ley lines, rendering them all but invulnerable to all magical effects, good or ill.

    Evil's Tools: Switch any morally-aligned Damage Resistance possessed by the caster. Used by elder oni against demon hunters.

    Fertility Control: Exactly what it sounds like.

    Intimate Shards: A self-damaging area attack, needlessly focused on the breasts and genitals.

    Piss Like A Dragon: Charge your bladder with mystical energy. Hold it in for up to 12 hours, then blast out a firehose stream of burning urine, range and damage dependent on how long it's been held back.

    Slut Training: The target takes 100 points of damage in 24 hours time, minus one point for each person they bring to orgasm within that time. FIIIIIIIEEEEEEEELLLLDS!! :doom:

    Sudden Flowering: Take the berry from a Kijimunna, throw it like a grenade, and turn any non-magical items splashed with its juice into wood, flower and fruits.

    Well-Educated Slut: So long as the spell lasts, get XP for banging a creature as if you'd defeated them in combat.

That's the end of Tales, for now. Next time: the last book, Chastity & Depravity! I can't wait!

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011
Breaking news: Chris Fields defaces the superhero genre.

Additionally, there have been three more Black Tokyo supplements published, one of which apparently aims to give "sex [...] as many options and variables as combat does now". :suicide:

Part 1: drat The Torpedoes

A scant two paragraphs of introduction (not an unreasonable assumption that anyone who's buying this already knows what they're in for, I suppose) and the pattern begins again with new player races species, except a third of them are reprints!


The actual picture in the PDF is broken up into segments for some reason, so have this Omaha the Cat Dancer cover instead. Pretty much the same thing.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa posted:

All Byakko are born human, but abandon their human forms sometime before their 16th birthday. A long forgotten ritual of transformation, which has made its way into the otaku underworld lets young Byakko transform their physical body to match their Internet ‘fursona’… to forever step away from humanity.

"Fursona", you say? :shepface:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa posted:

All Byakko are lean and powerfully built, attractive humanoids blessed with the beauty, grace and raw sexuality of the animals they emulate. Byakko are easily recognized by their pelts, their lusty, pungent musk, their strange proportions and powerful physiques.

Well of course they loving are.

Racial traits: Low-light vision, Alertness as racial feat; Animal Lusts (penalty to Sense Motive and Diplomacy vs. desirable fuckmates, same to WILL saves vs. mental compulsion to gently caress); Voracious (requires four times the amount of food and water to survive as a normal humanoid); Species of One.

Species of One is where the Byakko turns into a shifting snowflake of specialosity. At character creation, choose two of the following options - one as a permanent alteration (your primary furry characteristic), the other may be changed each day upon awakening.

    Aquatic Fur: Able to Take 10 or 20 on Swim checks, even under threat. Can hold breath for CON minutes.
    Burrowing Fur: Digging, durr. No rock.
    Chase Fur: Extra land speed.
    Climbing Fur: Aquatic Fur for Climb.
    Combat Fur: Gain naturally proficient weapons for claw strike or bite attacks.
    Herd Fur: Racial STR bonus, lifting and carrying limits as if Large size instead of Medium.
    Hibernating Fur: Enter a death-like trance state at will, requiring no sustenance and only trace oxygen to survive, for up to CON mod weeks. Must specify a specific time or trigger (taking damage, hearing a certain phrase, etc.) at which you will awaken.
    Futanari Fur: Presented in Fields' order. And he still spells it "hermaphaditic".
    Messy Fur: Gain perennial favorite Wards of Filth as a racial feat.
    Nocturnal Fur: Darkvision.
    Soft Fur: Gifts of Ecstasy as a racial feat.
    Tentacle Fur: Race type changes to Monstrous Humanoid. Pretty underwhelming effect for having "clitorii six feet long dangling from beneath [your] jawline".


:nws:Name one thing right about this picture.:nws:

Cold, emotionless parasites who feed on lust, love, and hope. Classic PC material right there, eh?

and they're cute, too posted:

In their natural state, a Hannya resembles a flayed humanoid figure; a naked man or woman with a lean, finely proportioned
body hewn from slabs of crimson muscle. Short ridges of glowing gold or silver horn ring the Hannya’ electric blue eyes, and a similar set of decorative spines ring their genitals and the tips of their breasts. Inch long quills jut from the Hannya’ elbows and kneecaps; the tips of these quills glow with a faint silvery radiance.

If you're lucky, though, you won't see this often. Spinnerets are placed regularly across the body, from which the Hannya can exude a fleshy polymer at will. With practice, this can be formed into a carapace to perfectly mimic any similarly-sized humanoid, of any race, age or gender, within seconds. They can even mimic humanoid sexual response, but only truly feel anything resembling pleasure when laying eggs, because that is a thing they do.

Racial traits: Aberration/Shapechanger type; racial bonus to Bluff and Sense Motive; Gifts of Ecstasy as racial feat; low-light vision; Lustfeeding (can go without food or water so long as you have sex with another sentient being once every three days - other Hannya count); Sensual Lethality (racial bonus to damage rolls vs. anyone you've sexed up today); Seductive Cocoon (the mimic thing); Conflicted Mind (spend an hour a day meditating in your natural form, or suffer a cumulative morale penalty to everything).

(About this time in the PDF is when headers start sprouting font-error boxes. Hyphens and certain letters just don't show up at all, not often enough to render anything truly unreadable, but often enough that anyone giving even a cursory glance would notice. Quality assurance remains Job #0 at Skortched Urf Studios.)

Living Toys

Pinocchio. With hentai.

Racial traits: may choose to be Small or Medium sized; racial bonus to Diplomacy vs. kids, and any two Craft, Profession or Perform skills; Pseudo-Construct Traits (immunity to most biological effects, but also no natural healing and half benefit from curing spells); Stuffing Belly (immune to pain, too... why wasn't this just folded into the last one?); Child-Babel (speak to any Young Adult or younger creature as if sharing a common language, provided they have not taken a sentient life or had any sexual encounter); A Toy's Purpose (you were made for a reason - choose one from list below).

    Boy(/Tomboy) Toy: Despite what the name suggests, "designed to accompany a rambunctious young adventurer." Additional racial bonus to Climb, Jump, Handle Animal, Survival, and Tumble.
    Conjurer: Cast Mage Hand or Prestiditation (shouldn't there be a g in that?) as a first level mage.
    Childhood Protector: Cast Light on yourself at will, radiate a constant Bless effect that only works on children.
    Marionette: Extra racial DEX bonus for having been made with high-grade joints.
    Mother's Helper: Double bonus to chosen Craft/Profession/Perform skills, plus another bonus to Repair. Further +2 bonus when taking 10 or 20 on any of these, "effectively 'taking 12' or 'taking 22'".
    Patchwork: Shift your colors at will, racial bonus to Hide.
    Tutor: Bonus to INT, add racial bonus to any two Knowledge skills.

Racial weakness: Somebody made you for a reason, and your creator or owner, if extant, can still command your actions. Simple commands get no save, while more complex orders may be resisted by WILL, with a bonus if the action is obviously self-destructive or violates the character's moral code.


Ever see Hard Candy? Imagine that, only with Hayley as an immortal faerie who force-feeds Jeff his own balls, skins him, and then burns him alive one square inch at a time. Finally, a race option I think I could actually get behind in this loving game!

Racial traits: Small size; racial bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Sense Motive and Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences), also Disguise to pass as a mortal child; Innocence Restored as a racial feat (FIIIIIIIEEEEEEEELLLLDS!! :doom:); Child's Vengeance (use CHA mod instead of STR when attacking pedophiles).

Racial weakness: Once you've sniffed out a pedophile, you suffer a morale penalty to attack and damage rolls against any other target. Not much of a weakness, if you ask me.


:smug:theists: The Race. Also they have hundreds of eyes on the inside of their bodies. :psyduck:

Racial traits: bonus to Treat Injury and Knowledge (Earth Life Sciences); modified Truth of the Body (read a creature's allegiances and suchlike through penetrative sex) as a racial feat; Logical and Strident Arguments ("When arguing questions of theology or government policy, Shirime may use their INT or WIS modifier, rather than their CHA modifier on related Diplomacy checks. Though brash and usually peppered with enough profanity to make a whore blush, a Shirime’s logical arguments can’t be denied." :jerkbag:).

Racial weakness: cumulative morale penalty to all rolls for every Wealth Bonus point above +8, and a separate penalty on Diplomacy checks against the bastard rich.

Spider Souled

Spider swarm capabilities not supported in this version.

Natural psychopaths who... uh... swallowed a demonic spider when they were young??? Something like that, I have no idea. Looks like a sharp-toothed, beady-eyed human at a casual glance. Closer inspection will reveal short black hairs at the elbows and knees, and spinnerets at the wrists (don't that sound familiar) and genitals (...I hope that doesn't sound familiar). Female Spider Souled also have a black widow's hourglass mark above their vulva.

Racial traits: Monstrous Humanoid type; great big ol' Climb bonus, Take 10 or 20 even under threat, same bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks made while climbing; low-light vision, scent; Spinnarettes (catches bad guys just like flies, also just noticed another word Chris can't spell); Toxic Kiss (saliva and sexual fluids are a paralytic contact poison).

Racial weakness: Suffer a morale penalty to attack and damage rolls against a target unless you've spent at least an hour studying or researching them and at least fifteen minutes in conversation with them. Also, romance with any sentient humanoid must either be broken off or end with their death at your hands within six months or you suffer permanent INT and CHA damage.

Next time: actual chastity, Hanging Maidens at last, and samurai beetleborgs! I can't wait!

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Part 2: Classes for the Classless

Advanced Classes! Basically prestige classes in d20 form! Three of 'em!

The Chaste

Fields starts out the paragraph calling the Chaste Sisterhood "a warrior society older than Christianity by two millennium", then makes an attempt at more solid historical-fiction legitimacy by claiming Yang Kwei Fei, a legendarily beautiful Imperial consort in T'ang Dynasty China who was executed without charge to appease court politics, as their founding member. This combination only works if you A) didn't know who she was before, and B) don't ever bother to look her up, since she lived and died in the 8th century of the Common Era, by which point any fool could tell you Christianity was quite well established. I wonder if this wasn't actually supposed to be the Erinyes Sisterhood that's been mentioned a few times before but never detailed (since their missions are practically identical), then he saw the movie version somewhere and decided to change it. Whatever.

Anyways, Fields' version of history says that instead of being simply executed, Yang Kwei Fei was sexually mutilated - clitoris cut out and labia sewn together with golden thread - then cast out into the wilderness to die. But instead of dying, she achieved enlightenment through suffering, becoming "stronger than any woman she knew", and retreated up a mountain to meditate. Within a generation, an order of women had grown up around her, following her strictures of protecting women from natural and supernatural threats well into the modern age. Today, members just call themselves "The Sisterhood" (so I guess they are the Erinyes, but I can't be bothered to go edit the previous paragraph to accommodate this revelation), with the Chaste as their top elite. While the Sisterhood's rank-and-file remain whole, the Chaste have their sexual organs ritualistically removed in emulation of their founder. The power granted by this agony makes them the greatest martial artists in the Earth Realm, and the invisibility of their "mark" makes them ideally suited to blending in with the populace, only revealing themselves at the moment the trap is sprung.

Class features:
    Unchanging Hand Technique: Actually a feat requirement, but reprinted for convenience. By either defeating an opponent's Defense by 5 points or more with an unarmed strike, or spending an action point alongside a hit, you can either lock a shapeshifter into their current form, or force them to revert to their true form.
    Unchanging Hand Mastery (1st): 3 points instead of 5.
    No Lesser Agony (1st): Immunity to all pain and fear effects, and to harmful sexual feats or abilities; harmless or beneficial ones may be allowed or rejected at will.
    Living Weapon (1st): May make unarmed strikes even when their hands are full (since I guess the default is just punches and no kicks or such), and with no off-hand. Also deals extra unarmed damage, dice increasing every five levels.
    Decoy Deception (2nd): Add half your class level to Bluff or Disguise checks made to blend in with a crowd or appear weak and helpless.
    Iron Root Stance (2nd): "A Chaste’s will is so unbreakable she can root herself to the Earth." Bonus to resist grapples, trips, bull-rushes and suchlike.
    Eyrines Ironfist (4th): Guess that answers that, then. Unarmed strikes count as silver and holy weapons, and you may spend an action point for a cumulative +1 bonus to attack and damage for every rape the target has ever committed. No maximum limit.
    All Women Everywhere (5th): Cast Change Self at class level; only works to resemble humanoid females.
    Ironclad Soul (7th): Turn your whole body into metal? Sure, why not. A whole host of new immunities, plus hefty STR and Defense bonuses, at the bargain cost of lower land speed and a stiff penalty to Hide and Move Silently checks.
    Teaching Demons About Fear (8th): The Chaste are predators protecting the prey, and the whole of the Black Else knows them. All Undead and Outsiders in your presence are subject to a penalty-inducing fear effect, even mindless and otherwise fear-immune targets. :black101:

The Hanging Maiden

The Hanging Academy is a massive girl's school in the Tatakama, built around an ancient tree that is possibly different from the World Tree or possibly not. Staff are all rokurokubi, and students come from the Earth Realm, "non-conformists, outcasts, anorexic girls and rape victims, weak and belittled femininity in all its varied forms", drawn by urban legends about the place that have circulated among Japan's schoolgirls for generations, and graduation is at the end of a noose. Hence the name. The curriculum consists mostly of exercises designed to make the student's eventual death as aesthetically pleasing as possible (these hangings are big spectator events, apparently), but the biggest lesson comes at the end: the student is granted enlightenment while they're hanging, a unique insight into the nature of the World Tree and a free pass out of the cycle of reincarnation straight to a purer world. Some of them, though, are so profoundly changed by this experience that they rise again as oracles; these are the Hanging Maidens.

Y'know, for all the infodump on these things, it still seems kind of scarce with the actual info. I dunno. I guess my questions were answered, but I still feel like I don't know that much about them. Ain't gonna let it worry me too much, though.

Class features:
    Immortality of the Noose (1st): Creature type becomes Undead, with a few caveats. Maidens still have a soul, so they don't get the typical Undead immunity to mental effects; their Hit Die remains based on character class; cannot be turned or revoked by divine casters; destroyed at 0 HP instead of incapacitated, and can only be willingly resurrected.
    Play Dead (2nd): Spend an action point and specify a form of harm (from an energy type to a specific attacker or weapon). For the rest of the encounter, if you're destroyed by that method, you just collapse for 2D6 rounds, after which you hop back up with full HP.
    Dying Insight (4th): Gain a permanent bonus to any two Knowledge skills, which triples for 48 hours after you return from the dead. Also, when "dying" with Play Dead, concentrate on any one person known to you to receive a full psychic dossier on their location and state of being. For another action point, open up a telepathic channel with them, too.
    Artful Demise (5th): "As you die, you take direct control of your bodies final throes and dying tremors, shaping your last moments into a sensual performance that is impossible to forget." You can choose to either unnerve (all sentients watching make a WILL save vs. shaken) or inspire (all allied creatures get a WILL bonus equal to your CHA mod). Activates automatically with Play Dead.
    Maiden of the Dead Temple (7th): As a medium and mediator between the living and the dead, you get a bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy checks against sentient undead and souls in the afterlife. Also comes with a built-in optional side quest, where helping a spirit settle their mortal affairs while in the middle of another adventure is rewarded with an action point.
    Death and Life Entwined (8th): Drain levels while grappling. Use the life energy to either regain HP or convert it into temporary action points.
    Loving Execution (10th): Spend an action point during sex to let your partner use Play Dead for a single encounter. As a bonus, any lover who dies and comes back in this manner gets to reassign up to four skill ranks and retrain any one feat choice upon return.

The Omukame

Were the beetleborgs even samurai? I probably got shows mixed up.

More like a race than a class, the Omukame are the earthly avatars of the Celestial Centipedes that guard the border between the Tatakama and the Black Else, preying on the Else's demonic spiders. They act as the samurai of the Tatakama, upholding the ideals of bushido, fighting with katana, wakazashi, and Phallic Spear. Yeah, remember that trick? Omukame are among the greatest warriors in any realm, chosen by Heaven to protect their mortal vassals in the Tatakama from incursions by the Black Else, and a major factor in their strategy involves swinging their dicks around. Fantastic.

Oh, and they don't work for free:

tsujigiri posted:

Their station gives them the right to claim any low-born girl they desire as a reward for their fine service, a privilege the centipede lords take full advantage of. Bawdy haiku and ukio-e commemorate passionate couplings between wandering Omukame and village maidens. Most of these legendary orgies last for days, and are celebrated in art and haiku long after the maiden involved has become a grey haired old matron.


Class features:
    Lustful Ronin (1st): Bonus to STR and CON for 24 hours after any sexual encounter with a sentient virgin female, willing or not. Also a permanent insight bonus to CHA-based skill checks against any woman who's previously "rewarded" you. :negative:
    Chittering Jade (1st): As part of the ritual inducting you as an Omukame, your body becomes covered in a greenish-black exoskeleton, shaped in a parody of traditional samurai armor (or, if Fields had really thought this through, vice versa). Hefty bonuses to defense that increase with level, and bonuses to Handle Animal and Survival checks involving "mindless vermin", which I guess would be insects? So why doesn't he just say "insects"?
    Endless Vitality (1st): Omukame "are trained to use their cocks with as much skill as they wield their katana, and are equally tireless when fighting with either". Use your Phallic Spear Technique at will, with no daily limit.
    Hundred Legs Strength (2nd): Add half your class level (rounded down) to all Climb, Jump and Tumble checks. Also, you can drop to all fours and sprout hundreds of tiny insect legs from your armor for a land speed bonus, but you have to drop anything you're holding to do so. Permanent spider climb effect at 3rd level.
    Scent (3rd): Use Survival to track by scent, and recognize odors as easily as faces. Veterans are notorious for their panty-sniffing habits. :ughhh:
    Blood and Venom (5th): Your blood is venom. :eng101: Add a die of acid damage to all melee attacks. Spend an action point to bypass WIS mod points of DR, too.
    Phallic Razor (10th): Your "already impressive combat penis [...] can slice through an oni's armor like rice paper." Increased base damage, crit threat on 18+, and triple crit damage. Spend an action point to add the vorpal quality for CON mod rounds, instantly beheading your opponent on a crit. With your cock. How does a body write something like this with a straight face? It boggles my mind, it does.

Next time: Child's Play in reverse, vagina-mounted wave motion guns, and ponies! I can't wait!

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Ettin posted:

The last part is an adventure. It is not very long, but it's definitely something. I'm going to go ahead and write it up today and finally close out Mortal Remains (almost a year after I started, gently caress this book). I can't use Athena and co. here, though, so someone give me some Migou PC ideas. :getin:

The stars of the popular fifth-column television program, The Mi-Gou Amigos, who got lost on their way to a con and mistakenly believe the adventure setting is just a really elaborate stage set-up.

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

dwarf74 posted:

And it has absolutely no problem in making adventures that - not even joking here - consist of adventurers killing dark-skinned, jungle-dwelling, spear-wielding, demon-worshipping savages. :psyduck:

Didn't D&D do basically this exact same thing, about the same time or a bit earlier, only with the (questionable) self-consciousness to make it about orcs instead?

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

dwarf74 posted:

Yeah, don't get me wrong, D&D's fantasy racial stuff with entire evil races who are automatically killable is troublesome at best. But when your adventure is about killing real-world Western stereotypes of actual Africans I think you've crossed a different line.

Oh aye, P&P's dishing out some next-level nonsense. I was just trying to remember the name of this module, which some persistent Googling for "orcs afro" has revealed to be Drums on Fire Mountain. Guess I don't really know anything about the contents, but that cover art does not instill confidence.

GimpInBlack posted:

And that's it for the Introduction. Next up will be the Characters chapter, where we'll learn exactly how much parkour we need to outrun a bat. We'll also design a cell of vampire-slaying burned-out ex-spies to showcase the rules, and that means it's audience participation time! Submit your ideas for spies you'd like to see punch a Dracula in the face, and I'll pick between three and five of them to build out as player characters. You can also vote for which, if any, modes you'd like to see used for the audience participation segments. (If you want to vote for a vanilla, unmodified game, vote for "thriller.")

Ugh, vampires. :reject: Never mind me, though. The "frustrated/disillusioned Christian priest fighting against the hidden darkness" character type is a favorite of mine. Seems like he'd fit right in with a Burn campaign.

ProfessorProf posted:

"Eww, what the heck?! It's gross to get covered in sticky white fluid!"

Oh, Japan. :allears:

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Part 3: More Tales than Tales

But first, some more feats.

    Chaotic Aura: Everything just seems to go wrong aroud you. Anyone within range, or anyone who's just moved out of it, cannot use or benefit from Flanking or Aid Another, nor can they take 10 or 20 on any skill check.
    Fearsome Violence: Any opponent who sees you kill a living creature must make a WILL save (difficulty scales with how many you've killed already this encouter) or be shaken.
    Frivolous Pleasure: Tantric energy surrounds any area in which you have had a sexual encounter within the past 24 hours, repelling undead and speeding up healing.
    Ganguro Beauty: A Tokyo fashion craze from years ago, where young women bleach their hair blond and bake themselves brown in tanning booths. I always thought it was ugly as hell, but Fields apparently thought they rated a daily bonus pool that can be applied at will to CHA-based skill checks.

    Heavenly Virgin (female only): You radiate an aura of childlike purity which protects you from demonic attacks and frustrates their actions while in your presence. Benefit is lost for 24 hours after engaging in consensual penetrative sex. I think I covered this one already, but here's a refresher, since it gets a couple of optional extras in this book:
    Glimpse of Heaven: You can make your aura of purity visible CHA mod+2 times per day, with any one of a number of effects: target makes a WILL save, or you "instantly improve [their] attitude by one category" :shrug:; holy bonus to next CHA-bases skill check, Intimidate exempt; expend two charges to cast Sleep at character level; or expend three charges to remove the fatigued or exhausted conditions from any willing creature you touch. Targets receive no saving throws if you're at least partially nude, though, since the light shines out of your cooch. Of course it loving does.
    Heavenly Exhibition: CHA mod+1 times per day, you can spend a full round masturbating and cum "a spectacular fountain of golden or rainbow colored plasma" which burns outsiders, undead and hostile fey with holy damage.

    Lesser Toymaker: The ability to make Living Toy servants (shapes limited to humanoid or smaller fantastic creatures) with a Craft check and a sacrifice of "memories and life energy" in the form of XP. Another baseline requisite feat with expansions and add-ons:
    Dark Toymaker (requires evil alignment): Instead of your own XP, murder a child or children to give your creation Hit Dice.
    Master Toymaker: Harder skill check and higher price, but you're no longer limited in the shape or size of the Toys you can make.
    Toymaker's Secret: Instead of semi-sentient items, the Living Toys you create are fully alive, first-level characters. Roll 'em up!

    Masochistic Willpower: Immune to pain-based attacks. Also, bonus to WILL (or Craft, Perform or Profession checks for whatever reason) after taking 5 or more points of damage in a single round.
    Memento Mori (undead only): Any time you make ay sort of skin contact with a living sentient, the target must make a WILL save or be shaken for a couple of rounds. If the contact is sexual, the save's DC and penalty are increased. Can be temporarily suppressed with a Concentration check.
    Mind Rape: Cumulative bonus to Intimidate checks for every four hours you've kept the target in continuous bondage. Spend an action point during torture, and you can force them to make a WILL save vs. permanent WIS damage.
    Mysterious Lover: You can attempt to wipe the details of your appearance and identity from anyone with whom you have sex. The victim gets a WILL save.

    Pony Pretender: By putting on hoof boots and plugging a tail into your butt, you "unlock ancient equine power within you", transforming yourself into a sort of human-pony hybrid. You cannot speak normally or use your hands while dressed up, which also means you can't take the costume off by yourself. You can, however, communicate with any equine as a Speak With Animals spell effect, and you get rather large bonuses to your STR, CON, and land speed, the last despite tromping around on all fours.
    You may also designate a single rider as your master/mistress. Designating a new one requires 4 to 6 hours of "intense" sex. If your rider has any mounted combat feats, they may use them while mounting you. You share an Initiative score in combat, but since you're sentient, no Ride check is necessary to command you, unless you and your rider take opposing actions, in which case the DC is your WILL save.
    It's not all friendship and magic, though: for every 24-hour period in which you have spent any time in costume, you suffer 1d4-1 points of temporary INT damage. This damage cannot be healed while you remain in-role, and if you ever drop down to 2 INT this way, the transformation becomes permanent. And remember, you can't take this costume off yourself.

    Slave Harem: When taking this feat and each time you gain a character level, you obtain a number of slaves equal to 5 times your CHA mod. Each slave is built as a character with a single Ordinary Level, any common PC race, and a standard array of ability scores. The initial number requires no game effort on your part ("Submissive souls seem drawn to you instinctively."), but any that are slain, rebel, or are sold must be replenished.
    Transformative Dominance: By spending an action point while engaged in a "transgressive" sexual act, your partner must make a WILL save or have their personality and alignment rewritten to your specifications. This lasts until they gain a level, when they can make another WILL save to try and shake off your control. Even if they shake it off later, though, they "secretly long for your dominance" ever afterward, suffering a penalty on WILL saves from this feat or any similar abilities. FIIIIIIIEEEEEEEELLLLDS!! :doom:

Fields fills out the remaining page space with a plug for his post-apocalyptic sourcebook, Cruel Evolution, and then it's time for some more world-building.

The Akashita Winds

A cold wind that blows down from the mountains of the Black Else, "swooping with a sound like women screaming" across the Tatakama, and touching the Earth Realm with strangeness and melancholy. This occurs most often in late autumn, and has been recorded multiple times throughout Japan's history; in fact, the "Divine Wind kamakazi" is an aspect of these Winds.

Its mundane effect is a rainy cold front and a drop in temperature across an area rougly the size of a large city, lasting several hours. On the eldritch side, the membranes between worlds are at their weakest while the Winds blow. All undead in the area gain 4 turn resistance, and any necromantic spells cast have their numerical effects maximized; all living creatures receive an insight bonus to Craft: Visual Arts and Knowledge: Arcane Lore or Theology/Philosophy checks.

The Akashita Winds have also been traced as the awakening catalyst for numerous breeds of oni, and the opening of new trans-realm portals, all of which is cause for concern among Black Tokyo's heroes. The arrival of a Wind may be predicted with a Knowledge: Arcane Lore check. Success means you know the duration and location of the next Wind, plus the arrival time within 12 hours minus 2 for each point by which you exceeded the DC.

Fashion Club Nekomimi - Tokyo, Japan

An exclusive Nekomusume bordello in Black Tokyo's financial district, catering to salarymen on break. Except then it says that annual club dues run into the millions, and membership is only extended to Japanese men from wealthy families that have produced at least one magic user within the last generation. Mundanes and outsiders, especially foreigners, are not wanted.

In addition to the whorehouse standard private rooms, the club features an excellent bar and a live stage show where audience participation is encouraged. There are also monthly Nekomusume shows, where cat-girl enthusiasts bring their pets to compete for the titles of Best In Show, Best In Breed, and Best Lover. As exploitative as this sounds and is, it's apparently still pretty much the best place in the country to be a Nekomusume, as the race has no legal status in Japan, making abuse and neglect the norm.

The Gathering of Flowering Bodies - underneath Tokyo

An entire self-contained ecosystem of fungal Kijimunna exists in the deepest of the city's sewer lines, flourishing in the fertilizer-rich sludge it produces. Hardly anyone on the surface knows it exists, and hardly anyone down below is really aware of the city above them, either, and that's the way they like it. The collective is governed by a few adults, some of the oldest of their kind remaining on Earth. Aside from the occasional attack by some elemental predator still wandering the bones of the world, life is kinda gross, but good.

Hokusai Spring - Okinawa, Japan

Hey, wait a second. Why does Fields keep emphasizing Japan in the locations? Everything's in Japan in this game. Plus, it's not like there's an Okinawa, Virginia for anyone to get confused about. Is there? Maybe another Tokyo, I could see, but still. Whatever, just a stupid little detail that dawned on me as I was typing this out. Moving on.

The rural island of Okinawa is nominally a part of Japan, but possesses its own culture, language, and identity. This makes it the perfect place for the setting to populate with fading fantastic races such as Kitsune, Koropokkuru and Kijimunna. The Hokusai Spring, a natural onsen that's stood for over a hundred years, serves as a gathering place, where the monsters can meet and relax in the company of their own kind, and in their true shapes.

The Spring is also popular with transgender mortals, particularly those whom modern science and conventional medicine have either failed or rejected. Mystical perfumers use the Spring's water to craft Perfection CHange Soap, an ancient alchemical marvel that can reshape one's gender "like a sculptor reimagines clay".

:unsmith: posted:

The Tatakama-folk who frequent the onsen, even the evil ones, have acquired a grudging respect for the 'little human changers’. More than one transgendered visitor returns to their home country in a new body, having made a lifelong friend from another realm- changed far more than s/he could of ever imagined. At least the TSTV humans who appear at the onsen’s gates know the liberating value of the shapechanging gifts that all too many of the Tatakama’s creatures are all too jaded with. It’s not worship, not like the old days, but it will do...

Marine Corps Base - Okinawa, Japan

:smith: posted:

The story’s reported in Stars & Stripes, the US military’s official daily newspaper, and on the local news, but nobody pays attention anymore. Another rape by a US serviceman. Another in a long line of atrocities and violent sins. Just another rape: another school girl or woman from a single’s bar, her body invaded and defiled by some American.

Story time! Way back in 1968, a joint mission between the United States' supernatural task force, Department Seven, and their Japanese counterparts, Chrysanthemum Seven, went into the jungles of North Vietnam to exorcise a fearsome ushi-oni who reveled in the atrocities and genocide taking place there. Answering only to "the Revered Shogun", the oni proved too powerful to kill and too clever to be contained. So what was to be done?

Well, as it happened, the would-be exorcists noticed two facts about the Revered Shogun: first, that it took particular delight in corrupting and destroying American Marines over any other mortal, leading some of the exorcists to theorize it was once a Japanese soldier who died there in the Second World War; and second, that playing its diabolical games left the demon at its weakest and most tractable state. So, a prison was carved beneath Marine Corps Base Okinawa (yeah, that's apparently the whole name of the place). A flaw was built into the prison by design, just enough of a flaw that the demon's corruptive influence could escape over a period of years, working "like moral radon gas" on the soldiers stationed above. Hence, the periodic and seemingly random rape cases: a ploy to keep the Shogun from becoming bored and restless enough to make a concerted effort at breaking its prison and inflicting even greater evils upon the world.

Only a few very highly-placed agents in either Department Seven or Chrysanthemum Seven know of the Revered Shogun, and the number with any conclusive proof of its existence can be counted on one hand. Anyone coming close to the truth is assassinated, but there are still many who suspect some supernatural cause behind the island's troubles. Even the militantly feminist Sisterhood has gradually come to believe that the raped are perhaps not the only victims; here, and here alone, do they give captured sexual predators a single chance at repentance and redemption before putting a bullet through their head.

Mansion Inugami - Shijuku District, Tokyo

Half-forgotten between the skyscrapers of the busiest shopping district on the planet is a tiny, dusty building that's stood practically unchanged since the Edo period (the most recent addition was a flashing neon sign placed in the front window back in 1962). Mansion Inugami is equal parts pet shop and slave market, a place where the ultra-wealthy can purchase a Nekomusume sex-slave or commission a Harem Mage's talents. The true owner is a mystery, but the store is operated by a succession of elder oni, all in the guise of a quiet old Japanese man in a traditional kimono. Service is completely unrestricted; so long as they have the money or the barter to exchange, anyone or anything is welcome. The oni behind the counter will always honor the letter of any agreement, but will frequently and viciously twist its intent given even half a chance. Nothing personal, they say, it's simply tradition... after all, would anyone willing to bargain with an oni expect anything less?

Okiku Furniture - Kyoto, Japan

Up top, just another factory churning out cheap furniture for Japan's office cubicles and micro-apartments. In the basement, behind a peeling yellow door, an ancient Ironclub Oni named Kajaku works his craft, ripping the living souls from dying bodies and trapping them in beds, chairs, or worse things, made from the leather of what was once their flesh. The victims retain just enough of their minds to suffer unendingly in the humiliation of their new forms. There is no way to reverse this process, either, the best that can be done is to put them out of their misery. There's no shortage of business, as Japan's richest and most evil men pay to have their enemies cursed with immobility, and anyone who recognizes Kajaku's agents coming for them will almost invariably commit suicide rather than risk capture.

Studio Sayaka GO! - Aichi, Japan

A small collective of animators and manga artists working out of a converted apartment block, Studio Sayaka GO! is a moderately successful but unremarkable producer of hentai, cashing in on whatever anime-culture fad is in vogue this month for a quick yen. It's also one of the last great surviving "magical schools", where the senior artists will teach the art of the Harem Mage to anyone with the talent to learn and the patience to spend a few years doing tedious fill-in art first. They keep mostly to themselves, but when roused into action (usually by some favor they need from Black Tokyo's occult community), they always distinguish themselves with their contributions, and are credited with saving the world no less than twice.

Tokyo Bureau of Mythological Sanitation

The TBMS is a recent addition to Japan's national budget. Its mission is the humane disposition of Tokyo's wide assortment of supernatural pests, in particular the semi-feral packs of abandoned Nekomusume who prowl the streets at night. The problem with this is that the pay is meager, respect is non-existent, and the only weapons they're given are tranq-guns which have little to no effect on any of the far more numerous and far more formidable threats hunting the same easy prey, nor the occasional Sisterhood mage working to prevent the felinoid's gradual genocide. So the bureau ends up with only two types of employees: sexual sadists who sign on for a steady and legal supply of victims, and those who have reached the end of their rope, and thus lack the energy or the compassion to do anything more than clock in, clock out, and check the Help Wanted ads for any other way to keep body and soul together.

That's it for Chastity and Depravity. Next time: one final entry which, if not peak Fields, is undoubtedly peak Black Tokyo. I can't wait!

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Jul 1, 2011

ThisIsNoZaku posted:

I thought this thread wasn't feeling vile enough, so thanks for that.

InfiniteJesters posted:

I think the subtly-placed My Little Pony reference is what broke my will to live with that one. :smithicide:

It's always so nice to know one's efforts are properly appreciated. :)

mllaneza posted:

:siren: I found my copy of Creeks & Crawdads :siren:


Count Chocula posted:

This is the only thing in that post that isn't vile.

Which is, I think, still more than can be said...

Mirthless posted:

NOTES ON WOMEN & MAGIC - Bringing the Distaff Gamer into D & D

...for this. :ughh: Old grog really is the worst grog.

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Part 5: Long Way Down (One Last Thing)

For all the awfulness in this write-up, there have been some things I've had to filter out. Little details, mostly, easily spotted errors in both grammar and continuity, or the use of certain pronouns on certain feats and abilities that suggest they were written with one hand. This one time, though, I feel it's important to present things exactly as they appear. Gentle readers, behold: the final boss of Black Tokyo.

Chris A. Fields posted:

Shingami (CR 25)
Beyond Colossal Giant
Init -4; Senses Darkvision 60 ft
Aura Radioactive Hell (heavily irritated area 150 ft)
Languages Mindlessly repeats circa WWII anti-Japanese catch phrases

Defense 27, touch 2, flat-footed 27(-8 size, +25 natural)
hp 30d8+300 (435 hp); DR Damage Resistance 10/good
Fast Healing 3 Spell Resistance 22
Immune Acid, Fire, Radiation, Suffocation, Drowning, Vacuum, Massive Damage, Ability Score damage/drain, Energy Drain, Negative Levels
Resist Electricity 20,

Speed 100 ft (cannot run or shift)
Melee +49 melee slam (4d6+26 bludgeoning plus 4d6 fire, 18-20/x2)
Melee Space 500 ft x 500 ft.; Reach 150 ft
Base Atk +23; Grapple +65
Atk Options Squirming Cock Rush +49 melee (hits up to 3 enemies within 30 ft of each other), (4d6+26 bludgeoning and 1d6 fire) or
Slam +49 melee (4d6+26 bludgeoning plus 4d6 fire, 18-20/x2) or
Fling +23 melee (thrown 500 ft straight up or any direction, falling damage 20d6 REF DC 60 halves)
Horrific Orgasm (20d10 acid, 500 ft cone, REF DC 28 half, once every 3d6 rounds)
Abilities STR 52 DEX 3 CON 31 INT 3 WIS 15 CHA 9
+26 -4 +10 -4 +2 -1
SQ Eventual Return
Feats Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Sunder

The Shingami is the ‘western god of death’, a colossal psychic monster created from the hate and bigotry of an entire nation. Born during World War II, the Shingami is the living embodiment of American sin- the loathsome spirit that put Japanese-Americans into camps, and the same rage that burnt the world at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Like the Genbu, the colossal Shingami has slept through the decades, somewhere deep beneath the Sea of Othosk. Coral has grown over the monster’s resting place, and every day cargo ships drift lazily by above. For most, the Shingami is long forgotten. Only a handful of Japanese arcanists serving with Police Section Seven believe the monster still lives and even fewer have a plan to destroy the great beast if it should ever reawaken.

The Shingami stands taller than most of Tokyo’s sky scrapers, and it’s sheer mass shakes the ground with every step it takes. The monster resembles a gigantic ebony ape with dozens of jagged horns nearly half a kilometer long protruding from its spine and the crown of its head. The Shingami’s sickly yellow and black face is like something out of a WWII propaganda poster- a slant eyed, bucktoothed, leering parody of a Japanese man’s. Dozens of penis tendrils, each the size of subway trains whip, from beneath the creature’s bulging gut. The Shingami’s eyes glow a bloody crimson, and its light is strong enough to blot out the sun. From head to hooves, the monster is wreathed in atomic flames.

Radioactive Hell (SU): The Shingami laughed at the atomic end of World War II, relishing the destruction. It is a creature of elemental atomic fire. A 150 ft radius around the behemoth is considered heavily irradiated and remains so for 1d6 minutes after the Shingami passes.

Squirming Cock Rush (EX): The Shingami’s enormous prehensile cocks strike up to three enemies which must be within 30 ft of one another with every attack. Make one attack roll for all adversaries, and this is considered a single attack. All enemies struck by the behemoth’s cock suffer the same amount of damage.

Fling (EX): If the clumsy Shingami can get hold of a Huge or smaller target, it can toss the target up to 500 ft in any direction it chooses. If attacking a Medium or smaller target, it may scoop up two adjacent Medium sized enemies with a single attack roll. It really, really likes doing this.

Horrific Orgasm (SU): As often as once every 3d6 rounds, the Shingami can ejaculate waves upon waves of acidic greenish-grey semen from every one of its dozen cocks. Bits of the corpses it has created rush out mixed with the acidic spray.

As a full round action, the Shingami unleashes a 500 ft cone of acid which inflicts 20d10 points of acid damage to everything within the blast radius. Characters caught within the spray may attempt a DC 28 REF Save for half damage.

Eventual Return (EX): The Shingami is nearly impossible to ever truly destroy. It can only be permanently slain if a character of American nationality voluntarily chooses to sacrifice themselves to the task. The creature must first be brought to negative HP equal to its maximum positive HP total, and the American sacrifice must immolate him or herself atop the gigantic corpse. Otherwise, the slain behemoth will return to life in 4d6 months, or upon the next Akashita Wind storm.

There may be more books for this game, but I sincerely doubt there's anything that could possibly represent it more clearly or accurately than this: shamelessly derivative and unilaterally offensive while stubbornly maintaining delusions of satirical commentary. A fitting note on which to fade out at last.

Next time: alandmakersayswhat? I can't wait!

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Kurieg posted:

Was he trying to be clever by mashing together "New" and Shinigami, or did he just screw up writing Shinigami every single time?

If there was a single case in any of the books I went through where Fields used Japanese at all competently (and there were a lot of candidates), I must have missed it. Son-of-a-bitch barely had a handle on his English most of the time.

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Jul 1, 2011

The almighty dragon, one of the creators of the world, tugs impatiently on the lesser dragon's cloak to be fed. :3:

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Jul 1, 2011
There's not much need for interest gauging here. We're always interested. :justpost:

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Jul 1, 2011

Cynical-Pop Meikyuu Kingdom Dungeon Theater

Introduction: Welcome to the Million Dungeons!

Okay, see if you can follow me, here. Two-thousand-ish years ago, the world was your standard anime high-fantasy setting. Presumably, anyway. Not much record actually survives of it, because of a global cataclysm of unknown origin that turned everyplace into monster-infested dungeons overnight. Earth, sea, sky, literally everything: literally dungeons. Yeah, "verisimilitude" pretty much isn't a word here. Anyway, humanity was almost driven extinct by the ensuing chaos, but the cataclysm also brought out the Landmakers among the people: superhuman adventurer-kings with the strength of arms to drive back the monsters and the force of will to impose order back onto the dungeons. The present-day world is still largely a deadly, anarchic place, but thanks to the Landmakers, enough patches of civilization exist to create a sort of overall normalcy.

Meikyuu Kingdom, yet another entry from Japan, is a game of two parts, as evidenced by the two core rulebooks: Kingdom and Dungeon. As Landmakers, players start out with a tiny nation the size of a small village and 50 ordinary citizens depending on them for survival and leadership. Your first duty is to the people, managing the growth and direction of your kingdom to create a safe haven. Yours isn't the only point of light in the world, either, and diplomacy must be maintained with the others (well, not must, but y'know). That, broadly, is the "Kingdom" part.

It would be hard for me to overstate how much I love everything about this picture. It's pretty much the reason I bought these books.

The "Dungeon" part should be fairly self-evident: the landscape continues to shift unpredictably, and adventure is practically a universal constant. Anything you gain will likely have to be taken by force; luckily, the Million Dungeons are so diverse that anything you could want to gain can be found somewhere, usually with a nest of monsters sitting on top of it. Kill them, take their stuff, and pawn it to fund your latest civil engineering project! See how it all fits together?

Picnic cancelled on account of dragon attack. Again.

I can't think of a good segue into this part, so I'm just going to digress. The Kingdom Book's actual introductory chapter is rather interestingly set up. It starts with a short comic:

"What? That book is a game?!"

A group of friends are hanging out in a restaurant when one of them spontaneously suggests a game of Meikyuu Kingdom! Everybody is instantly on board, except for the lady in the blue hoodie, who is confounded by the very concept of role-playing games. The rest of the intro is framed as Blue Hoodie asking a question and Book Provider answering it in very basic terms (the term "other self" is used repeatedly in place of "player character"), a combination of the Game Fiction and Infodump types I don't think I've ever seen anywhere else.

It also establishes Meikyuu Kingdom as a game that can be picked up by anyone practically instantly... a claim which I'm frankly not sure it actually delivers. That's not to say the mechanics are terribly complicated, because they're not. Aside from the character sheets, everything with any sort of stat block, from monsters to items to buildings to skills, is represented by a card (all of which are present in the core books for printing/photocopying), which makes everything easier on everyone. There's also quite a bit of rolling against tables involved, which while nowhere near TORG levels of insanity, could still bring the game to a confusing halt while books are flipped through... except then I remembered after typing out this paragraph that they printed duplicates of every table in their own chapter for easy access. Well, it's just a pie-in-the-sky sort of thing to say, alright?! :reject:

That's sort of an odd note to end on, but whatever. Next time: a brief glossary of terms and suchlike that may come up later but don't really fit in easily with any other sort of post! I can't wait!

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Jul 1, 2011

Cynical-Pop Meikyuu Kingdom Dungeon Theater

Kingdom Book Chapter 0.5 - Miscellany

Dice! Gotta have dice. In this case, though, only six-sided ones, and only maybe a dozen of them at the absolute maximum. Rolls come in two flavors: the standard Xd6 which needs no introduction, and the d66. d66s are used almost exclusively for those tables I mentioned in the last post (although tables don't use d66s exclusively), and are made by rolling 2d6 and counting the lower number as a "tens" digit. This way, the results range from 11-16, 22-26, 33-36, and so forth. Rolling higher is generally better.

Notations! They show up on the cards. For future reference:
    ( ) - Character Attributes or National Powers
    < > - most game variables
    [ ] - mathematical formulas
    { } - the name of some other card

Default setting! There is one, but what I already covered in the intro is pretty much the only definition it gets in the Kingdom Book. It gets a few scattered mentions, but everything beyond a vague outline left in the Dungeon Book. This seemed strange, but now I'm guessing it's because they don't want to unnecessarily color whatever ideas of their own the players might have while still leaving enough for the GM to fill in any blanks or answer any questions. Since that's sort of me here, I'll just get it all out of the way now and define what might come up:
  • Dungeon Hazard - common name for the mysterious disaster that set up the whole high concept of the game.
  • Hazard King - Arthurian figure renowned as the first Landmaker.
  • Million Dungeons - common name for the post-Hazard world at large. Not an empirical number, but referring to the fact that anywhere you go now will be a dungeon.
  • Grand Zero - the world is split into three levels, Norse mythology-style. This is the name for the ground in the middle.
  • Firmament - dungeons in the sky and space and apparently Heaven as Angels are among the Firmament-type Monsters.
  • Deeps - dungeons below sea level. Includes the actual sea. :cthulhu:
  • Great Powers - Not every other kingdom out there is as small as yours. This term refers to four in particular whose influence is entirely global: Meikyuu Superpowers.
  • Dynamite Empire - The youngest of the Great Powers, and on the fast track to becoming the largest. Its philosophy: reclaiming the world by beating the Million Dungeons into submission with overwhelming brute force. :black101:
  • Millennium Dynasty - Has existed practically unchanged since the Dungeon Hazard, at least. Very Middle Kingdom-y.
  • Metro Khanate - Nomads and raiders whose entire kingdom exists on a series of trains. I don't know where the tracks come from, or if there are any tracks. Does it really matter?
  • Holy Capitalist Republic of Hagulma - Economics thrive in the Million Dungeons under the loyal stewardship of Hagulma, part corporation, part bank, all kingdom.

I feel like I'm forgetting something, but then again, I always feel like that. It's usually the case, too. Anyhow! Next time: kingdom creation! For those interested in reader participation, roll up about fifteen d6s and we'll see what sort of place we get! I can't wait!

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Jul 1, 2011

Mr. Maltose posted:

More examples are always better!


First off, it's my own drat fault. I was just trying to finish up and get it posted so I could go to bed, so I wasn't in a very brain mode at the time. What I had in mind was "fifteen d6s total for one generated Kingdom to be used in future examples", but that's not at all what I said. So now I've got rolls for five Kingdoms, which wouldn't be a problem, except a full example would include two maps per Kingdom (one for the layout of the Kingdom itself, and one for the lay of the land surrounding it) which is a bit more of a to-do than I'd anticipated.

But never mind! Having five sets of rolls works out perfectly, just along a slightly different path. Now I just have to get to a computer where I've got something other than MSPaint with which to mock up those maps.

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Jul 1, 2011

Cynical-Pop Meikyuu Kingdom Dungeon Theater

Chapter 1: Kingdom Making!

Before making any characters, you've got to make a place for them to live. Makes sense, right? Of course it does! So, you'll get a sheet rather like this one, only without the helpful notations:

Probably having a hard time reading that, huh. Hence the helpful notations!

① - Kingdom Name. Self-explanatory.
② - Kingdom Level. Determined by total population; more peoples makes for a higher level. Since you start with 50 citizens, that makes for a Level 1 Kingdom.
③ - National Power. Determined by adding the total of four levels, each representative of your Kingdom's general capabilities: Quality of Life (economic prosperity), Culture (education/artistic expression), Public Order (internal security), Military (external security). The starting value for each level is 1. If any one of these levels is ever reduced to 0, the Kingdom is destroyed.
④ - Name of Royalty. Determined in the next chapter.
⑤ - State Religion. 95% certain this field's just for flavor. At least, if there's a single skill or effect that makes use of this, I have yet to see it.
⑥ - Terra Cognita. Essentially, this is the game map. Your Kingdom's Territories are recorded here, along with any other permanent landmarks you've discovered, such as rival kingdoms.
⑦ - Resources. From top to bottom:
  • Max. Population: Equal to [Number of owned Territories x 100]. Since you start with just one Territory, that makes this 100.
  • Citizens: This field is used during the game to keep separate track of "<Citizens> Remaining at the Kingdom" and "<Citizens> Assigned as <Staff>". More about what that actually means next chapter.
  • Vox Populi: Latin for "voice of the people". Measures how much confidence the people have in their rulers. Comes up a lot later on. Starts out at 10.
  • Budget: Divided into "Available Funds" and "Maintenance Costs". The specifics of these won't come up for a good while yet, so just remember "money" for now.
  • Environment: ...What the heck is this doing here? The first field is blank, and the second is "Total Number Killed". I don't remember this being used or mentioned anywhere in the rules, but I have been wrong before. Guess we'll find out together.
⑧ - Notables. Citizens in some way distinguished from the masses. Three columns: Landmakers, Prodigies, and Monstrous Citizens. The PCs are the Landmakers, the other two will be covered in a bit.

The second image is the flipside of the first, and is taken up chiefly by Diplomatic Relations. In the one corner is a blank space for notes, and in the other is a summary of some of the rules we're going to get to later.

With sheet in hand, it's time to start rolling! Pretty much everything in this chapter and the next can be determined by dice tables. Note that I said "can be", because the book explicitly states that using the creation tables is entirely optional - if you've got your own ideas, you are encouraged to run with them - but still strongly recommended for new players still getting used to the way the game runs. They also make for much more manageable examples, so yeah.

First up, rolling for your Kingdom's name. There are three Naming Tables: 1) a governmental type or overall philosophy, 2) a miscellaneous adjective or "personal" emblem, 3) what sort of place you're in. (In English, the end result comes out more like a general definition of the kingdom than a name, really, but it's still handy.) Each table takes a d66 roll, so three players make one roll each for one of the tables. If the final output isn't quite to everyone's taste, any other players who didn't make a roll can change one result apiece.

EXAMPLE posted:

Ryuujin rolls 45 against Table 1, JohnOfOrdo3 rolls 12 against Table 2, and dereku rolls 44 against Table 3. This makes "Imperial Unified Shogunate". Mr. Maltose decides to reroll Table 2, and gets 25: "Kitty". Nyaa decides to reroll Table 3, but just gets another 44... then they notice that, rules-as-written, they're not required to reroll at all, just change the result! So they look over the whole table and pick out "Planet". Final result: Imperial Kitty Planet! :3: welcome to cat planet! oh yeah! :3: (Actually, rules-as-written, they're not limited to picking a result from the tables, either, but as I said, I'm keeping it simple.)

Tower? Tree trunk? Beats me, but it sure is there, man.

Next comes the Kingdom's Environment. No apparent relation to that mystery field on the sheet, "environment" here refers to any unique features of the Kingdom itself or the surrounding area. This time, everybody gets a turn at rolling, including the GM. Environment rolls are in two parts: a 2D6 to determine the type of Environment, and a 1D6 against the appropriate table (sometimes with supplemental rolls for more specific results).

EXAMPLE posted:

Nyaa rolls 9 for a Facility, and a 6 against the Facility Table: "Your kingdom is very remotely situated." Did I cover Facilities in the glossary post? It's been so long, I can't remember. :v: Just in case I didn't, Facilities are special rooms you can build for various beneficial purposes. Each Facility Table result has a supplemental D6 roll to determine a specific Facility; here, Nyaa gets a 5, for a free {Hunting Ground} (anyone who uses it before heading out to the dungeon gets a +1 bonus to hit).

JohnOfOrdo3 rolls 8 for a Resource, and a 3 against the Resource Table: "Your kingdom has struck up a co-existence with the dungeon's monsters." The Kingdom starts with one {Ranch} Facility (allows for breeding more Monstrous Citizens), and an extra 1D6 Monstrous Citizens, whose race is determined by another D6 roll. John rolls a 6 and a 2, making for six Horselizards. Now, the book says that special rules may exist for different types of Monstrous Citizens, but all I've found about them so far in either book is that they can be used as Staff, which doesn't actually set them apart at all. :iiam:

Mr. Maltose rolls 2 for an Art, and a 4 against the Arts Table: "Yours is an industrial kingdom, famed for the quality of its craftspeople." Start with one {Blacksmith} (raises the Item Level of weapons and armor) and one {Guild} (allows the requisite-free selection of certain Skills) in Dungeoneering or Item Skills.

dereku rolls 7 for another Resource, and a 5 against the Resource Table: "The hidden fortune of a previous ruler was recently discovered in your kingdom." Start with an extra 1D6 MG in your budget. What's MG, you may be wondering? Well, that's a very good question. From context, all I can say is that it's the basic in-game measure of currency, but it doesn't seem to be actually defined anywhere in either of the core books or any of the errata published on the official website. Kind of a weird oversight, but not really a major thing. Anyway, dereku rolls a 6. So, 6 MG.

Ryuujin rolls 5 for a Custom, and a 4 against the Custom Table: "Many retired adventurers and soldiers have gathered in your kingdom." This increases the base value of your Kingdom's (Military) by 1.

The GM rolls 11 for a Bloodline, and a 4 against the Bloodline Table: "Your kingdom was once home to a brilliant alchemist, who created artificial humans to use as servants." This lets the PCs learn a Monster Skill from any Fetish-type Monster of a lower level. The lowest level Fetish Monster is Level 2, though, so this wouldn't come into relevance for a couple of games, at least. Hey, that blank space next to "Environment" on the Kingdom Sheet would be a good place to note this down! Still don't see why they couldn't have labeled it, though... :reject:

That's it for rolling in this chapter. The rest of the Kingdom Creation process is adding up numbers and filling in blanks:

Population: Start with 50 regular <Citizens>, and add any Monstrous Citizens and/or Prodigies obtained in the Environment rolls. JohnOfOrdo's six Horselizards brings the total Population to 56, which according to the chart, is enough to raise the Kingdom Level to 2! Huzzah! (You're probably wondering about those "Prodigies". Well, it'll be easier to explain them in the next chapter, so just bear with it for a while.)

National Power: As previously stated, the base value of each level starts at 1. Ryuujin's Customs roll brings the base value of (Military) up to 2, making for a total National Power of 5.

Geography: There's two parts to this one. First, the players have to set up the internal layout of their Kingdom. For that, they'll need a Map Sheet:

Incidentally, this same sheet is used by the GM to map out dungeons, so most of what's on here won't come up until we cover combat in a few chapters.

Like so. Firstly, every Kingdom starts out with one free Facility, a {Royal Palace}:

"If a Kingdom does not possess one a {Royal Palace} at the end of a game, that Kingdom is Destroyed." Also, make a Check against your (Quality of Life) to gain 1 <Vox Populi>, or fail it to lose 1 <Vox Populi>.

This Facility must be placed at B-2. This is inviolable. Any other Facilities gained from Environment rolls can be placed at will in any other unoccupied square. Next, assign one Passageway to each room. Passageways are just what they sound like - doors and corridors connecting one room to another. There's no restriction here, but any Facility without a clear path to the Palace is unusable, so be careful of that. Lastly, place an Entrance, another free Passageway leading out from the Kingdom and into the Million Dungeons beyond. This can be placed on the outer edge of any square except B-2; note also that no map can have more than two Entrances at any time. The end result should look something like this, only hopefully not quite so butts:

The second part of Geography is determining your Kingdom's place on the Terra Cognita. Just roll 2D6, declare X and Y, and mark it on the sheet. 5 and 4 puts the Kingdom down in the southeastern quadrant. If any other kingdoms had been generated by an Environment roll, their locations would be rolled for in the same way, but as it is, cat planet is alone in a vast expanse of unexplored territory - Terra Incognita, as the game terms it.

Vox Populi: Mentioned earlier, <Vox Populi> is one of two quantified forms of <Hope> in the game. <Hope>, in one form or the other, is spent to power many Skills, effects, and abilities, making it a major part of the gameplay. We'll get to the other form in the next chapter; for now, know just that <Vox Populi> starts at 10, and cannot go higher than [10 + Kingdom Level] at any time. Also, if the <Vox Populi> ever goes lower than the number of Landmakers in the Court, the Kingdom is destroyed.

Budget: The Kingdom's available funds. Unmodified, you start with 0 MG, but dereku's roll gives you a head-start of 6 MG. How this can be used is another subject that will have to wait a while.

Diplomacy: Again, no other kingdoms were generated by the Environment rolls, and the Court hasn't had the opportunity to discover any yet, so there's not much use for this step here. If there were, however, there'd have to be a 1D6 rolled to determine each one's Relationship with your Kingdom: 1, Allied; 2, Friendly; 3 or 4, Neutral; 5, Strained; 6: Hostile.

And that's it! You should now have a Kingdom Sheet that looks something like this, only hopefully less obviously thrown together in GIMP over the course of a song and a half:

Fuckin' finally! Next time: character creation! This calls for another round of audience participation! I totally undercounted the number of dice required for generating a Kingdom, so to be on the safe side this time, give me a total of 25 d6s each! Limit of five examples, first come first served, but at this rate, I won't be posting in this thread again until sometime next month, so hey, no rush! :suicide:

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Jul 1, 2011

Cynical-Pop Meikyuu Kingdom Dungeon Theater

Chapter 2.1: Filling Out Forms and Standing In Lines

First thing you're gonna need for making a character is a Character Sheet. Well, you don't need one, I guess, but it sure makes the process go a lot easier.

Helpful notations, go!!

① - Character Name. Self-explanatory.
② - Level. Starts at 1, goes up by one every time your Character successfully completes a Scenario. Since the PCs will generally be completing Scenarios as a group, this system keeps everyone even.
③ - Gender. There are a few scattered effects that specify one or the other, but this remains largely an ornamental decision.
④ - Age. Even more ornamental than the last one.
⑤ - Background. Self-explanatory. New players, please use the Background Table. Yes, there's a Background Table coming up. The reason for this is...
⑥ - Mission. Determined by your Background. Complete your Mission, gain a Level.
⑦ - Class. Determines your role within the Court. Ideally, by the time you've been handed one of these sheets, you'll have already figured out between the other players which one you'll be taking.
⑧ - Job. Sort of a sub-Class. Grants one unique Skill and determines which Skill Groups you can choose from when gaining a Level.
⑨ - IdiotKingdom Name. Guess they needed something to fill up this space.
⑩ - Stats. Your stats. Determined by your Class. There's four of 'em, from top to bottom: Wit (mental acuity), Charisma (charisma), Adventure (reflexes and perception), and Valor (fightin').
⑪ - Sub-Stats. Other Stats calculated by your other Stats. From top to bottom:
  • HP - Hit Points, ye ken. Maximum is equal to [(Valor) + (Adventure) + 5 + current Level].
  • Capacity - Approximates the depth of your Character's mind. Now ain't that a thing? Mechanically, marks the maximum value of your <Drive>. Calculated by [(Wit) + (Charisma) ÷ 2].
  • Evasion - Dodging poo poo, yo. Base is equal to [(Adventure) + 7].
  • Staff - Public service is a big thing in the Million Dungeons, and every good citizen stands ready to brave the world outside in service to their Landmakers. :patriot: Maximum is equal to [(Charisma) * 5 + current Level].
⑫ - Portrait. I'm guessing you'd be hard-pressed to get a gaming group together in Japan without at least one of you being an amateur manga artist. :v:
⑬ - Skills. List the names here, and keep the cards handy. Start out with one Class Skill and your Job Skill.
⑭ - Equipment. You can only carry six items at a time, including anything you find out in the dungeon that you might want to bring back, so choose carefully. Your <Staff> can't help with this because
⑮ - Materials. Component loot from the dungeon, bring back home and craft into useful items. One Equipment slot can hold 10 Materials.
⑯ - Empathy. Tracks your relation with other Characters. Split into two types, which are in turn split between three values each: <Sympathy> (Loyalty, Friendship, Affection) and <Antipathy> (Anger, Mistrust, Contempt). Each value has a hard maximum value of 5. The values are mostly flavor, but the totals have mechanical benefits which will show up later.
⑰ - Likes. These are a few of your favorite things. For RP purposes only.
⑱ - Dislikes. These are a few of your least favorite things. For RP purposes only.
⑲ - Skill Groups. Mark down which Groups are available to your Character here.
⑳ - Medals. At the end of each Session, award one Medal to one Character. How you choose a Character and why are left entirely to the group. Used to qualify for Advanced Jobs. (There wasn't any room on the sheet to actually put the number, but really, there's only one place left :v:)

There's a flipside to this sheet, too, but it's pretty much packed solid with notes and reminders of rules to be covered in later posts, so I'm omitting it here for clarity. Here's a notation-free one, too, for those what might want one.

The next post's probably gonna be pretty long, so this one's gonna be short. Next time: class in session! I can't wait!

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Cynical-Pop Meikyuu Kingdom Dungeon Theater

Chapter 2.2: Meet the Court!

First thing you do when making a Character is deciding on a Class. Since each Class has a different role to play in running the Kingdom, this should be done as a group. The only restriction here is that there has to be at least one player with the Royalty Class; aside from that, it's up to what everybody wants to play / what everybody thinks could be fun to try.


"Aaall right, just leave it to me!" " I have to decide it right now?"

Class Stats: 4, 4, 1, 0 free-assignable
Starting Items: {Blade}, {Flag}, {Outfit}

The Big Cheese. Not necessarily actual royalty, just like your Kingdom might not be an actual kingdom, but whatever they are, they're where the buck stops. It's not an autocracy, though (unless it is :v:), every other Class has their own little domain where they're in charge, but Royalty has the final say in case of disputes. They're also tasked with managing the Court's joint resources, like <Vox Populi> and the National Budget. With free-assignable Stats and a variety of Class Skills, you can pretty much write your own game role, too. Note also that while one Royalty Character is required, it's not a limit. If you've got an idea of why your Kingdom might have more than one (succession dispute, for example), figure out which one is responsible for what and run with it.

Class Skills:
  • Royal Command - (Interrupt, Single) - no Check
    Use this Interrupt when another Character spends <Hope> for any reason. Reduce your <HP> by 1 to reduce that <Hope> cost by 1. Cannot be stacked.
  • Hegemony - (Permanent, Self) - no Check
    Use this Skill during the Kingdom Phase. Gain a bonus equal to [the Kingdom's total <Population> ÷ 50], free-assignable to any of your Stats. Recalculate any affected Sub-Stats. This bonus lasts for the remainder of the Session.
  • Royal Guard - (Permanent, Self) - no Check
    While in your Encampment, any allied Characters present have any damage received reduced by [your <Staff> ÷ 5] (minimum of 1).
  • Storm Bringer - (Permanent, Self) - no Check
    Whenever you make a Total Success on an Attack Check, you may add a bonus equal to your <Staff> to your Weapon Strength instead of rolling on the Critical Hit table.
  • Regal Spirit - (Support, Self) - no Check
    Use this Skill when making a Check. Spend 1 <Vox Populi> to substitute your Kingdom's National Power for the Stat being checked.
  • Irresponsible - (Aid, Special) - (Wit) / 10
    Roll against the Kingdom Disaster Table, then make the above Check. If successful, revert any one Spent Character to Ready.


"Stand back, sire, I shall teach these creatures their place!" "This is shall go no further."

Class Stats: 4 Valor; 2, 2, 1 free-assignable
Starting Items: {Blade}, {Armor}, {Mount}

The Kingdom's sword and shield, a Knight's domain is battle. It's up to them who charges forward and who stays back, distribution of equipment, and other such tactical decisions. Accordingly, whoever plays this should have a strong familiarity with the Combat Rules. Also, have a mind for what sort of army you're leading with your <Staff>.

Class Skills:
  • Distinguished Service - (Permanent, Self) - no Check
    At the start of each battle, choose any one Major NPC or Monster. Add 1D6 to your Weapon Strength whenever attacking that Character.
  • Carnage - (Permanent, Self) - no Check
    Use this Skill whenever one of your attacks renders another Character either Unconscious or Dead. You may immediately take another Full Action.
  • Lord of War - (Permanent, Self) - no Check
    Your <Staff> is added to your maximum <HP> (using the <Staff> value as of the last Kingdom Phase, but adding to your current <HP>.)
  • To The Last - (Interrupt, Single) - no Check
    Use this Interrupt whenever any Character takes damage from any source. Subtract 1D6 from your <Staff>. The damage is nullified.
  • Force of Arms - (Permanent, Self) - no Check
    Your Weapon Strength is increased by [<Staff> ÷ 4] points.
  • Guardian - (Interrupt, Self) - no Check
    Use this Interrupt whenever a Character's <Staff> is depleted by any means other than the Character themselves (i.e., for a Skill effect). The effect on the <Staff> is nullified, and you take damage equal to the number of <Staff> that would have otherwise been lost.


"These orders come direct from His Majesty. See they are carried out at once." "Hrm...the princess' wasteful spending is still a concern.

Class Stats: 4 Wit; 2, 2, 1 free-assignable
Starting Items: {Dagger}, {Census Book}, {Mobile Phone}

The Kingdom's chief administrator. Matters of diplomacy and finance are their domain. Not the flashiest of roles, if we're honest, but an indispensable one.

Class Skills:
  • Levy - (Interrupt, Court) - no Check
    Use this Interrupt after a Total Failure is made on a Check roll. The target may spend any number of <Vox Populi>, then reroll the Check using the same number of dice.
  • Domestic Politics - (Support, Self) - no Check
    Use this Skill when using your Kingdom's National Power as part of a Check. Spend 1 <Hope> to substitute one of your Stats in place of the National Power.
  • Diplomacy - (Interrupt, Special) - see text for Check
    Use this Interrupt at any time. On a successful (Wit) Check, one of your Kingdom's existing Relations becomes Friendly. The Check Difficulty is determined by the target's current Relation level: Friendly, 10; Neutral, 13; Strained, 16. For each point of difficulty, 1 MG must be spent out of the Kingdom's Budget. This effect is permanent, and does not expire at the end of the game.
  • Resupply - (Aid, Special) - (Wit) / 9
    Use this Skill while in your Encampment. Discard any 1D6 Materials, and select 3 Characters. On a successful Check, each of those Characters regains <HP> equal to [your current <Staff> ÷ 4].
  • Messenger - (Permanent, Court) - no Check
    Use this Skill while in your Encampment. Subtract 1D6 from your <Staff>, and add that number to the AV of your next Tactical Check.
  • Rescue - (Plan, Court) - (Wit) / 11
    Use this Skill during the Dungeon Phase. On a successful Check, you can spend 1 <Hope> to acquire a number of <Citizens> equal to [your current <Staff> ÷ 4]. These <Citizens> may be organized freely.


"All are as one in the eyes of God." "Murmur... chant... pray... invoke!"1

Class Stats: Charisma 4; 2, 2, 1 free-assignable
Starting Items: {Hammer}, {Liquor}, {Amulet}

The Kingdom's soul. State Religion may not have any mechanical use, but it's one big source of flavor. What sort of god or gods are being followed sets the tone for the whole rest of the kingdom. In-game, they are, as you would expect, the Court's major source of healing in the dungeon. What you probably didn't expect is that they're also about the only way to expand your Kingdom beyond the Grand Zero, so while it's not required to have one around, it's a pretty drat good idea.

Class Skills:
  • Prayer - (Interrupt, Any) - no Check
    This Skill may be used at any time. Select any present Characters you wish. Spend any number of <Hope> points, then divide the spent points between the selected Characters. For each assigned <Hope> point, each selected Character regains [1D6 + total <Sympathy> with target] <HP>.
  • Turn Undead - (Aid, Single) - (Charisma) / 7 + target Monster's Level
    Spend 1 <Hope> and select an Undead-type Monster. On a successful Check, this Monster takes 2D6 damage.
  • Sermon - (Aid, Court) - no Check
    Spend any number of <Hope> points. For each spent <Hope> point, each member of your Court regains [1D6 + your current <Staff> ÷ 5] <HP>.
  • Sacrifice - (Aid, Self) - no Check
    Reduce your <Staff> by 1D6, and remove one Common Item in your possession from the game. Your Court can now use an {Elevator} if one is present in the room.
  • Divine Wrath - (Aid, Self) - (Charisma) / 10
    Spend 1 <Hope>, and make the above Check. If successful, select any 1 Character in the same Area. That Character takes [3D6 + your current <Staff> ÷ 5] damage.
  • Enlightenment - (Permanent, Self) - no Check
    Add a bonus equal to [your current <Staff> ÷ 5] to the AV of any Negotiation Skill Check being made by another Character.


"My very life is at your command." "--VANISH!!

Class Stats: Adventure 4; 2, 2, 1 free-assignable
Starting Items: {Shuriken}, {Star Fragment}, {Pet}

The Kingdom's secret eyes. :ninja: Scouting ahead in the dungeon and disarming Traps are their primary roles, but their high <Evasion> also suits penetrating the enemy's line in combat. The book makes another "what sort of <Staff> have you got" suggestion, but the example given is between Koga and Neguro ninja, which... doesn't help me at all, anyway.

Class Skills:
  • Shadow Clone - (Interrupt, Self) - no Check
    This Skill may be used at any time. Reduce your <HP> by 1D6. You can reuse any one Aid or Interrupt Skill you've already used this Cycle.
  • Shinobi Army - (Interrupt, Self) - no Check
    Use this Skill when a Trap or Base effect is triggered. Subtract 1D6 from your <Staff>. The Trap or Base's effect is nullified (if it's a Permanent effect, it is only nullified for the current Cycle).
  • Disruption - (Interrupt, Single) - no Check
    Use this Skill when any other Character takes damage. Spend 1 <Hope>. All damage taken by that Character is reduced by [1D6 + your total <Sympathy> for them] for the remainder of this Cycle.
  • Spy - (Support, Self) - no Check
    Use this Skill alongside a Command Check to Gather Information. Increase the Difficulty by as many levels as you like. If the Check passes, learn a number of Monster names and/or Traps in the room equal to the number of chosen levels (which Monsters and/or Traps are revealed is left to the GM's discretion).
  • Puppet Master - (Aid, Self) - no Check
    Subtract 1D6 from your <Staff>, and select a Character. Any one Permanent-type Skill that Character possesses has no effect until the beginning of the next Cycle.
  • Phantasma - (Permanent, Self) - no Check
    While in combat, if there are no allied Characters in the same Area as you, your <Evasion> is increased by [your current <Staff> ÷ 5].


"I always worry I've left something behind when setting off." "Anything I can do for you, then?"

Class Stats: All 2
Starting Items: {Spear}, {Backpack}, {Box Lunch}, {Instrument}

The Court's backbone. You can choose who is your actual master/mistress (it doesn't even necessarily have to be one of the other players, either), but at the end of the day, your role is to bolster the Court as a whole. Also, while the basic template is one of butler/maid, there are other sorts of Servants: squires to a Knight, secretaries to a Vizier, acolytes to a Priest, chuunin to a Ninja. Use your imagination, dammit.

Class Skills:
  • Assist - (Support, Single) - no Check
    Use this Skill at any time. Transfer 1 <Drive> from yourself to any other Character.
  • Preparation - (Interrupt, Single) - no Check
    Select any one Character from your Court. This Character can spend 1 <Hope> to perform a single Kingdom Phase action. This effect can only be used once per Session.
  • Cheerleading Squad - (Aid, Single) - no Check
    Use this Skill while in your Encampment. Spend 1 <Hope> and select a Character. That Character gains a bonus to their next Check equal to [your current <Staff> ÷ 5].
  • Devotion - (Support, Self) - no Check
    Use this Skill when making a Co-Operative Action. The bonus added to the target's AV is equal to [your total <Sympathy> for them + 2].
  • Master - (Permanent, Self) - no Check
    When taking this Skill, select any one Character from your Court. Whenever this Character makes a Total Success, gain 1 <Drive>.
  • Suicide Run - (Support, Self) - no Check
    Use this Skill when attacking. Subtract 2D6 from your <HP>, and add that same number to your Weapon Strength.

For simplicity's sake, I'm making the example Court from one of each Class. However, I didn't realize until after I'd done it that the randomizer I used to match up the Audience Participation rolls didn't actually save the output at all, so you're just going to have to take my word for it that it came up like this:
    JohnOfOrdo3 - Royalty
    dereku - Knight
    Everything Counts - Vizier
    Ryuujin - Priest
    Mr. Maltose - Ninja
    goatface - Servant

Next time: obscure sayings and troubled pasts! I can't wait!

1 - In case you were wondering, no, this is not the last reference to Wizardry we're going to see in this game. As a bonus, the original English name for "Suicide Run" was "Ogg". If you get that joke without Googling it, well, you're a goonier man than I, Goonga Din.

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Ryuujin posted:

Man Staff, and thus Charisma, seems really important for a lot of characters.

Well, it depends on the Skills you take and how you intend to play the character. Remember that you only get one of the Class Skills listed at creation, and you're not required to take any of the others as you level up.

Ryuujin posted:

For Staff I am a little confused on how it is actually calculated. [(Charisma) * 5 + current Level] Is that Charisma times 5 then add the current Level to the total. Or is it 5 plus current Level then multiply that total by Charisma?

(CHA * 5) + Level. So your basic Priest would start out with a maximum <Staff> of 21.

Ratoslov posted:

What the heck is a 'star fragment'?

Exactly what it sounds like: a broken-off piece of a star. They're commonly used as light sources while in the dungeons. :science:

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Ryuujin posted:

Out of curiosity do the stats improve at any point? Other than from things like Hegemony.

You get one point from your Job, and another two from taking an Advanced Job. It doesn't seem like much advancement, but remember that, as Landmakers, you're already pretty much the best humanity has to offer, plus the core game really isn't built for high numbers. There's a supplement by the impossibly metal name of :black101: Overkill Paradise :black101: the reported purpose of which is making everything in the game bigger - I may or may not recall someone mentioning the 3x3 dungeon maps being expanded to 20x20 - but I haven't got that one myself, so I can't really say much about it.

PleasingFungus posted:

I really like the idea of this game, but lord, the art for the female characters. These two are the worst, but none of them are good.

Forget it, Jake. It's Animetown.

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Druggeddwarf posted:

Oh, and I almost forgot. There is one golden rule in every single game of Kagematsu: He must be played by a woman.

Heeeeere we go.

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Cynical-Pop Meikyuu Kingdom Dungeon Theater

Chapter 2.3: What's In A (Second) Name?

Got your Classes hashed out, now it's time to actually make the character! First step is a name. No real restrictions here, but just in case you get stuck, the book "helpfully" provides a set of tables for you to roll one up! I put "helpfully" in quotes because... well... maybe I'd better just show you.

The first thing you do is roll a single 1D6, the result of which tells you which of the actual tables you'll be rolling on for your name:

    1: Name A + Second Name A
    2: Name B + Second Name A
    3: Exotic Name + Second Name A
    4: Name A + Second Name B
    5: Name B + Second Name A
    6: Fantastic Name + Second Name B

Each of the main tables takes a D66, with each result on the primary Name Tables has two options, male and female, and each table following a general trend. "Name A" and "Name B" both draw on the stereotype of Japanese fantasy naming: foreign words chosen at random because they sound neat. "Exotic Names" are much the same, only weirder. "Fantastic Names" are a grab-bag mix of mythological and literary references. Summarizing doesn't really do them justice, so here they are in full:

Name A
11: Orange / Jasmine              23: Bamboo / Olive          36: Tuba / Organ
12: Lanternflower / Morningglory  24: Cloud / Climate         44: Naan / Cookie
13: Clover / Thornapple           25: Tao / Snow              45: Willow / Cache-cache
14: Daphne / Mushroom             26: Avalanche / Eclair      46: Scone / Couscous
15: Granada / Primrose            33: Vivacita / Metronome    55: Flask / Clip
16: Radish / Marigold             34: Canon / Bassoon         56: Clavadora / Crayon
22: Cypress / Magnolia            35: Oboe / Harmonica        66: Soap / Broom
Name B
11: Age / Wednesday               23: Schwarz / Moegi         36: Zippo / Chocolat
12: Giorno / Noel                 24: Slot / Kirie            44: Ninepins / Lucha
13: Dusk / Mañana                 25: Joker / Dice            45: Decathlon / Lacrosse
14: Winter / Juno                 26: Jigsaw / Domino         46: Kabaddi / Pingpong
15: Hiran / Bianca                33: Backgammon / Marbles    55: Pound / Velvet
16: Walnut / Rouge                34: Cigaro / Cocoa          56: Ruble / Cotton
22: Grey / Scarlet                35: Spichka / Orange-pekoe  66: Schilling / Silk
Exotic Name
11: Moai / Cyrstalskull           23: Gogh / Victoria         36: any star
12: Chupacabra / Mbembe           24: Zombie / Onyankopon     44: any weapon
13: Kungfu / Yinyang              25: Getuppah / Carmen       45: any animal
14: Bushido / Miyako              26: Overkill / Sashimi      46: any jewel
15: Champion / Barbie             33: Butcher / Devi          55: any word + Dragon
16: Upanishad / Sorge             34: Bronson / Madonna       56: roll on any Word Table
22: Deathmarch / Intel            35: Gygax / Eroica          66: your name
Fantastic Name
11: Adam / Eve                    23: Maharaja / Krishna      36: Xanadu / Yomi
12: Jack / Momo                   24: Kageotoko / Kurotokage  44: Albion / Laputa
13: Oz / Alice                    25: Orpheus / Venus         45: Xenda / Gormenghast
14: Conan / Leda                  26: Solomon / Salome        46: Innsmouth / Ys
15: Arthur / Isis                 33: Watarigarasu / Deedlit  55: Fuunuimu / Yapoo
16: Elric / Glorianna             34: Nyarlathotep / Bast     56: Xanth / Narnia
22: Gilgamesh / Amaterasu         35: Annatar / Fortuna       66: Kalevala / Ihatovo
So! From the provided die rolls, the first names of the example group, dependent on gender, are as follows:
    JohnOfOrdo3 - Kabaddi / Pingpong
    dereku - Tuba / Organ
    Everything Counts - Giorno / Noel
    Ryuujin - Avalanche / Eclair
    Mr. Maltose - Bamboo / Olive
    goatface - Canon / Bassoon

All clear? I hope so. Because it's about to get stranger still.

"Second Names"... I honestly have no solid idea what the gently caress these are supposed to represent. Kotobank defines the term basically as "a name one is called aside from their actual name", which makes it synonymous with "nickname" or "alias". So it should be simple, except that all of the "Second Names" provided are actually aphorisms and proverbs, a lot of which could only marginally be considered descriptive. Listing all of these would necessitate explaining their meanings and take way too much space, so I'll just stick to the rolled examples:

    JohnOfOrdo3 - nodo kara te ga deru, "a hand from the throat"; an impossible request; asking for the moon.
    dereku - ryoute ni hana no, "flowers in both hands"; doubly blessed; alternately, to have a pretty woman on each arm.
    Everything Counts - tora no o o fumu, "stepping on a tiger's tail"; walking fearlessly into danger.
    Ryuujin - ishibashi o tataite wataru, "strike the stone bridge as you cross it"; take nothing for granted; one can never be too cautious.
    Mr. Maltose - kaze ni yanagi no, "like a willow in the wind"; flexible.
    goatface - doragon mo hadashi de nigedasu, "even dragons flee barefoot"; a fearsome reputation.

Sooo... names? I got nothing. You figure it out.

Next time: the rest of character creation! I can't wait!

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

PunkBoy posted:

Second Names actually kind of remind me of the latest Metal Gear Solid V trailer where each character has a phrase associated with them. These ones seem a bit more poetic, though.

Put that way, the idea makes sense. I still don't get what they're hoping to accomplish with the list they've given us, though. They seem more like personal philosophies than anything anyone would actually call themselves, but that doesn't quite jive, either, since personal philosophies are generated later.

As a corollary to the whole Second Name mess, I should point out that the example sheet at the end of the chapter shows a four-player Court, each with Second Names, but none from the tables (Lizzy "of the Seven Mysteries", "Leave It to Chef" Wasabi, "Doctor Strange" Yusan, and my favorite, "Fall Damage" Tetris). Also, out of the characters I've found posted on blogs and such, it seems like the majority of Japanese players don't use Second Names of any sort. :iiam:

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

Cynical-Pop Meikyuu Kingdom Dungeon Theater

Chapter 2.4: Fiancee (Again)

Backgrounds! Those are always important! They give your character motivation, and provide possible plot hooks for future campaigning. In Meikyuu Kingdom, though, this is actually backed up by the game mechanics. Every Background must include a Mission: some long-term goal for your character to fulfill as a Landmaker, inspired by their past. (For the most part, these Missions are entirely driven and fulfilled by the players' actions, but there are still a handful that require a bit of GM fiat to see through.) When they complete their Mission during an adventure, your character gains a Level at the next Ending Phase of play; this Level not only stacks with the Level you'd usually gain for successfully completing a Scenario (assuming you did so, of course), but it's exempt from the Kingdom Level cap! So essentially, the maximum Character Level for a character who has completed their Mission is [Kingdom Level + 1]. Neat, huh?

Now, as with most things in this chapter, Backgrounds have a series of tables for random generation. Unlike most things in this chapter, though, the book explicitly INSISTS that newbies use said tables for their characters; only once you've played a few times and have a good feel for how the game works are you officially clear to make up your own. The setup for the Background Tables is a variation on the standard D66: instead of rolling both dice simultaneously and counting the lowest rolled number as the "tens" digit, roll them separately and take the first die as the "tens". The reason for this is most likely the significant increase in the number of available options.

Time for examples!

JohnOfOrdo3 posted:

1.3: You originally came to this Kingdom seeking asylum from a neighboring Kingdom. Randomly select a square of Terra Incognita from the map on your Kingdom Sheet; this is the site of your home country. Decide on a name for it, and mark its Relation on the Sheet as <Strained>. Your Mission is to raise your Kingdom's Relation with your home's to <Allied>.

:aaa: The king's a foreigner! But instead of producing a birth certificate, his Mission is to make peace with his homeland. Rolling additional dice along the X and Y axes of the Kingdom Sheet's Terra Incognita map, he gets 6 and 1, placing it in the southwest corner of the region, further rolling generating its name as the "New Adventure Alliance". C'mon and grab your friends.

dereku posted:

4.5: You are a spy for one of the Great Powers. Roll a 1D6 to determine your home nation: 1, the Dynamite Empire; 2, the Millennium Dynasty; 3, the Metro Khanate; 4, the Capitalist People's Republic of Hagulma; 5 or 6, roll again. Naturally, this is a secret from the rest of the Court, but your purpose is not exactly malicious. Your Mission is to maneuver the Kingdom into becoming a Vassal State of your home nation.

So the king's from out of town and the head of the military is a spy? This kingdom's off to a great start. dereku's next roll is a 6, so they reroll and get a 1. The Dynamite Kingdom has sent him to tell everyone how awesome they are, and convince them that they could be even more awesome together. Well, guess that doesn't sound so bad.

Everything Counts posted:

6.6: You were the slave of a monster or Tyrant (Dungeon Book, p. 64). Select one other character from your Court. This character freed you, and in return, you have sworn your loyalty to them. Start with 1 point of “Loyalty” <Sympathy> with this Character. Your Mission is to die for this Character while possessing at least 1 point of <Sympathy> for them. Whether or not your death was “for” them is at the GM's discretion.

Woo, yeah... this one's kinda tricky. Naturally, with this being a fantasy setting, death isn't necessarily permanent, but still, most deaths occur in combat, and Politicians typically aren't typically built for running into melee range. On the other hand, this also means they trend heavily towards the "squishy" side of the HP scale, so maybe if they just time it right... er, but that's getting way ahead of things. The text doesn't require random selection of the character, so unless EC has their own idea, the first unused roll of theirs is a 4, which comes out to Ryuujin's Priest on my Everyone But That Guy Table. Hmm... this could be interesting (Incidentally, a Tyrant is basically a Landmaker who's gone insane and started ruling over a patch of wild dungeon with an iron fist. Anyone who wanders through is taken prisoner and forced to play along.)

Ryuujin posted:

1.1: For whatever reason, your parents abandoned you, and you spent your early childhood in the dungeons. This experience inspires you to seek out a partner with whom to make your own family, and make it right. Your Mission is to establish a <Empathy> Status of <Lover> with another Character.

Empathy Statuses, which I don't believe I've covered, are attained by maxing out one of the three Sympathy sub-types: Affection, Loyalty, and Friendship. <Lover>, as you might guess, requires full points in Affection. There'll be more detail on what these Statuses actually mean in a later chapter. All that concerns us right now is that Ryuujin's looking to start a family. They don't have to pick any particular Character for this; they could even have several pokers in the fire, so to speak. Still, might make for some good RPing if they went for someone close at hand... someone showing them a bit of Loyalty, perhaps... wink wink nudge nudge ;)

Mr. Maltose posted:

5.5: You can barely restrain your lust for battle. The world is gray to you, only bursting into color for the instant when you take a life. Your mission is to get the killing blow on 100 Monsters.

:stare: Well. That's certainly... rather... straightforward. Works out fairly well for a Ninja, too. Might be kind of awkward rolling something like this up for a Politician or a Servant, unless you're looking for a challenge, I suppose. Anyway, not much to say about this one, so let's move on.

goatface posted:

4.2: A rival Kingdom is holding your family hostage and forcing you to act as a spy for them, sowing confusion and passing back whatever information they require. Randomly select a square of Terra Incognita from the map on your Kingdom Sheet; this is the site of the enemy country. Decide on a name for it, and mark its Relation on the Sheet as <Strained>. Your Mission is to establish an <Empathy> Status of <Rival> with another character in your Court.

Great! Another freaking spy! And this one's actually trouble! :mad: Still, it's not really their fault. <Rival> is the sole exception to the Sympathy monopoly on Empathy Statuses, being attained by maxing out one of the Antipathy sub-types while having at least one point of Sympathy for the same character; maybe they could team up later for a rescue mission, just like in that one Bruce Willis movie! Random kingdom generation puts goatface's parents/siblings/whatever in "The Third Demon City", at map point 2x4, just a couple spaces north of Kitty Planet.

Next step: Jobs! Apparently, you're born a Landmaker, but you don't actually realize it for a while, kind of like the X-Men. Since life is lived pretty much universally at the subsistence level, everybody's got to pull their own weight. Jobs are handed down through family units, so before you rose to power as a Landmaker, there was something that occupied your waking hours, and the skills you learned from that Job will stick with you forever. Each Job also gives a permanent +1 bonus to one of your Ability Scores, which is quite handy. A detailed listing of the basic Jobs and their attendant Skills will take up my next post (or possibly two, there's rather a few of them), so for now, I'll just leave this here:

    JohnOfOrdo3 - Astrologist (Charisma)
    dereku - Adventurer (Adventure :v:)
    Everything Counts - Aristocrat (Charisma)
    Ryuujin - Professor (Wit)
    Mr. Maltose - Magician (Wit)
    goatface - Chef (Adventure), Happymancer (Charisma)

Oh, Servants get two Jobs. Did I forget to mention that? Well, they do. It's a balancing mechanic, mostly, since they have such average stats in everything by default.

So now that you've got all your Abilities added up and your Sub-Stats accordingly calculated, what's left? Well, you still have to pick a Class Skill and mark down the starting Skill from your Job. Then, figure out your starting equipment. You've got a pool of Common Items to choose from, combined from the listings on your Class and your Job. You can only have up to six items in your inventory at a time, so anything you don't want or don't have room for can be passed to someone else; any unclaimed Items once the dust has settled are discarded. However, if you find yourself with room to spare, there's a quick 2D6 table you can roll on for some free general-purpose loot. Then, write down the names of the other members of your Court in the Acquaintances column of your Character Sheet, select one person from that list, and give yourself one point of <Sympathy> for them (sub-type chosen at random).

The last step is another one that's a bit unusual: Likes and Dislikes. Every character has two of each, determined by rolling D66 on each of the four Word Tables, which, as the name implies, are all made up of a bunch of words; the results are then assigned at will between the Likes and Dislikes entries. Note that these are purely for role-playing purposes - a Chef who dislikes cooking will suffer no penalty, nor will a Knight who likes martial arts enjoy a bonus.

    JohnOfOrdo3 - Darkness, War, Dungeons, Other species
    dereku - Fiancee, Royalty, Fireworks, Daydreams
    Everything Counts - Fiancee (again), Futility, Tradition, Medicine
    Ryuujin - Dressing up, Numbers, Tradition, Adventures
    Mr. Maltose - Staying up late, Getting up early (how symmetrical :v:), Meddling, Monsters
    goatface - Fiancee (again), Haircuts, Cooking, Crime

That's pretty much it for creating a character in Meikyuu Kingdom! Next time: a big ol' bastard list of employment opportunities! I can't wait!

Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

JohnOfOrdo3 posted:

So if I'm reading that right, I like causing wars and not buying enough candles, and hate the dungeons and other species. Or is it the other way around?

The Like/Dislike results are free-assignable, the only requirement is that you have two of each. You could be a dungeon-loving king-of-the-night who's also a peacenik racist, or you could tack 'em down in order like that, or you can make up your own if you don't like what got rolled. There aren't any mechanics backing this up like with Backgrounds, so the tables are just there for convenience.


Bitchtits McGee
Jul 1, 2011

JohnOfOrdo3 posted:

Have you ever played a game of this McGee? I know you're attempting to translate it according to the japanese role play thread

Well, if you dig way way back in that thread, you'll find I actually tried running a test game on IRC with players from my old Maid RPG channel. Long story short, it only lasted two sessions (character creation and a fight) because we tend not to be very good at scheduling in there. :sigh:

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