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Dec 14, 2003

Smarts > Wisdom


In Iron Man 2 we were introduced to as close to an alcoholic Tony Stark as a PG-13 rating would allow. Many would credit it as being anywhere from mediocre to especially mediocre, so following that our expectations for a third film probably wouldn't be so high. But then The Avengers happened. So now Iron Man 3 not only needs to follow up on events of IM 1 and 2, but also needs to somehow succeed upon the best drat film of last year. It does.

Like a lot of people I loved this film. I loved that there was so much focus on Tony Stark as being basically just some guy when you boil down to it. He's fragile and hosed up, and everything that goes wrong is somehow his own fault in a way because he's so goddamn cocky. I love how his relationship with Pepper has developed. I even love the relationship he builds with a scruffy, smart-mouthed boy in the film... In almost any normal film or TV show I loving hate these sorts of characters, but goddamn if it doesn't play well with Tony being his usual heartless self.

Obviously the big villain this time around is the Mandarin, one of the oldest villains in the Iron Man comic books. Here he's played as a terrorist with seemingly unlimited resources and technology; basically Bin Laden if he somehow had the means to wage an actual war on US soil. His army of suicide bombers and super powered, nigh-invulnerable henchmen are fantastic. Although at times (especially in the third-act) the Mandarin's goons will seem a bit overpowered considering what we've seen out of the Iron Man suits in the past.

I won't lie, the movie has it's faults. The third act is a bit of a drag, and the ending would seem to indicate that Tony Stark is now invincible. But these faults are minor enough.

Like any Marvel film you should stick around for after the credits. Also expect a massive twist, and if you like Downtown Abbey prepare to squeal with glee... No seriously, some guy behind me did.

All in all I'd be happy if this were the final Iron Man film. I couldn't see where they'd take it from here. Obviously he still has a role in the Avengers' series, but beyond that Tony seems to be in an ok place.


Pros: Fantastic humor, a good conclusion, a cool twist, the booby rabbit, the scene after the credits, and a more human side of Stark.

Cons: Third act drag, that one woman is a pointless character, overpowered villains.


Suicide Mickey
Aug 25, 2010

Still haven't decide to watch IM 3 yet? Well, some pointers.

Looking for cool effects, some actions & cheap laughs? Than this is the movie for you.

Looking for genuine drama, believable character developments, pacing & narrative thats actually gripping? Just stay away.

Prefer a movie's climax to aspire beyond "bring more guns"? Hate it when compelling, charismatic, cerebral villains are ruined by dumb twists? Well, avoid this dumb movie. Seriously, there are better ways to spend your hard earned money.

Speaking of seriously, when Stark had acccess to Jarvis, and the AI located Mandarin's location to Miami, why the hell didn't he just called in one of the War Machine?

IM always been a kind of clunky "machine", some hits & some misses. But RDJ always been dependable, and I've always viewed his interpretation
of Iron Man as an alternate universe version of Wayne Gale, but in 3 even he can't really carry the movie anymore.

Credit where credits due : Ben Kingsley's awesome voice modulation & Paltrow's even more awesome abs.


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Death Bot
Mar 4, 2007

Binary killing machines, turning 1 into 0 since 0011000100111001 0011011100110110

To get this out of the way, the movie has great action scenes and good comedy. If you're watching Iron Man for it to be a decent superhero flick, it does that well enough and will keep you entertained.

It does however have a lot of weird... errors? I guess, either in continuity between the movies or just strange suspension of disbelief that all bugged me.

As mentioned earlier, the Deus Ex Machina could have been called in earlier.

There's other situations where we see a single part of an Iron Man suit being damaged so suddenly random functions from other parts seem not to work? The parts of the suit are clearly shown to work independently of each other several times in the movie.

There's a scene where Rhodes is in the War Machine Iron Patriot suit and is simply suspended from a ceiling by a chain, the internal HUD on the suit on, and he's unable to fly away because.....?

Lastly, the big one, the movie ends with (not a movie plot spoiler but a character resolution spoiler) Tony Stark having the shrapnel removed via surgery, and this is presented as emerging from a "cocoon," completely ignoring that one of the core points of the character is that the pieces of metal are not removable.

To step away from the nerdy attention to detail, the movie is generally good, with cool new suit features, good action scenes, comedy, and an interesting villain. It's pretty much what you'd expect from a sequel to the previous two movies, with a slightly grittier tone than either of them. The theme of "villain with a not-Iron Man suit" theme is broken for the better, and RDJ's representation of Tony Stark continues to be stellar.

The movie deserves a 4/5 for delivering well enough on what it tries to be, though it is not the best work out of the genre by any means.

Mr Hinky
Mar 16, 2008

Christmas Poo

I was not as impressed with this movie as I was the previous Iron Man movies. This movie felt like it was more of a love story rather than an action movie. I am interested to see how this movie will play out and connect with the other movies and eventually lead into an Avengers sequel.

I was also hoping there would be more to do with The Avengers in this movie. When things were getting bad, the entire time I was thinking in my head, "Where is Captain America? Are they really going to do nothing to help their friend?"


Nov 24, 2004


A pretty solid movie. I think it rounded out the series better than TDKR did the Batman trilogy. It's a toss up if its better than TDKR (there is certainly a lot less ambiguity about things and not really any social undertones) but I think it's a more solid trilogy out of the two. Robert Downy Jr is still a likeable rear end in a top hat in this one and Gwenyth Paltrow definitely has her time to shine.


Crotch Fruit
Jul 1, 2007


Death Bot posted:

Lastly, the big one, the movie ends with (not a movie plot spoiler but a character resolution spoiler) Tony Stark having the shrapnel removed via surgery, and this is presented as emerging from a "cocoon," completely ignoring that one of the core points of the character is that the pieces of metal are not removable.

In all fairness, the idea of the piece of shrapnel that is "moving" into his heart is kinda ridiculous, and the idea that we can build bad rear end robots and poo poo but cant remove a piece of shrapnel from a man's chest is also ridiculous too. I mean believe what you like more, but I jut don't think that removing the shrapnel is all that bad.

I feel this movie did put a little too much emphasis on humor and not enough suit time. I also didn't like the running gag in the plot, felt like it was just kind of Disney's way of forcing Iron Man into weird situations similar to forcing Johnny Depp to fight while on a rolling water wheel. . .


Apr 6, 2009

Not completely awful, just so many wierd directions they chose that really didn't make any sense.

The dumb rear end kid character and the horrible, horrible Mandarin twist push it to 2/5. Go see it for the special effects and RDJ.

EDIT: Seriously, why are the suits made out of paper this time?

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Apr 18, 2004

Serenity Now. Serenity Now.

Weird antagonist powers.
Insertion of a kid.
Peppa Potts defeats the enemy, WHAT?

Really disappointing and panders to people who just want fx and no substance.


Jan 21, 2001

Right now Nintendo is the Titanic slowly but inexorably heading towards the iceberg. I can't wait for the ship to start sinking. It will be awesome to behold.

Robert Downey Jr. is back as everyone’s favourite wise-cracking rear end in a top hat. Tony Stark’s neuroses are dialed up to eleven after the events of the Avengers. The whole gang is here - Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Pots and even Happy Hogan, played with aplomb by an increasingly bloated Jon Favreau. We’re three movies in and all the returning actors inhabit their roles nicely. All the characters have great rapport and the witty retorts flow freely from all sides.

Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin is presented as Osama bin Laden with an accent somewhere between Daniel Day-Lewis’s Butcher Bill and Daniel Day-Lewis’s Daniel Plainview. I loved what they did with the Mandarin here - the original comic book character was too far fetched even by Marvel movie universe standards. Guy Pearce is excellent as the Evil Mastermind. Urbane, witty and well-tanned, Pearce’s character is the perfect counterpart to Downey’s Stark. Considering I don’t even remember who the badguys were in the second Iron Man movie, having a strong antagonist is a welcome change.

The problem with these superhero movies is that I experience sensory overload from the noise, fury and special-effects and zone out by the time the climactic final battle rolls around. Luckily Iron Man 3 does not suffer from this - they spaced out the action so the viewer is not overwhelmed. Some of the comedic moments upend genre conventions nicely. Great special effects throughout - you can tell the special effects department pushed their computers extra hard on this one. Best Iron Man movie yet.



Nov 3, 2011

As a great fan of the Iron Man series, IM3 was the pinnacle I'd been waiting for, eagerly.

If you love your effects, robots and generally the playboy/super hero having fun whilst saving people it's a great movie with plenty if thrills, humour and action without being too gritty that younger children can't enjoy with older siblings and parents. A great movie for a guys night in when mum is at a dinner party. The story is fairly linear with a few tie ins from the whole current Marvel movie franchise, but could still be watched as a stand alone without loosing too much of the plot.

Marvel Fan?

On depth, if you're a marvel follower at anything past face value or at least know some back story of the characters, The Mandarin is a welcome antagonist I remember from the cartoons as a child, although all isn't what it seems when Mandarin turns out to be nothing more than a propaganda tool, there is hope that perhaps later in the franchise a real Mandarin may pop up. Personally, I don't think this story line of The Ten Rings is done. If Loki and Thor can jump from Asgaard and back, the real rings aren't as alien as we it seems.

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